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Contentmart Review

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“We signed up to Contentmart with one goal in mind; to purchase high-quality and premium content that could be delivered fast. We decided to purchase article copy from their most-expensive tier; “Hand-Picked” in order to really test the service and its capabilities.  Whilst our content was the most expensive we could have purchased, at $70 for 1000 words, the quality and level of research that had gone into the post was breathtaking. It had clearly been curated by an editor with many years of experience. The article was also delivered incredibly quickly, far beyond our own ability to create this quality of content. Equally the SEO Content Analysis algorithm clearly is effective, as our post is ranking in third place for a fairly competitive keyword; this is without any other SEO optimization strategies like back-linking. Despite this high price, a 1000 word article from the Experienced Tier would only set you back $10 which is a far more suitable and effective solution for most. For the time it takes to research and write a 100 word article, $10 is a bargain. We recommend Contentmart to anyone who is looking to obtain SEO-optimised and  high quality content fast, and that will improve their search engine visibility for more visitors and leads” – Unrivaled Contentmart Review.

If you’re in need of digital content from professional content writing services Contentmart is the marketplace you need to check out. Here, we delve deeper into the platform and outline why we recommend using the marketplace if you are looking for premium quality, SEO-optimized content, fast.

Contentmart has become the number one trusted marketplace for content writing services;  used by Aviva, The Economic Times, Proptiger and many more leading brands.

There’s a reason why they’ve obtained over 57,000 orders from 10o,000+ clients!

Overview of Contentmart

Contentmart is a digital marketplace to hire expert & talented content writers and quality content writing services.

You can use the marketplace to purchase optimized content that will drive more traffic and visitors to your site.

Its is an established and the leading marketplace in this space.

Contentmart has thousands of qualified freelance writers who provide professional content writing services in more than 20 languages.

They offer content writing services at a range of prices to ensure that you can find high-quality content that you can afford.

Introducing Contentmart: The Leading Marketplace to Hire Expert & Talented Content Writers & Content Writing Services

Contentmart Review

Contentmart Review

Contentmart was established over  2.5 years ago to overcome the difficulties of finding expert content writers at practical and affordable levels. It lets you get the high quality content that you need to dominate the search engines.

Here are a list of the Contentmart features:

✔ Get Content in 20+ Languages

The Contentmart marketplace offers multilingual content writing services in the majority of languages. This includes:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • Sinhalese
  • Hindi
  • & Many more.

✔ Affordable, Practical Pricing

This is based entirely on the level of experience of the content writer you hire.

Contentmart offer four levels of service, in where you pay a higher fee as you go down the list:

Standard: This is content from less experienced freelance writers who work at lower rates.

Experienced: This is content from average experienced freelance writers who work at average rates.

Verified: This is content from highly experienced freelance writers who work at higher rates.

Hand Picked: This is content from exclusively selected and well-experienced hand-picked writers/editors, who work at exclusive rates.

You see; there’s a stringent monitoring in place which ensures and guarantees the content writers meet a certain level of quality.

Whats more, you can select from the tier that best applies for your project or specific needs.

Here you can save money by only paying for the highest quality content writers when required.

✔  SEO-Optimized Content Analysis Algorithm 

Award winning, the Content Analysis Algorithm of Contentmart is the most accurate and reputable tool available. It will help you to improve the indexing of your site.

The algorithm was designed inline with Google; meeting the search engines requirements and needs to give you the competitive advantage.

It simplifies word processing and with multiple correction parameters that cost as little as $0.003/word, this tool will prevent the need for manual corrections entirely:

Plagarism Check – Measuring the contents uniqueness providing you with an exact percentage.

Rhythmic Monotony Check – Analyses the contents long and short sentences suggesting the more suitable structure which make the text reader and search engine friendly

Overspam Check –  Provides the ratio of keywords or phrases that are used too often within the content. This prevents content to be considered spam by search engines

Readability Check –  Monitors the text via the Flesch index  (the measure of the texts complexity from a readers perspective). It is based on several identifiers: the length of sentences, number of keywords etc.

Relevance Check – Provides a count of similar keywords or phrases that relate to the overarching theme of the content.

Watery Text Check – Checks for unrelated words, including conjunctions, and words that are overly used and those that do not add value.

✔  Copywriters by Specialism and Expertise

Contentmart is home to thousands of copywriters from a range of disciplines and expertise. Here are just some of the popular areas in which you can purchase content on:

Writers by Expertises

  • Entertainment Copywriters
  • Travel Copywriters
  • HealthCare Copywriters
  • Resume Copywriters
  • Science Copywriters
  • Business Copywriters
  • Kids/Parenting Copywriters
  • Technical Copywriters

Writers by Categories

  • Article Copywriters
  • Creative Copywriters
  • Editing Copywriters
  • Web Content Copywriters

✔  Become a Copywriter Yourself for Extra Income

If you like to write or have knowledge about particular topics, you can even sign up to Contentmart and become a copywriter. This way you can earn extra income on the side.

How it Works.

If you are looking to order high-quality content, the process is incredibly simple with Contentmart:

Step One:  Post Your Order 0 outlining your requirements

Step Two: Refill Your Accounts Balance so you can pay the content writer.

Step Three: Choose your content writer by reviewing their credentials, expertise, reviews and more

Step Four: Receive your content back in the agreed timeframe as agreed with the content writer

Step Five: Accept that you are happy, and pay accordingly.


Contentmart Review


The Key Benefits & How It Will Help You

Access to Thousands of Quality Content Writers

The stringent verification and review methods of Contentmart meant that you are only paying for the best.

Find your Writer through Reviews, Portfolios & Experiences

Finding a content writer is in your hands, meaning you select the content writer of your choice. This provides you with all the control in the transaction and that you ensure that you are getting only the best. Take a look at the copy writers’ reviews and portfolios to guarantee satisfaction.

No Hidden Charges or Unexpected Costs

Contentmart provide themselves on 100% transparency. You only pay for the content you order and nowhere else.

Fully Registered and Licenced

Contentmart is a company and a site that you can trust.

There’s a reason why they have over 100,000 clients and counting!

Automated Payments

No tricky or difficult payment processes; just simple and effective transactions.

Pay if only 100% Satisfied

As you have to accept your content before you pay, you can ensure that you are getting only the best quality.

Case Study

A great example of a site that has used Contentmart is Almond Nails.

One of their leading articles, the Best Gel Nail Kits 2018 was created with content sourced from the site.

Its an incredibly in depth and well researched article – that would have taken considerable time and effort to produce.

Its a great case study which exemplifies the quality of the writers on this platform. Unrivaled Review are incredibly impressed.

Our Experiences

Contentmart has exploded onto the Content Writing Services Market and for good reason.

Their platform and intuitive processes ensure that you can identify and purchase the content you need; from expert writers in their fields for the best price available.

Whether you’re a website owner or blogger, Contentmart will provide you with the content you need to rank highly in the search engines and drive more traffic to your site.

Unrivaled Contentmart Review: The marketplace is innovative and simple to use. With thousands of expert content writers available, across a range of disciplines, you will be sure to find a writer to provide you with the article copy you need.  If you want to get some premium content out for your audience, quickly and effectively, we recommend signing up and making an order right now.

How & Where To Gain Access

Click Here to Visit Contentmart

So if you want to join the 100,000+ clients who are benefiting from the Contentmart marketplace, and are getting the we suggest you sign up right now.