Accelerator Review [Is The Matthew Sabia Program Legit?]

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Accelerator Review [Is Matthew Sabia's Program Legit]

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Are you looking for an Accelerator Review by Matthew Sabia? If so then you’ve come right place. Today I’m going to be looking into his eCommerce subscription package that he promotes which costs $49 per month.

The Coaching Program claims to offer everything you will ever need to succeed with dropshipping and get you earning $300 a day in 30-60 days. It is hosted on the Kajabi platform and contains a library of training videos, weekly one on one coaching sessions, a product list and access to a private Facebook Group.

It promises a lot just like the dozens of other Shopify dropshipping courses and programs out there; particularly those advertised and marketed via YouTube.

Knowing the importance of Shopify training and support, and having been in the market for this kind of package myself, I was interested to see if Matthew Sabia could deliver with his program.

Keep reading to the end where I outline whether you should sign up to this course and if it is worth the investment

Who is Matthew Sabia?

Matthew is a young YouTuber who has been active on the platform for a couple of years. He has a pretty large following (over 49,000 subscribers) and a lot of views on some of his top performing videos.

He is an eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing entrepreneur who has transformed his own fortunes via these two online business models.

While his videos do provide some useful content and are quite long in length, at time of writing there are only 6 videos on his channel.

Matthew likes to promote his videos with clickbait titles. “How I Made $1000 in 24 hours with no Traffic” is an example of such.

Having owned numerous online eCom stores and spent a lot of time and money testing products and utilizing SEO – this does sound hard to achieve in theory. Thats if we go off the title alone!

Nonetheless, I like the fact that he doesn’t try to be flashy or sell you the dream of sports cars and luxury holidays like other YouTube Shopify Gurus tend to do.

He hosts his course via his own personal website, which you can acces through the domain: There is little here outside of the link to sign up to the Accelerator course.

Accelerator Review

Accelerator markets itself to be not just a course but a personal coaching program that comes with a library of training content.

It costs $47.99 each and every month ($575 per year) whereby you can access the program and content only during your subscription and as you continue to pay.

The Sales Page states you will get personal and weekly coaching from Matt and “his teams”. The maximum number of students who can enroll is 100. So when you think about it, his time is going to be pretty spread across those who enroll.

With only 168 hours in a week Matt will be giving about half his time on calls. Even if you get half an hour a week, that’s about a third of his time. So it seems like its going to be a stretch to get coaching here; there’s just not enough time in the week for it.

The mentorship appears to be the biggest selling point of the program yet it appears that you will not get enough time to leverage ‘his knowledge and experience’. There is of course Matts “team” which is mentioned on the Sales Page. It doesnt state who the ateam are and their knowledge and experience.

Now onto the training library itself.

The course is split up into weeks; whereby you will get access to each module at the start of the week. Personally, I am not really a fan of this structure – what if you want to progress and advance to the next stages? Surely you do not want to have to wait for the content to unlock.

When you do get it, the course has six modules and some of them appear to be short, i.e. module one has five videos. Module three on email marketing also includes five videos that are all less than 10 minutes long.

These are the modules that make up the course:

  • Module 1: Product Research
  • Module 2: Getting Free Traffic
  • Module 3 : Email Marketing
  • Module 4: Video Marketing
  • Module 5: Paid Ads (Facebook and Google Ads)
  • Module 6: Selling Shopify Stores
  • Bonus: VIP Tricks and Secrets

As you can see, this appears to be a limited library of content; with around 30 video lessons in total. Depending on the one-on-one coaching class availability, you may need to need to rely on this library quite heavily. There doesnt appear to be much content in this course like you can see on the Sales Pages of other courses.

There’s no mention or training on other social media marketing platforms like: Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn, nor is there any videos on Instagram Ads or Influencer Marketing.

Matthew also provides a product list which have been tested and are “proven”. The simple question arises; why would he give you away winning products if they were so profitable? Surely he would keep them to himself and prevent new competitors from entering the market?

There’s also no mention of automation and outsourcing which are the real keys to scaling and building a long term business. The fact that the final module is about selling your store makes me wonder if Matthews strategy is all about selling your asset and not actually building a long-term profitable store.

Final Verdict

The Accelerator Coaching Program is great in theory, but in reality you may experience something else.

Instead of paying a recurring monthly fee (whereby you only get access to the program if you continue paying) I’d actually suggest you invest in a one-off-payment, lifetime access in-depth course that comes with all the content you are ever going need. This way you can always refer back as you grow and you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

It also makes sense to get a course where you can access all the content from the very outset rather than be reliant on a weekly call.

For only $197 you can purchase the A-Z and fully comprehensive dropshipping course eCom Elites. It without doubt offers the most detailed and up to date content you will find across the market. It has over 175+ videos on every single topic and angle you can think of. Modules even include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Sales Funnels, Google Ads and more.

Read the full review and see for yourself.

Ultimately, the only way you are going to learn and to truly succeed with Dropshipping is by learning the business model and testing products yourself. You will have to do the work – mentorship or not.

Mentorship is difficult and theres a lot to consider to truly understand a niche and what is best for a store at certain periods of time. Plus, decisions made from an outside perspective are likely to be limited without knowing all the facts which only come with the daily running of a store.

From experience, review, comparison and research; there appears to better courses on the market than the Accelerator Program. You’ll also be able to pick them up for a fixed-one time price.

3 Comments on “Accelerator Review [Is The Matthew Sabia Program Legit?]”

  1. he is a scammer don’t buy his course. hE scammed so many people that you can’t belive. He is a total noob maybe noobier then half of his students.

  2. Great review, in-depth and very practical. Just one thing I don’t agree with, and that is when you basically say he isn’t flashy or trying to sell an image. His Instagram is full of pictures of nice cars and houses, pretty ladies, plus quotes from “fellow” entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. First of all, give me a break Matthew, you are nothing like Elon Musk, he actually CREATED something without having to seemingly SCAM people. But I guess how else would Matthew sell his “product” without posting images like that. Also, there is a HILARIOUS video of a woman talking about his book on YouTube, yeah he wrote a book about being successful. She obviously didn’t read it before filming and it is just so cringy and comes across as desperate.

    I think you hit the nail on the head in this review when you said it appears Matthew is “selling his asset and not actually building a store”, he has NEVER said in his videos to actually believe in the product you are selling, much less buy it and try it out. It is all about making money QUICK. First of all, everyone who is reading this and thinking about services that are offered by Matthew, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET RICH QUICKLY. There is no such thing as LAYING BACK AND RAKING IN THE DOUGH (well unless you win the lotto or something….goodluck with that). I don’t think I’m saying anything new, but you have to WORK SUPER HARD for success and try to do something creative and new. MAKE a product, instead of stealing it from others and reselling it. And MAYBE after all that you will get LUCKY and actually make a ton of money. Sorry to say folks, but it takes more than hard work to make it big, it is also LUCK. Soooooo anyway, great review, in my opinion, I wouldn’t waste my hard-earned money on Matthew’s products.

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