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Alternatives to Optinmonster

Unrivaled Review strives to help you become a profitable entrepreneur online. The products I recommend are intended to help you to do so. Just to let you know, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links included on this page.

In this article, I would like to bring to you the Best Alternative To OptinMonster based on countless hours of research, comparison and my personal experiences.

I’d like to introduce to you one a software of email marketing tools that will:

Explode your Website Traffic,

Increase your Subscribers for your Email List,

Improve your Social Shares (on Facebook, Instagram etc),

Generate More Leads, Sales and Conversions,

And, help you Learn and Understand your Visitors and their Behavior via Important Metrics.

It all begins with the common problem, and if we’re being honest; obtaining and driving traffic to a website is incredibly tough. But ultimately, it’s where the results lie. It’s the key website metric of success, and it shows that your content, you offer, or your promotion is being seen.

Your traffic is your unique view into your sites growth; it’s a key indicator of your websites performance. More significantly, the more traffic you receive, the more likely you are to succeed online. There are more opportunities for action, and if you are looking to monetize, theirs more likelihood of leads and sales.

However, with increased competition online, and hundreds of thousands of sites competing for the very same traffic, it is more important than ever to build an audience and to install the very measures that keep subscribers coming back for more.

Alternative To OptinMonster – Sumo

“Sumo provides the very tools you need to build, maintain and develop an engaged loyal following and subscriber list and website with consistently high traffic. The software has enabled me to expand my email list by over 800 subscribers in just 2 weeks. All through a simple, easy to use interface that intuitively connects to all of the social networks and other important external plugins and service providers. The range of tools is impressive, and I am particularly were impressed with the Analytics element of this marketing software. Here I have been able to refine my applications so that they convert. A case in point is my Welcome Mat that loads on certain pages and has a current 37% opt-in rate. The range of plans also makes it a suitable, affordable and effective solution for you regardless of your size or experience level. I will continue to use this software to expand my presence online, and wholeheartedly recommend Sumo to anyone who is operating online”.

I have been using Sumo for several years in order to increase my traffic, expand my email list and establish automated email marketing campaigns. You’ll will have noticed the popup on your screen when reading this article.

The suite of effective Website tools have multiplied my results, below you’ll learn why….

 While there are many tools available, both free and expensive, little in my experience compete with Sumo.

The diverse and impressive suite of tools can quite literally make all the difference. It can provide you with far more favorable outcomes and you can save a lot of time, effort and money in the process.

So if you’ve landed here looking to grow your traffic, or are on the lookout for the competitive edge, I have found you the most suitable and affordable solution.

A Closer Look at Sumo

Alternatives to Optinmonster

Best Alternative to Optinmonster

Sumo is an innovative and progressive package of tools that will help to build and grow your websites traffic.

It’s a collection of marketing applications that will drive your visitors into taking action on your site. Its all packaged within a single, user-friendly plugin.

Whether its an Email List Builder, a Scroll Box, a Welcome Mat, a Smart Bar, Image Sharer, Heat Map or Contact Form; this is the software to optimize your site.

Theres a reason why the top blogs on the internet, such as The Art of Manliness, have used this for years.

See the Power of Sumo


The Key Benefits & How It Can Help You

Any website owner who is killing it online is fully aware of the dramatically effective method of driving leads: asking readers for their email address in exchange for content.

It all boils down to this; its almost impossible to explode your site, if you are not able to obtain an email list and cultivate a loyal following.

But times have changed, and people are more sceptical; people no longer want to give you their email address as easily. Too often people will go to your website once and never even think about coming back.

This software is here to ensure that this no longer occurs.

It does this using its own powerful functionality but it also connects with the top email service providers such as Optinmonster, MailChimp and AWeber.

Sumo Review

Explode Your Following

The tools available enable you to encourage your readers to join your email list. Easily and intuitively.  You can set up a simple pop up, which takes under 5 minutes that is presented to your audience when they land on your site.

Tools to use: List Builder, Welcome Matt, Smart Bar

Increase Social Shares

Shares on social media are a fantastic way of driving new, free and organic traffic to your site. These are usually incredibly difficult to obtain but fortunately this software provides you with the functionality to ensure that you are shared among the millions of daily users on Social Media.

Tools to use: Share, Image Sharer

Improve Your Content

The impressive level of stats and analytics that are collected enable you to streamline your future posts and improve your future content.  There’s a lot of information that is collected on your behalf that tracks the how your visitors experience your posts and pages. You can isolate the weak areas, and ensure that you your content is being well received.

Tools to use: Dashboard, Heat Maps, Content Analytics

Taking  A Closer Look At The Tools (Apps)

As we’ve previously outlined, this plugin offers a range of functionality and marketing applications; all/some would suit a range of needs and requirements.

At this point, Unrivaled Review will delve deeper into the individual applications and outline what we use and what we think are best.

At present, there are 13 individual apps. Each of which serves a different purpose and function. There are however, different categories of apps which help distinguish their overall uses. We’ll start with the Email List Builder Apps:

List Builder

SumoMe Review Email List Builder

The List Builder is perhaps the core feature of Sumo. It is perhaps one of its most popular and effective features.

In a nutshell, it’s a customizable popup that will ask your visitors to enter their email address.  You can customize the text and message of the popup, the time parameters of when and for how long it shows, and you can even use exit-intent popups to capture you leads right e before a visitor leaves.

What’s more, it easily integrate with all of the most popular email providers so you can send timely and lead generating emails. Connection to your audience has never been so effective and easy.

Perhaps most impressive is the in-built analytics which shows you the exact conversion rate of your separate list builder pop-ups.

And if decide to purchase the Pro Plan, you are able to set up A/B testing!

As you may have noticed, I have set up the List Builder on Unrivaled Review. It automatically appears to you and any new visitor to my site. Once an email address is entered and submitted, I then populate their email address into my Email Subscribers Plugin – it takes all but too minutes. From here I notify all of my subscribers when there is a new post on this site, and when there is a new product review that can help them to transform their results online:

SumoMe Review Email List Builder Pop Up

This helps my audience, but you could also, depending on your niche, set up a giveaway to entice your audience to subscribe:

For example, you could:

  • Provide exclusive content upon sign up – on a specific post, page or even sitewide.
  • Give subscribers a chapter from your latest book
  • Provide your audience with a discount at affiliate sites
  • And so on and so forth – there’s a lot of possibilities

Scroll Box

The Scroll box functionality helps you to build your email lists in a more user friendly, less intrusive kind of way. The difference is that, instead throwing a popup in your visitors face immediately, you can set up what’s known as a “Scroll Box”. This displays only when your visitor decides to scroll down the page, usually in the bottom right hand corner (can be customized) and the app therefore knows that your visitor is interested in your post/page or content before it prompts them.

Unrivaled Review Suggestion: We advise that if you decide to use Scroll Boxes, that you set them up on specific posts and pages.  This way, you can be sure that your visitor is interested in your offering, and will help you grow your list further.

Welcome Mat

The Welcome Mat is a full-page email list builder tool. It can come across as incredibly forceful so use it rarely and wisely.

When a visitor lands on a page in which the Mat is set up on, their full screen is taken up by the Welcome Mat, and they will be prompted to enter their details. Obviously, the user experience suffers, so Unrivaled review suggests that you only use this feature if you want a sign-up before content/an offer is available.

We have set up a Welcome Mat on one of our pages: How To Make Extra Money Online:

SumoME Review Welcome Matt Unrivaled Review

Here, I only provide the content once the visitor decides to subscribe.

Its yielded some impressive results considering it only loads on one page

Sumo~Me Review Welcome Mat Results

So far, its been the most prolific for gathering email addresses. 38%, that’s 4 in 10 viewers opting in!

And as I’ve only applied this Welcome Mat on one specific page, and I’ve made our content exclusive, I am also provided with the added benefit that I now know that all subscribers through this Mat are interested in this area. This can be used in the future and to ensure that my content meets this audience’s interest.

The subscriber also benefits by learning the information in which they seek.

Its a win win.

Unrivaled Review Suggestion: Explore the Welcome Mat templates and customize them appropriately. Be sure to test your Mats to see which one converts best. (either on the same page, or on two different pages).

Smart Bar

The Smart Bar functionality installs a bar at the top of a post or page and has one sole purpose: it asks for email signups.

It’s probably the most user friendly option, but the trade-off is that it tends not to convert as well. This is why we have not set one up on Unrivaled Review. Still it’s a useful addition that you can add to your site.

Unrivaled Review Suggestion: Find your sites most popular pages and posts, and set up a Smart Bar there. This way, you ensure that only visitors exploring your content, and with the most interest in what you have to say, are being presented with your Smart Bar. Besides, User Experience is incredibly important.

Social Sharing

As already mentioned above, the Social Sharing functionalities of Sumo help you to get more social shares on the most popular networks (Facebook etc) and followers.


SumoMe Review Share

Behind the Email List Builder, the ‘Share’ app tends to follow as the second most used. This app provides a lot of advantages, and is incredibly effective as it locks the social share bar on your visitors screen – it’s always visible and can be accessed at any point during your visitors viewing.

The list of social sites you are able to share to is impressive, covering many social networks that I had previously not even heard of. These can all be lucrative and profitable traffic generating sources.

Unrivaled Review Suggestion: Configure the Share Bar to work on the major social networks, particularly, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I would even advise that you enable the option for your mobile visitors to share on WhatsApp as mobile usage is on the rise!

Image Sharer

SumoMe Image Sharer

The Image Sharer app was set up exclusively for Images but follows the same logic as the Share app outlined above. It would be particular useful for those of you who want to expand their presence on Pinterest, but can be set up to the social networks outlined above and the ones in which you enable.

If you have a site with lots of images, say you are a Photographer, or even if you own a store and have a lot of Product Images, this can be an excellent way to acquire traffic and leads!


SumoMe Review Highlighter

The Highlighter app enables your visitors to share your content far more easily, by providing them with functionality like the: ‘Click-to-tweet’ button.

The Highlighter is there to let your readers locate any section of your content, and then easily share it on their social networks, notably Facebook and Twitter.

Unrivaled Review Suggestion: When writing content, be sure to include easily shareable or famous quotes or even make sure that you write in a way with standout comments.


The range of Analytics Apps ensures that you can analyse your website and make it as optimal as possible.

Heat Maps

SumoMe Review Heat Map

First, Heat Maps are a tool that we suggest you use extensively if you are using Sumo.  They can show you precisely where your visitors are clicking on your site. You can use this to refine your site to increase your conversions and leads, because you can understand what they like and don’t like – the more clicks received shows more interest and vice versa.

It has even been predicted that your visitors will only read 20% of what you write!

So by using the Heat Map app, you are able to see this 20% in action; how much and where your visitors look and read, what section or part of the page draws their attention and what specifically turns them away and makes them lose interest and flee.

Once you’ve accessed your Heat Maps and discovered these very things, you will able to improve your posts dramatically.

Unrivaled Review Suggestion: From our experience with Heat Maps, we’ve discovered that images draw the most attention so be sure to include as many as possible in your post.

Content Analytics

Delving further, you are even able to access how much of your posts are read!

The Content Analytics app provides this by showing you exactly the scroll lengths of your visitors.  Its important to remember that just because their scrolling, they may not actually be reading, but these two are usually tied quite closely together.

Google Analytics

To ensure that the platform can provide you with the most in-depth insight into your sites performance, you can even set up a Google Analytics app. This provides you with the ability to draw your Google Analytics stats and data and view them from your central dashboard. But best of all, it only pulls the most significant apps and ones that you will actually want to see.

Unrivaled Review Suggestion: Frequently review your Google Analytics and make a note against the posts that receive the most traffic. From here, you can work out which posts are most suitable for the Scroll Box application as mentioned previously in this article.

Other Useful Applications

These apps are more generic, but round it off as a really effective solution.

Contact Form

Anyone who uses Ninja Forms knows that it can be incredibly resource intensive and can slow down your site! Thankfully, you can uninstall this plugin and use the  Contact Form app instead!

Using this feature, you can add contact forms where you require easily and effectively. Even more impressively, you are able to add auto-responses that outlines that their message was received.


We particularly like this application because it’s incredibly unique and works very well. The concept is, is that by using Discover (a traffic exchange between all sites in the Sumo Network), you can obtain traffic. Here’s how it works.

When you send traffic to other sites, you will earn credits that can be exchanged for traffic from other sites.

And it’s not just random traffic, the “Recommended Links” box makes sure its more targeted.

The Buy Button

If your site operates in an eCommerce capacity, the Buy Button feature will be of interest. It allows you to create a simple payment button that integrates with the reputable Stripe for efficient and secure payment processing.

This means that the software doubles up to make the sale process considerably easier for you. It enables you to sell physical products or even digital downloads, easily directly from your site.

Installing and Setting Up the Software

In short, you connect Sumo to your site, set up an account, and choose what apps you want to use. We could stop there, but we want you to get the most of the software. So here’s the step by step process:

It is simply installed and activated, just like any other plugin. The key difference, and part of what makes the software so effective, is that once you active the plugin, you can then tailor and configure the software to meet your individual needs. You can quite literally select all of the features of the software that you require.

The very first step, is that you need to create an external account, whether through their website, or inside the plugin itself:

SumoMe Review Setup

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be taken directly to your dashboard. This is the main interface that will be seen each and every time you open the plugin:

SumoMe Review Setup 2

At this point, you will need to set up the marketing applications that are to be run on your site. Click on the My Apps button.

You will then be presented with the following screen:

SumoMe Review Setup 3

As you will see; there are a whole range of applications that are available within the plugin, hopefully by now you will fully understand what they can do.

Regarding the setup, all you need to do to is to click the “off” button next to each app to switch it “on. It’s a simple on/off toggle.

Once you’ve decided on the apps you require, and toggled them on accordingly, you can click on one of the apps to edit all its individual settings.

If we take the Share app as an example, these are the settings that can be manipulated:

SumoMe Review Setup4

And that’s it. It’s so incredibly simple and easy to set up and manage.

You just go through all of the applications that you desire and go through the easy step by step process.

What I Like Most 

Choose the Right Tools

You can use as many or as few of the applications outlined above as you require, and each of the many applications are fully customizable

Grow & Optimize

The tools have been set up in such a way that will grow and optimize your site, this is all easily achievable from one easy to use and intuitive interface.

Works on all Websites

Although it is commonly used on WordPress, you don’t have to have a WordPress CMS running site to get the most of Sumo. It’s been designed to work on all websites- and no coding is required!

Save Time & Money

The Application pulls together an entire range of tools that are often found in separate products. Therefore, by signing up you can stop or prevent the need for a number of costly licences. As the tool is easily integrated into other software, this means that by opting for this platform you will be saving Time and Money in the process.

Pricing & Plans

Sumo offer a range of plans and prices to suit your needs. This means that whether you are a new website owner, or are generating thousands of visitors, you will be able to get up and running instantly.

Below are the Pricing Plans available: SumoMe Review Plans & Pricing

That’s correct, there is a FREE plan that offers you the majority of the applications and features. Granted, your limited to all the functionality, but you can see if you like the software before you invest in the more expensive plans.

For example, the Pro version offers you:

  • A/B testing
  • Deeper insights
  • More display rules
  • Bonus templates
  • More integrations

Who is Sumo Most Suitable For?

I strongly recommends Sumo to any website owner who is looking to expand their sites traffic, and wants the best tools to do it. Regardless of your industry or niche. It would also benefit more experienced website owners and will help them to truly optimize their site. Through advanced tools like Heat Maps, Sumo users can ensure that they their website is set up in a way that it performs best.

The range of tools available will benefit anyone who runs and operates a website; just pick and choose those that are most appropriate.

Even if your budget is tight, there is a FREE plan, so it’s worth an exploration at the very minimum!

Click Here to Download and Use Sumo For FREE


Sumo is a simple, easy to download and activate plugin that can easily be acquired from their site.

So if you want to build, grow and optimize your website and develop a leading and reputable brand we suggest you download and start using Sumo now!