Instabuilder vs Clickfunnels – The Ultimate Comparison! (2018)

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Instabuilder vs Clickfunnels - The Ultimate Comparison! (2018)

If you want to increase your leads and sales from your website visitors, then one of the best ways to do this is to create an optimized sales Funnel.  In this review and comparison, I’m going to take a look at two of the most recommend platforms…. Instabuilder and Clickfunnels. Choosing the right platform is tough; there are various pros and cons of each that you need to consider. Before you go ahead and sign up, it pays you to know what you need the platform for, and what you would like it to do. Are you looking for just … Read More

DreamVPS Review: The Best Linux VPS Hosting Provider

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DreamVPS Review - The Best Linux VPS Hosting Provider

If you want to build your business online then you need your website to run optimally. Faster loading speeds, stability and flexibility are all things you require and a premium hosting service will ensure that you receive this peak performance. This DreamVPS Review will introduce you to your ideal solution. Unfortunately, Shared Hosting, whilst the cheaper solution, just doesn’t provide you with enough resources. Your site will likely experience periods of down-time (crashing), it will run slower, and the entire user experience of your site will suffer (higher bounce rates, less conversions etc). Dedicated Hosting, whilst far more powerful and … Read More

The Best Fiverr Gigs For Backlinks – Improve Your SERPS

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Best Fiverr Gigs for Backlinks

You’ve heard that acquiring backlinks is the surefire way to climb the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions). You may have tried to get them naturally, or you may have even reached out to website owners to try and get backlinks. Ive been there, its very tedious and it rarely works. Fiverr is the #1 solution to get premium backlinks that will rank you higher, faster. Over the past few years I’ve ordered dozens of Fiverr Gigs for Backlinks. I’ve discovered what to look for in a seller and a Gig and what stay well away from! In this article I’m going to show … Read More

Looking for a 120 Day Shopify Trial? Here’s What You Need to Know.

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Shopify 120 Day Trial

Are you looking to open a new Shopify store and want to know how you can get a 120 Day Free Trial? I’ve got some great news but also some bad news for you. Lets start by looking at the bad. The 120 Day Shopify Trial no longer exists.  It was an introductory offer when Shopify first launched. The intention was to get  new stores set up and running through their platform. In time, they reduced this to a 60 Day Shopify Trial. This no longer exists either. This is not what you was expecting to hear. Unfortunately, this is just … Read More

Cheapest Way To Buy Domain Names

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Cheapest Way To Buy Domain Names

If you are looking to buy a domain name, it can be hard to find the best deal and the cheapest offers. There’s a lot of different Domain Registrars out there and many of them alternate their deals regularly. With all the competition today, there’s simply no need to be paying more for your Domain Name. With that being said, you always want to take into consideration introductory offers, renewal fees and unexpected costs. This is where a lot of Domain Registrars make their money and pull you in. It’s also essential that you go with a reputable company. One … Read More

How To Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors

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How To Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors

Do you own, run or manage a personal or business website? Are you looking to capture email addresses from your website visitors? If you want to cultivate a loyal following, build your email list, and completely manage all of your subscribers, then read on. Generating more interest, getting repeat traffic, generating leads and sales are known and significant benefits of collecting email addresses. With a list of Subscribers, you gain a unique ability to control the communication. Whether you want to notify them of a new blog post or article, introduce them to a new product or service, provide promotions, … Read More

Best Accounting Software For Shopify Stores (#1 Is…)

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Best Accounting Software For Shopify Stores

If you have a Shopify Store, choosing the best Accounting Software can be the difference between ensuring that you GROW and PROFIT or that you Stagnate and Incur Debt. Why? Because Accounting Software plays a far larger role than just helping you manage your finances. It’s an integral component of your businesses strategy. It will help you to identify your profitable products, find your most profitable ad campaigns and your other costs (like applications) along the way. By providing you with clear dynamic insights, the best Accounting Software will help you understand, track and manage all of your costs and sales on your store. … Read More

What Is Shopify and How Does It Work?

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What Is Shopify and How Does Shopify Work_

If you’ve landed here you have probably heard of eCommerce and/or Dropshipping and are wondering what Shopify is and how it works? If you want to sell products online but do not have much (or any) experience in web design, development or coding, then Shopify will be of interest. Shopify offers a complete eCommerce store website builder and hundreds of website themes ready to install. This Unrivaled Review, will help to answer this question and specifically discuss the ins and outs of the platform. We will help you come to an understanding of whether this is the eCommerce solution for … Read More

Best Place To Host A Website in 2018

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Best Place To Host a Website

The following will provide you with the best places to host your website. I’ve taken into account several factors, including the size of your business, potential budgets, expectations and requirements.   My conclusions derive from my experiences hosting this site and several other sites I own and run. In order to find the best hosting provider, I have reviewed our hosting analytics (using Pingdom); comparing up-time, server speed and customer service waiting times. The below hosting services are those that I have trialed, tested and can only strongly recommend. Here Are My Hosting Recommendations 1. BlueHost  (My #1 Hosting Provider and Recommendation) … Read More

Alternative To WP Engine

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Whilst WP Engine is a great hosting provider, I understand that its costly. As such, you are probably looking for an Alternative To WP Engine – one that provides you with a similar, if not better service. That is what I will be discussing with you today. If you run, or are thinking of running a website, then hosting will be one of the most crucial decisions that you will make. If you are in the market for managed WordPress web hosting, or are looking to switch from your current provider, WP Engine (or WPE) is often recommended. Its a popular … Read More