Best Hosting For Multiple WordPress Sites [2021 Buyers Guide]

Best Hosting For Multiple WordPress Sites [2019 Buyers Guide]

If you’re like me, and you have Multiple WordPress Websites, then looking for reliable and affordable Hosting for all of them can be a challenge.

The thing is, in an ideal world where money is no object, hosting each WordPress site on their own dedicated server would be the dream.

Unfortunately, this is very expensive, difficult to manage, and complex.

As such, find a Hosting Provider that enables you to host, run, and manage all of your sites from one central interface is the ideal solution.  

The following will provide you with the best places to host your websites. I’ve taken into account several factors, including the size of your sites, potential budgets, expectations and requirements.  

My conclusions derive from my experiences hosting this site and several other sites I own and run.

In order to find the best hosting provider for several sites, I have reviewed my hosting analytics (using Pingdom); comparing up-time, server speed and customer service waiting times across each site. The below hosting services are those that I have trialed, tested and can only strongly recommend.

Here Are My Hosting Recommendations

1. BlueHost 

(My #1 Hosting Provider and Recommendation)

BlueHost are the ultimate hosting provider in terms of reliability. They are the case example of a service where you really do get what you pay for. They provide industry leading customer service 24/7, ensuring as an online business you can always contact with any concerns you may have. There is a reason why they are most used by individuals and businesses online. They have server locations in the USA, Asia & Europe (including the UK) and are officially recommended by I personally use them (this site is hosted with BlueHost). They also offer free domains, SSLs to keep you and your visitors safe and secure and automatic installs

  • Server Response Time: 480ms Best Place To host a website
  • Live Chat Waiting Time:~5 seconds
  • Uptime: 100% (past 90 days)
  • Cost: £5.45/Month (unlimited sites)
Money Back GuarenteeDisk SpaceBandwidthFree Domain NameFree SSLWebsite Builder
30 Days50GBUnmeteredYesYesYes
Visit & Receive 33% Off!


2. NameCheap

(Ideal for Beginners & WordPress Hosting)

NameCheap is a leading WordPress hosting service provider, due to their brilliant performance for thousands of online businesses (100% up-time as a case example). NameCheap offer feature packed hosting solutions, with unrivaled live chat and phone support and step by step tutorials, articles and guides, making them a fantastic option for beginners.

  • Server Response Time: 510msnamecheap hosting
  • Live Chat Waiting Time:~5 seconds
  • Uptime: 100% (past 90 days)
  • Cost: $4.89/Month
Money Back GuarenteeDisk SpaceBandwidthFree Domain NameFree SSLWebsite Builder
30 Days20GBUnmeteredNoYesYes
Visit for $2.85 a month hosting!


3. WP Engine

(Best Premium Hosting for Small Businesses) 

WP Engine is considered one of the best solutions in the managed WordPress hosting space. It’s pricing is higher, but they offer increased performance over the common hosting providers and their customer service is at another level in terms of competence and tech-saviness. They charge a higher price because the they provide free SSL and CDNs as part of their plans. They also provide free page performance analytics for your sites to help you improve it and also provide a number of powerful tools to help you build and create your site in the first place.

Best yet, unlike many other hosting providers, WP engine provide free website migration. That is, if you have your website hosted at another hosting provider, they’ll completly manage the entire migration over to WPEngine.

This is a complicated and time-consuming process when done on yourself (and having done multiple migrations myself) can honestly say that its worth paying for this service. Any minor issues can cause your site to completely crash, so this free migration is worth its weight in gold.

You also get 2 months completely free with a plan if you sign up today

  • Server Response Time: 450ms wpengine hosting
  • Live Chat Waiting Time:~20 seconds
  • Uptime:100% (past 90 days)
  • Cost:$115/Month (up to 5 sites)
Money Back GuarenteeDisk SpaceBandwidthFree Domain NameFree SSLWebsite Builder
60 Days50GBUnmeteredYesYesYes
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4. Cloudways

(Best Hosting for Sites That Scale)

Cloudways have been growing dramatically in the web hosting space, providing fantastic uptimes and load speeds. This make them a great option for both newcomers and well-established site owners alike. As their name suggests, their Cloud Platform provides your website with “multiple clouds” which means it can be hosted on any of them for quicker page speed and load times. There are over 5 clouds with Cloudways which you site can leverage!

And If you still need help, you have the ability to quickly talk to one of their proficient cloud engineers to overcome your issues.

They’re available 24/7 and can help with any technical issue including backups, security etc.

I also found the Cloudways bot (smart assistant) to be very helpful for providing health insights.

Cloudways is a fantastic solution if you are looking to scale your site and require more resources than the standard hosting packages.

They have strong firewall and security measures in place, including a free SSL.

You can get a free trial for their hosting package by clicking here.

Server Response Time: 490 seconds cloudways hosting

Live Chat Waiting Time: ~1.5min

Uptime: 99.96% (past 90 days)

Cost: Free Trial/$10 Month

Money Back GuarenteeDisk SpaceBandwidthFree Domain NameFree SSLWebsite Builder
Visit for a Free Trial


How Do You Find The Best Host?

The reason you are here, is because there are thousands of web hosting services who are offering some great deals to host your sites. 

As you can imagine, it would take us an indefinite amount of time to review them all, and I can only review the services that I have used myself.

That said, I run a number of successful online businesses online, and have used have used a number of web hosting providers in my time before concluding with the final list above.

I have always been abiding by budget, so have always been on the lookout for fair, reasonable but strong performing web hosting.

When I decided to share my experiences and recommendations on Unrivaled Review, I knew that I needed metrics as a way to compare and to determine which providers were to be included and those that should not be. (I have used other hosting providers like GoDaddy but felt that they did not warrant being mentioned in the list).

I’ve looked finely at what you will gain access to in each entry level package, and those featured above give you the best currently on offer at time of writing.

I’ve also been sure to include my personal experience and up time statistics in our recommendations.

Please note: the above recommendations are up to date as of 2021, but as I continue to operate online I may decide to try new web hosting providers. As such, I will regularly update the hosting providers above so that I feature only the best.

Should You Consider Price When Choosing a Hosting Provider?

The short answer is yes. Ultimately, you should be getting the best value for your money.

With the level of competition on the market, there is no longer a need to be paying out more for web hosting than you necessarily need to.

Besides, spending more on ‘fancy’ web hosting robs your business of the revenue and profits that you could be generating.

However, you should always be wary of the introductory offer.

There are numerous cases, and many web hosting service providers, that charge their customers considerably more when it’s time to renew (when your website is set up on their servers and it takes technical knowledge and know how to move without downtime or other issues).

I’ve been in this position before, and it has caused considerable stress, cost and frustration.

So consider before you opt for any web hosting, there will be a time when your introductory rate ends and you will need to increase your spend to the standard monthly or yearly rate.

Do not be concerned, with all but a few services who take this to the extreme, this is fairly standard practice across the hosting industry.

What it means to you, is that the first time price of your hosting plan should not be the sole factor when choosing your provider.

Taking the assumption that you’re website will be running for several years, it is worth taking a look at the renewal fees and thus considering your long-term costs. This can save you in the long term!

One other thing to consider, price on its own, does not provide a true reflection of the web hosting service and performance you are going to receive.

In other words, the more you pay doesn’t necessarily mean better hosting. I’ve used incredibly cheap web hosting plans and that’s what we got in terms of performance: unreliable and poor performing.

At the other end of the extreme we’ve paid considerably more and received the same performance metrics as some of the middle-tiered packaged.

Whilst price will always be a factor, its price alongside metrics: up-time and server response times, that need to be reviewed prior to any web hosting signup.

The performance metrics are far more important when it comes to choosing the right package for your site.

Shared hosting is ideal for the majority of your requirements – from small wordpress sites, to demanding ecommerce sites. There are always limits, but for 99% of cases, shared hosting will be the best solution..

How Do You Choose a Web Hosting Service?

1. Customer Support

In our experience working online, Customer Service is one of the most important things – especially as a new site owner.

I’ve had bad experiences with Customer Support in the past – long wait times, poor advice – particularly at times I needed them most (when our sites were down!) When you think about it, you’re only going to contact support when you’re in trouble and really need some expert advice and assistance.

Having support that takes a while to obtain, or getting poor advice, is going to impact your business severely. Most of the best web hosting companies I’ve used have had impeccable service (NameCheap and BlueHost are worthy to note).

2. Web hosting Response Times

Having a fast and responsive server has a huge impact on your websites visitor experience and Google use this as an important ranking factor.

In essence, the faster your site speed, the better chance your site is going to perform in terms of conversions and sales.

Even a small delay can completely prevent these from happening. Essentially you want to aim for 400ms and below. Once your hosting is covered, you will want to optimize your site further with caching plugins like W3 Total Cache.

3. Up-Time

You’ve purchased web hosting because you want to be visible on the web. Up-time is this. Most web hosting services promise up times at around 99% etc., but often it’s a lot lower than this.

This is why our recommendations made the list up above – they met their promises with our hosting plans.

What are the Different Types of Web Hosting?

There are many different types of web hosting that you can purchase to run and manage your site.

The different packages depend on your use for the plan, but they mostly range from shared hosting (where you share a server with thousands of other sites) to dedicated servers that cost hundreds per month.

They both are performing the same service, but performance and up-time can vary a lot. In a nutshell, the more a server is taxed of resources, the more likely your site is to perform worse (this is why shared hosting is ultimately slower but more affordable).

I’ll now explain each option further so that you can choose what is best for your site:


The most affordable and thus most popular. For the most part, performance is excellent. You’re ultimately sharing a server with a number of other sites, which is why you’ll be paying less than if you were to opt for dedicated servers.

The reason why I recommend it, is because you will get all the functionality and features that come with a dedicated hosting plan. You just need to ensure you choose the right hosting provider!


This hosting package is ideal for resource heavy websites that requires a lot of resources to run effectively.

It’s an expensive hosting option, but if your site runs a lot of complicated code or experiences high traffic periods this will most likely be for you.


Due to the advances in technology, cloud has become one of the hosting solutions for websites.

If you opt for cloud hosting, then instead of your site being hosted on a physical partition, it’s instead hosted on a virtual partition of the server.

This means you can easily scale up your site without the need to add more hardware.


This is mainly aimed at other web hosting services. It provides the ability to purchase resources in bulk. This type of hosting only applies if you wish to start your own hosting company as it’s for advanced users only.

Best Web Hosting For Different Uses

Before I look further into who is the best web hosting service for your own individual circumstances, I thought you may have a few questions as there is so much to consider. For example, is Siteground better than Bluehost? It depends.

There’s many things to take into account, and many providers out there, but understanding the basics will put you in the best position to choose.

Remember, if you follow our advice, you’ll ensure you get the best website hosting available, you won’t be paying over the odds, and you can expand your hosting account when the time comes to do so.

Answering the questions below will help us to point you in the right direction from our recommendations above.

How much Storage Space will you need for your Sites?

The amount of storage space that you will need to run your websites will depend on size of your sites and the number of sites you are looking to host online.

For the most part, one website will never exceed 1GB of storage space.

Images, Videos and other multimedia take up storage space on your site, so the more you upload and the more sites you have, the more storage you are essentially using and are going to need.

However bare in mind, that each individual upload is incredibly small and there are several free plugins and tools available to help you reduce them further (e.g. image size reduction plugins).

As such, you are never likely to exceed the 1GB unless you are looking to mass upload multimedia on your site.

Smush is an example of a plugin I use that allows you to reduce the storage capacity of your images without reducing their size or quality.

One thing to consider, the more images that you upload to your hosting folders and on your sites, the slower the pages will take to load.

This can result in lost visitors or reduced action on your site; especially if your site takes longer than 5 seconds to load.

Will you receive a Domain Name with your Web Hosting?

This depends. Not all web hosts will provide a domain name with their package.

Some will charge for the domain registration, but some will throw in a domain name when you sign up with them.

Some may even sneakily include the domain name cost in their monthly web hosting costs.

Besides, whether you are offered one free or your hosting does not include a free domain, you will have the opportunity to register/buy one during the process.

How do you Transfer your Website to another Host?

This is beyond the realm of this article, but if you currently have hosting and are looking for a new provider you may be in this position.

If so, I’ve included a quick overview below. It sounds more difficult than it really is, it’s actually quite easy and I’ve done it on numerous occasions in the past.

All you need to do is follow these steps:
1. Select and purchase your new web hosting plan
2. Download your site files (from WP-Content FoldeR) and upload them to your new web hosts server (through FTP or CPanel)
3. Make sure that all of your website files, including images, are uploaded to your new web hosting server
4. Change your name servers (on your account settings of your domain name) to point at your new web hosting provider
5. Wait for the propagation – within 24 hours your website should be up and running again.
6. Remember to cancel, or turn off auto-renew, on your old web hosting so you are not charged.

Please note: some web hosting companies can complete this migration for you. Some will charge, other wont. This is where choosing a web hosting provider with excellent customer support is worth its weight in gold. Particularly those with live chat and also those that have helpful guides and resources that you can follow.

How do You Choose The Best Web Hosting Service?

When you select your web hosting, there are many things that you will want to consider; price, customer support and service, website performance – all of these are very important, which is the impetus behind this article.

I’ve trialed and reviewed the best hosting providers currently available, and included our top four above. To get to those recommendations above, I’ve signed up to all of them to ensure your choice is informed and well-researched.

I’ve been in the position where I’ve opted for the cheapest. And there’s nothing wrong with that and it may be all that you can afford.

Best Domain Hosting Providers

Domain hosting enables your domain name ( to be accessible by others online, found in search engines etc.

With a domain name, there is absolutely no need to pay extra, and as long as the domain name provider is trusted, you can get them significantly cheaper. Our favourite go-to is Namecheap. You can get a domain name there for around 20% lower than others like GoDaddy.

If you are purchasing web hosting with your domain name, it is best to review the prices for both to ensure your costs are kept minimal.

For example, GoDaddy is one of the most common domain name and hosting providers. However, a lot of their introductory prices, which seem great at first site, dramatically increase when you renew.

So the prices that start at only $0.99 for a domain name, will rise to $18 the year after. Namecheap on the other hand, offer domain at around $5 year in year out, so when it comes to renew your already saving.

Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses and Individuals.

If you’re a small business or an individual without a large budget, your web hosting will be a very important investment as you need to maximize the funds you have to get the best plan possible.

If you’re a small business or individual, you will want a web hosting provider that offers easy to use website building tools, cPanel access with a clean and intuitive interface and guaranteed uptime to ensure your websites is always available online.

Best Web Hosting for Larger Businesses and Individuals Looking to Grow/Scale.

For businesses that are likely to grow, or if you have several larger websites, BlueHost offers a range of features that will get your site set up and running quickly.

An example of this is there easy to use drag and drop website builder, their one-click installs, unmetered bandwidth, and the option to upgrade to other cheap web hosting plans when your website requires it.

BlueHost are market leaders of the shared hosting space and are yet to be beaten on loading speeds.
Web Hosting with the Best Customer Support.

NameCheap are our number one choice when it comes to customer support, assistance and advice. Whenever I’ve needed to contact them, they’ve always responded effectively and efficiently and are able to point us in the direction.

They’ve all been very well versed and educated on the topics – and I’ve always been put forward to a specialized department who know the ins and outs of that particular area. Moreover, they’ve a wealth of free resources, guides and articles which have helped us to overcome our challenges quickly and easily.

When you’re new to running a single site online, it is likely that there are things you don’t know or need assistance with.

With web hosting, which can be problematic, you’ll want the best customer support at hand. If you’ve got website issues or something is not working, you’ll want to be able to get it fixed and resolved promptly. NameCheap understand this and are our recommended choice for small business web hosting.

Which is the Best Cloud Web Hosting?

Starting for free and then $10 per month, CloudWays offer cloud web hosting with great storage, RAM, and bandwidth that will enable you to start your cloud hosting. If you’re sites grow, or you want to build more sites, you can easily upgrade and increase the size of your account parameters.

So if you increase your traffic, you may want to consider moving over to a cloud hosting solution.

This will enable your site to manage peak visitors without encountering any bandwidth issues and your site becoming temporarily unreachable.

The best thing with cloud hosting, is that if any of the cloud servers fail, there is always another server on standby that will take over and ensure your site remains active.

Best Web Hosts that provide Website Builders,

There are a number of intuitive and easy website builders that come as part of your web hosting plan.

This means that even if you are a complete beginner to web design, and do not have any technical knowledge experience in HTML/coding development, you can create a site quickly, easily and in a way that looks professional.

Website builders are the best way to create a site, and give you complete control the design of your site and sites pages with easy to use drag and drop functionality.

The many elements that make up website builders include the ability to quickly: upload photos, add/edit text and choose from existing templates.

The better web hosts will include website builders as part of their package. BlueHost not only offers dedicated web hosting and excellent customer support, they offer a website builder which contains all of the tools you need to build your own website. It’s so easy to use, and there are hundreds of pre-created templates that you can install onto your site.

All you’ll need to do is change or add your text and your site is live, professional and ready to share with the web.

Cheapest Web Hosting Providers

Purchasing the cheapest web hosting initially sounds like a good idea, and it can be depending on your sites or projects; but usually, the cheapest is not the best.

Alternatively you should focus your efforts on finding hosting that is affordable (competitive price). All of our hosting providers included in this article have been selected with price in mind, alongside the all-important features and performance metrics.

Free website hosting and considerably cheaper web hosting from new/non-reputable companies is better avoided.

By spending a little bit more, you will be getting access to more reliable hosting plans with better performance metrics, ability to contact customer support, and to prevent any unnecessary downtime.

Final Verdict – What is Best Hosting Provider for WordPress?

If you are looking to run several websites through the WordPress platform, my number 1 recommendation is Bluehost.

When you are looking for Website Hosting for your WordPress Websites you should always look for a hosting provider that enables 1-click installs, and a clean, easy to use interface, and charge no additional or extra fees. This enables you to easily access, manage and run all of your websites at once, and save a lot of money in the process.

BlueHost offer a terrific WordPress hosting package at a very reasonable price of £2.95 per month. Their package offers a free domain, free SSL certificate, free WordPress migration (if your site is already live and being hosted elsewhere), 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 support. It’s an incredibly cost/performance-effective solution!

As such, the Best Hosting For Multiple WordPress Sites is Bluehost: