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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable ways to start a business online in 2018.  If you are looking to start with this business model, then this No Product No Problem Review will be a revelation for you.

Here we introduce No Product No Problem – an Affiliate Marketing course by Matt McWilliams.

He is the mastermind behind some of the greatest Entrepreneurs and Businesses online, including:

We recently became aware that Matt has documented his entire strategy and launched his new online course No Product No Problem. It was designed specifically to teach newbies and intermediates how to completely master Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing other peoples products and receiving a commission each time their product is sold – hence the name No Product No Problem.

The major perk with affiliate marketing is that you eradicate the need to come up with, design and package an entire product. Moreover, you are not tasked with the all the intricacies of providing customer support, technical support etc.

Once you are able to find the effective strategies to connect hungry buyers with your offers, you earn a commission. This can be hundreds of dollars for each and every sale.

Affiliate Marketing is therefore immensely profitable – there is a reason why it is and one of the hottest and most recommended ways to earn money online in 2018.

But just like any business model, there are more effective and more profitable strategies and blueprints that can make all the difference between success and failure. Its why successful affiliate marketers release courses to teach you how to be so profitable. Unfortunately, many of these courses fail to deliver and ensure that you fully understand and grasp the core concepts.

Thats why No Product No Problem was created.

Its a complete A-Z of Affiliate Marketing – letting you start, grow and build a long-term affiliate marketing business from the comfort of your own home.

If you look at Unrivaled Review you will see this business model in place. I’m still receiving commissions from products I trialed and tested in 2017. And most of the time you won’t even need to purchase or trial them. I do this to give a fair and honest review, but this isn’t always necessary.

Here’s a beginners guide by Matt which outlines the best way to generate passive Affiliate Income:

Affiliate Marketing is a brilliant way to start earning online. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you do or how much knowledge you have. So Without further ado let’s take a look at what’s included.

No Product No Problem Review

No Product No Problem Review

No Product No Problem is an in-depth video and audio online training course that teaches you how to start, build and grow a successful Affiliate Marketing Business. It explains the most effective and profitable way to monetize your online business or blog, and a long-term strategy. It was created to be immensely valuable to:

  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Podcasters
  • YouTubers
  • Platform Builders
  • Affiliate Marketers (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Online Businesses
  • The Course itself includes 8 modules to take your audience through every aspect of affiliate marketing, from starting out, promo prep, promos and what to do after a promo.

There are also training on how to promote evergreen promotions, promoting affiliate offers in books and on podcasts and much more.

If you sign up you will also have access to a private Facebook community and monthly coaching calls to help you get started and conquer affiliate marketing.

No Product No Problem Review

No Product No Problem has just been made available and due to the demands on Matt, will not be available forever. There’s only so much mastermind support and assistance that he can provide. There are not many No Product No Problem Review out there for you to read so I’ll try and provide you with as much information as I can.

Unrivaled Review recently purchased No Product No Problem and have since gone through all of the 65+ lessons that are included and that make up the 9 modules. As each video is over 10 minutes long, you are getting access to over 10 hours of material! This is incredibly in-depth for an online course. Matt has ensured that you can learn all you need to know, and more, such as the hidden tricks that make all the difference.

A major benefit of the course, is that you can either watch the course content through engaging explanatory videos or you can listen to them via audio. The latter is fantastic for learning on the go, so you can listen while you commute, travel or are on the move.

As there is so much content in No Product No Problem, lessons have been divided it up into the following sections:

  • Module 1: Basics: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 2: Mindset
  • Module 3: Finding Programs
  • Module 4: Legal Rules & Considerations
  • Module 5: Promotion Preparation
  • Module 6: Selling
  • Module 7: Promotion Finalization
  • Module 8: Post Promotion
  • Module 9: Different Promotion Styles
  • Module 10 – BONUS – Coaching, Case Studies & More.

1. Basics: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

The first module in No Product No Problem is an introduction to the course and the the core concepts. You will learn a quick history to Affiliate Marketing, how Affiliate Marketing works, the benefits of Affiliate Marketing, why companies want you as an Affiliate and who’s doing Affiliate Marketing.

Within the introductory module, there is also two essential videos I recommend you must watch.

  • The different ways to promote affiliate offers.
  • Different Models of Addiliate Programs. This one is particularly useful as your learn where to focus your time and effort. You will learn the key to Affiliate Marketing is marketing high-ticket products and ones that have less competition. This are the essential elements  that ensure you suceed.

2. Mindset

The Mindset module has been split into 8 lessons that focus on the many aspects of your mindset and why this is so important for your success – not just in Affiliate Marketing but in life. The lessons look primarily at all of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and how you can finally overcome them to succeed online. Ultimately your success, and profits, are reliant on your attitude, and your willingness to commit what you learn and to take action.

The lessons have been designed to address the 9 common “buts” that are routinely cited. These include “but I dont know how to sell, but I dont have a website, but I dont have a subscriber list that buys”. Matt provides actionable steps that ensure you overcome these fears and start the online business you have always wanted.

3. Finding Programs

This module teaches you to find the most effective and profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs.

If you are currently Affiliate Marketing and are only relying on JVZOO to find products then these videos will provide you with some great tips and instruction to expand your potential revenue streams; such as finding Affiliate Programs even if they are yet to exist!

The final video will explain and go into detail about the most recommended affiliate programs. These are also the most profitable affiliate programs available. If you choose the wrong program, or are working with the wrong platform, you will never be able to rise high enough in Google – theres just too much competition. This lesson ensures that you enter the least competitive space, so you can be found on the search engines, and obtain the affiliate cookies for profits.

Final benefits to this module is that Matt even explains how to virtually guarantee acceptance on any affiliate marketing program, and the steps you need to take if you get declined.

4. Legal Rules

Being honest, this is not the most exciting module in the course, but it also one of the most important. The Legal Rules module teaches you how to operate in Affiliate Marketing legally, and to ensure that you never get banned from Affiliate Programs or run into trouble with the law.

Whilst it would be very easy to simply skim these lessons, I would advise you watch or listen to them as they provide a great and succinct overview of everything you will need to know from a legal perspective, or things to watch out for or consider along you Affiliate Marketing journey.

5. Promotion Prep

This module is the start of the meat and drink of the course. This is where the true value of the course starts to become widely apparent. Matt starts by showing you exactly how to create content, and what content works and turns readers into buyers. He’s clearly understands customer psychology and his suggestions are evidence of this!

The No Product No Problem Course teaches you one of the most important lessons in Affiliate Marketing; the sequence of success. Without taking the right actions at the right time, for example, by not warming up your audience before pushing a product, you will not be successful. Matt discusses how creating and scheduling a promotional calendar and plan can work wonders.

Going further, Matt explains how to promote different material and what audiences respond best. He does this by explaining the different platforms available and the types of content and media you can use on them. Once you gather this kind of data, it is incredibly easy to rank higher than them – because you have a tangible target to aim for. You know what you need to build and where to build it.

6. Selling

The selling module is one of the most important for any online business; whether you get into Affiliate Marketing or not. Here, Matt teaches you the basics of selling but delves a lot deeper and teaches you the best practices that have worked for him and his many students over the years.

Matt exposes his entire selling strategy he uses, which includes:

  • Copy-writing – how to effectively write content and persuade the reader to buy. This is particularly useful for blogs and content sites
  • Selling in Email – how to write short yet detailed emails that increase click through rate to your offers.

You can also watch lessons on how to sell via Video or Podcast – this would be a great strategy if you plan or intend to create videos on YouTube.

This module in itself is very useful because it opens up opportunities; you can literally choose the medium that suits you best. If you like creating YouTube Videos, or you want to start a Podcast, Matt explains how to use Affiliate Marketing to monetize them and as your channel to promote products.

7. Finish Strong

With Affiliate Marketing, free organic traffic – through Google and other search engines is often recommended. It can be great because it is free, however it can take a long time to rank and to start making profit. As such, Matt explains  how to shift to using paid methods to generate affiliate referrals and sales. You’ll learn the platforms to use and how to go about setting up campaigns with them.

Two of the most important lessons in this module cover how to close sales and what to do when someone buys. These are standout lessons because these are often ignored and neglected elements to a successful businessman. Remember, it is always easier to sell to a customer who has bought from you before than someone new. As such, Matt teaches you how to build loyalty and trust with the people who purchase through your link so they are likely to buy from you again. Also remember, these are the very people that populate your subscriber list and that you will be regularly promoting products too. Its essential you get this right.

The final two lessons delve deeper into staying motivated and focused over the long-term. Its very common and easy in Affiliate Marketing, or any other business venture to give up early – particularly before you start making income. Matt here provides and helps you to focus your mindset with a long-term vision that will ensure that you can scale your business to the income levels you desire.

8. Post Promotion

The next module continues where the last left off and ensures that you create and build a long-term affiliate marketing business. As such, Matt provides you with an outline of the most optimal Promotion – through his ‘promo recap’ lesson. He further provides you with great advice for planning for the future and for building long term and lasting relationships. These will be crucial in Affiliate Marketing, as it is likely you will be working with the same product sellers time and time again.

One of my personal favorite lessons in the entire course is the one on ‘Getting Paid’. As any Affiliate Marketer knows, this can be incredibly difficult, timely and tiresome! Just because you are due payment doesn’t always mean you will get payment. Matt offers his expert advice on what to do if you run into this circumstance and are not paid, but also gives suggestions as to how to avoid this in the first place (ensuring you find the right programs to begin with – links with the previous module on programs)

Finally you will learn how to promote more without fatigue and without feeling resigned to Affiliate Marketing. Remember, the idea of this course is to help you earn more and work less, not the other way around. This is where this lesson is really valuable!

9. Different Promotions

In the last module and last part of our No Product No Problem Review, you will learn the different promotion strategies than you can use with Affiliate Marketing. These are really great and innovative ways to earn more, and increase the variety of your promotions.

While not all of these options will be available or desirable to everyone, they will be of interest if you want to expand your horizons or mix up your approach.

The different promotion options that Matt runs through include:

  • Digital Courses
  • Book Launches
  • Physical Products
  • Summits
  • Webinars

These are all particularly useful and can help you find new industries and niches to become an Affiliate Marketer in.

The Key Benefits of No Product No Problem

Access to Private Facebook Group

The moment you purchase your access, you will instantly gain access to the private No Product No Problem Facebook group. This is where Matt personally posts updates and shares his latest methods and tactics and offer support and assistance to students. You’ll see further case studies and the results from other members on the course.

You can also discuss and gain feedback from other members, so if you get stuck this is the first place you should go as other students that have enrolled on the course can help you.

Live Coaching Calls

Matt offers free Live Coaching Calls to students of his course to ensure that you fully understand and know how to implement the course material. You can see when the live coaching calls are available through your members portal when you sign up

Case Studies

Its always good to see what other Affiliate Marketers and doing and seeing success stories. Not only for motivation but to understand what works and what doesn’t. Within the course members portal you can watch videos of former students who provide details of what they have done, what is working for them, things to avoid and more!

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