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Message To Millions Review

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“We attended one of Ted’s Live Seminars (one of his many free online courses), and have to say he is incredibly well-spoken, articulate, easy to understand and confident in his message.  Ted was clearly speaking from experience, and had a wide range of materials and resources to back up his impressive claims. We found the training to be incredibly intuitive and easy to follow, and his recommendations and suggestions could easily be applied once the seminar was complete. “- Unrivaled Message To Millions Review.

Have you seen and are considering buying Ted McGrath Message to Millions? Then this Review was written just for you.

At Unrivaled Review, we routinely seek the ways and products that will help make you a considerable income online. And that’s where Message to Millions comes in:

How inspired would you be if you had an online system that could consistently deliver high paying clients to you and help you create your dream income and lifestyle? (Instead of chasing after clients)

You see, this is about transforming your current earning potential.

That’s why we’re writing this Message to Millions review; we will look closely at a product that will go above and beyond to deliver us exactly what we need to profit online.


Introducing: Ted Mcgrath Message To Millions:“The 7 Step System to Find Your Life Story and Message, Get Your Dream Clients, and Earn a Consistent Stream of Income While Changing the World”


Ted McGrath is the instructor of the complete training programme. He is a Celebrity Coach, Speaker, Expert, Practitioner, Healer, and most importantly an Entrepreneur. In essence, he helps hundreds of people make a full-time income online, and reduces the hours in which they work, through an established and highly regarded “blueprint” (read on for more).

Ted is considered an Expert in obtaining high paying premium clients with success in both One on One and Group Training Seminars and Workshops. Ted coaches around 3 hours a month and 12 days a year, and runs a multi-million dollar coaching/expert business.

Message To Millions Review



“My life has been devoted to creating the most comprehensive program for spreading your message to millions and consistently bringing in the income you deserve every single month.”


Message To Millions is an Online LIVE coaching program.  It is not just some quickly-created course with pre-recorded videos.  This program is live — which means you get full access to Ted, with the most up-to-date and actionable information possible.

 You are also provided with Lifetime Access and will receive an additional 25 Hours of Video, Workbooks, Transcripts, and Training beyond the live events.


This is a comprehensive full training course that will transform your results but providing you with  a powerful training system that holds the many keys to generating highly profitable and high-end online clients. Its profit generation made easy.

Whats Included in the Training Programme:

Module 1: The Story Formula

Your Life Story is Your Message to Millions.

There’s no better way to help clients see the results and transformation you offer in your programs, then telling your life story and sharing your challenges and your breakthroughs.

In Module 1, you will learn:

  • Design your life story to attract your perfect client and create raving celebrity-type fans
  • How to design a vulnerable, inspirational, money making story that communicates the message and transformation your clients want.
  • Master the 3 Essential stories – A Networking Story, An Online Story For Webinars and Videos, and A Stage Story. (60 secs, 3 minutes, and 10 minutes)
  • Uncover the Life Lessons within your life story and life experience so you can teach, coach, and train others
  • Learn the secret to telling stories that pre sell your clients on your programs without actually selling
  • How to turn your story into a MOVEMENT that inspires others

Without uncovering your life story you will never create your true message that makes an impact and changes lives.

Module 2: Find Your Message

In Module 2 you are going to learn how to create a clear, powerful message that captures your clients and communicates your value.

  • Ted’s 7 second framework to create a clear, concise and powerful message that communicates to your perfect client in 7 seconds or less
  • The Secret To creating 5 powerful words in your message that communicate the exact benefits you clients are thirsting for
  • How to communicate your value in your message so your clients are ready to pay you what you deserve
  • Discover Teds magic trick for turning your message into your coaching program in 60 seconds (no joke, you will see Ted do it in this module)
  • How a simple message can be used for presentations, opt in pages, sales pages, and headlines for online presentations

Module 3: The Content Creation Blueprint

In Module 3 you are going to learn how to create powerful content to coach, teach, and train your clients.

  • How to Package Your Content into the EXACT 5-7 Steps you will deliver in your coaching programs
  • Teds simple framework for communicating these 5-7 steps confidently and clearly so your clients pay you DOUBLE for your programs
  • Discover How These 5-7 Steps are the content for your one on one/Group Programs, Live Events, Online Products, and MORE!

Module 3 will teach you how to create your entire business model so you can get paid like a celebrity.

When you have an intelligent business that pays you well… PLUS earns you multiple streams of income… then you have the freedom to work with whomever you want, when you want and from anywhere in the world.

Module 4: Program Creation Formula

Want to triple your income and your free time?

How to create coaching programs that serve MORE people and Make MORE money while Working LESS.

Move away from the one-to-one model to the one-to-many model and free your time while increasing your revenue!

Yes, you can make money online even if you don’t know the first thing about it because in Module 4 you will learn:

  • How to Design and Structure your Group Coaching Program whether online or in person, so you can work less, earn more, and serve more clients
  • How to Create a Group Program that brings in a steady stream of income every single month, so you never have to worry about paying the bills again
  • How To Price Your Group Programs so you get paid what you’re worth and have more time and money freedom
  • How Present Your OFFER for Group Program so you are supremely confident in the results you will deliver
  • How To Fill your program with 10 of your Dream Clients in 30-60 days
  • YES, you can run this business with a phone line, from your HOUSE or any destination on the plane

Module 5: The Never Ending Client System

What if you could create a steady, predictable, reliable stream of dream clients every single month?  This system is specifically designed to help you get your first 10 high end clients in the next 30-90 days.

This is a simple offline strategy to bring in high end clients and cash flow to sustain your business and launch it to the next level.

This module is critical to your success because it helps you bring in high end clients while you are building your online marketing system in module 7

In Module 5 you will learn:

  • The Fast Client 100 – for finding your first 100 potential clients in your first month, especially your first 90 days
  • The Client 25 System – for creating a steady flow of clients every single month
  • The Client Booking System – for booking free consultations and enrolling high paying clients regularly
  • This is what creates the time and money freedom you deserve. This system focuses on offline marketing to jump start your cash flow while you build your online marketing system in module 7.

Module 6: The Dream Client Enrollment System

Learn how to enroll with Teds 12 point question framework. Overcome and diffuse any objection and make an effective offer.

  • Teds Enrollment Bible – 3 Principles To Enroll More Clients
  • 5 Authentic Persuasion Techniques To Book More Free Strategy Sessions
  • Teds 12 Question Framework On How To Get Your Clients To Say Yes To Their Vision and Enroll Themselves
  • How To Make Your Offer – Ask for the credit card, and enroll the client in your program
  • Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Asking For The Credit Card
  • How To Use The Power of Case Stories To Inspire Your Clients To Enroll
  • Teds Simple Referral System

As you can see this training programme is a complete system; it goes above and beyond and delivers on multiple fronts with 6 highly effective modules.

What’s more, the training is aimed at long-term success and Ted therefore offers lifetime access. Get yourself a place on this training course through THIS LINK and then learn the secrets that will transform your results. It’s that simple!

The reason this system was developed was to help you live your dream; it will help you work LESS but earn MORE money.


BONUS 1: 7 Weeks of Group Training and Live Q&A with Ted Over the Phone ($15,000 Value)

For the first 7 weeks of the program, Ted will show up live on a group call training with you for up to 2 hours.

You can ask questions and get coached personally by Ted during the live training.

Ted will share examples and strategies from his own company to help you understand the training on a deeper level.  He’ll break down the module topics so you’re clear on your next steps.

This 7 weeks of Live training with Ted only happens one time each year, so join Ted live!

BONUS 2: Two Tuition Waivers for the Message To Millions 4-Day Live event ($3,997 Value)

This is a packed, high-value 3-day amazing training that has changed countless lives.  You can choose to attend Teds January 25th-28th, 2018 M2M Live Event in Los Angeles, CA.

BONUS 3: Marketing to Millions Membership Program:  12 Months of Live Marketing Training with Ted, One 75 Minute Call Every Month ($5,000 Value)

12 months of LIVE calls with Ted to learn his BEST marketing strategies and campaign for building your dream business and income.

Each month, Ted will show up live to share with his best marketing strategies.  He’ll host a livestream that you’ll have exclusive access to and he’ll walk you through the marketing strategies that are giving him the best results.

It’s a behind the scenes look at Ted’s business’s marketing strategies while it’s happening!  You’ll get regular, insider information that you can use in your own business immediately.

BONUS 4: The Dream Traffic System: Learn FB Ads for Beginners, so You Can Grow Your List and Get High Paying Clients ($5,000 Value)

In the Dream Traffic System, you’ll learn:

  • Give you More Free Time and Money to do what you love in this industry
  • Create an Amazing Lifestyle where you Work Less, make more, and spend more time with your family and passions
  • Help you Rapidly Build Your Business and your impact while growing a lifestyle friendly practice
  • Facebook Ads for Beginners. You’ll learn how to Launch Your First FB Ad, so you can grow your list and get high paying dream clients
  • Two Weeks of FB Coaching where we’ll be pulling back the curtain to show you exactly how we run our successful ad campaigns, generating leads every single day

What’s the benefit of having leads come straight to you?  Imagine not going to network meeting after network meeting or chasing clients.  How good would it feel to see 30 new leads in your contact list every week?

You can step away more, enjoy time with family and take vacations, the leads will still flow in steadily, even while you aren’t working.

Your calendar fills with free consultations that book themselves!  You show up for the call and enroll dream clients into your programs.  An automated system gives you freedom and takes the pressure off, so you can focus on the growth of your business and the impact of your transformational programs.

To enroll high paying clients, you need the internet, a phone line, and a home office.

BONUS 5: Exclusive FB Group ($1,000)

In this business, one piece of advice can be worth $1 Million dollars to your bottom line. Seriously. With your Free Bonuses you’re getting over $300,000 of advice, coaching and consulting that I have already paid and profited from.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. You’re also going to get access to the Message to Millions Private Facebook group. Teds team and I are on there every day answering YOUR questions, sharing the latest wins and sharing with you live, in real-time the best strategies and tactics that are working for the members of the community.

Total Bonus Package Value:  $26,994!

Message To Millions Review


I strongly recommend Message to Millions to any current or future: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Coaches. This training will ensure that you not only discover your personal story and message, but that you are able to leverage this story into one that SELLS. And sells at a high-price. If you’re trying to generate leads and sales online but haven’t yet got the results you initially had hoped for, this system can transform your results and ensure that you get the most out of what an online business can offer.


We attended one of Ted’s Live Seminars (one of his many free online courses), and have to say he is incredibly well-spoken, articulate, easy to understand and confident in his message.  Ted was clearly speaking from experience, and had a wide range of materials and resources to back up his impressive claims. We found the training to be incredibly intuitive and easy to follow, and his recommendations and suggestions could easily be applied once the seminar was complete.


Ted Mcgrath Message to Millions can be purchased through THIS LINK. It can easily be purchased online with PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

So if you want to truly start leveraging your own personal story, and make a considerable income in the process, we suggest you purchase this fantastic product today!

Message To Millions Review


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