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Edivently LMS review

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“We were provided a Free Trial to Edivently LMS and we were incredibly impressed with the tool. Being a plugin, we were able to download and and install the plugin in under 2 minutes. We were then able to create a multi-tierd online course with lessons, topics, quizzes and assignments that we could then sell on for a premium price. It was incredibly easy to do so. The interface and dashboards that can directly accessed within WordPress provide really insightful analytics that can be be used to track results. What we liked most with Edivenlty LMS , is that its a complete tool; meaning you can set up, manage and scale all through one plugin. Specifically, the marketplace functionality makes it even easier to sell and provides an element of professionalism to your material. Being able to accept payments would be a major benefit to save considerable payment processing fees.  If you are looking to create an online course, look no further than Edivently LMS”. – Unrivaled Edivently LMS Review.

If you are looking to build and sell Online Courses, and are currently operating by using WordPress, then Edivently is exactly the software you need. In this Edivently LMS Review, we outline why this simple yet powerful plugin can transform your earning potential online

And here’s why; e-learning through online courses is an insanely profitable industry.

The global eLearning expenditure was $51.5 billion in 2016 and continues to expand. This figure was from $35.6 billion in 2011, so just look at that growth in 6 years! (Source: Docebo’s E-Learning Market Trends & Forecast 2014 – 2016 Report).

Put simply, there a big market out there for online courses desiring this method of learning .

That’s why, when Unrivaled Review discovered Edivently, we knew that it could be a great solution for you.

Edivently lets you create courses, accept payments, track sales, manage and test your students, and much much more!

It lets you turn your WordPress Website, or any future website project, into a cash cow – you will be able to take a slice of this billion dollar industry. Edivently is a simple yet powerful plugin that is incredibly easy to set up; you can be creating your online courses in under 5 minutes!

These can then be marketed and sold forever, with no added effort beyond the initial setup..

Introducing Edivently: Build and Sell Profitable Online Courses in WordPress

Edivently LMS Review

Edivently LMS Review

Overview of Edivently LMS

Edivently LMS is a complete e-learning online course creation software. It literally turns your WordPress site into an Online Academy. Once set up, you can create, design, manage an E-learning Website all within the WordPress Interface.

The plugin cleverly integrates with WordPress letting you sell your knowledge online for premium prices, without needing to understand heavy HTML code.

In terms of functionality you can:

✔  Create Online Course in incredibly simple  steps

✔ Track your course enrollment, and sales metrics from one central dashboard.

✔  Accept Payments without the need for external software

✔  Track your sales to understand your customers; enabling you to target future selling opportunities

✔  Manage and Test your students so that they too are benefiting from the courses; increasing your sales rate and feedback

✔ Message your entire class of students whether together or individually


When You install the Edivently Plugin, you will no longer require expensive subscriptions to other course creation/management software; it’s an entire software package that handles everything, from creation through to sale.


Edivently LMS Review: The Key Features

No Coding Experience Needed

You Can Create Courses as easily as writing a WordPress Post.

Creating and selling your online courses could not be more simple. The capabilities of the plugin let you to create courses quickly and enable you to focus on other things, like teaching online.

 Edivently LMS Review

Drag and Drop Functionality

Create your courses that have several tiers, lessons and topics.

Despite being just a WordPress plugin, you can create an expansive curriculum for your students. You are able to add lessons, topics, assignments and even quizzes which help you to establish your courses as in depth as you require.

Edivently LMS Review

Create and Manage Your Own Marketplace

Perhaps the best part of Edivently LMS, is the ability to create and manage your own market place. This lets you sell your courses and engage with your customers.

You can even customize categories, levels and languages. By offering this filtering system you can increase sales and increase the user experience of your marketplace.

Edivently LMS Review

Intuitive Dashboard

The powerful dashboard lets you monitor sales, the number of courses that have been completed and the number of students who have signed up.

You can even export your analytics and contact your students – both individually and as a group!

Edivently Review


Edivently LMS Review; A Demo

See below the demo of Edivently LMS, which outlines just how powerful this plugin is:

You can see even more of the features available by clicking here

Edivently LMS Review; The Key Benefits

Profitable Industry and Niche

Sell courses is insanely profitable, and there are hundreds of niches and industries in which you could enter.


Powerful Plugin; All in One

The functionality of this plugin is expansive, so you will no longer require integrating the tool with others. You can create a course and manage everything you need from one interface.


Incredibly easy to use and no coding knowledge necessary

Being a plugin means that all you need to do is download one Zip folder and upload to your WordPress site. Yes it really is that simple. From there you just need to go into WordPress and run through the painfully easy steps.


Publish Unlimited Courses

Thats right, you can make and sell as many courses as you like through this plugin – no limits are, or ever will be in place.


Dedicated Support

If you have any issues or problems, the dedicated support will be there to answer your questions, no matter what they may be.


Instant Access

You can have downloaded Edivently LMS in under 10 minutes, and you could have a course created as quick as you can put together the content!


All you have to do is Click HERE


Edivently LMS Review: Who Do We Recommend This Plugin Too?

Unrivaled Review suggests Edivently to WordPress site owners, and are looking to become profitable online. Particularly if you dont know how or if you are looking to create online courses.  If you are not yet selling online, or are struggling to make a profit, Edivently is a great solution to get up and running, quickly and easily.

Edivently LMS Review – How and Where to Buy

Edivently can easily be accessed and downloaded IMMEDIATELY following payment. And its a one off payment – which you can make back following 1 course purchase. Its a no brainer really!

All you need to do is to CLICK HERE.

So if you want to create an evergreen online course, and to start profiting from a $50 billion industry, Unrivaled Review suggest you purchase this brilliant plugin today


Edivently LMS Review


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