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“It was a fantastic experience working with Plumrocket; and close communication with their software engineers and web designers led to us being immensely satisfied with our new sales solution. Modifications were easy to organize and schedule, meaning we could streamline our solution to match our needs and requirements. In addition, Plumrocket have taken a look at a number of our website scripts to ensure they are most optimal and provided us with a number of effective Magento Extensions that are taking our eCommerce store to the next level. If you are in need of a Megento extension, service or support – Plumrocket is where you need to go” – Unrivaled Plumrocket Review


If your eCommerce website is run on Magento or you are looking to create an eCommerce website, and you are looking for the best Magento extensions that carry all the superior features to extend your web-store functionality, then this Plumrocket Review is just for you.

In this Plumrocket Review, we discuss our number one trusted provider of Magento Extensions, Packages and Services.

Besides the Magento platform is recognized as the leading commerce platform and works hand-in-hand with the world’s biggest retailers, brands, and branded manufacturers across B2C and B2B industries

Overview of Plumrocket

Plumrocket is a high quality Web Design and Magento Development company and the world’s leading Magento Extension provider.

It’s a premium marketplace that provides 55+ unique Magento 1 & 2 extensions, packages and services. Whether its website development or support or design; Plumrocket provide everything you will ever need.

Plumrocket are a dedicated and experienced team of IT professionals who build e-commerce websites, Magento extensions and help clients achieve their eCommerce goals.


Introducing Plumrocket; The World’s Leading Magento Extension and Services Provider.


Plumrocket Review

Plumrocket is a web development company providing a full range of web development services.

They aim to provide Premium Magento Extensions & Services, unrivaled in quality, design and impact.


Magento Store

Similar to WordPress plugins, Magento extensions are designed to improve eCommerce store functionality.

You can purchase both Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions through the store.

These extensions have been carefully and specifically designed to improve your sites functionality and to ensure that your visitors convert to customers.

They offer a full range of extensions, ranging from Newsletter Popups, Social Media Integrations, Speed Optimization and much much more.

For example, take the AMP Plugin

Plumrocket Review

Accelerated Mobile Pages Magento extension helps website content load significantly faster on all mobile and tablet devices. Magento AMP plugin can improve your search engine visibility, increase site traffic as well as your conversion rates.

Plumrocket provide a live demo of the Plugin and supporting documentation, so you can be sure that what you are purchasing is a promised.

They further provide a detailed summary of the extension; with key features breakdowns and overviews:


You can even see all user reviews of the plugin and even what sites the plugin is operating on:

Plumrocket Review

Perhaps even more impressively, Plumrocket provide you with the complete change log of the extension; so you can see what development is available and how the plugins continue to improve:


Website Development

Plumrocket offers high-quality web-design packages, e-commerce website development, custom website design and intranet web solutions.

They offer five different Website Development packages suited for your needs:

Small Business Website

If you’re looking for a small business website this package is for you, it includes:

  • Professional superior design
  • Up to 20 pages of company information
  • Convenient website control panel
  • Home/splash page creation
  • Online Feedback Form
  • Flash Animation
  • Custom programmed photo gallery or portfolio
  • DHTML drop down menu (Optional)
  • Site Map (Optional)
  • Keyword consultation
  • Site Tracking Information (find out which page brings you the most visitors and how visitors interact with your website)
  • FREE submission to major search engines
  • Discount on future website upgrades and maintenance

Dynamic Content Website

If you’re looking for a website that is based upon content, such as blogging, this package is for you, it includes:

  • A Professional responsive design
  • Unlimited pages of company information
  • Multi-Lingual support
  • Dynamic website control panel
  • Online Feedback Form
  • Flash Animation
  • Custom programmed photo gallery or portfolio
  • DHTML drop down menu (Optional)
  • Site Map
  • Keyword consultation
  • Website statistics application, including web analytics and traffic stats
  • FREE submission to major search engines
  • Discount on future website upgrades and maintenance

eCommerce Store Front

If you’re looking for an eCommerce store, this package is for you, it includes:

  • Professional responsive design
  • Unlimited catalog pages
  • International Support (Optional)
  • Superstore control panel
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Marketing Promotions and Tools
  • eCommerce Customer Service
  • Batch Import and Export of products
  • Shopping Cart Reports
  • Mobile Commerce (Optional)
  • Keyword consultation
  • Website statistics, web analytics and traffic stats

Intranet Development

If you’re looking to develop an internal intranet portal, this package is for you, it includes:

  • Web servers setup
  • Linux servers administration
  • PHP intranet web development and design
  • Content management system setup
  • Application development
  • Security hardware and software setup
  • Intranet maintenance and support
  • Discount on future website upgrades and maintenance

Custom-Built Website

If you’re looking for a website, that is tailored for your individual and unique requirements, this package is for you, it includes:

Here, Plumrocket provide unique and tailored website customization services. Here the Plumrocket web development team discuss your requirements and expectations; to provide you with the most suitable web-based solution.


✔ Magento Development

Plumrocket provide professional solutions to developing stores with Magento; the most rapidly evolving platform for eCommerce.

They provide Custom Magento Development through the following:


Magento Extensions

Each of the available Magento Extensions have been developed and stringently tested for a range of uses and store owners. Using advanced coding, the Magento extensions are written for ease of use and performance; keeping your website visitors satisfied.


Magento Themes

Crisp, elegant and easily customizable themes designed by the Plumrocket professionals to make your visitors feel comfortable and take action on your site. Designed with the latest and responsive technologies to suite the screens in which your site is opened on whether this is a desktop, mobile device or tablet.


Magento Solutions

Plumrocket also offer complete Magento solutions for eCommerce websites. These solutions aim to revolutionize your online shop with the latest and greatest features that will boost your sales. They are also easy to configure and use.


Magento Maintenance

If you require assistance, fixes or improvements to your site – Plumrocket’s dedicated support team are there to assist. They provide a website maintenance and web development service on both”pay as you go” and monthly basis. They ensure your Magento website provides the best possible user experience .

You see; Plumrocket are there for everything you would ever need for your Magento-hosted site.

Whats more, you can ensure you are fully supported through your transition to new features and functionality.


✔ Website Support

Website support and maintenance is essential to ensure your website performs at its best and attracts your customers.

Plumrocket offers Website maintenance and support service on monthly and pay as you go basis. Their website maintenance and management programs are professional, inexpensive and take care of all your web support needs.


✔ SEO Optimization 

SEO strategies and internet marketing will result in higher ranking of your website and increased sales.

Plumrocket offers 3 SEO packages or”SEO plans” that anyone will be able to afford. Their “Starter” search engine optimization package is for low competition industries, the”Serious” is for low-medium level, and the”Strategy” plan is for medium to higher difficulty business types and industries.

You can even purchase a package that optimizes your site for different aspects of SEO:

SEO Planning & Analysis

  • SEO Discovery
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Initial Placement Report Included
  • Keyword Profile Competition Analysis
  • Incoming Links Report
  • Search Engine Saturation Summary
  • Content Suggestions Report
  • Website Design Enhancements

Website Optimization/Link Building

  • Site Optimization
  • SEO Services
  • Content Optimization Enhancements
  • Meta Tag Adjustments
  • Spider Friendly Navigation Setup
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Traffic Tracking Software
  • Inbound Link Building
  • Creation of Additional Content
  • Source Code Optimization
  • Site Map Creation / Submission
  • Robot.txt Validation
  • Article Submissions
  • Link Bait Ideas / Setup
  • Link Exchange Setup
  • XML Sitemap Setup & Submissions
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Blog Setup, Customization & Optimization

Website Reporting & Analysis

  • Website Analytics Setup
  • Custom Analytic Reporting
  • Continual Website Optimization
  • Keyword Conversion Report

SEO Plan Deliverables

  • Keyword Phrases Optimized
  • Website Pages Optimized
  • Articles Written / Submissions
  • Blog Posts Written
  • Major Directory Submissions
  • Link Building Program Backlinks

✔ Design and Publishing Services

Plumrocket offer high-quality custom graphic design, logo design, web banners. Stationery design of letterheads, envelopes, business cards design, brochures, postcards, flyers, booklets and rack cards.


Plumrocket Review: What Their Clients Are Saying


Plumrocket Review

Plumrocket Review: The Key Benefits & How It Will Help You

Premium Extensions and Services from the Most Sought-After Magneto Experts 

Plumrocket are the leading trusted supplier of Magneto extensions, services and solutions.

They have hundreds of satisfied customers and their portfolio real is great proof of this.


Innovative Solutions

All of the Magneto extensions are developed to give you and your eCommerce store the competitive edge.

Extensions are designed with user friendliness in mind ensuring that your visitors become your customers.


Free Quotes for Your Project

Plumrocket provide FREE quotes before you order. Despite the services being reasonable, this way, you can make sure that you are not running up a bill you cannot afford.


Dedicated Support Teams

The dedicated Support teams ensure that your extension, software or solution can be implemented effectively.

If you’re in need with assistance, be it in set-up or maintenance, the support team  will get back to you with the answers you need and fast.


Unrivaled Plumrocket Review

Plumrocket is the destination for all of your Magento-related requirements.

Whether you’re looking to Website Development and support,  Magento extensions, or packages the platform is here to provide you with the resources you need.

Unrivaled Plumrocket Review: Creating, running and maintaining a crisp, responsive eCommerce store is a real challenge. Particularly, one that converts visitors into customers.  Extensions (Plugins) and services can be the difference between success and failure. Thats where Plumrocket provide real value; they provide the innovative solutions to ensure that your store profits online. Their expansive range of Magento-related software and support ensures that your eCommerce store can thrive. From  a technical perspective, the team at Plumrocket are well versed and experienced in Magento solutions.  If you run an eCommerce store through Magento, and are seeking new extensions and services, Unrivaled Review recommend Plumrocket is the first place you go. 

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Make your life easier, and help your business thrive by getting the specialist help you need.

Plumrocket Review