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“We purchased a commercial Graphitii licence on the basis that we gain access to the best Cinemagraph Software currently available on the Market. The intention was simple; we would use this software to revolutionize and optimize our marketing campaigns. Cinemagraphs have since been a revelation. Our audience engagement has skyrocketed as our branding and advertising has been taken to the next level! We’ve been able to captivate our readers and expand our organic reach by over 50% in little over 1 month”. – Unrivaled Graphitii Review.

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, and develop mesmerizing marketing campaigns that will help you to build your audience on social media, acquire more leads, and do all of this in LESS time, then this Graphitii Review is just what you’re looking for.

At Unrivaled Review, we research abundantly to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest and greating marketing techniques and software to maximize your potential online. We realise the importance of your market brand, and the power of social media can be the difference from operating online, to profiting online.

And that’s why we rate Graphitii so highly – it can dramatically improve your marketing campaigns, instantly.

With this software you are able to produce the most highly engaging, attention captivating, and lead generating media. It’s the best Cinemagraph software that we have found. And we’ve seen quite a few!

You’ll be able to capture MORE attention, from a LARGER audience, QUICKER and for LONGER. All of the metrics that generate leads.

It’s basically the difference between a quick glance and an action – a click, a sign up… a purchase!

So first of all, you’ve seen them mentioned, and your probably wondering what are Cinemagraphs?

They’re static images with isolated moving part inside. The’ye GIFS on steroids.

They ensures that your campaign is recognized, received and noticed.

In essence, Cinemagraphs will dramatically improve your exposure.

That’s why we wrote this Graphitii Review. To look closely at a Cinemagraph Software that will transform your marketing, across all of the major Social Media platforms.

Its a complete Cinemagraph Software and web-based technology that enables you to create hugely popular and highly engaging media that works by captivating your audiences attention

Introducing Graphitii: The World’s Easiest, Fastest, And Frighteningly Effective Cinemagraph Maker.


Overview of the Product

Graphitii Review

Graphitii is a revolutionary Cinemagraph Creation and Editing Software. It enables you to Hypnotize, Mesmerize and Monetize, with must-look HD Cinemagraphs, all in under 3 minutes!

Cinemagraphs Exploit Two Military-Grade Mind-Hacks The Human Brain Is Powerless To Avoid!

It results in:

More Attention

Longer Attention

Better Attention

So If Cinemagraphs Are So Hot, Why Isn’t Everyone Using Them? Because they’re a nightmare to make.

Even simple tutorials are as long as 30 pages! And that’s AFTER you’ve shelled out for Photoshop and put hours into learning how to use it.

But What If You Could Create Own, Unique Stunning Cinemagraphs In Just A Few Minutes… Without Making Having To Spend A Dime On Any New Equipment?


Graphitii is so simple, this Cinemagraph Software only takes 4 steps!


The whole process is as easy as this:

Step 1: Sign up to a Commercial Club Licence, by clicking HERE

Step 2: Upload video and trim your clip to the perfect length.

Step 3: Choose the area you want to bring to life by “colouring it in”.

Step 4: Choose to export your cinemagraph as a GIF or MP4, or share it directly to social media, and instantly inspire your fans to action.

And you can do these four steps, from your computer, or even your mobile


Graphitii is a premium cloud-based service that lets you tap into the power of eye-guidance and isolated motion to produce awe-inspiring Cinemagraphs in minutes.

Fast Cinemagraph Creation:

Graphitii is considered the best Cinemagraphs software on the market. You can generate dynamic Cinemagraphs in as little as 10 clicks! Graphitii’s clean and friendly interface, with an assistance user wizard, ensures you’ll run into no problems with this software

100% Web-Based Software:

Built on the cloud, meaning, it’s an online technology in which you simply log into. No downloads required! It’s a fully web-based service that enables you to access all your account and stored footage from any device with an internet connection

No More Repetitive, Lacklustre Content:

With online marketing, you have around 10 seconds to catch the viewers’ attention; and most marketing doesn’t even get that far! This software is an effective solution that will give you more eyes and more time on your promotions, meaning your campaigns can be more effective and drive more leads

No Technical Skill Requirement:

Designed to be incredibly easy to use. You will not require any previous software knowledge or skill and can be directed throughout the entire process to create your impressive Cinemagraphs in minutes.

Integration of Social Sharing Function:

After finishing your Cinemagraph you can share it to all the popular social media networks with just one click! Right from inside the software. A shareable links is also available if you wanted to manually post your new content!



Here’s what can happen when you start posting Cinemagraphs

Fans, Followers & Endless Conversions

✔ Drive floods of “already impressed” readers to your blog (… then dazzle them further with full-size versions of your most shared Cinemagraphs!)

✔ Use “eye-guidance” to get more clicks with phenomenal CTAs people are helpless to look away from.

✔ Build your brand like a billion-dollar company and dominate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with Cinemagraphs that auto-play on an endless branding loop.

✔ Use “isolated motion” to trick the brain and mesmerize prospects the second they hit your landing pages.

✔ PLUS – Get as much as 34% more bang for your buck from your social media ads by GRABBING, KEEPING, and CONVERTING the ATTENTION of  your fans, followers, and future subscribers.

Easy Engagement & Rapid Expansion

 ✔ Imprint your product, branding and blog content in your prospects’ mind with point and click ease.

✔  Add Cinemagraphs to your blog to expand your reach with unforgettable posts people WANT to share.

✔ Aggressively expand your email marketing, and join the 72% of marketers who’re ALREADY reporting an upward trend in email engagement when using Cinemagraphs

✔ Take advantage of built in Auto-Play features on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stop people dead in their tracks as they scroll through their feeds.

✔ Get people glued to your website, blog or squeeze page until they buy, read or subscribe…

PLUS – Overcome Facebook’s much hated “edge-rank” by creating hypnotic Facebook Ads that drive clicks, boost engagement, and create impressive stop-and-stare moments in Facebook’s news feed.

Mesmerizing Marketing & Professional Flair

 ✔  Captivate your audience and become the STAND OUT marketer in your niche (… that means more sales, higher prices, bigger fan bases, and far less money wasted on underperforming ad campaigns)

✔ Instantly position yourself as a marketer to be respected by using Graphitii to engage in a new form of visual storytelling that captures the imagination, and builds your brand with class.

✔ Just a few minutes and you can create cinemagraphs that grab HUGE attention from new audiences who’d usually skip straight past your video, ad, of blog post.

✔ PLUS – No System Requirements… it works on Mac or PC. Because it’s 100% cloud-based all the heavy lifting takes place on our servers, giving you the freedom to create jaw-dropping Cinemagraphs any time, any place, at no extra expense.

✔ PLUS – ONLY WITH GRAPHITII – Create your Cinemagraph and overlay your own custom text to really press home your marketing advantage…

Be one step ahead of the competition



Unrivaled Review strongly recommends Graphitii to those trying to expand their online presence but is struggling to acquire traffic and gain a following. It would be particularly useful to any business advertising on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) but has not been able to captivate their audience, gain followers, drive traffic or convert viewers to sales.

As it is a web based cloud technology, it can be accessed immediately after purchase. You can be literally creating new fresh content in under 5 minutes! Besides, this form of content is where the money is – it is proving to be an incredibly effective strategy for acquiring traffic and leads, and one in which has an upward trajectory in terms of its applications and effectiveness. Just look at some of the sponsored ads that are targeting you as key examples of that!

So, if you fit the profile above, or have always wanted to create highly engaging and converting material, we suggest you order Graphitii Club NOW.


“We purchased a commercial licence on the basis that we gain access to the best Cinemagraph Software currently available on the Market. The intention was simple; we would use this software to revolutionize and optimize our marketing campaigns. Cinemagraphs have since been a revelation. Our audience engagement has skyrocketed as our branding and advertising has been taken to the next level! We’ve been able to captivate our readers and expand our organic reach by over 50% in little over 1 month”. 


Graphitii is a complete online Cinemagraph Software & technology, meaning it can easily be accessed and used INSTANTLY after purchase.

All you need to do is to CLICK HERE.

It can easily be purchased with PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

So if you want to expand your online presence, drive high converting traffic and build your brand, we suggest you get this fantastic product today!


Graphitii Review

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