Best WordPress Theme For Podcast Websites (And The Features You Need)

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Best Wordpress Theme For Podcast

If you run a Podcast; or even if you are looking to start one, then you’re going to need a Premium and Podcast-Friendly Website.

One of the Best Content Management Systems (CMS), is WordPress. It enables you to build, manage and host your Website online. There are a range of Podcast Specific Themes that you can Install on WordPress. These will provide you with advanced features and functionality that will ensure your Podcast is a success.

It is always surprising to see how many Podcast Hosts that spend a lot of time recording Episodes, but fail to create a website and central hub online. This is one of the best ways that they can market their episodes and their other services and other products.

In this article I would like to introduce you to the most recommended WordPress Themes that are perfect for your Podcast. They all come with advanced functionality, look fantastic visually and can be customized in countless ways. They are ideal regardless of your Podcast Topic, Niche or Category.

Here’s the short version of this post. The Best WordPress Theme For a Podcast is Castilo. You can completely customize the design, its fast loading, mobile responsive, has transcript podcast specific tools built in, is SEO friendly and it is cost-effective compared to other themes on the market. Tools like the listener statistics and transcripts functionality will help you to create content your audience wants and loves. This will make all the difference to the success of your Podcast. There are also a number of great other Themes that should be considered, like Dixie.

Best WordPress Theme For Podcast Websites

Whilst many WordPress Themes can look fantastic, not all themes are designed with Podcasts in mind. The majority will therefore lack the functionality that you will need to help grow and build your subscribers, gain reviews, provide your episodes for downloads etc.

The six themes that follow are only the very best. They were designed specifically for Podcastors.

As such, they all come with and include:

  • Audio Players (so your website visitors can listen to Episodes on your Site).
  • Numerous Download Options,
  • Visual and User Friendly
  • Completely Responsive (so they load and look great on both Desktop and Mobile Devices
  • SEO Friendly (so your website can rank higher in the Search Engines and you can gain new listeners and subscribers)
  • Fully Customizable
  • Drag and Drop Page Builders

Here are my hand-picked themes following countless hours of research, testing and comparison. These are the best Podcast Themes that will transform your online presence.

WordPress Theme NameIdeal For All Podcast NichesPodcast Specific PluginsRating
Podcaster YesYes4.8/5

1. Castilo (Editors Choice)

Castilo WordPress Podcast Theme

Castilo is one of the more comprehensive themes on the list, and provides total control over your website and feed. It was designed for you to act as both the Host and also the Publisher of your own show.

It very clean and minimal and was designed using solid research into what makes a website user friendly, whether they are a beginner or more experienced. Due to the brilliance in the way it was coded, its highly optimized for mobile devices. When installed, Castilo was quicker than 95% of tested websites in page load speeding scores.

But not just in performance statistics, Castilo includes a whole host of features that will help you to build your Podcast and Audience.

I particularly like the ability to Submit to Itunes, Google Play Music or any other RSS Based directory in the click of a button. This is perfect for getting your podcast out there and in front of as many eyes as possible.

You can even import episodes from another publisher. All you need to do is copy and paste the feed URL and the theme takes care of the rest!

Where this theme really stands out from the others on this list, is that you can easily and effectively track statistics and understand your audience. You can easily find daily, weekly and monthly statistics for total listens, listeners and listening sources.

This is ideal for understanding what content is working, and what topics you need to focus on in future episodes. This theme literally helps to direct your podcast to success!

You can even obtain transcripts of your episodes and display them underneath the Audio Player. So if your viewers wanted to read along, or search for specific content – they can.

It’s a very easy theme to work with and customize, and you can even install an optimized Castilo demo is one click! From there you can easily customize the theme just to how you like it.

This is the best theme, and one that I thoroughly recommend.

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2. Viseo 

Viseo WordPress Podcast Theme

Viseo is a theme by Progression Studios. It is an excellent way to showcase your episodes, tell your story and bring a visual element to your site and podcast library.

Viseo is incredibly easy to work with, and you can use the Drag and Drop Builder to customize your site however you like.

If you are looking to get your site set up quickly, Viseo comes with Demo content that you can instantly install on your site. This provides a sleek modern design that helps you to build a timeline of your episodes in an intuitive and user friendly way. By default, the theme will install a simple yet effective slider on your websites homepage. This slider is excellent, because your site visitors can play an episode immediately as they land on your site.

Underneath the slider, is a chronological list of your latest posts. Whether its text articles, videos or your podcast episode, they can all be listed in a clear and concise fashion.

This is a great them if you are looking to upload lots of video or audio content, and the site is optimized to load quickly regardless of how much you decide to upload.

An excellent feature is the ability to introduce SoundCloud embeds at the beginning of your posts. So if you have a SoundCloud Channel where you upload your episodes you can get them easily integrated onto your site. Your visitors will be able to listen directly on your site but using the familiar SoundCloud play-bar.

Its also possible to set up Social Media buttons at the top of all of your posts which encourages sharing and enables you to reach more potential listeners!

Using the Elementor plugin, it is possibly to completely customize your page layouts – so if you wanted to change elements here and there you will have the ability to.

The ProgressionPlayer plugin is also a handy feature that enables you to embed any type of video regardless of where it is being hosted. You are not just limited to videos that are uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo.

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3. OnAir2

OnAir2 WordPress Podcast Theme

Just as it sounds, Onair2 was designed specifically for “radio stations”. However, while it is great for this, it is also perfect for Podcasting too.

This is because Onair2 integrated many podcast-specific elements. Take for example the Podcast Custom Post Type functionality. This enables you to easily publish all of your podcast episodes and your entire library in a feed.

This is one of the most complete themes in terms of features. I particularly like that Audio can be embdedded from all the major online channels (Mixcloud, Youtube, Soundcloud and even uploaded from your local drive).

What makes this theme standout and where it offers a little bit extra is the Schedule Template. The purpose behind this functionality is in establishing a schedule for all of the different episodes, topics, or even entire Podcasts that you may run. As such, this theme is excellent if you want to host several podcasts and shows all from one website.

With OnAir2, there are three Demos that you can import directly onto your WordPress Website. All of which provide all of the elements you need to run your Podcast through your site.

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4. Audonic

Audonic WordPress Podcast Theme

Audonic is a WordPress theme that was designed for three audiences in mind: Podcasters, Musicians and Bands. It is therefore a very clean and visual theme, that comes with a lot of functionality that will be of benefit to you and your Podcast.

This theme is excellent for promoting your latest content and your latest episodes.  You can set up a full-screen header image at the top of your site that enables you to emphasize specific content. This is an innovative and effective way to introduce your latest episodes to your website visitors and following as they can easily find your latest content. Its also fully customizable, so you can even promote your products or services in this space too.

Your visitors even have the option to both listen or download your episodes directly from your homepage

Underneath, this theme will display a interactive slider that displays and cycles through your episodes. This gives your visitors a clean and visual way to access your content.

Audonic is very minimalist and flexible and you even have the option to customize every last single element of your pages. You can set up the entire theme to leverage a dark or light color schemes themes and you can also change the color schemes of your Audio Players to contrast or match.

The Audio player is very versatile and you can display this pretty much anywhere on your site to suit your style or preference. This makes your site very easy to navigate, and most importantly, play your episodes through.

Lastly, Audonic includes a range of useful plugins that will help you promote your podcast. Two of particular interest are the Twitter and Instagram Feed Plugins.

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5. Dixie

Dixie WordPress Podcast Theme

Dixie is a WordPress Theme that puts your Audio Content right in front of your audience. This makes it a very practical and useful theme for your Podcast.

Its been coded to be lightweight, which has enabled it to become one of the Top Rated Themes for Load Speed. If loading time is one of your main priorities, then this theme could be for you. Its also SEO optimized and responsive across different internet browsers.

Beyond just its performance, Dixie is very easy to customize and you also have access to a Drag and Drop builder to make this even easier.

The Audio Player, which you can choose from two styles, can be introduced on pretty much every page of your website. It even enables you to create Playlists which is a great way for you to keep your visitors listening to you.

I love the light, colorful and simple look and feel to this Theme which will make your website memorable and user friendly.

Just like the other themes above it is fully Mobile Ready, and integrates with a range of plugins and tools to take your Podcast to the next level.

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6. Podcaster

Podcaster WordPress Podcast Theme

Podcaster is a multimedia theme that enables you to create a really minimalist look and feel to your site. As you can tell from the name, it was created specifically for Podcasters.

Being able to create a Multimedia Front Page is great for enabling your listeners to access your website as soon as they arrive on your site. Due to the simplicity of this theme, its very user friendly and its likely that you will obtain more plays with this theme.

Podcaster integrates very well with a range of Podcasting-specific plugins. Some of the most notable are: BluBrry PowerPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting and Libsyn.

One of the major benefits of the Podcaster Theme is the Podcast archiving functionality. The grid view is brilliant for displaying your older episodes. This ensures that you can showcase your portfolio and that your older episodes are easily accessible by your Website Visitors.

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Final Words

Podcasting has exploded in recent years.

Many entrepreneurs and businesses are using Podcasting to increase their leads, conversions, sales, reputation and following.

If you want to build a successful Podcast, then you need a presence online. Having a professional, user-friendly and podcast-optimized site is crucial if not imperative.

The themes listed above are six of the best for podcasting sites.

Not only do they look the best visually, but they all provide the functionality e.g. Responsive Audio Players, to ensure your Podcast can grow.

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