Bitcoin University Review

If you’re looking to get into Bitcoin, chances are you’ll want to get on a course to learn how to do so. Bitcoin University was designed to do just that – but is it any good? This review today will be taking a closer look. 

Bitcoin University is an online training program that strives to help individuals understand crypto-currency; from its origins to trading, to the best platforms, to reducing risk and everything in between. 

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies exploded in 2017, whereby thousands of people became millionaires almost overnight.

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm; never before had investments produced such results – with  10,000% increases on initial investments reported (Winklevoss brothers).

For every success story comes a horror story; and in throughout the years, this volate cryptocurrency and the infamous Bitcoin slump has also caused many to lose the other way.

It has led to doubt in the validity and the long-term chances of what is in essence, an invisible commodity.

But this slump, just like any financial market, is fueled by speculation, by doubt, and by ill-conceived trades. 

It’s the result of misinformed decisions, and poorly researched speculative bets. It’s of rash decisions that have not been well considered or thought out. Of panic and frustration.

This is why our review is so pertinent; we would like to provide you with a realistic and honest solution that could have avoided these traders being in that very position.

Who Created Bitcoin University?

The Bitcoin University was developed by a self-made Crypto-Currency trader, Brian Hawkins.

Through his own research, learning, investment, and risk-taking, he was able to discover a winning strategy that has taken his initial investment of $100 to over $35,000 in just shy of 30 days.

Bitcoin University Course

Bitcoin University is an online course provided through Video and PDFs. It also includes signals software which attempts to assist you when investing.

The aim of the program is to educate you to an advanced level on crypto-currency where you completely understand what it is and how to trade it through profitable strategies and signals software.

The Bitcoin University program is made up of several detailed modules.

Each module is broken into easy to follow and logical sub-sections of video tutorials and eBook guides.

These will show you exactly how Brian Hawkins (the creator and Bitcoin investor) is able to profit so extensively trading Bitcoin.

The Course Covers

History of Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies=

  • How the crypto-currency markets began and developed into one of the most significant financial markets.
  • The pros of using and trading cryptocurrency.
  • The tools and preparations that you will require before you can start with crypto-currency.
  • Overview of the course, and how to get the best results from what you will learn.

The Bitcoin Wallet:

  • The safest and most recommended CryptoCurrency wallets available.
  • How to open cryptocurrency wallets
  • How To Deposit and Withdraw money from your wallet
  • Opening cryptocurrency trading account with exchanges
  • How to use different trading platforms

How To Get and Trade Bitcoin

There’s also a module focusing on reducing your risk, to begin with:

  • How to get paid to trade cryptocurrency for FREE. No investment needed!
  • Free Options vs Paid Options, advantages, and disadvantages of both options.
  • Free Options: How get cryptocurrency completely free (Large Section)
  • Get free cryptocurrency from free faucets
  • Get free cryptocurrency by doing tasks/work online
  • Additional ways to get cryptocurrency for free

Paid Options include: Where and How to buy cryptocurrency

Other Learning Insights

  • Your Strategy Overview
  • Preparing your trading platform and indicators
  • Chart setup, time frames
  • How it works
  • Trading rules
  • Money Management
  • How To install the signals software
  • How the software works, best cryptocurrencies to trade
  • Trading Examples
  • How the software works with the manual trading strategy

Final Verdict

Bitcoin University certainly seems like a good training program to sign up to.

There is no doubt that getting on a course is a good approach if you are looking to get into cryptocurrency. 

However, for me, I much prefer the Ivan on Tech Academy.

Its one of the most comprehensive training programs online. You’re not just learning Bitcoin, you are learning all about Blockchain!

There are numerous separate courses included on different crypto’s, included Ethereum and other up and coming currencies to watch.

Remember, this is not a get rich scheme and would not be suitable for anyone looking for such.

You do need to be aware that the cryptocurrency market is volatile – meaning it has severe spikes and severe swings.

Whilst this can help you profit, it can also mean that if you do not trade wisely (by holding and selling at the correct time) there is the possibility to lose your investment.

But this is one of the reasons why we recommend Ivan on Tech academy. It ensures you are equipped with the knowledge to profit and minimize your overall risk.

Check my review to learn exactly what I speak so highly of it.