The Best Software To Create eBooks

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Best Software To Create eBook

Are you looking to create an eBook, whether for your own website or to sell for extra income?

Do you want to become an eBook publisher and be able to produce high-quality eBooks more easily, effectively and quickly?

But not just any old eBook, an eBook with an stunning design that will instantly grab attention. That will be innovatively put together and formatted. One that actually sells on marketplaces like Amazon, or gets you email sign ups on your website? Then you must read on.

eBooks are essential for everyone doing business online or is planning to. They are the easiest way for your customers to be introduced to your business, consume your content and build a relationship with them.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the Best Software To Create eBooks. This comes after countless hours of research, experience, trial and error.

The short version of this post is this: if you really want to publish great, everlasting and effective eBooks, then you should check out Sqribble. Its a unique, affordable and comprehensive way to create an eBook in 5-10 minutes. 

Firstly, lets just take a quick look at what they actually are.

What is an eBook exactly?

An eBook (or electronic book) is a publication that is available in digital form. Just like a regular book, it is made up of of text and images. The book is intended to be read on an Electronic Device, mostly a Desktop PC, a SmartPhone Mobile Device or a Tablet. (Source Wikipedia)

They are primarily created and are mostly accessed and used in PDF format. As such, they can be instantly downloaded, opened and read.

The best and most successful eBooks will provide the publisher with more Credibility, Leads, Sales and Raving Fans.

What Makes A Great eBook Creation Software Tool?

As a eBook Publisher, you want a Software that is simple to use but creates the best eBooks you possibly can. From the front design cover all the way through the content to the very end.

When you are looking for a Software, you should look for one where you can:


  • Create and Download your eBook in Minutes
  • Provides Hundreds of  Templates and Layouts that you can Fully Customize and Leverage.
  • Has Automation Features including Content Engines (To prevent the need to write a thing)
  • Comes with Hundreds of Stock Image Photos to use.
  • Simple and Easy to Use – with no Coding or Technical Experience Required
  • Comes with a Commercial Licence so you actually own the rights to the eBooks you create.
  • No Installation and Compatible on All Computers.
  • Considerably Cheaper than Other Software – Affordable One Off-Payment.
  • Download or Publish Online
  • No Limitations to eBook Size
  • And more.

The checklist above has been widely considered when researching for the right software.

In my experience when creating eBooks, with old, ancient software it just takes too long and is too much effort.  The results usually consisted of lack-luster and highly ineffective eBooks.

So working from the Checklist and looking for additional features, here is the software that takes creation to a whole new level:

The Best Software To Create eBooks: Sqribble

eBook Creation Software

Sqribble is an award-winning and revolutionary cloud-based eBook generation software. It was designed specifically to remove all the difficulties and complications of creating eBooks. It now helps thousands of publishers create eBooks far more easily, quickly and effectively.

Research, planning, writing content, editing, formatting and designing.  These are just some of the things that you will no longer ever need to worry about when you start using Sqribble.

Its an all-in-one generation software that completely simplifies the process:

  • Content Generation
  • Drag and Drop Technology
  • Full Customization
  • Add Unlimited Pages
  • Add Your Elements

Content Generation: This is where the software stands out from the rest. It is in my opinion and experience, the main benefit and feature. You can generate content for your eBook in a click of a button. Regardless of your niche or topic. And its not just some spun content, Sqribble collects your content from a number of sources (legitimately). You can pull content into your eBook from any URL (like your  blog), from their in-built content database, or a Word document, all by pushing just one button.

Drag and Drop Technology: works from either a clean slate or one of the 50 Templates (that you can choose from a selection of categories in over 15 niches). Once you have your eBook foundation, you can simply click to drag and drop content onto any of your pages.

Full Customization: on any page or element in your eBook. You can completely change and customize the fonts, styles, colors, layouts and entire color themes with the push of a button. This helps you make your eBook unique and perfectly matched to your website or brand. Through a simple interface, you do not need to know or understand coding or use any design skills.

Add Unlimited Pages: by simply pressing a single button. This means that you can create an eBook at the length you need or desire. And you can create a new page that comes with a specific layout and template. This way, you no longer need to start from scratch every single time.

Add Your Elements: in a similar fashion by clicking on a single button in the interface. You can add new article pages, cover pages, headlines, images, icons, backgrounds, new paragraphs and text blocks, dividers, buttons and links, features, bullet lists and call to action areas on any page of your eBook you like.

Visit Sqribble And Learn More

How Does It Work

One of the major benefits of working with Scribble is that you can get set up, started, and have your first eBook downloaded or published in just a few minutes.

This is the simple 3 step process that you will follow after signing up:

Step One: Pick A Template

First you will need to select from one of the 50 designs to base your eBook from. (You can also start from a blank if you wanted). These designs have been created for 15 profitable niche categories (including Fitness, Health, Cooking, Business, Marketing etc).

Once you have selected your design, you will gain access to its template that comes pre-built with a table of contents and optimized page layouts.

Step Two: Add Instant Content

If you didn’t want to manually create the content yourself (which you can if you wanted), you can pull content from three different sources:

  1. Scribble Library: which has over 1,000 (and counting) instant niche articles. These are free to use and can be added through clicking one button.
  2. Any URL: just enter the URL and Scribble will automatically add the content to your eBook across all pages in a suitable and effective location
  3. Word Document: if your content is in a Word file, you can upload it and Scribble will automatically extract the content from the document and put it directly into the relevant sections of your eBook.

Step Three: Customize and Publish

The last step involves picking your color Theme and finishing off any customization that you would like. So you can edit entire pages, or small elements on a page (headline, images, text).

Once finished you just have to click the “Generate” button and you’re eBook is available. In 2 minutes you can have a professional trust building eBook.

And having all the Commercial rights means you can sell it or provide it through your site. Instantly.

Pros of Scribble

Pros of Sqribble

Now that Scribble has been discussed and you now know what it is, and what it does, lets now turn to the pros and benefits. This is what sets it apart from its competitors and other solutions available:

Simple, Easy To Use and Efficient

Scribble have managed to located all of the regular pain points that comes with writing and creating eBooks, and it has provided a solution to all of them. Whether it is in the Writing, Designing, or Publishing, Scribble will take you through a simple 3 step process and enable you to have a professional unique eBook at the end of it.

The interface is fantastic, clean and minimalist so you know exactly what you need to do from start to finish. So even if you are completely new, you can use this software.

As it comes with a host and range of Designs, Templates and Layouts, it also makes the whole process much more efficient. The designers over at Scribble understand what works in an eBook and doesn’t. This way you know that the eBook you are creating is to an advanced level and standard, that will obtain you results.


eBook AutomationThe best part of the software is the Automation. You can literally automate the entire process and make it as

With a click of a few buttons, you can create the eBook that will serve your audience best.
quick and effortless as you like. You will no longer need to manually create content, or source it, and then get stuck in the intricacies of where it fits best or where it should go. Its all done for you.

Entirely Cloud Based

Being cloud-based, there is nothing that you would need to download and install on your PC.

You can quickly and easily access your entire account and eBooks with a simple log in (from any device you would like to log in from).

So whether you want to access your account from your personal desktop or your work desktop, your work phone or your personal phone – you can.

Commercial Licences Included

Whats the good and whats the use of an eBook if you do not own the rights to it? Sounds strange, but some Software does not provide you with this luxury. A lot of free software for example will stamp your eBooks with their own copy-writing or prevent you from adding links and other effective elements to your pages.

Sqribble is different. You get full access to the Commercial Licences meaning you can use everything in the software as much or as little as you like, wherever you like. This includes selling, and you will not be suspect to copyright infringements. So even if you wanted to use the images from the software elsewhere, say on your blog, you can.

Most Cost Effective Software and Solution

Writing an eBook is so time-consuming that for the most part, you will want to hire Freelance Writers to do it for you. If you are hiring decent writers, they cost upwards of $50 per hour. Not only this, they will only create the content for your eBook – you will need to hire people to format, to do your images and for your front covers etc.

As such, a simple, reasonable one-off payment for Scribble can literally save you $1000’s. Whether this be on Content, Templates or Graphics.

Agency Website Included

Agency Websites are a fantastic way to market your eBooks and have a place for them to be accessed and viewed online. They help you illustrate your work which can be great for obtaining clients.

Scribble provide you with a free high quality Agency website. It’s pretty much ready to go too, all you need to do is update it with your site information and upload your books. Beyond this it is fully customizable and includes text and images in a portfolio view.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Sqribble is the solution for you if you are looking to create an eBook.

Whether you:

  1. Want to Create one/several eBooks for your own Website (to generate leads, email addresses, sales, and cultivate a loyal following)
  2. You want to sell eBooks – via Amazon, Upwork, Fiverr etc.

It is the perfect solution because it takes away all of the difficulties of creating, designing and publishing an eBook. The developers over at Scribble have identified a gap in the market because their simple and affordable solution makes it easy for anyone (regardless of experience) to get the eBook that they desire.

Final Words

Having a beautifully designed and created eBook can transform your following and your income online.

Through testing, exploration and research, few tools are able to provide the features, functionality, design nor cost-effectiveness of Sqribble.

If you want the easiest and most premium software, then I suggest you click below:

Visit Sqribble And Create Your eBook Now

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