Best Google Ads Course [2021 Training Recommendation]

Best Google Ads Course [2019 Training Recommendation]

Looking to promote your business, products, or your offers through Google? Struggling to obtain the best ROI on your current Google Ad Campaigns, or want to scale beyond just Facebook and Instagram Ads? If so, then a Google Ads Course could make all the difference. Besides, that’s why you’ve found this article right?

Google Ads is an online marketing platform that has been around since October 2000. Formerly Google Adwords, it allows you to advertise across the Google Network and only pay when your Ad is clicked (Cost Per Click/ CPC) and you get a visitor to your site, product or offer.

Its a really effective platform that enables you to closely target and get your offer in front of your ideal customers.

The downside with Facebook Ads, and other Social Media Ads, is while you can customize your Ad placement and Ad Copy; you are still for the most part, putting your advert out to an audience that isn’t necessarily willing, or wanting to buy.

Plus, it takes time for your ad to age and become optimized. So you have to invest a lot up front before your Ad starts to reach your true target audience.

This isn’t the case with Google Ads. You can get your ad straight and directly infront of those looking, willing and able to buy.

You can target specific search terms and query’s that ensure that you are only paying when and where you have interest. Not per impression (like Facebook generally charges for).

If you run an e-Commerce Store (through Shopify or another platform), or if you are an Affiliate Marketer, you should not underestimate, or overlook Google Ads.

The problem with any Advertising Network is that costs can escalate quickly – that is of course, if you do not know exactly what you doing.

Today, I’ll show you some of the best Google Ads Courses, which will teach you the step-by-step process to ensure your ad spend remains as low as possible, and you can maximize your ROI!

Best Google Ads Course

The primary benefit of using Google Ads, is that you can get your Ad up, running and approved in minutes.

You are not required to create enticing Videos, Images or perfectly written Ad Copy. Instead, you can learn what is working for other online entrepreneurs, get your site/offer or product to the top of Google (for maximum exposure), and start making serious money.

So without further ado here are the courses:

1. eCom Elites (Franklin Hatchett)

eCom Elites is by far the most comprehensive online e-commerce courses that is currently available. It was designed to cater for all experience and knowledge levels, so whether you’re a complete beginner or a more advanced intermediate, then there is plenty to learn, takeaway and implement.

As of December 2018, the course creator, Franklin Hatchet, launched the updated and hugely successful version 2.0. This now includes an entire module specifically on Google Ads.

This module includes 17 in-depth videos (each lasting between 10-30 minutes), covering a comprehensive range of practical knowledge. It teaches you the complete A-Z of setting up, optimizing, and scaling a Google Ads campaign:

You learn all the essential parts to getting set up, including Creating Your Account and Installing the Google Pixel.

But where the module delves much deeper is it teaches you the intricate details like how Google Ads actually work (the bidding system, the algorithm etc).

Beyond just the basics, you learn how to:

  • Create an Audience
  • Conduct Effective Keyword Research
  • Create Optimal Ad Copy for Google
  • Re-Target
  • Create and Manage a Google Shopping Campaign
  • Optimize & Scale Ads
  • Leverage Negative Keywords
  • And much more.

Its very thorough and detailed, and once you sign up you will get access to an easy to use members portal where you can stream all of the videos in HD (through Vimeo). Its great for learning and replicating as you go.

Beyond just the Google Ads module, this course was designed specifically for creating, building and scaling a thriving eCommerce business; so there’s a lot of additional content that you will get access to if you decide eCom Elites is for you.

You can obtain a lot of additional knowledge, which includes an entire module on SEO (and optimizing your site, offers or promotion for the free organic general Search Engines and your subsequent rankings). You also learn how to run successful Facebook Ads if you wanted to go in this direction.

Franklin Hatchet has obtained a large following the ecom space, following on from his years of experience, testing and research into the the Google Ads (Adwords) Network.

This is the course if you want to learn from one of the best, who uses the platform on a daily basis for his online businesses (in the eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing and General Blog spaces).

In all, you’ll be getting access to over 150 ecom specific videos with a focus on creating, building and scaling successful online marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for a thorough Google Ads course, with wider Online Marketing training included, I’d buy this one.

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2. Ultimate Google Ads / AdWords Course (Udemy)

If you haven’t yet heard of, or used Udemy, then this will be one of the best takeaways from this article.

Udemy is a fantastic platform that helps you learn and study countless topics from some of the best online trainers.

The Ultimate Google Ads / AdWords Course by Isaac Rudansky is a best-seller and the most recommended on this specific topic.

Over 100,000 students have enrolled in the course, and it has received on average a 4.6 rating (out of 5) from 24,199 reviews (at time of writing).

This is an excellent online course, that does not have any specific requirements for you to attend so its ideal for beginners.

Isaac is a Certified Google AdWords Pro and the co-founder of AdVenture Media.

He has helped over 450 companies with their online marketing campaigns, generating millions of dollars of profit for them through the Google Ad Network since the company first provided services in 2011.

The course does state that you should have a website, landing page or Facebook page that you want to send traffic to, so this is something to be aware of and consider before you sign up.

As the course is focused purely on Google Ads, it doesn’t mention or discuss how to optimize your website or landing pages (unlike in the eCom Elites course). This therefore limits the scope of benefits because its one thing sending traffic there its another thing converting.

As it was created for beginners in mind, you do not necessarily need any Google Adwords (now Ads) experience which is great if you haven’t yet tried to set up a campaign.

The course is frequently updated, and now aligns with the new Google Ads dashboard, unlike many other courses available on Udemy.

There are 137 lectures in this course which spans a total time of 25 hours.

Whilst there is great depth and a tonne of content included with this course, I personally prefer eCom Elites because it is much more succinct and to the point. You obtain all the knowledge that you need, can replicate at the same time, and then learn how to optimize your own site/landing pages for great success with Google Ads.

The course length makes this quite overwhelming, and perhaps more complex then it needs to be, but there is no doubt that the content is brilliant and will teach you a lot about advertising on the platform.

You learn all of the essentials of creating your Google Ads account, plus you learn all of the most important aspects of a winning campaign:

  • Structuring Ads Groups,
  • Writing optimized Ad Copy,
  • Setting up Billing,
  • Understanding your Account Structure,
  • Understanding Keywords in Depth,
  • Expanding/Refining your Campaigns,
  • and much more.

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3. Google Ads / Adwords PPC Course 2019: Beginner to Expert

The Google Ads / Adwords PPC Course 2019: Beginner to Expert course by Gowtham Prakash is the second most-popular and well-received Google Ad courses available through Udemy.

Its a lot more limited in terms of content, and provides just under 3 hours worth of content. This is considerably shorter than what you get with Ecom Elites and the Ultimate Google Ads / AdWords Course by Isaac Rudansky discussed above.

Nonetheless, 2,894 students have enrolled and since provided an average rating of 4.4/5.

It has been refined and refocused for 2019, and Gowtham has updated the videos to include the new Google Ads interface and how to work with it most effectively.

His accent is a little difficult to understand at first, but you soon get used to it and by the time you have listened to a couple of the lectures, you soon forget about it and can easily hear the content.

The 26 lectures cover the basics, including your Google Ad Account set up, and then he covers other key concepts like the importance of your Quality Score and Ad Rank.

Other topics that are covered focus on the importance of Keyword Research ahead of time, how to do it successfully, how to use the different types of ads (primarily display ads) and then additional extras like how to advertise on YouTube.

All in all, this is a good course for beginners, but is lacking in the level of content that is provided with the other two courses in this list. Its considerably shorter, and in my opinion is not quite as good.

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The Verdict

Investing in a content-rich Google Ads Course is one of the quickest, most advisable ways to get the most out of the platform.

If you are not yet using Google Ads, have been struggling to maximize your ROI, or if you hadn’t even considered this advertising platform and network, then a training course is an excellent way to start.

Before you go ahead and invest heavily into an Ad Campaign before fully understanding how the platform works and how you can get the best results from it, a Google Ads Training Course can save you a lot of money and multiply your results and profits.

Every type of online business can benefit from Google Ads; whether you are in eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing or Blogging.

This article has provided you with the three most sought after and Best Google Ad Courses for 2021.

Personally, I swear by eCom Elites and would recommend it regardless of whether you are in eCommerce or not. It is one of the most in-depth and concise training programs for Google Ads. Beyond this, you will also learn and discover a wealth of other actionable and practical online marketing strategies and tips along the way.

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