FPTraffic Review [The Software To Manage Your Facebook Pages]

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If you’re looking to Build, Grow, and Monetize your Facebook Pages, then FPTraffic is just what you’re looking for.

Here, I delve deeper into the software, its features and why I recommend signing up.

And since Facebook is the biggest social network, with over 2.2 million active users,  its a platform that you should really be focusing on. Its where your leads and customers reside online. Its the perfect location to promote your sites, videos, offers and your business.

But you need to get in-front of these users, and this is where FPTraffic comes in…

Overview of FPTraffic

FPTraffic is an tool for managing, growing, and monetising Facebook pages.

It enables you to easily manage all of your pages and posts.

In just one click, you can use the software to easily find, schedule, and post content on your Facebook Pages.

Additionally, you are able to use the photo sources to find content, and schedule them to be posted to your pages.

In essence, FPTraffic is the best and quickest tool to find and schedule content to be posted to your Facebook Pages!

Its the most simple, time and cost-effective way to manage your business/individual Facebook Pages that I have found.

Outdated, time-consuming methods of building your Facebook pages needn’t continue! This is the hassle-free way to explode your reach on Facebook.

Introducing FPTraffic: Manage, Grow and Monetize Your Facebook Pages.

FPTraffic Review

FPTraffic Review

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you were able to schedule your pages content hours, day or even weeks in advance?!

You could sit down at a weekend, or a time that suits you and schedule a whole weeks content for your Facebook pages; saving a massive amount of time and hassle.

Going further, wouldn’t you prefer  finding all of your content from the same very tool? Just think about how long it takes to discover quality content!

Whether images, videos, or even Amazon products (that you can place your affiliate link), FPTraffic lets you post to your page at set times, intervals and periods – helping you keep your audience happy and letting your page growing organically.

How Much Does the Software Cost?

The major benefit of this sofware is that is it practical and affordable.

It’s only $10 per month, which you pay easily through a Paypal subscription.

Whats more, there are no hidden fees nor are there any limitations (the $10 gives you the entire software’s power and functionality – you can use it as much as you require and you will never have to pay anything extra on top of the monthly fee).

Whilst it is is unfortunately a monthly rebill software, its low monthly fee ensures that it remains incredibly affordable.

How FPTraffic Works.

Before you register with FPTraffic, you will need a Facebook account with at least one page that you would like to control using the tool.

Step One – Sign Up: 

Visit  www.fptraffic.com and click the signup button. Here you will set up the $10 per month Paypal subscription. Once this has been processed you’ll have full access to the tool!

Step Two: – Schedule Your Posts: 

Once signed up you will be automatically signed in. Firstly, set up a page schedule. This is when your content will be posted to your Facebook page (taken from items in your queue)

Please note: there are no limitation on how many posts you can make and how frequently, but for best results we do not recommend you post more than twice per day. 

Step Three – Add Your Images: 

The power behind FPTrafraffic comes from the quality images that you send to your page(s)and the way they are scheduled. Done right, this ensures the tool boosts your engagement and increases your reach and social media presence.

FPTraffic understands this, and like so, there are a number of ways to acquire viral-worthy images that you can easily add to your page queue. You dont even need to leave the tool to go and get them.

One way of doing this is through Tumblr Search. All you need to do is enter your keyword and you’ll be provided with a tonne of images from Tumblr. Any image you see and want to post can be added to your queue. To do this, just click on the image.

Another way you can acquire images are directly from Bing. The process is the same as above for Tumblr.

The third way is the classic ‘upload from your computer‘. This is easy to do just like any online uploader form.

The last option available (and saving the best until last) is the import images from URLs functionality.

The best part is, there is no limit to the amount of images you can import this way! So for example, if you have over 50 URLs of images that you would like on your page.

Instead of having to download them one by one directly to your PC, and then doing the same to upload them all, you are able to insert every URL into FPTraffic. Every single image is added to the queue, instantly.

Step Four – Page Queue: 

Now that you have images stored in your queue, you can now go directly to see all of these images in your page queue.

Each image signifies one post on your page. From here you are able to see the time and date that each post will appear on your Facebook page.

If you wanted to, you could re-order your posts easily by dragging and dropping. This will provide the order they will be posted.

This provides you with the ability to schedule posts that use the same images without your audience realizing. If you wanted to delete an image from the queue, all you need to do is click the red cross against that image.

By clicking the edit symbol you are able to edit the description that will be posted underneath the image.

Step Five – Setting Up Links:

One of the standout features is ability to set up links. There are a number of ways to do this:

  1. Schedule Link: By using this, you can schedule a link to any web page on the Internet – this could be your site, your offer or your promition (would be great for Amazon links!). When this is posted to your page, an image will also be pulled directly from that URL.
  2. Schedule YouTube: You can send YouTube videos directly to your page – which will increase your pages engagement and help your page be considered as follow-worthy by the Facebook algorithm.
  3. Schedule Amazon Affiliate Offers – This is where you can easily profit from your Facebook Pages. FPTraffic has a feature present that lets you discover and schedule niche-related Amazon products that your audience will love and likely buy. To use this feature you need an Amazon Associates ID, to track your conversions. Theres a tonne of products on Amazon, even in super-targeted niches, so you will be able to earn a commission by sending traffic using this feature.
  4. Link Masking: Even more impressive is the ability to ‘mask your links’ so your audience doesn’t realise that you are sending them to affiliate offers. This will help build trust and grow your profits.

The Key Benefits 

Incredible Pricing

FPTraffic is the most cost-effective solution available on the market. As Facebook pages are completely free, when you think about it, you could actually set up a business with just this tool. Your only costs would be the $10 membership to this software!

And the best part, you won’t need to run expensive Facebook ads; this could be a lean low cost, high profit social media business.

Tonnes of Features for Organic Reach

As we’ve outlined above, this tool includes literally everything we can think of to manage, grow and build a Facebook page.

But most importantly, FPTraffic gives you the best chance of gaining organic reach as your engagement culminates in the Facebook algorithm showing your posts to more people.

Support including Private Group

Directly in your account you can access a number of guides on how to get the most out of the software.

There are even case studies of exactly what you need to do to succeed. Additionally, you have the ability to join a private Facebook group tto get support and ask questions.

Simple, Easy to use and Effective

Its all based around an intuitive dashboard and one-clicks. You can use a number of different methods to achieve the same result, its all down to preference. Never has managing your Facebook page been so darn easy.

My Experience and Thoughts 

“Do you have a Facebook page(s), and are you are looking to grow, monetize it and develop more leads for your site, business or promotions? Well, we cant put it any other way than: you need FPTraffic. Its an incredible way to drive targeted traffic  – and in the most time and cost-effective way. The tools present within FPTraffic let you completely control and manage your Facebook page, whilst allowing you to increase your organic reach for literally the price of a few Coffess per month. We can only describe this as one of the best social media marketing tools that we have ever used. There are a number of uses for the software, and a direct monetisation strategy that you can start straight away”.

Clients who have Facebook Pages managed by FPTraffic have 3,047,698,404+ Likes – and counting!

How & Where To Gain Access

Click here to join FPTraffic today – trust me, this is the service you need.