The Very Best Excel Programmers For Hire (Outsourcing Made Easy)

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The Very Best Excel Programmers For Hire (Outsourcing Made Easy)

If you are looking for Excel Programmers to hire and you want their help to get the most out of Excel’s powerful functionality, then you must read on.

Whether you are an Individual or Business, I will outline all you need to know about an Microsoft Excel Service that I have used with great success. These are the very best Excel Experts for Hire

This service will help you to outsource all of your Excel Tasks, overcome your difficulties and challenges, and let you get back to what you need to do.

Besides Microsoft Excel is the leading Spreadsheet Tool – it leads the market share with over 750 million users worldwide

The Power of Microsoft Excel 

Microsoft Excel is a powerful free software that provides you with the tools you need to make the most of your data. It comes with powerful functionality that can help you understand, interpret and analyse even the most complex and large data-sets quickly and effectively. When used correctly, Microsoft Excel  has the ability to maximize investments, understand transactions, document online sales and record social media activity.

If you are a business, Excel can literally transform how you operate. It is an essential software that can help you manage your customers and internal department including: sales, marketing and HR.

If you are an Individual, Excel can help you automate your Finances and understand your personal investments.

Here is the top 5 functionality that you get with Excel:

  • Building Charts/Graphs Pivot Tables
  • Using Conditional Formatting
  • Understanding Complex Data
  • Automating through Formulas and Macros.

The problem is, Excel can be incredibly difficult and frustrating to work with.

It takes a considerable amount of time, effort and attention to learn. It requires patience and time to set up.

So wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to outsource your Excel Tasks and find Programmers to hire.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a service, with proven results, who completely understand how to work with the software and make the most of what is has to offer.

What Makes A Great Excel Programmer?

When looking to hire Excel Expertsyou want to find those with the knowledge, experience and know how to get your tasks completely quickly and effectively. You want a service that you can communicate with freely so they can truly understand your requirements. 

When you are looking for an Excel Programmer, you should look for one that knows:


  • VBA Coding –  Everything from debugging to new features and database connections.
  • Writing Macros
  • Writing and Using the Best Formulas
  • Understands Graphs, Charts and Data Visualization Techniques
  • Can Display Complex Information in Dashboards, Scorecards and KPI Summaries
  • Can Create or modify Templates
  • Knows how to Discover, Connect, Import and Visualize Data
  • Recover Corrupt Files
  • Cost-Effective and Offers Range of Services (Even working on a Task-By-Task Basis).
  • Can provide Real Case Studies of Success
  • Provide money Back Guarantees
  • Have Security and Non-Disclosure Agreements in Place.
  • Positive Reviews and Recommendations

I’ve conducted countless hours of research, and compared a lot of services using the checklist above.

Finding a service that meets the criteria above is in many ways essential if you want the service to be as effective as possible for you.

The team of Programmers reviewed below meets all the criteria in the checklist…and more.

It’s the reason I personally use them for all my Excel needs.

Best Excel Programmers For Hire – Excel Rescue

Excel Rescue

Excel Rescue offers Expert Assistance for any task related to Microsoft Excel. They work with some of the most prominent CFO’s, CGA’s, Business Owners, Coaches, Project Managers, Engineers, Consultants, Financial Advisors, HR Managers, and Accountants.

It’s easy, using a highly technical product like Excel, to get stuck or run up against a problem. What makes MS Excel great – the many features and richness of the product, can also be its weakness. There is  a lot to know and a lot to understand.

So where do you go for help? If you have the time and interest, you could enroll in online training or engage in an online forum to solve the problem yourself.

Alternatively, Excel Programmers are often available – but they often charge excessive fees, have a set process to work through (that can take a lot of time), and may only work with certain organisations due to work load.

Excel Rescue fills the gap to quickly solve all of your small sized Excel tasks.

Their team of expert-level programmers promise to complete any task that you submit in less than 1 hour.

More Information Here


What Services Do They Provide 

Excel Rescue aim to provide a service where they can help you to complete your Excel Tasks, regardless of their size and complicity. Here’s the main services that they routinely provide:

  • Writing Complex Macros
  • Setting up Automations via Formulas and Functions.
  • Data Visualization: Creating, Updating Graphs, Charts, etc.
  • Creating Dashboards, Scorecard or Executive Summaries
  • Recovering Corrupt Files
  • Auditing Spreadsheets for Mistakes and Errors.
  • Formatting, Re-organizing and Optimizing Spreadsheets.

You see, there are a range of applications you can hire one of their experts for.

How it Works

If you are looking to hire an Excel Programmer for your Excel work, the process is incredibly simple:

Step One: Describe Your Task

You describe the task you’d like completed and send it via an online form. Your task gets assigned to the most experienced Excel Rescue developer.

Step Two: Wait for Delivery

If the developers at Excel Rescue have any questions, they’ll let you know straight away. Otherwise they’ll start on your assignment

Step Three: Review and Accept.

You receive the completed task. In one hour or less.


Excel Rescue Review

Describing Your Task(s)

Firstly, the process begins when you describe the Excel Tasks that most accurately describes your requirements:

Excel Rescue Review

You then have to fill out a simple form, which:

  • Describes Your Task in Detail
  • Where you upload your Spreadhseet
  • Add your contact details
  • Enter your preferred Excel Version.


Excel Rescue Review


Its so simple, and in under 5 minutes you can have your task submitted and ready for resolve!

And you dont need to pay the extortionate fees that some companies charge:

Affordable, Practical Pricing

This is based entirely on the number of tasks that you want completing.

Excel Rescue offer four levels of packages, in where you pay a higher fee for more tasks that you want them complete on your behalf.

Single Task ($99): 

✔ 2 business days turn around
✔ 1 active task at a time
✔ Small tasks up to 1 hour
✔ Money back guarantee
✔ Security and non-disclosure agreement

Pack of Three Tasks ($79 per task):

A pre-paid pack with all of the above for three single-tasks

Pack of Five Tasks ($59 per task):

A pre-paid pack with all of the above for five single-tasks

Pack of Ten Tasks ($39 per task):

A pre-paid pack with all of the above for three ten single-tasks

You see; there’s a cost-saving incentive in place which ensures you can get the best deal and the most affordable price.

Whats more, you can select from the tier that best applies for your project or specific needs.

The Key Features and Benefits 

Excel Rescue are there to assist you regardless of the level of complexity of your Excel Spreadsheets and Requirements. Here’s some of the key features of the service which sets them apart from others available online:

Express Access to the Best Excel Experts 

In under 5 minutes you can submit your task(s) to their team of Excel Developers. You will instantly receive an update on if your order has been accepted (which is a yes the majority of the time).

Excel Rescue is made up of a team of expert programmers who have years of experience with Excel and all the versions. They also specialize across the programs functionality, meaning you can will get your task completed to the highest standard available.

They have partnered up with some of the largest and most active Excel experts in the industry including:

  • Mr Excel
  • Vertex42
  • My Excel Online
  • The Spreadsheet Guru
  • ExcelDemy
  • Excel Guru
  • Excel Off the Grid
  • and many more.

As such, they are routinely expanding their knowledge of the latest developments and updates to Excel and they also take part in the discussion for the software’s ultimate development. These are the kind of programmers you want to hire. 

By utilizing their expertise, you can save hundreds of hours and a lot of money in course fees in trying to learn yourself or researching through thousands of posts in Excel support forums etc.

Excel Rescue are quick in response, and will provide you with accurate and timely communication and updates on your project and requirements.

It does;t matter how big or small your project is, the have the ability to complete it quickly.

Free Excel Templates

Excel Rescue provide a number of Free Business Spreadsheets to help you/ your business, just like this Analytics Dashboard:

Excel Rescue Review

Click HERE to get the FREE spreadsheets.

Considerably Cheaper Than other Developers

Excel Rescue pride themselves on 100% transparency. You only pay for the number of tasks you require and use. You can purchase packages to make your project as most cost effective for you as possible.

As they charge on a per task basis, you can easily and effectively hire them for one or two tasks to see if they are the service for you long term.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the service or your completed Task; you will be refunded the full cost, – no questions asked.

My Experience

“Just like any other business, I use Microsoft Excel daily. Whether I am understanding my cash-flow and finances, storing, calculating or analyzing data. Due to the nature of Excel, and the difficulties involved in extracting the most value from what it can provide, I felt lost, frustrated and in need of help. That’s why I purchased a $99 single task package from Excel Rescue; to see whether I  could outsource my project. I was incredibly satisfied with the experience. Through the simple submission form, my tasks were submitted in under five minutes. I was contacted shortly after to acknowledge my order and requirements. I appreciated that they stayed in constant contact throughout the order, updating me throughout the process. I  had a custom-made spreadsheet built and it was returned in under a day; complete with formulas, dashboards and macros. The level of detail, the user friendliness and formatting of my spreadsheet was something far superior than I could ever have been able to create in a month. For $99 this was a steal; and I am confident that I could outsource future tasks to Excel Rescue if required. Overall the experience has been extremely positive and I will be definitely counting on their expertise again. Ultimately, Microsoft Excel is an incredibly powerful software for your business, if, you know how to effectively use it and get the most out of the functionality. Until know, Expert Excel Assistance was incredibly expensive and  difficult to acquire; often costing several hundreds of dollars for relatively small and minor tasks. Excel Rescue, as the name suggests, is here to rescue us from our Excel woes; providing the expertise we require at reasonable and affordable prices. If you’re looking for an Excel Expert – look no further than Excel Rescue”

Who Is Excel Rescue Suitable For?

Excel Rescue is most suitable for any individual or business looking to hire Excel Programmers and Experts.

It will particularly interest those of you who are on a limited budget, have a small project or cannot find a suitable developer for your requirements.

Nonetheless, the team can provide support and assistance for larger projects, more complicated projects.

As such, this is a terrific solution to anyone seeking to outsource their Excel work.

Final Words

Excel Rescue is a timely and affordable solution for all Excel related tasks.

Whether you’re looking to outsource tasks, or are having difficulty using Microsoft Excel, the experts are there to offer you the help you need

The platform is incredibly easy to use and the process is simple.

Regardless of what you need Excel for, Excel Rescue will save you time, frustration and effort whilst ensuring you receive the highest quality solution for your needs.

Make your life easier, and help your business thrive by getting the specialist help you need.

Outsource your Excel Work Now