How To Increase Followers On Instagram Without Following

How To Increase Followers On Instagram Without Following

So you want to grow your Instagram Account and get more followers, likes, engagement and interactions but you don’t want to use the ‘following method’…. Fair enough.

You’re not alone; I personally hate with a passion, this too-often and ineffective recommended method. Why? Because its incredibly time-costly, its boring, and quite frankly, it doesn’t work.

So I would like to provide you today with the best, most effective ways to grow your Personal/Business Instagram accounts without ever having to like another account again.

If you want to get targeted followers, this guide will help. Those that care about your interests, photos, industry or niche).

Getting permanent, targeted and premium followers who will actually want to follow you will be a result of reading this guide.

But firstly, before we get started.

What Is The Following Method?

Essentially, with the following method, you research and find Instagram accounts (usually similar accounts in your Industry, Field or Interest). You would do this using the manual search at the top of the Instagram platform, and you can search for specific text strings and keywords (or even hashtags).

From here, you follow accounts that post similar content to you in the hopes that these accounts will see that you are following them, and ‘return the favor’ by following you back.

You see the inherent problem with this method – it works on an imaginary and false favor and reciprocity that for the most part, people will not feel obliged to partake in.

It works on the premise of the “follow to follow” principle, and as such, you can only ‘grow your account’ when you are following others.

But the problems run much deeper with this method.

Some people might follow you back initially, but unfollow you when their ratio gets out of sync – or they may just unfollow you immediately.

Moreover, you will also a large number of “fake account followers” that are following you via a bot.

If you dont pay attention to the types of profiles you interact these problems are exacerbated.

You see, not only are you unlikely to get many followers at all following this method, but the ones you do get are not going to be of any benefit to you.

The Alternative Methods 

Now that I have outlined what the following method is, and why you would not want to do it, now lets turn to what actually works.

The following methods which are listed below are being utilized by the very best Social Media Marketing Expertswho are using the following methods to actively grow some of the most influential and largest Instagram accounts on the platform.

But first and foremost, here what you should not do:

  • Install and Set Up a Bot
  • Buy Fake Likes
  • Buy Fake Followers
  • Use an Auto-like.Auto-Follow Mobile App

Now you might have used these in the past, and you may think that they can be beneficial. In my experience, and having had numerous conversations with Social Media Marketing professionals, these methods do not work.

Here’s why; these services predominantly revolve around fake accounts and ones that are not going to help grow your Instagram Account. They are unlikely to interact with your posts, they are unlikely to share your content with others, refer you to their friends etc. They’re essentially pointless.

Instead, you have to ask yourself the question. Do you want followers for the sake of having followers (just for the numbers) or do you want followers who are going to engage with you, interact with you, and if you are selling products or working for a business, buy from you.

You see, whats more important, is not only the quantity of your followers, but the quality.

And here’s the ironic thing, the more quality your followers are, the more likes you will receive, and the more reach your posts and account can have – the more you can ultimately grow.

So bearing all of these methods and factors in mind, lets get to the list:

Best Ways To Grow Your Instagram Account

Upload Often – Be Consistent

This may sounds relatively straightforward and simple, but lets be honest, nobody wants to follow an account with old stagnant content.

People want to follow accounts that have interesting and unique fresh content, that will fill their Feed every-time they open up the app.

The more active you are, the more likely you are to be discovered and followed.

Upload Quality

Now, there’s one thing just uploading regularly, but the main thing that you need to do to grow is to post quality pictures that people actually want to see. Ensure that the dimensions work, not just on the individual picture itself (they fit the screen) but that they sync and look good on your profile (fit your branding, color scheme and style)

The best profiles, that gain a lot of followers routinely following certain styles, color schemes and consistency:

How To Increase Followers On Instagram Without Following

Be Unique

The third way to get a lot of Instagram followers is to stand out from the crowd. This sounds quite easy and obvious, but the idea is that you offer something different and give a reason for people to follow your account. After you add relevant hashtags, if your content stands out then more people are likely to find you and click on your pictures and images (and subsequently follow if they like what you see). Increasing the chances of being featured under the ‘explore’ tab.

Utilize Hashtags

The most engaged with profiles, and those that have the biggest followings on Instagram know their hashtags. These hashtags will be unique not only to that specific piece of content, but to their wider profiles in general.

You will get the most amount of image views as the hashtags are well researched. Only the most optimal are used.

Whenever you post, be sure to add niche specific and relevant hashtags so that your potential new followers can find you via the explore functionality and through their search bars.

Liking & Commenting on Content

Another brilliant method to increase your followers is to go out and interact on photos. Via hashtags or search go out and find photos and videos that are relevant to your profile, your interests or your niche. Be sure to find individuals and accounts that post regularly and that are engaging with their following.

Like as many photos as you can, but also be sure to comment on photos. Write relevant and personalized messages, not just generic ones. You will be surprised at how many followers you will get by commenting, specifically if you ask questions, provide great feedback or help people.

The reason why this is so effective is that a lot of people do not regularly receive great comments but instead get a lot of spam.  The more comments you leave per account, the higher is the chance that they will visit your profile and like you.

In my experience I have found commenting to be far more effective than liking. But be sure to do both to maximize your results.

Network on Other Sites

Now this is a fantastic way of increasing your reach and promoting your profile for maximum views and follows. Be sure to post on Social Media sites; like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Forums – particularly the latter two. The best results will come from where you have the most presence.

If you are able to find similar people who like your topics, or have questions or an interest in the type of pictures you post, then your Instagram profile could be hugely beneficial to them. They will be far more likely to follow you.

For this method to work most effectively, post about your content or posts frequently and make sure your Instagram link is on your Social Media Profiles.

Learn From the Best

Be sure to follow and learn from the latest techniques, methods and tips from other Social Media Marketers and experts. HubPost is an excellent resource which is worth following and learning as much as you can from.

Employ a Reputable Instagram Growth Service

Now, if you are like me and you’ve read all of the methods above and thought – that’s a lot of work and that you may not have time to do all of the above, then one of the most effective and proven ways to grow your account with real targeted followers is to hire an Instagram Growth Service.

These services will work on your accounts behalf, meaning that you do not need to do anything but sit back and watch your accounts followers grow.

They work by planning and then executing on a Social Media Marketing plan and strategy, that aligns with your own specific profile.

Now, you may be thinking that this may be really costly, but a lot of these services offer really competitive prices.

One of the best and most cost-effective services that I have found and used is Kicksta.

Kicksta offer a 24/7 growth oriented and safe-service that uses machine learning and AI to engage with users who will be most interested in your content and your profile. They operate using a proprietary set of filters that make sure they only engage with real and relevant to your profile.

They end up liking around 30,000 niche-relevant photos a month, and as they target similar accounts to your own, it dramatically increases the likelihood that they’ll also like your brand and want to follow you.

You will get organic followers who are genuinely interested in your brand. You will be growing your account in the best way possible.

Kicksta, has enabled me to increase my followers by over 60% in as little as a month since signing up.

You can read my full review and experience with Kicksta by clicking here.

Kicksta work on both personal and business accounts. Its great if you are an individual and its great if you run a business and advertise and market your products via Instagram. This is the best part about their service.

Final Words

You can grow a considerable following on Instagram without having to use the ‘follow method’. Hopefully by now, you know exactly what you need to do.

Not only is the following method highly time-costly, but it is highly ineffective. Instead, there are a lot better ways to grow on Instagram, as I have discussed with you in the post.

If you are serious about your Instagram Growth, then you will need to commit some time and effort to promoting your photos and your profile – not just on the platform itself, but elsewhere on the internet.

That’s why, an Instagram Growth Service is so valuable, because they take away this commitment, and help grow your account for you on Auto-pilot.

This is the best way to grow organically on Instagram, so if you finally want to increase your followers for good and with minimum effort on your part, then be sure to take a look at Kicskta:

See the Power of Kicksta

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