DreamVPS Review: The Best Linux VPS Hosting Provider

DreamVPS Review - The Best Linux VPS Hosting Provider

If you want to build your business online then you need your website to run optimally. Faster loading speeds, stability and flexibility are all things you require and a premium hosting service will ensure that you receive this peak performance. This DreamVPS Review will introduce you to your ideal solution.

Unfortunately, Shared Hosting, whilst the cheaper solution, just doesn’t provide you with enough resources. Your site will likely experience periods of down-time (crashing), it will run slower, and the entire user experience of your site will suffer (higher bounce rates, less conversions etc). Dedicated Hosting, whilst far more powerful and stable, is very expensive. For the most part, its not really affordable.

Thankfully, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting offers the horsepower that your site needs to thrive, but at a fraction of the price of Dedicated Hosting. Its the ideal middle-ground service tier for you and your website.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting essentially combines the best features of shared and dedicated hosting services. Just like shared hosting, VPS hosting runs your site on the same servers as other sites. However, considerably less sites run on the same server.

Additionally, if your site is being hosted with VPS, you will not share resources with other sites on the same server. This is where it differs from shared hosting. This is because your site is powered by its very own partitioned section of the server that has its own operating system, storage, RAM, and data transfer limits. In this way you will notice a faster, more stable performance on your site.

In terms of costs, you, and the other sites share the cost of running that very server. This will mean you pay monthly or yearly charges just like you would with any other hosting service. The difference being, that as you are sharing the cost, you are not paying for the entire server like you would with dedicated hosting.

You are essentially gaining far more of the resources, but not paying for resources you will never actually need.

Typical Costs of VPS Hosting

The cost isn’t quite as low as it would be with Shared Hosting because you are essentially renting a much larger portion of the server. (With Shared Hosting the cost is split between more parties). However, you will be surprised to learn that VPS hosting is not that much more expensive.

With VPS, the typical and standard monthly charges range between $20-100 a month depending on the type and elements of the configuration.

Shared Web Hosting, despite all of its faults, typically costs around $10 per month.

Dedicated web hosting on the other hand, is at the other extreme of the range, where services start at around $100 per month or more.

What Makes a Great VPS Hosting Service

Despite the many benefits of getting your site hosted through VPS, including the fair price and cost, there are a number of essential features that you should look for:

  • Linux/Windows Solutions Options available
  • Runs your Server on the latest Processors
  • 100% Customizable Plans
  • User Friendly Control Panels (cPanels)
  • Fastest Network Speeds and Server Efficiencies
  • Ample RAM, Disk and Bandwidth Space.
  • Free Installation and Configuration
  • Full Control over your Server (Create server snapshots, connect your own VLAN, reset your passwords etc)
  • Has Cloud Security and Firewalls
  • 24/7 Support
  • Cost Effective, with Free Trials to Test the Hosting

Up-time, Downtime

It is recommended that you get all of the features in your VPS hosting service.

Site Up time on the other hand, is a non-negotiable– it is essential to the success of your website and your business.

If your site crashes, your customers and potential clients cannot visit your website. They are unable to find what you are offering and you are therefore losing money all the time that your site is down.

Regardless of how good your website looks, or how many offers that you have, they are all non-existent if your website is down.

Should You Buy VPS Hosting?

If you want to ensure that your website runs quickly, and doesn’t regularly crash in periods of high traffic, then VPS is a great solution for you.

I spent countless hours researching and reviewing to find the best VPS hosting service available. The checklist above was widely considered as well as looking for the best price.


DreamVPS Review

DreamVPS is a premium boutique hosting provider for businesses, entrepreneurs, and brand owners all over the world.

They provide a diverse range of customized and scale-able hosting solutions.

They are most notable and recognized for their award winning Linux VPS solutions.

They provide a portfolio of services that will be suitable for your needs, regardless of your current size and requirements. DreamVPS work with individual entrepreneurs all the way through to global organisations.

They’re a team of highly-skilled professional developers, engineers and system administrators provide that provide 24/7 customer service and competitive, affordable pricing.

By default, their hosting uses Linux Servers which are considered far more secure, stable and secure than Windows Servers. However, with the Custom plan, if you do require Windows servers, you have the ability to use it instead.

Whilst DreamVPS do provide regular shared WordPress and Web Hosting at great prices with exclusive bonuses (like Free SSL and CDN) their VPS hosting is where they really deliver.

Learn More About VPS Hosting

DreamVPS Hosting Plans

As you can see above, there are a range of plans that you can sign up. As you go up the plans, you will notice that you are getting access to more resources to power your website.

They all provide a 30-day Free Trial and a FREE SSL certificate that will protect your own/website visitors information at all times. A SSL Certificate is also a ranking signal by Google, so having one installed will help your website rank higher in the search engines. These typically cost $20 per year on their own.
With all of the plans above, the team will assist you on your site transfer. So if you are currently hosting your site at another provider, they will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your website onto your new VPS server. If you are a new site you can get set up in just a couple of minutes and get your website live on the web.
You can even customize your package completely to get a plan and a service most suitable for your websites requirements.
If, on the off chance that your website is hacked, the team will also conduct an entire analysis of your sites files and provide a full cleanup, completely free of charge.

Pros of DreamVPS

Now that you know what VPS hosting is and why it is superior, lets now turn to the pros and benefits of using this provider as opposed to others on the market. This is what sets it apart from its competitors and other solutions available:

Highest Performance

All DreamVPS hosting plans provide an award winning network speeds of up to 40 Gbit/s per server (as confirmed by tests).

The servers are built with the latest technology (Intel E5 v4 Xeon Processors). These are over 300% more powerful than previous processor generations.

40 Gbit/s is insanely fast, and is considerably faster than what other VPS hosting services are able to provide. This is because the majority rely on the older, outdated technology.

All of the hosting plans are fully-optimized for CPU and RAM usage efficiency. This ensures that your website will only use what it needs and will also have an abundance of resources readily available when it requires an extra boost.

What this means for you is that your website will run faster, be more stable and will not incur any latency or lag. Your website visitors will have a more enjoyable, successful experience throughout their time on your site.

Easy to use Control Panel,  Easily Customizable Hosting

You gain full control of  your hosting when you sign up. You gain access to an easy to use, Control Panel Management interface (cPanel) that is very simple in design but effective. There are many features of the Control Panel that enable you to undertake important actions, like easily resetting your root password, adding IP addresses, and much more.
Not only in your own personal management, DreamVPS are there to customize and manage your cloud infrastructure so that you can concentrate on your website and your business. This is part of the service and comes as standard.
And if you did run into any issues…

24/7 Support

There is a 24/7 Support that you can contact to get your issues and questions resolved quickly. You can communicate with Support through Live Chat, Email and Phone.

Tawk.To is the technology that they use for the Chat functionality and its an intuitive easy to use messaging system. I have found that there is always a representative available to take questions. In the instances where they did not know, they knew who to pass the question onto.

Not only this, there is an expansive Knowledge Base which provides detailed documentation that you can easily find and use. There are a number of step-by-step Tutorials and  Courses that you can follow. They are simple to follow so are suitable for beginners, but they also provide extra detail for system admins to follow. These tutorials and lessons teach you entire processes to setting up and managing your hosting effectively, e.g. Installation.

The Knowledge Base also contains a number of insightful articles so that you can get the most out of your service. There are a lot of additional tips which can help leverage greater website performance and stability, like the Virtual Firewalls that you should and can employ on your site.

Finally, there is a regularly updated FAQ and Q&A section which is great for finding the service and plan for you and your site.

Free Trial

DreamVPS provide a full 30 day Free Trial on all of their plans. This enables you to get your site running and hosted, and then test and assess your website performance, loading speeds etc.

This is a brilliant feature, as you there is no commitment upfront and you can see the results on your own site for yourself before you invest in a long-term package.

DreamVPS Free Trial

Security and Firewall

Security is imperative in 2018 and beyond online, and search engines are actively ranking websites higher that comply with safe practices (SSL certificates installed, no Malware on the site etc).

Not only this, but you want to prevent Malware and other infections from infiltrating your site because they slow it down, and steal sensitive information from you and your website visitors.

DreamVPS provide a full secure hosting solution and they include Cloud Security and Firewalls on all plans. Other providers add this as an additional cost.

You will also get a free SSL certificate to install on your site (usually retail at $20 per year +). So not only will your visitors trust you, your and their information will be safe.

Cost Effective

As mentioned previously in this article, VPS hosting costs between $20 on the low end, and $100 + on the higher end. With DreamVPS you can get a plan at the lowest end of this scale at only $20 a month.

Their highest priced plan, that gives you an insane amount of RAM, Disk and Bandwidth, is only $55 which is enough to run multiple high-traffic websites seamlessly.

This is one off, if not, the most cost effective VPS services available.

Who Is DreamVPS Suitable For?

This VPS hosting provider is the solution for you if you are looking for a high performing, fast and responsive website

Whether you are an individual or a business, if you have a website it should be worthy of your consideration.

Its high performance, low cost, and ability to trial make it the perfect solution. It includes everything you need in a hosting provider and more.

Final Words

Having a reliable, efficient website is imperative for building and scaling a successful website and business

Through thorough research, testing and exploration, few VPS Hosting Services are able to provide you with the features, functionality, performance nor cost-effectiveness of DreamVPS.

Get your 30 Day Free Trial

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