H-Com 2020 Review [Alex Becker Dropshipping Course]

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HCom 2020 Review [Alex Becker's Ecommerce Dropshipping Course]

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Alex Becker; he seems to be everywhere on YouTube at the moment. Whether he is appearing on a YouTube Ad or one of his videos is being recommended, its hard to actually quite hard to get away from him!

If you are here, then chances are you are familiar or maybe even interested in one of his Shopify Dropshipping Courses, known as: H-Com 2020.

Despite the fact that is has been available for some time, I’d like to discuss and breakdown this course as it is still available for purchase. So, first and foremost, welcome to my H-Com 2020 review.

Being in the dropshipping space myself, I have actually purchased a number of Alex Becker’s products over the years, including this one, HCom 2020.

As such, I’d like to break this course down for you today. I will explore what you get if you sign up and whether it is worth the investment. I’ll also specify if there are any other alternatives that you should consider.

H-COM 2020; What Is It Exactly?

In short, H Com 2020 is a Shopify eCommerce dropshipping course that was created by Alex Becker.

Alex claims that this course will teach you how to set up and build a shopify dropshipping business via the Shopify platform.

Some of the modules include how to develop your own unique brand, drive traffic via Facebook Ads, set up email marketing, establish print on demand products and more.

The course was primarily designed for beginners and those of you who are yet to start dropshipping. In many ways, the idea is to get you set up and running from scratch. This way you can replicate along in real-time and by the end of the course you will have a fully functional and operational dropshipping business.

H-Com 2020 is available for a one time price of $1997. Alternatively, you can pay 5 payments of $597 (totaling $2985 and costing you more). If you are looking for a superior, considerably cheaper and highly recommended alternative, I suggest you click here to visit the Final Verdict Section of this review

Who Is Alex Becker?

Alex Beckers YouTube Channel
Alex Becker’s YouTube Channel

Odds are you already know who Alex Becker is (or have at least watched his content!). But if you don not yet know, he is an online entrepreneur who has found success with Internet & Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping as well as a number of other online Business Ventures (mainly in the Software space).

His attention in recent years has turned to Software, specifically creating products for Internet Marketers, but he spends a lot of time creating content on YouTube and also creating premium courses which aim to teach his strategies and methods.

His YouTube channel has exploded, to the point in where he now has over 373,000 subscribers. – you may even be one of them.

Alex has gained a lot of attention due to his style and methods of teaching; his content mixes education with entertainment and he is quite unpredictable and comical.

H-Com 2020 Review

Let’s us now turn our attention back onto H-Com 2020. This course is one of many eCom dropshipping courses available and that I routinely review here on unrivaledreview.com. I’ve seen my fair share of courses and signed up to a few, so I’ve learned what to look for and what to watch out for. So the question naturally follows, is the H-Com 2020 course something you should purchase and sign up to?

We’re now going to take a closer look at the course so that you can understand what is included. This is what you will be getting if you sign up with the $1997 payment (or the five payments of $597). Its expensive so you want to be sure this is a wise investment before you proceed.

The course is not only delivered by Alex; it was co-created with Devin Zander and Matt Schmidt – two other recognizable Shopify Gurus who also have YouTube channels and large followings. Matt specializes print on demand product dropshipping whereas Devin created Smar7, a small software business that builds apps specifically for use on the Shopify Platform.

The course is divided into 12 separate modules. Each module is unlocked each week. However there is an option to “Quickstart“, which forms as the first module.

H-Com 2020 Course Material

The “Quickstart” module is completely optional. The idea is that this enables you to skip over the more in-depth content and get selling quicker.

While it sounds useful; this would mean you are paying at minimum $1997 to forego half the content? So, the choice is up to you buy from my perspective and experience, its probably not for the best. But nice to have the option I suppose.

Module 2: Selecting the Right Products

The Products module is all about teaching you how to find winning products that are going to make you the most sales. In this section, you will learn how to research for products, what to look for in products and your different options available (like whether you should straight dropship or Print on Demand).

The course mentions AliExpress platform for finding products but also mentions a few others.

From here, the module then discusses how to scale winning products and how to make more sales once you find them. Theres a lesson on trend spotting which teaches how you can find products before they become big and you can maximize your Return on Investment.

Module 3: Optimized Store Design

The next week, you turn to the design of your actual store. The idea is that a better designed store converts better. If your store is not working correctly or looks unprofessional you are unlikely to make any sales.

You learn how and where to get your Store Logo Designed, how to pick the right color scheme, how to optimize your Homepage/ Product Pages and Descriptions and other pages you will need and how they should look.

While quite a lot is covered here, you can save a lot of time and make more conversions if you opt for a premium theme from the very outset. You’re going to want one that was built with speed and conversions in mind (and comes with all the best apps pre-built in).

You can view the best themes for drop shipping stores here.

Module 4: Offers

This is a relatively small section but just as it sounds its all about introducing offers on your store. It mentions what are the best offers that lead to more conversions and when and how to implement them.

Module 5: Print on Demand (POD)

The course includes a Print on Demand unit so if you are considering this method and style of eCommerce, you’re going to want to listen to these videos. If not you can skip (like if you are going to source products directly from AliExpress).

Module 6: Business Branding

One of the fundamental and important elements of a successful dropshipping store is building a brand. The truth is, that regardless of what you sell, people buy into your brand.

This is without doubt why retargeting is usually and typically so successful. You’ve already introduced your brand and built some interest for your products.

Here are some other insights you will learn in this section:

  • Best and easiest way to design a logo
  • Creating Sales Materials
  • Building Trust with your Customers
  • Using your Brand for higher conversions.

Module 7: Targeting Your Ads

The Ad Targeting module focuses entirely on Facebook Ads. Unlike the other sections, Matt Schmidt covers this important topic.

Videos here include: how to find your target audience, how to use the Power Editor, how to scale winning ads, understanding the results of your ads, creating Ad Copy and installing and understanding your Facebook pixel.

While this provides a good overview of Facebook Advertising, for the hefty price of this course this module is very limited. It’s nowhere near as in-depth and useful as the equivalent module in Ecom Elites, which provides a lot more actionable content for Facebook Ads.

Module 8: Store Analytics

In the Analytics section you learn the basics of Google Analytics and the reporting functionality that it provides. You also learn how to understand your Facebook Ad Analytics and how you know when to scale. This is all abiut product performance tracking and how you can maximize your ROI.

When you add up the length of all the videos in this module, it falls just short of 2 hours. This is relatively long section on a beneficial subject. Often data is ignored but it can help you make the right decisions at the right times. This is crucial to your ultimate success with eCom.

Module 9: Email Marketing

The Email Marketing module is all about how you can set up email communications with your buyers and interested potential customers. Its about creating a sequence of emails to drive higher conversions.

Alex is guilty of recommending his own software, Market Hero, in this section. It is an autoresponder that enables you to send emails automatically and that are sent out in a particular sequence. While I see the versatility of Market Hero, I do not think it is necessary or ideal for beginners. There are other solutions available on the market that are considerably cheaper.

Alex goes on to outline the importance of email marketing for eCommerce businesses and while it is an ideal opportunity to build trust with your audience and ultimately more sales. He outlines what you should be communicating and selling to your list once they subscribe.

The training in this module is with Market Hero so if you wanted to opt for a cheaper email marketing platform you will not be able to learn how to use it and set it up

Module 10: Instagram Influencer Marketing

There are five videos in total in this module, totaling around 25 minutes in length. The videos teach you some strategies of how to hire Instagram Influencers to market your products to their audience.

This has become a very popular form of advertising in 2019 because it is very profitable. You can get your products out in front of a large audience of targeted people for a price that previously was not possible.

This is a small section but it does open up a new marketing opportunity if you haven’t considered it before.

Module 11: Advanced Selling Tactics

This module is pretty much the outline of what makes the ideal sales video and how to perfect your marketing material. It teaches you how analyze tour sales videos to improve them further, how to set up webinars and the pitches you need to get people to join then.

As the name of the module suggests, this is an advanced tactic that not all of you will use. However it opens up some more opportunities should you decide to venture out.

Module 12: YouTube Videos

The final section is a brief overview of using YouTube ads, just like Alex Becker. This teaches you how to setup and create ads specifically for the YouTube platform.

Final Words and Verdict

While there is a lot of valuable content in the H-Com 2020 Course, I just cannot endorse or recommend a course that costs this much. Who really has $1997 spare capital lying around that they are willing to invest in one course, so chances are you will need to opt for the 5 payment option. This takes the course fee to $2985!

The content of the course just does not justify the elaborate fee. Its way to expensive for what you get.

Remember with a Shopify Dropshipping store there are other costs involved; Shopify platform fees, Favebook Ads etc so the cost doesnt just stop at the course fee alone.

Now this isnt to say H-Com 2020 is a scam – its definitely not its just lacking in content and you should be getting more for this price.

So what is the best alternative?

If you want to start dropshipping and don’t want to spend all of your money on a course – go with eCom Elites. Its my favorite and recommended pick at only $197 for over 175+ videos of exclusive content.

It includes way more content than H-Com 2020; the Facebook Advertising section alone is almost double the size and considerably longer.

Ecom Elites covers absolutely everything in Alex Becker’s course but also a lot more. Topics like SEO, Chatbots, Google Shopping Ads, a complete Sales Funnel are just some of the extras you’ll get.

There are countless positive success stories from students of eCom Elites including my own. I signed up myself and have increased my conversion rates 3x using some of the methods taught.

I suggest you read my in depth review and see for yourself why it is superior. Plus, you can save the $1700 or invest half of it on FB ads to make more money!

Best Dropship Course For 2019
If you want to succeed with dropshipping and build a long-term profitable online business, then I suggest you checkout Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. Costing just a one-time price of $197, and with a growing list of over 175+ HD video library of content covering the entire dropshipping model, you’ll struggle to find a course as thorough and cost-effective as this. Checkout my Ecom Elites Review where I show you inside my Members Area of the course

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