Best Drop Shipping Course For 2018

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Best Drop Shipping Course 2018

I started researching, reviewing and comparing drop shipping courses around three years ago when I began my own drop shipping business and journey. I was looking for the best course that could teach me the ins and outs of the business model and help me to grow and scale. Over the years several courses have become available; some still exist but others have been and gone. I’d like to help you identify what makes a great drop shipping courses, and then introduce you to best drop shipping course currently available.

If you are like me, then I wrote this article for those of you with these three objectives:

You want to start an online store and business and want to sell products through dropshipping.

And you want to learn how to set up, optimize and become successful with your eCommerce store.

And you want to start making significant sales Dropshipping.

You’ve seen the success stories: Drop shipping can be one of the most profitable business models. 

It is low cost, there are small barriers to entry and you can expect high profit margins on every sale.

It’s an attractive and effective venture where you can get set up quickly. It also offers the opportunity to scale when you find a winning product and niche….

The main benefits of Dropshipping areas follows:

  • Subscriptions to eCommerce builders (like Shopify) are cheap, and they offer powerful eCommerce functionality as part of each plan.
  • Its incredibly quick and easy to create a store.
  • You only purchase and ship products once you have orders from your customers. There’s no inventory to purchase and to stock, there’s no distribution channels that you need to oversee. As such, you can dramatically cut your costs and keep your overheads low.

And with Social Media Marketing offering you low cost, advanced targeting, high engagement and high conversion rates, its an ideal time in 2018 to start profiting from Dropshipping.

But the purpose of this post is not to delve deep into the benefits of Dropshipping. Its likely, that if you are here you know this.

All of this is possible with Dropshipping; if you can learn the profitable techniques; what to do, and what not to do. If not done right, Dropshipping can be immensely frustrating at the worst; largely insignificant if you’re lucky.

So I would like to bring to you my recommendation following countless hours of research, review, comparison and testing.

I’ve taken a look at some of the most in-demand and most marketed courses, as well as some lesser known ones too.

Why – because signing up to the right Drop Shipping Course is crucial. Plus, some of them are pretty expensive!

You don’t just want to learn how to set up a store or listen to regurgitated content. This is important, but you want a course that is a lot more comprehensive. its important to join an A-Z dropshipping course that teaches you the entire model – including how to optimize and scale.

Its also best to sign up to a course that was curated following personal trial, error, investment and experience – not just in one store, but reviewing the experiences across hundreds.

You want a course that has been created by a fellow Drop shipper, one that knows what it takes to make 7 figures. One that is teaching students to obtain similar results:


The problem is: there are lot of ‘gurus’ online who make bold claims but are not able to back them up…

Instead, I’d like to introduce to you a recommendation that will help you to become successful with Dropshipping.

But first,

What Makes A Great Drop Shipping Course?

When you are looking for a course to sign up to, here are some of the things you will want to ensure it has:


  • In-Depth A-Z Course; covering the entire drop shipping process (from niche and product research through to store design, traffic generation and email marketing).
  • Shows advanced techniques to optimize your Store including SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • You can follow and replicate in real-time for your own Store/Niche.
  • Built through years of personal experience, trial, research and experimentation.
  • Creator provides a tonne of Free Content and Material that you can use to check their Credibility, Knowledge and Expertise.
  • Intuitive Learning Experience – Course Split into clear Modules and Lessons
  • High quality HD video content
  • Affordable and Reasonable One-Time Cost.
  • Be a Lifetime Member to the Course and Course Content
  • Access to Support for any questions and queries.
  • Private Mastermind and Membership group of fellow students – where you can ask questions and discuss the course content.
  • Hundreds of Positive Reviews and Recommendations

This checklist has been widely considered when researching for the Best Drop Shipping Course 2018.

I’ve reviewed a lot of courses in my time, and have even documented my experiences in a number of articles (see an example here)

At the end of the day, when you are paying for an online course it should be providing all of these things above at the very minimum.

So, lets now take a look at the course:

The Best Dropshipping Course: eCom Elites

Best Drop Shipping Course 2018

eCom Elites is  is a complete A-Z dropshipping course; teaching the ins and out of dropshipping online.

Through a step by step guide, you will gain a firm understanding of the different software, systems and processes that you need to utilize. It will give you a number of online marketing techniques and practices that convert well.

It will provide you with a wealth of essential information (the basics) but will develop your knowledge to an advanced understanding. Its rich with expert tips, tricks and techniques that have been proven to increase sales.

When you sign up to the eCom elites course, you will receive your login details via an email within a couple of minutes of making payment.

Here’s a screenshot of what you will see. It shows my account in the Members Hub:

Best Drop Shipping Course 2018

Once you sign in to your account, you will be first greeted with a full overview of what the course is going to teach you and how you can make the most of the course content. Franklin provides his strategies for how you can follow and implement in real-time.

eCom Elites is composed of individual 8 modules. There are around 10 lessons in each module, sometimes more, so there are around 80 videos of content in the full course. Each video is in-depth with a minimum length of 10 minutes.

The Social Media Marketing module, which will teach you how to set up and maximize your returns from Facebook Ads, includes over 30 Videos alone. This is where the real value of the course is; optimizing your ads. Anyone can teach you to set up a store, its getting the traffic to the store that makes all the difference.

One of the standout features of the course is that the videos are provided via Vimeo. If you have ever worked with Vimeo you will know that it provides great resolution, loads faster and you can quickly and easily rewind. Its easy to go back over the things you missed.

I prefer to use the 1080P quality so you can fully understand and leverage the diagrams that Franklin provides, but even when you drop the resolution down to 360P you can still see them clearly.

You can also access the course on mobile or tablet. As it is an online hosted course, all you will need to do is access the login page in your browser and sign in.

It works best on Desktop because you can open several tabs (the course, your store, Facebook etc). This way you can replicate as you follow along which is a lot more difficult when loading the course from your mobile.

Here is the full list of Modules included and a brief overview of whats included. (For a full overview of the modules, read my: eCom Elites Review)

1) Sourcing Products

Learn to research products and niches properly. How to find the best suppliers, get the best profit margins, research your competitors and much more.

2) Setting up Shopify

Learn to build a fully functioning and optimized eCommerce store, from scratch. Learn the must-have applications, how to rank in the search engines, how to edit code and much more.

3 + 4) Facebook Ads

Learn how to set up, manage and scale your FB Advertising Account, how to bid for the cheapest clicks, the best ad types, styles, how to install and manage your FB Pixel, scaling, and even more!

5) Instagram Traffic

Learn how to advertise via Instagram and leverage Instagram Influencers to maximize your income. Understand how to negotiate and get the best prices for these ads.

6) Organic Google Traffic

Learn how to obtain and gain free search traffic from the biggest search engines including Google and Bing. Discover how to rank, what to rank (keywords) and how to build backlinks (essential to climbing the search engines and ranking on top)

7) Email Marketing

Learn how to build and scale a loyal fan base that return to buy again. Discover how to collect email address, the best auto-responders (emails on autopilot), the email copy to use and more!

8) Business and Sales

Learn how to scale your store as a business; how to hire virtual assistants and how much profit to reinvest.

You can access a comprehensive review of all the different Modules and whats included in each of them by reading my eCom Elites Review

This is why eCom Elites is the best dropshipping course:

Why eCom Elites Is The Course For You 

Now that have a brief overview of the course and what is included, lets now turn to the pros and benefits, and what truly sets it apart from other courses online:

Hundreds of Success Stories

eCom Elites is a course that has, and continues to deliver for the hundreds of students that have signed up. This could be you:

If you are looking to succeed in any area of your life, then one of the best things that you can do is to seek out an expert. Someone who has experience, knowledge and passion for that field. You need someone who understands the market and business model that you are operating in. Franklin Hatchett is this.

And if you are wondering why if Dropshipping was so successful for him, then why doesn’t he do it anymore… He does. He continues to operate several stores in General and niche Markets.

His YouTube channel documents his experiences. A recent video even outlines how he made $300 per sale for a product that cost just $50.

You can also see on eCom Elites how many people have found success with this course.

It is also now the time to share my own results from my own store. I’ve followed several of the methods and techniques outlined in eCom elites, particularly in the FB Ads module. Here’s a recent screenshot from my Shopify portal:

Shopify Store Dashboard, 1-31 Sep 2018

Shopify Store Dashboard, 1-31 Sep 2018

Most Comprehensive and Affordable

Unlike a lot of overpriced, generic courses, eCom Elites offers comprehensive and affordable course. Its easy to sign up and its easy to go through the modules through the Zaxxa platform. You can easily navigate through the various lessons and tick off the ones you have completed.

When you compare the price of eCom elites to other courses online, its significantly cheaper. Take for example 7 Figure Skills. The cheapest course is $1297, compared to the modestly priced eCom Elites at $197.

eCom elites is also a one-off payment, meaning that you pay once and you’ve got access to the course forever. This is not a subscription like many others, and you are not tied in with any financial commitments.

Just because courses are more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the content is superior. Through my research and in my experience it is usually the opposite.

Access to Franklin and an eCom Community

One of the major benefits to signing up to eCom Elites is that you will be able to contact Franklin with any question and issues you have. Having done this myself, Franklin has always personally responded with actionable and helpful information and advice. This is the kind of communication that can really help when you are stuck, and this support ensures you make the right decisions when it matters.

Beyond this, when you sign up to eCom elites, you gain instant access to a Private mastermind Group. This has over 1500 members, students and fellow Dropshippers who are in a similar position to you. This community is very active and you can ask questions, learn from others and see what is working and what is not.

Here’s just one example:


Bonuses – Weekly Additions and Updates

This is a great feature of the eCom elites course which makes it forever current and updated.

When you sign up, in your members portal, you will find two bonus folders. These include weekly posts and updates to the modules. Franklin is also keen to share valuable information and insights that he has learned that week – himself and from other experts in the space.

This ensures that the course content remains current and applicable; particularly if algorithms change.

At the time of writing, you can also access 9 additional videos to expand your knowledge further.

There’s also Q&A sessions where Franklin has recorded his answers to common questions and pain points that his students have emailed and asked him.

Who Is It Suitable For?

eCom Elites has been designed to be suitable everyone interested or currently Dropshipping. Its most effective if you are new to Dropshipping and you do not currently have a store. This is because part of the course teaches you how to set up your store from scratch.

However, there are a lot of valuable insights that you can obtain if you are currently dropshipping and are struggling to make profit.

The FB and Instagram Ads modules are fantastic at explaining how to set up and optimize ads. Therefore if you are dropshipping at present and not able to make sales, it could be the ads that you are/are not using. Through eCom Elites you can help identify where you are going wrong, and how to change that.

Final Words

Signing up to a Dropshipping Course can dramatically fasten your learning curve. It can also, explode your current/future results.

Through testing, exploration and research, few can compare with eCom Elites when it comes to content, price and application.

If you want to sign up to the best dropshipping course available today then I suggest you take a look right now:

See the POWER of eCom Elites Now

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