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If you are are looking to build a Mobile App then you are going to need the Best Development Tool. This is true regardless of whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced Games Developer.

Whether you’re an individual or even if you want to start or build a Game App Developer Business looking to create fun, interesting and profitable mobile games, we will provide you with the Best Mobile App Development Tool based on countless hours of research, trial, testing and review.

The short version is as this: if you want to create, manage and scale a professional, fully-customizable app, with a range of advanced features and flexibility, that enables you to monetize, then I would strongly suggest you build your app through Appy Pie.

With an incredibly simple drag and drop builder, hundreds of niche and industry templates, and the ability to publish to all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. You don’t need to understand complicated code, nor do you need to get bogged down in the technical elements of app creation. Instead, you can run through a simple app building process, and have a free app set up in as little as 20 minutes.

The following recommendation will make it incredibly easy to build a mobile app regardless of what experience you currently have and the genre/type of app you want to create. It will help you get started quickly, easily and effected without the need to put in the long hours understanding code, and manipulating it to for your gaming environment.


An app that is well designed is an app that will be downloaded, regularly used and recommend to others.

The Importance of the Development Tool

Mobile Apps have become quintessential to Smartphones; and Smartphones are owned by over 2.5 billion people worldwide. (That’s essentially 1/3 of the world population actively using a Smartphone).

It comes as no surprise that Mobile Apps (which are the software applications designed to run on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices) generate $189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising.

With over 178 Billion Apps downloaded in 2017 alone, you start to see the role that these are playing in our day to day lives – plus the opportunity that they bring if you are looking to either – generate passive income or start a thriving business.

You also start to see just how important it is to get your coding right, and to create the best game that you can.

In years prior, mobile phone app development was exclusive only to the very few, to those who truly understood coding and how to leverage the different underground software to make a game. Then they needed to understand how to get their games onto the Apple Store/Google Play Store/ Windows Phone Store etc. – which was another entire feat on its own.

Today, all that is very different, and there are a number of Mobile Development App Tools that allow anyone (regardless of experience) and even those on a limited budget to create a Mobile App and publish it to the various stores instantly.

They also come with powerful functionality that lets you build and manage an intuitive and unique App, with advanced features that only some of the very best coders can manage.

What Makes an Ideal App Development Tool?

Having a development tool that is easy to work with is crucial, but what is more so, is that your app has the ability to be in demand, go viral and be widely consumed. It needs to be user-friendly, it needs to load quickly, it needs to get your users to want to continue using it and so on and so forth.  When you are looking for an App Development Tool, you should look for one that includes:

  • Drag and Drop Builder to create and manage the App
  • Can Create an App for any purpose, industry or niche.
  • Hundreds of Templates, Layout Options.
  • Updates in Real Time
  • Can implement advanced features like AI and Augmented Reality
  • Works on both iOS/Android Devices
  • Can be uploaded to all Storefronts (Apple Store, Google Play, Windows, Blackberry etc)
  • Utilizes the Latest Code
  • App looks super professional, modern and unique
  • See Live Analytics
  • Developed through Quality coding
  • Can fully Monetize your App through Ads/eCommerce
  • Integrates with other software (like Blogs, Websites, Email Marketing Applications)
  • Has great reviews and is recommended elsewhere

All of these features above have been widely considered during the research that went into discovering the best app development tool.

This is the checklist followed, and the tool below has every single one of these…. and more.

So without further ado, lets get started.

The Best Mobile App Development Tool: Appy Pie

Best Mobile App Development Tool

Before we take a look at the nuts and bolts of this App Building Software, let us first take a look at what Appy Pie is and what it has done to date:

What is Appy Pie? 

Appy Pie Allows Users to Make an App, in 3 easy steps, without having to code. It’s a Drag-n-Drop Mobile App Builder Software, that also gives users a free Website that works offline. So with a one time effort, Users Get a Mobile App and a Website.

The Growth of Appy Pie

AppyPie has enabled 1.6M million apps to be built since releasing the software in 2014.

They are being used by some of the biggest companies in the world, with companies including Nike, L’Oreal and the NHS having built their apps through the software.

They are widely considered to be the fastest growing cloud-based Mobile App Builder Software online. They’ve experience unrivaled growth and have become one of the leading players in the market.

Upon initial research, there are three principle reasons in why this software has become so popular and recommended:

  1. You can create a Free App (with ads).
  2. You can create a cloned apps of some of the most successful apps e.g. Uber/Tinder (without risk of copyright infringement)
  3. You will gain access to features other development tools just do not provide like CRM, AI and Augmented Reality.

So having researched and read a lot of positive customer reviews, and to really test these claims and bold statements, I went ahead and have used Appy Pie for several months now. I breakdown my experiences of the tool below:

How It Works

When you make an App with Appy Pie’s award winning App creator, you will be using a combination of HTML 5, CSS3 & Java Scripts. The platform is connected with Proprietary API’S that enable you to update your app as little, often and easily as you like.

The process to make an Mobile App with Appy Pie is as follows.

Step One: 

Visit the Site and click the “Create Your Free App” button

Step Two: 

Enter you Business Name to begin (you will be able to change this later so do not worry or take too long on this)

Signing up with Appy Pie

Signing up with Appy Pie

Step Three: 

Select a Category for your App. This is essentially the general framework of the app that you can instantly, or later customize. But it gets you a niche specific look and feel to your app right from the very outset. (These include but are not limited to.

    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Sports
    • Fitness
    • Business
    • Online Business
    • Photography
    • Health
    • Restaurant
    • Worship
    • Law Firm
    • Insurance
    • Fashion
  • Gambling
  • Construction
  • Celebrity
  • Finance
  • Musician
  • Author
  • Adult

Step Four: 

Choose your App Design (how the app looks, feels, works and loads). This is essentially how your app will operate and what makes it unique and distinctive.

There are a lot of different options to choose from here and include: Matrix, Slide Out, Diamond, List etc:

Full App Customization

Full App Customization

Step Five: 

Add, edit and alter your features that you want on your App. These include and are not limited to:

Social: Chat, Chatbots, Facebook, polls, Quizes

Multimedia : Audio, Videos

Commerce: Coupons, eCommerce functionalityLoyalty Cards, Members Cards

Information: Surveys, CMS, Directories, RSS Feeds, e-Reader

Step Six:

Sign up with an Email and Password to finish up, get access to your app and to try it on your mobile device.

See the Power of Appy Pie

Pros of Appy Pie 

Intuitive Builder

Having used a number of Mobile App builders, it became apparent that Appy Pie has one of the most intuitive and easy to use builders.

The App Building process is incredibly simple and quick, and you are literally taken through a step by step process. Now depending on how quickly you go through the steps, you can literally have your app set up in 10 minutes.

The process is very simple to follow, and there’s a lot of options presented to you which enable you to fully customize your app and add various levels of complexity.

Functionality and features can be added in the click of a button during the process, and even added at a later date if you wanted them later and not to begin with.

Advanced Features

There are over 56 different types of features that you can set up on your app, and they are easily identifiable because they are listed under categories. So for example, if you are building a Social App, you can find all of the functionality that would best be suited and work on the app very quickly and very effectively.

They’re incredibly easy to set up and customize as to how you want them to work.

Ability to Monetize

One of the major perks of Appy Pie over other builders is the ability to monetize the app, which for most of you reading, will be the reason in why you want to build an app in the first place.

Appy Pie has been designed to integrate with over 10 eCommerce platforms including: Shopify, Etsy, Amazon etc and also connects with some of the best email marketing services like MailChimp. This will help you to pull content and products, from your pre-existing online store.

This means you can accept payments via PayPal and Credit Cards to really monetize your in-app content.

Additionally, by signing up to a paid plan you can run your own adverts which will earn you an income on an impression and click-per-click basis.

Website and Analytics

When signing up, you will be given your own unique website that you can promote your game through. This makes your app look far more professional and increase your reach.

Moreover, you can access a full range and suite of analytics including number of downloads

Create for Free

Creating an app, testing it, and publishing your app is completely free. Therefore you can literally get set up with an app in 10 minutes completely free of charge.

If you then decide you want to really monetize your app, or get exclusive added features and functionality then you can upgrade to a paid plan.

These are very reasonable and cost-effective, and they offer a range of different tiers depending on your needs (Basic, Gold, Premium).

Ideal For Hundreds of Industries or Niches

Where a lot of App builders really let themselves down, especially the App Builder ones, is that they do not enable you to curate your app depending on your Industry or Niche. So for example, if you want to create an App for your Restaurant, you will be creating from a generic template that may also be suitable for a Fitness App.

That’s where Appy Pie really delivers, it provides you with the ability to create a professional unique looking and industry and niche specific app – simply and effectively.

Cross Platform Development

Having your App available and listed for both iOS and Android Devices might sound easy but its actually pretty difficult, and being listed on just one of these at expense of the other is really limiting your reach, audience and potential income from your app.

With Appy Pie you can get your App listed and available for download on all of the different stores and platform. This will enable you to reach maximum possible downloads.

Suitable for Beginners and Seasoned Pros

Being a mobile app builder, you don’t need to learn, understand or get bogged down with complicated code. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot change the code if you know how. This is why its so versatile, and suitable for anyone looking to build a mobile app, because it caters for all levels of experience.

It also enables you to fully customize your app to a level and depth that suits your individual needs. You can always start out at a basic level and expand the app over time. Or you can get stuck in right from the very outset and really go to town on the functionality and features of your app.

Cloud Based

Being entirely, and 100% cloud-based, there’s nothing that you will ever need to download and install. Instead, with a simple online login, you access your entire apps back-end where you can edit your app in real-time, make amendments, changes or upgrades. Then upon hitting save, your app is updated. There and then.

Final Words

So what Mobile App Development tool is the best?

Ultimately, choosing a Mobile App Development Software will depend largely on what you want to create.

But having tested, explored and researched a tonne of app builders. Including but not limited to: Appery, MobileRoadie, TheAppBuilder and AppMachine, none are able to rival Appy Pie.

No other creation software provides the range of functionality and features that Appy Pie can provide. Nor is the actual building process as simple, swift nor effective.

If you want the best development software on the market today that not only enable you to create an app that looks good, but let’s you customize anything and also enables you to make the most money then check it out!

See the Power of Appy Pie

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