• Earn Cash Back on Virtually Every Purchase You Make
  • Free Install, Free to Use.
  • Manage, Organize & Control Our Expenses in Real-Time
  • Secure; SSL Protected

“When we discovered the SPENT Money App we were initially skeptical and thought it was too good to be true. Being provided with FREE cash back on our normal daily purchases from a FREE app seemed unimaginable. But having researched the platform and understood their business model further, we then came to realise how great a concept this and how both parties can benefit alike. It’s no surprise that thousands are saving with them every single day. We have since delved deep into the application and are now using SPENT Money App to manage and monitor ALL of our personal and business purchases and expenses. We are fully confident in the service, and their SSL protection provides us with the additional layer of security we were seeking.  We’re glad we discovered the SPENT Money App, and have since been provided with over $100 back on expenses in which we would normally have paid and been out of pocket for. With an easy to use application, and powerful functionality that means we can categorise and analyse our expenses; we have been able to discover opportunities to save, where we have been spending outlandishly and areas in which we should free up money to invest. This has dramatically improved the operations of Unrivaled Review.” – Unrivaled SPENT App Review


If you’ve recently heard of the SPENT Money App or want to spend less and earn more,  then this SPENT App Review was written for you in mind. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we will outline all you need to know about this FREE iOS/Google Play Store financial application and service and how it will be of benefit to you and/or your business.

And it was created just at the right time….

The Rising Cost of Living

Regardless of whether you’re an individual or a business, the statistics show that the cost of living is increasing.

The prices for goods have increased considerably since 1994, above and beyond what can be accounted for by inflation, giving the dollar much less buying power than it had just 20 years ago. (Source:  Investopedia)

In other words, you are paying more for the goods and services now than you once could.

This is a pretty depressing thought, added to the fact that costs are an inevitable fact and part of life.

As an individual you will always need the basic essentials: food, rent, car payments, and tuition fees.

As a business, or want to start one, there are always business costs: website/infrastructure costs, stock inventory, software and licensing fees, staff wages etc.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to counteract this seamlessly unavoidable series of events?

Wouldn’t it be great to take back some control of your purchasing, and to be rewarded for making payments that you will inevitably have to pay?

To have an intelligent application that helped you to manage your personal/business finances and payments and to earn cash back in the process. One that ensured that you save yourself thousands on the things you have to buy every day (or even the things you want or like to buy every day).

That’s why Unrivaled Review were so excited when we discovered SPENT Money. It’s the reason we now use this innovative financial application for all our personal and business related finances and expenses.

Introducing the SPENT Money App: Earn Thousands Back on Your Every Day Purchases.

In this SPENT App Review we will outline what the application is, what the application provides, how it works and why we recommend signing up for FREE as soon as you can..

First, what exactly is SPENT Money?

SPENT App Review

SPENT App Review

SPENT is an intelligent and FREE expense management application that pays you cash back on virtually everything that you buy.

You simply select the stores and services where you spend the most money, and you’ll automatically be given cash back on each purchase. If you’re shopping at different places the next month all you need to do is update your picks to maximize your cash back!

It’s the future of personal and business financial management.

It makes managing your finances simple, easy, less-boring and effective.

The intuitive interface means that you can swipe right to manage your business expenses and left for your personal expenses.

You’ll be able to manage your expenses faster than ever, access financial analysis reports and earn cash back with the thousands of the registered brand partners!

They currently partner with nearly a million hotels, every single major airline, the largest car-rental companies and with thousands of independent businesses across the U.S.

On average, SPENT users are earning 45% cash back on every purchase!

How it Works

The process is incredibly simple; Spent Money is free to install and it’s free to use.

Spent Money Review

Step One: Connect your accounts:

The team have partnered with thousands of financial institutions. This ensures that you will be securely and safely connected to your credit and debit accounts. By connecting your account, your expenses will be pulled into the app and automatic cash back will be activated.

Once your accounts are synchronized, you will be able to access your up-to-date transaction history within the SPENT Money App. What’s more, each expense will be automatically categorized to help you understand them more. For extra security, all of your data that is pulled into the app is encrypted using SSL, to ensure your accounts remain safe.

Step Two: Organize Your Expenses on the Go

The app allows you to take full control of your expenses and customize their organisation. You can create folders for specific payments, such as: projects, clients, personal events or whatever you’d like to track and easily classify each expense.


SPENT App Review


You are even able to completely analyse your spending behavior to  better understand your cash flow.  You can even do this at a business and personal level! The best thing about this is that you can see where you are spending your money and therefore can identify opportunities to save.

Step Three: Earn Cash Back on Personalized Your Rewards

As an added benefit, each and every single month you are able to select from a list of featured brands. This will earn you 1% cash back automatically on those that you pick when purchasing, and that’s on top of whatever store or card loyalty program you may be enrolled in!

SPENT App Review

And all the major brands have partnered up, so you can save at your favourite places: Amazon, Uber, Spotify, Netflix and Starbucks are our particular favourites!

And if that’s not enough,there are thousands of local restaurants and shops where you are able to earn 15% cash back by using your connected debit/credit card. Business lunch anyone?!


The Key Features

SPENT is there is to simplify and reward you every time you buy; once you connect your debit and credit cards, it will be all that you will ever need to ensure that you paid back on each and every payment. Here’s some of the key features:


✔ Cash Back Every Day

Once your credit/debit card is securely connected, you will be paid cash back on virtually everything that you buy.

You can earn at thousands of places – ranging from your favourite online brands and specialty sites to small and local shops and restaurants.

You can also earn on hotel and vacation package bookings, rental cars and much more. And that’s on top of rewards you may already get with your card.


✔ Automatically Organize Your Expenses

The advanced algorithm learns where your expenses keep coming from and how YOU organize them. In no time it will be automatically organizing them for you.


✔ SPENT Travel App

SPENT have partnered up with thousands of the travel-related companies ensuring you reveive cash back when booking through the Travel functionality. You can search millions of available hotels rooms, all with an average of 25% Cash Back.

The process is simple:

  • You book through the app after searching from millions of the best hotels to find your desired room at the cheapest rate
  • Your cash back will be posted to your SPENT profile 30 days after you checkout.
  • Redeem: Once your cash back is available simply redeem through a connected PayPal account.

SPENT App Review

✔ SPENT For Business

If you own a  business, SPENT would be particularly useful as they have designed the platform with a number of tools explicably for business!


A Closer Look at SPENT For Business


SPENT App Review

If you own or run a business, this will be of particular interest to you. There’s an entire side to the application that was designed for you in mind.

SPENT for Business provides you and your business with the tools to completely manage all of your finances, and expenses, far more effectively.

Here are just some of the things you are provided with:

Create Simple Expense Reporting

Review and Approve Expense Reports from an intuitive Admin Dashboard

Company Spending Analytics

Check out the full list of features by clicking HERE


The Key Benefits

Claim Back Hundreds Per Year

Covering Online Shopping, Travel, Stores and Restaurants, you will be saving on virtually everything that you need to buy. Smart have partnered up with some of the biggest names to ensure that you are covered.


Free to Install, Free to Use

Being completely free to download, install and use makes this application a must-have. As the costs are covered from the partner agreements, you will never be charged or subject to a payment.

You can gain all the benefits outlined in this post completely free. All you need to do is click here


Control Your Finances

In today’s world, it’s easy to get carried away and spend beyond your means, whether as an individual or as a business. With the app, you can actively manage and stay up to date and on track with all of your personal and business payments. Learning where your money is going.


Real Time Finances

Expenses are shown in real time on the app, so you can get an accurate picture of where you stand financially to the very second. This will prevent you from overspending and avert all confusion in the following days when checking bank balances and statements.


Compatible for iOS/Android Devices

Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, Android or Tablet; the application can be downloaded and used on your device.


Secure & Safe

SPENT have developed the application with some of the most secure encryption possible, and ensure that your personal information is protected every step of the way:

SPENT App Review

SPENT App Review: Who Is This Application For?

By now, you would have realized that this application was designed literally for everyone. For individuals and for businesses. Even if you fall somewhere in between!

As such, Unrivaled Review recommend the free application to anyone looking to save more money, and to manage their expenses more stringently and easily.

Businesses would be particularly interested in the SPENT for Business variation; which was designed to integrate with existing software, such as Quickbooks, and can enable you to manage your operations more effectively.


How to Get the SPENT Money App for FREE

Click HERE to visit SPENT and to start saving hundreds from this revolutionary application.

The cost of living is on the up; why not take a proactive measure and override it?!


SPENT App Review

SPENT App Review
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