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Editorr Review

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“When Unrivaled Review discovered editorr and its powerful community of experienced Editors, we immediately understood that many audiences could benefit from using it. In a world where the quality of communication is essential, this platform is a fantastic resource to have readily available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Being required to write so much content, editorr has saved us a considerable amount of time and allows us to focus on other important aspects of our site. With so many practical uses of their Editing and Proofreading services, alongside the ability to contact editors directly, review changes before they are made and receive edited content back in under 15 minutes, we could only recommend editorr to anyone who requires such a service” – Unrivaled editorr Review.

Do you frequently post content on your website/blog, or does your business/current job role require you to write high quality content? Are you writing an important essay or are you writing a special dissertation?

Then you’ll know how important your writing quality is to your success. You’ll understand the importance of readability, spelling mistakes and grammar can be. It ensures your readers understand what you are saying. It makes it as easy as possible for your readers and prevents them from becoming frustrated. They’ll be more likely to continue reading your content. For businesses, it helps to convert visitors to customers. That’s why Unrivaled Review were so impressed with this platform and why we’ve written this editorr Review. We’d like to talk about this fantastic new platform which ensures that your content and your writing is perfect.

Its a convenient and simple way to write better. You’ll be able to save hours each and every time you’ve written.


Introducing editorr: Awesome Platform of Editors That Perfect Your Writing


Overview of editorr

editorr is the leading platform of editing services. It enables you to connect INSTANTLY with REAL, experienced, human editors, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It allows everyone to have on-demand access to a network of professional editors. The proofreading service, can be used on iOS, Android, and at http://www.editorr.com.

They will edit your writing to ensure it’s free of embarrassing spelling and grammatical mistakes.

They provide you with the most convenient and simple way to write better.

And with SmartQue® technology, you’ll be paired with the best editor that suits your project.


editorr Review

Editorr Review

editorr was established to help bloggers, business and website owners manage their time and content more effectively

They provide a simplistic yet advanced process to find experienced editors.

The platform has been built with the following features:


✔ Collaborate with Experienced Human Editors

The platform enables you to build relationships with editorr Verified editors. You can find editors yourself or even let the industry-leading technology pair you with the most suitable editor for your project. In this way, you can use your favored editors over and over again and build the best team of editors for your writing needs.

Moreover, most editing services on the internet use software or robots. This can be hugely problematic as these kind of tools are unable to identify context and can in fact make errors themselves. Instead, Editorr only uses real human and experienced human editors to proofread your written content.


✔ Insanely Quick Response Time

Once you submit your content to the site, it will be proofread straight away. The average turnaround time is under 15 minutes, so you will receive your content back, edited to perfection, FAST.


✔ Responsive Design & Speed

This platform was created for user friendliness. Its such an easy platform to use and navigate, regardless of whether you are accessing via your mobile device or your desktop. For example, we regularly have sent in our content whilst travelling to ensure that our content is ready for publishing the minute we arrive at our desk.


Editorr Review


✔ No Monthly Subscriptions. Pay As You Go.

The flexible pricing structure ensures that you only pay for when you use their services. You do not need to sign up to any monthly plans or be tied down to a contract. Simply select the most appropriate package for your project – which is easy to locate as its based on word count:

Scribe: 500 Words

Poet: 1500 Words

Linguist: 3500 Words

Scholar: 10,000 Words

Wordsmith:  45,000 Words


Editorr Review; How It Works

If you are looking to order editorial proofreading from editorr , the process is incredibly simple:

Step One: Sign Up and Create your user account. This only takes a few minutes and you are only required to enter a few contact details. This way you can easily stay in contact with the Editors you choose to work with.

Step Two: Choose a Word Package – Purchase the word package that meets your projected proofreading needs. Here you select whether the Scribe, Poet, Linguist, Scholar or Wordsmith package is suitable for you.

Step Three: Submit Your Written Content for Review – Submit any piece of writing that you would benefit from a second pair of eyes.

Step Four: Receive Redline Changes – Your editor will mark-up your content with suggestions  before making any changes. This protects your writing and ensures you are fully comfortable before you writing is edited.

Step Five: Review Your Fixed Content – Review your editor’s suggested redline changes. If necessary, you can chat with your editor about your content or the editor’s proposed changes.

Step Six: Approve the Edit – After you review the redline changes, you can approve the edit and rate your editor’s performance on that job.

Thats the beauty of editorr and where it is far superior than services such as Grammerly. You are in full control throughout the whole process and its incredibly easy and fast. You can make sure that you are fully happy with your editor’s work before you conclude the transaction.

And you only pay if you are 100% satisfied!


The Key Benefits & How It Will Help You

Human Editors and Experts – No Bots/Software

Other editing and proofreading services on the web, most famously, Grammerly, use bots to conduct their work. editorr promises to provide only the best professionals  – who have stringently been tested to ensure they meet a certain standard.

Complete Editing and Proofreading Service

You can use Editorr to find seasoned editing professionals that can help you on various projects. Regardless of whether you require assistance with:

  • Personal or Professional Emails
  • Social Media Content
  • Marketing Material
  • Blog Posts and Newsletters
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Academic reports
  • Dissertations/Essays

There’s just so many applications for editing; its why this platform is so effective.

Dedicated Support

There’s a full support team available 24/7 to assist you; regardless of what you need assistance with.

Our experience with the support team has been highly positive, and we can confidently say that their team will try their best to help, or at least point you in the right direction.


Quickest Service on the Web

Your written content will be fixed within minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And you’re purchasing a complete service with proofreading and editing services: the correction of any and all grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and contextual errors. Editors will also improve consistency, word choice, and formality (as needed).


Unrivaled editorr Review

This platform was created to be the leading service provider for editing and proofreading.

We have no doubt that they will achieve this as they are going above and beyond competitors elsewhere on the market (namely Grammarly).

The incredibly easy to sue platform and smooth process ensures that you are able to get your writing/content checked and returned in minutes. Its an incredibly effective solution .

Whether you’re a website owner, blogger, social media influencer or even a student, editorr will provide you with the expertise you need to ensure your writing is perfect.

Unrivaled editorr Review: The process is incredibly simple, as is finding your Editor. With the SmartQue® technology, it is simply impossible not to find an expert most suitably for your particular project . The ability to have content edited, proofread and returned in under 15 minutes is a notable feature, as is being able to obtain a service 24/7.  If you’re looking for a reliable, professional and streamlined editor, then editorr should be the first place you visit. 


How & Where To Access 

Click HERE to visit the site and learn more.

So if you want to join the likes of Uber and Walmart who are benefiting from these services, then we suggest you visit the platform now

Editorr Review