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Best SEO Reporting Software

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The world of SEO is unfathomably complex, and the deeper you dig, the more data you find. Trying to navigate it without assistance is a fool’s errand. That’s why you need the best SEO reporting software to root out the most important metrics and place them in the context you need to derive conclusions.

What is SEO Reporting Software?

SEO Reporting Software has been designed and developed to provide users with vital information, analytics and data related to their site and specifically, their SEO strategies. This software allows users to understand their website or blog in far more depth, and will help with decision making by providing actionable recommendations to improve their sites SEO.

The best SEO Reporting tools will come with significant functionality such as rank tracker, website audit tools, social analytics, automated reporting, white label, web and PPC analytics among others. The main perk of this kind of software is that they are presented all in one place, and are often cloud based solutions meaning all you have to do is sign in online to your account .You’ll be able to fully understand your sites performance via an intuitive dashboard.

Why Invest in SEO Reporting Software?

Investing in SEO Reporting Software is a must for any website or blog owner who is serious about succeeding online. Here’s why:​

Improves your search ranking results

As a website owner, your site is your earning potential and is your opportunity to generate income. It will not just make money on its own – to achieve this, you need to undertake SEO practices that ensure your site reaches the top of the search engine and maximizes visitors. More visitors will lead to higher conversion rates and sales, or if your site is making money via advertising, maximizes your CTR (click through rate). It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your own product, or making money through advertising, or helping sell other businesses products – traffic is key. If you undertake effective SEO, your site will inevitably climb the search engines.

If you’re not quite sure as to how and why ranking higher up the search engines is so important, this is why:

Did you know that the click through rate drops dramatically with each place in the search engines? Meaning, the chances of someone going onto your site drop with each position down you are.

The percentages below show the number of visitors a site can expect to receive when positioned in different places for the targeted keywords:

Position 1 – 20.5%

Position 2 – 13.32%

Position 3 – 13.14%

Position 4 – 8.98%

Position 5 – 9.21%

Position 6 – 6.73%

Position 7 – 7.61%

Position 8 – 6.92%

Position 9 – 5.52%

Position 10 – 7.95%

Beyond the first page, its incredibly likely that you will never get traffic.

To achieve the first few places, you need effective SEO strategies. Results from your different SEO strategies need to be measured and understood – so you know what is working for your site and what could be harming it in terms of ranking – you’ll want to be able to replicate what works for future posts, for your future sites. SEO software is there to help you to achieve this by providing the insights you need to determine and make decisions.

​And they do this through easily understandable, collated reports which provide you with actionable steps. They’re presented in real time and help you understand what actions you need to undertake, across a range of different SEO metrics. For example, you can quickly identify the keywords you should target, or the backlinks you need to create. This software therefore gives you an action plan and one that is mathematical and strategic – it is proven to work. You know exactly what you need to do to increase your ranking because the software gives you the information that the search engines are using and looking for and that your competitors are benefiting and ranking from.

​Cost effective

SEO marketers and agencies are costly and command high prices to improve your rankings. Besides, all they do is use SEO software like those listed below and take the actions provided to them by the software. SEO reporting software’s therefore is the cost effective solution and alternative to an SEO agency. You’ll also benefit financially from the increase in your search presence from the software, which in turn will pay back for any subscription fees and then some.

Time Saving and Easy to Understand Dashboards

SEO Reporting software is designed to be simple to use, based on real-time data, analyze large data sets and provide simple understandable recommendations. They are often hosted on the cloud, meaning there is nothing to download. This removes the hassle of maintaining the application as it is maintained by the service provider. All you have to do it sign in on line and then access the customized dashboards.

Best SEO Reporting Software

So whether you’re just starting out on your SEO journey and looking for some expert guidance, or a seasoned SEO pro in search of more weapons to add to your arsenal, you’re in luck! Here are 5 of the best SEO Tools that are going to revolutionize your sites performance in the search engines:

SE Ranking (Editors Choice)

Every good SEO campaign centers around analytics, and understanding every single metric and data point to help you understand how to, or why you are not currently ranking. We inevitably love SE Ranking. It’s an all-inclusive cloud based SEO software with an exceptionally clean interface, and provides a tonne of useful information. And best of all, you can undertake a complete website audit.

Best SEO Reporting Software

SE Rankings tools are mind-blowing, and you can be sure to leave no facet unturned in your quest for actionable insights. You also have the option to monitor over time, which can be tremendously useful if you want to maintain or increase your search engine ranking position over time.

SE Ranking provides a wealth of tools for SEO and Competitor analysis as follows:

SEO Tools: Keyword Rank Tracking, Website Audit, On Page SEO Audit, Backlink Checker, Backlink Monitoring, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Grouper, Page Changes Monitoring, Marketing Plan

Competitor Research Tools: Competitor SEO/PPC Research, Backlink Checker

So not only can you track the metrics of your own site, but you can track the keywords that your competitors are targeting, and how they are targeting them. You can even analyze their backlink strategy to ensure you can replicate/improve and outrank them. This is in our opinion, the best software on our list.

We were particularly impressed by the Website Audit which instantly provided us with simple yet effective changes that we could make to our site, that were not glaringly obvious that we needed to change. Since adopting changes on several of our pages, we have raised in the search engines for our targeted keywords by over 80%.

And you can get a free trial through this link or below

Best SEO Reporting Software

SEO Profiler

Next on our comprehensive and researched list, SEO Profiler is an awesome alternative. is a full-featured website promotion tool that offers everything that you need to get high rankings on Google and other search engines.

Best Software Reporting Software

SEOprofiler offers proven tools that help you to get high rankings on Google and other search engines. All tools follow Google’s guidelines for search engine optimization.

Here are the range of tools that you will get when you sign up: Ranking Checker, SEO Website Audit, Mobile SEO, Local SEO, Link Analysis, Link Building, Web Page Optimization, Keyword Research, Ranking Intelligence, Google Ads Intelligence, Website Monitoring, Social Media, Professional Reporting.

SEO Profiler is thus a suitable and effective alternative to SE Ranking; its as comprehensive and includes a lot of great features.

Click here to visit SEO Profiler and see if it’s the solution for you by trialing it for free.

Traffic Travis

Another fantastic SEO Reporting Software that must be considered is Traffic Travis. Traffic Travis has a huge range of functionalities and features, that will ensure you improve and consolidate your websites search engines rankings.

Best SEO Reporting Software

When you enter a website URL into Traffic Travis, you can:

  • Perform a full SEO health check,
  • Uncover technical mistakes that may affect your rankings,
  • Find out why competitors outrank you then beat them,
  • Keep tabs on your competitors to spot keywords you should target.
  • Monitor your search engine rankingsso you know where to focus your efforts.
  • Find respected link partners and build quality backlinks, easier.

Featuring a gigantic and regularly-updated link index, it’s not only exceptionally user-friendly but also remarkably detailed. Every decent SEO campaign needs a reliable analysis tool, and there’s none better than Backlink Beast at the moment.

There’s a reason why Traffic Travis is trusted and being used by 400,000 members – because it’s so darn powerful. It’s a complete SEO suite and its free to download and use.

You can get Traffic Travis for free by clicking here


Browser extensions can be fantastic timesavers, and SEOquake is the cream of the crop when it comes to getting some quick and handy SEO data. Simply install the Chrome extension (or the Firefox plugin) and you’ll be presented with a customizable range of SEO metrics for every page you visit or link you see. It’s a great place to start, and is a great way to quickly review your competitors.

Best SEO Reporting Software

Just think about what you can achieve with that information. You can pick out high-performing sites to investigate, see where pages are under performing, and even see how certain domains fare across different search indexes. And if you don’t want it running all the time, you can easily toggle it on or off at your leisure.

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Backlink Beast

Whilst not technically an SEO Reporting Software, every SEO business or professional knows the importance that backlinks have on you overall rankings and their impact on matters such as domain authority, and there are plenty of proprietary metrics going around as a result — but if you’re going to stick to one overall SEO backlink software, go with Backlink Beast.

Best SEO Reporting Software

Backlink Beast is a link-building software like no other, it’s a fully automated service working on your sites behalf and it’s also fully google-safe (panda and penguin friendly). You’ll be building link diversity the moment you sign up, which will only build your authority and presence, and you’ll save hundreds of hours in time in the process.

Post Panda and Penguin updates in Google, link diversity is no longer an option… it’s REQUIRED! Backlink Beast can provide more “hands off” link diversity than any other program on the market.

Backlink Beast automates your link diversity by building you THOUSANDS of links from…
– Social Network Site Submissions
– Web 2.0 Article Sites
– Social Bookmarking Submissions
– PDF and Document Sharing Sites
– Web 2.0 Profile Links
– Press Release Submissions
– RSS Link Promotion
– 1000’s of Custom Sites built on platforms such as BuddyPress, Drupal, WordPress, Oxwall, Social Engine, and more!

The great perk to Backlink Beast is that you are outsourcing – meaning there is no work on your part aside from signing up. This means that if you are struggling for time then this can be a really effective solution.

Read more about Backlink Beast and why you can build links on autopilot by clicking here


SEOPressor had to make the list. Why? Because it’s a WordPress Plugin. And why is this so great…. Easy Integration.

SEO Best SEO Reporting Software

Its likely if you’re running a website you are using WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System). A simple download and installation means you can access some of the most advanced, essential and insightful SEO intelligence directly from your WordPress interface and have them displayed all in one place. You don’t even have to leave WordPress to gain access to a wealth of data.

SEOPressor provides you with systemized, prioritized and actionable suggestions so you know exactly what to do next; taking away all the guessing work and helping you to consistently rank over time.

Click here to visit SEOPressor and gain access to the plugin.

The Best SEO Reporting Software – Our Tool of Choice

As you can see, theres a lot of options available and in a lot of ways we are spoilt for choice.

If we had to recommend just one of the above, we would recommend SE Ranking. Having used this software for some time, we have been particularly impressed with its ease of use, clean interface, range of clear analytics and actionable recommendations to improve our sites performance. SE Ranking has some of the most useful tools we have been able to find, and they are all easily accessible and easy to use directly from one central interface. As such, we suggest you give it a try. Plus you can try and trial this SEO reporting software for free by clicking on our link here.

Software NameFree Trial Available (Yes/No)Competitor Research IncludedDownload Required (Yes/No)Rating
SE Ranking (Editors Choice)YesYesNo5/5
SEO ProfilerYesYesNo4.8/5
Traffic TravisYesYesYes4.5/5
Backlink BeastNoNoYes4.5/5


It was tough picking out just 5 SEO reporting tools here, because there are so many great ones available. The SEO landscape moves and changes so quickly that important that you use a a software that continues to invest; just as the software above continue to do. You need a subscription to a service that stays up to date with algorithm changes, including Panda and Penguin updates, and an SEO software that ensures that you outrank the competitor. Its why these tools have made the list and it’s why we are so impressed with them. Good luck!