Dropship Unlocked Review [Lewis Smith eCom Training Course]

Dropship Unlocked Review [Lewis Smith eCom Training Course]

Dropship Unlocked in an online eCommerce training mentorship programme by Lewis Smith; this review today will be taking a closer look and helping you to make a more informed decision as to whether it is best for you.

If you are like me and you like to watch dropshipping content on YouTube, then you will have likely been introduced to Lewis Smith through his latest advertising campaign.

He is marketing his ‘free training’ over on his website dropshipunlocked.com.

But who is he exactly and is it worth pursing? Let’s find out!

Who Is Lewis Smith?

Lewis Smith is am entrepreneur, dropshipper and content producer from the United Kingdom.

He is also a public speaker, with one of his most prominent speaking opportunities coming in the form of the Nomad Summit (an annual conference for digital nomads and location independent individuals).

Lewis states that he started his eCommerce dropshipping business in 2017 and decided to leave the corporate world and career in which he had been building for 7 years.

This was to scratch ‘a deep down itch and urge’ to become a location independent entrepreneur.

Lewis claims he built his business from scratch with no previous experience, and reaching $1m in revenue within 15 months.

Dropship Unlocked has since been created; an e-commerce training company that aims to teach others how they can do the same.

It transpires that Lewis Smith is also a student of Anton Kraly. Anton Kraly is prominent entrepreneur and marketer within the dropshipping space.

I actually reviewed his course – the dropship lifestyle, some time ago.

Lewis is mentioned on Anton’s website, and how he gave a motivational speech at one of Anton’s retreats.

Beyond his background, it appears that Lewis has a YouTube channel for the Dropship Unlocked brand.

Outside of YouTube, Lewis does have an active Facebook Account and page (@LewisSmithOfficial).

Here he has taken to live-streams discussing numerous topics related to dropshipping and answering some of the most commonly asked questions from beginners.

Having researched online quite extensively for any other social media accounts, references or profiles, there is little that can easily be found out about this entrepreneur.

Dropship Unlocked Free Training

Dropship Unlocked is being marketed pretty heavily of late across social media. Whether its a direct ad before a video or even a link ad at the top of the YouTube platform itself.

Nonetheless, the advertising is all about driving you to the free training webinar in which we are told we will be provided with strategies to use when setting up a dropshipping business.

If you were to visit the site, you would be taken to dropshipunlocked.com – a ‘squeeze page’ where you can only really watch an “Exclusive No-Cost Training” on how to start today.

By clicking the ‘watch training button’, you will be taken to another page where you can register for the event.

Bear in mind that this is pre-recorded.

At this stage, the site states the free training covers:

  • A new dropshipping model that is doing very well in the UK
  • How To Choose Profitable Products irregardless of competition.
  • Where To Find The Best UK Suppliers That Can Offer Next Day Delivery To Your Customers.

You need to ‘reserve a seat’, select a time and then enter your email address.

Just consider, this will add you to Lewis’ email list where you may be marketed courses and products down the line.

By providing such information, you will be emailed a link to join the webinar, hosted by the platform WebinarJam. You are advised to join via desktop and not by mobile.

Upon viewing, the webinar is primarily marketing based – talking more about the dropshipping model and the benefits of setting up a business in this space.

Lewis is clearly a keen advocate of the high-ticket product strategy – selling high value products and earning a higher markup per sale.

The content, at least to me, is more motivational based.

Step 5 is around the importance of mentorship and why you should ‘get a mentor’. Someone who “knows exactly what they are doing and has a replaceable system”.

Lewis then offers his own mentorship at the end – claiming it will help you to achieve results quicker, and overcome obstacles that arise.

Dropship Unlocked Mentorship Package

Lewis Smith offers his training via a mentorship programme. It is important to note that dropship unlocked is not an openly available course.

To begin, you need to visit the URL – dropshipunlocked.com/apply and then fill out a survey to apply for the programme.

The survey is 16 pages in length, asking you for more information about who you are and your background.

You need to disclose such information as your average monthly income, target income, current experience with dropshipping etc.

You’ll also be asked why you think you should be accepted onto the programme and confirming that you have some money to invest for the business.

By the end of the survey, you will have submitted information that Lewis will use on a 45 minute strategy call.

It is at the end of the strategy call, that you may be invited onto the program.

The cost of the programme is 2 payments of £1597.

The programme is 6 weeks in total. Each week is focused on a different topic that will help you to build your dropshipping business.

Along with weekly training videos, you’ll also be able to dial into 2x live weekly coaching course (along with other students) – to ask your own questions and learn from other students on the program whom will also be asking questions.

Below is an overview of the training covered in the mentorship program:

  • Week 1 – Planting Seeds – Setting up your dropshipping business
  • Week 2 – Niche Product Research
  • Week 3 – Building Your Store
  • Week 4 – Getting Your First Suppliers
  • Week 5 – PPC Advertising. Google Ads/Facebook/Instagram
  • Week 6 (Optional) – Outsource – Automation.

It is stated that by signing up you will have lifetime access to the course material and that you’ll also be able to access any new updates or new content that is added.

Final Verdict

Dropship Unlocked is one entrance and option for individuals based in the UK whom want to build a dropshipping business.

However, whether it is the best option, is another thing entirely.

Do consider the cost, £3194, and thee style of training here – mentorship opposed to a course.

Also bear in mind you will have other costs when starting a business, namely your store platform costs, advertising costs, etc.

So, with this in mind, I would like to propose another alternative.

I would actually suggest that you take a look at eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

With a one-off price of $197 (£157) and being one of the most comprehensive and reputable eCommerce training courses on the market, you can’t really go wrong.

Do not be put off by the American pricing!

It is designed to be consumed by English-speaking people, and the content can be applied regardless of where you are in the world.

My eCom Elites Review outlines exactly what is included in the course.

But, in short, its over 200 videos, 10 modules and covers everything you need from niche/product research to store set up to various marketing strategies (Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook) all the way through to Email Marketing, sales Funnels and Outsourcing.

I suggest you take a look at my review. You’ll be very relieved you did – saving a lot of money and getting all the information you need to succeed, minutes after enrolling.

Plus, the free marketing strategies are ideal for beginners and those on a limited budget.

It just makes sense.

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