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  • Abundant Podcast Analytics
  • Customizable Media Player
  • 14 Day FREE Trial
  • Easy to set-up, manage, use.
  • WordPress Integration

We recently signed up to Castos; a hosting platform that aims to provide you with all the tools you need build and scale an incredible Podcast.

Here’s the short version of this post: the best platforming host available right now in 2018 is Castos. In this post, I hope to share all of the information I’ve researched over the last few weeks.

Here’s our short review: “Castos is the Podcasting software you need if you’re looking to start a podcast or take it to the next level. Its incredible easy to set up, use and manage. But whats even better, is that you can manage your podcast entirely off of Castos’ site and servers, or your own WordPress Site as required. The functionality of Castos is exceptional – being able to analyse our podcast audience has enabled us to curate content that is more specific, more in demand and is being received far more favorably. Being able to host your own podcasts without having to pay third part vendor fees ensures that Castos pays for itself. We recommend Castos to anyone looking for the best way to record a podcast”.

We wrote this article with four audiences in mind:

  1. You’ve heard of Castos and are looking to learn more before signing up.
  2. You want to start a Podcast but don’t know how.
  3. You’re ready to start your Podcast but need a host and the tools to do so
  4. You want to start a new Business/ Podcast Service for your business.

But before we delve deeper into this fantastic innovative podcasting software, what exactly is Podcasting?

Put simply, a podcast is a show that is delivered to a listening device automatically after it is published.

The Importance of Podcasting

Podcasting is the future of Storytelling, according to Forbes. But it goes much further than this.

Podcasts connect you with your audience at a very intimate level.

They help you build, grow and cultivate a following – across a range of trust factors. It is in this trust that you can drive more leads, more sales and more business opportunities.

And it’s why you should consider starting a podcast, if you haven’t already: so that you can connect with your audience on an entirely new and more intimate level.

We could go on; the benefits of Podcasting are profound; its just such an impressive media over Video, Blogging. But that’s not the purpose of this post….

How to Start a Podcast

There are literally hundreds of things to consider when starting a Podcast.

And one of the most difficult aspects of Podcasting is the technical aspect. It can hinder, limit and prevent new podcasts from taking off and growing to their potential.

Without the necessary tools, it can be impossible to understand your audience, and gather the insights which will help you to deliver the content in which they seek.

Thats why Unrivaled Review were keen to discover a solution that addressed the technical aspect.

One in which could help you to set-up, manage and analyse your performance.

Thankfully, we discovered Castos. Spoiler: We have been incredibly impressed.

Here we outline what Castos is, whats included and why it is such an incredible software for Podcasting.

First, what exactly is Castos?

Best Place To Host Podcast

Castos is everything you need to create an incredible podcast.

It provides all the tools for exceptionally simple Podcast Hosting.

It’s a suite of advanced functionality that helps you manage your Podcasts on the back-end and analyse your Podcasts performance on the front end.

Castos is there to ensure your podcast delivers.

Its there to make sure that you reach more people, more effectively.

It is quite simply, the best way to record a podcast.

Introducing Castos: Every Tool To Create an Incredible Podcast

Castos Review

The following Key Features are all included in a Monthly Subscription, but can be enjoyed for 14 Days for FREE in a Free Trial.:

✔  WordPress Integration

If your website is running on WordPress, you can download and install the Seriously Simple Castos Podcasting Plugin. In under 5 minutes you can set up the plugin and publish your podcast content instantly. Its never been easier.

✔ One Click Imports

If you’re already hosting a podcast, you can move your podcast to Castos in one click!

Castos will import all of your existing podcast data to our platform, at no charge, instantly.

✔ World-Class Podcast Analytics

With the Castos Analytics functionality, you can discover:

  • Who is listening,
  • Where they are listening
  • What location they are listening,
  • Their device type,
  • Their playback duration on each episode.

You see; you can literally discover what content your audience loves and wants more of, and what they dislike and want less of.

It is with these analytics that you can drive your podcast and ensure that you are creating quality content that explodes your engagement, lead generation and online presence.

✔ Tailor Made Customizable Media Player

Your podcast/business has a unique image and branding, and your media player should align. With Castos you can customize your Media Player exactly how you like for your website.

There are many options, including sizing (full size or compact player) and fully customizable color schemes,

This way you can make your media player stand out and integrate beautifully on your website.

Castos Review

✔  Playback Duration Analytics

Popular Podcasting software previously available on the market was basic. Thats where Castos can take your Podcast to the next level.

With Castos analytics you can discover exactly how long website listeners are sticking with each and every one of your episodes.

Castos Review

✔  Podcast Publishing Freedom

With Castos you have the choice of where you publish and manage your podcast content.

Either directly from or from your WordPress site using their Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

Castos Review

How it Works

The following process is the best way to record a podcast:

Step 1 – Choose your hosting platform –  Castos make it incredibly easy to host your podcast from their WordPress Plugin or directly on their site – whatever works best for your business and process.

Step 2 – Your audience listens live streams/ downloads your podcast episodes – The intuitive customizable Media Player delivers your podcasts content to your awaiting audience at the click of a button.

Step 3 – Review Analytics and Create New Content – The advanced analytics dashboard lets you completely analyse and learn from your audience. From here you can create new podcast content and be sure that it will deliver to their expectations and beyond.

Visit Castos to Learn More


You see, Castos doesn’t just help you host and manage your podcast, it helps you to improve and streamline your podcast.

That’s why its such a powerful Podcasting Solution, and the best place to host a podcast.

The Key Benefits & How Castos Will Help You

Superior Sound Quality

Castos revolutionary technology is far superior to podcasting competitors including SoundCloud and Libsyn. This will ensure that your listeners will be able to better understand and better hear your podcasts. Moreover you will be able to more easily promote your message and ensure that you do not lose listeners due to poor sound quality.

Revolutionary Analytics

Castos is the first podcasting platform to give you data on how long your audience is listening to episodes on your website.

Finally you get insights into which episodes are resonating with your audience, so you know what they want more of.

No Technology Experience Required

Castos is incredibly easy to use and manage. Their site/WordPress Plugin requires no technology experience. All you need to do is sign up and sign in, or sign up and install a simple plugin and you are away.

Get Started with a 14 Day Free Trial

Castos are so confident that you will be impressed with their Podcasting Platform that they are offering a 14 Day Free Trial to their service.

All you need to do is click here.

Unlimited Episodes, Unlimited Storage

Castos charge a one flat fee per month. You will be provided with unlimited episodes and storage; no hidden fees not costs will be charged.

Our Castos Review & Recommendation

Unrivaled Review recommend Castos to anyone who currently runs a podcast and is looking to: reduce their costs of third party vendor fees, wants to host their podcast directly from their WordPress site, and those who want to leverage the power of analytics to fully understand their audience.

Whether your new or even looking to start a Podcast, Castos will provide you with all the tools you will need to establish your Podcast and grow your audience.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you currently have, how small or large your operations, or in which industry you operate; Castos is a podcasting Platform that will deliver.

Unrivaled Castos Review: We recommended Castos to any podcaster, whether a beginner or expert, and regardless of whether they are using Podcasts for business or personal reasons. The functionality of Castos is far superior to other competitors on the market, and the tools you gain access to will be sure to improve your Podcast tremendously. 

How & Where To Gain Access

Click HERE to get a FREE 14 Day Trial  for Castos.

So if you want to gain access to all the tools you will ever need to create an incredible podcast, and ensure that your podcast content is constantly in demand, then we suggest you sign up right now.

The Best Place to Host a Podcast