Project Affiliate Review [Success With eCom Course]

Project Affiliate Review [Success With eCom Course]

Like many of you, I discovered Sam and his Project Affiliate course through his YouTube channel.

As someone new to affiliate marketing, I was intrigued but hesitant to join any paid course or program.

Was Project Affiliate right for a complete beginner? Would it really help me build an affiliate site from the ground up?

After watching Sam’s videos and hearing his transparent approach, I decided to take the leap.

If you’re on the fence about joining, keep reading for my full review of Project Affiliate based on my experience as a newbie affiliate marketer.

I’ll share exactly what you get with the course, why Sam’s teaching style worked for me, results I’ve seen so far, and my final verdict on whether it’s worth the investment!

Short of time? Here is my Project Affiliate Review:

Quick Verdict

I would strongly recommend that you sign up to Project Affiliate.

Learn directly from Sam, who is actively succeeding with this business model, as he demystifies every aspect from niche selection to optimization.

This comprehensive course offers real-world examples, actionable insights, and step-by-step guidance tailored for beginners.

Aimed at helping you avoid pitfalls and achieve success, Project Affiliate is a game-changer for anyone serious about generating commissions.

Who Is Success With eCom?

Success with eCom is the brand name of United Kingdom-based full-time online entrepreneur, Sam. It is associated with the Success With Sam YouTube channel.

Sam is actually behind a portfolio of online businesses and ventures.

He made his name selling through eBay, where alongside the use of Shopify, he has been able to generate over £1,000,000 worth of eCommerce sales.

Since then, and likely due to the declining use of eBay, he has turned his focus to other business models, including affiliate marketing.

He has since scaled his affiliate marketing earnings to over £10,000 per month.

Having quit his job 6 years ago, today, he spends his time running his online businesses along with teaching/documenting and sharing his experiences on his YouTube Channel.

At the time of writing, Sam has acquired over 233k subscribers; a testament to the content he routinely publishes.

Why Did I Sign Up To The Project Affiliate Course?

I signed up to the Project Affiliate course to learn from a seasoned full-time affiliate marketer and to leverage his systems and processes.

Like many of you, I had been dabbling in affiliate marketing but struggling to promote products successfully.

I had some success here and there, but I was struggling to earn consistently.

I wanted to learn from someone who was actively doing well with affiliate marketing full-time.

When I came across the Success With Sam YouTube channel, I was impressed by his clear screenshots showing substantial earnings and transparency about his affiliate strategies.

It was evident he knew exactly how to implement affiliate marketing.

Meanwhile, I was still unsure how to effectively drive traffic to my affiliate links or choose the right products to promote.

It became clear I needed specialized training from a successful affiliate marketer who could explain step-by-step what I was missing.

That’s why I signed up for Sam’s Project Affiliate course – to leverage the knowledge and systems of someone actively thriving in affiliate marketing.

As a struggling affiliate marketer spinning my wheels, I knew I needed the type of over-the-shoulder training Sam offered based on his own success.

So I invested in Project Affiliate and committed to implementing what I learned.

Project Affiliate Review

Project Affiliate Review Course Completion Page

Project Affiliate is designed to be a complete training course for beginners.

Whether you have tried (and unfortunately failed) or if you want to get started with affiliate marketing but are not sure how (or why you should), the content has been recorded for you.

Below, I walk through all of the different modules and what is covered specifically.

Project Affiliate Course Content

Section 1 – Course Introduction

Project Affiliate Module 1

I really appreciated Sam taking the time to introduce himself and share his affiliate marketing journey in the course introduction.

As a beginner affiliate marketer myself, it was reassuring and motivating to hear how Sam went from knowing nothing about affiliate marketing to building a successful full-time business.

His transparency about why he created the course shows that he truly wants to help others achieve the same success he did.

I also liked the clear overview of the exact skills we would learn throughout the course – this gave me confidence I would get a comprehensive affiliate marketing education.

Section 2 – What is Affiliate Marketing?

Project Affiliate Module 2

Sam provided the perfect high-level explanation of what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Using straightforward real-world examples really helped me grasp the concept, especially as someone brand new to affiliate marketing.

The concise definition and diagrams cleared up some misconceptions I had initially about affiliate marketing and referral programs.

This section gave me an essential foundational understanding that the rest of the course built upon.

Section 3 – What is an Affiliate Link?

Project Affiliate Module 3

Learning the specifics of what an affiliate link is and how it functions was a key building block of knowledge.

Sam did a great job using visual diagrams and step-by-step breakdowns to explain exactly how an affiliate link works to direct traffic and credit sales.

As a beginner, I appreciated him walking through the behind-the-scenes process so I could fully understand the referral system before promoting any affiliate products myself.

This section helped demystify affiliate links.

Section 4 – Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Niches

Project Affiliate Module 4

Choosing a profitable niche is crucial, so I got tremendous value from Sam sharing his insight and experience researching different niches.

He provided concrete examples of niches that work well for affiliate marketing currently based on demand and commission potential.

Sam’s advice on assessing competition, audience interest, and affiliate product availability will help me thoroughly evaluate niches and sub-niches before committing.

This section gave me a proven framework for selecting a niche tailored to affiliate marketing success.

Section 5 – The Different Types of Affiliate Offers

Project Affiliate Module 5

The summary and comparison of the various affiliate product types – physical products, digital products, services, lead gen offers, etc. – was extremely beneficial.

As a beginner, I did not realize the range of affiliate offers available.

Learning the pros and cons of each affiliate product category from Sam helped me determine where to focus my efforts for maximum return.

I appreciated him explaining what to watch out for with certain affiliate offer types as well. This will help me avoid pitfalls as I promote different affiliate products.

Section 6 – Important Facts About All Affiliate Offers

Project Affiliate Module 6

This section contained critical knowledge and advice all new affiliate marketers need to know before getting started.

Sam revealed so many important guidelines and warnings that will help me avoid mistakes with affiliate offers that could sabotage my results and income.

For example, focusing on products with recurring commissions, understanding cookie durations, checking for affiliate promo resources – Sam covered key details that frankly I would never have considered as a beginner.

This could seriously prevent headaches for me later on.

Section 7 – Introduction on Where to Find Affiliate Links

Project Affiliate Module 7

As a complete beginner, I had no idea where to actually find affiliate programs and apply for approval to promote products.

So I found immense value in Sam providing overviews and walkthroughs of the major affiliate networks he personally uses, like Clickbank, Amazon Associates, ShareASale and more.

His step-by-step demonstrations removed any confusion about searching for and registering for relevant affiliate offers.

Sam showed me exactly how and where to find affiliate links tailored to my niche. This will make it so much easier for me to locate affiliate products and get approved to promote them.

Section 8 – Introduction on How to Promote Affiliate Links

Project Affiliate Module 8

Learning strategic affiliate link promotion tactics was truly the core skill I hoped to gain most from the course as a beginner.

I was impressed by Sam’s thorough overview of effective methods to drive targeted traffic to my affiliate content and links.

From SEO optimization to paid ads to leveraging influencers, Sam introduced the top traffic generation strategies in affiliate marketing.

He also emphasized the importance of creating quality content to engage my audience and convert visitors.

This section gave me an awesome blueprint for promoting my affiliate links successfully.

Section 9 – The Importance of Content in Affiliate Marketing

I knew content creation was important but struggled with what exactly to write about.

Sam’s examples of different content formats that work for various niches showed me how to develop affiliate content that provides true value.

For instance, creating comparison reviews of affiliate products or tutorials that educate people on solutions to common problems they have.

Sam revealed how to craft content around affiliate products in a way that helps, not just pitches to, my audience. This will allow me to build trust and interest in my niche.

Section 10 – 4 Human Pain Points You Must Know

Project Affiliate Module 10

Identifying pain points and needs people have that I can provide solutions for via my affiliate recommendations is crucial.

Sam’s advice on basing my content around universal human motivations and desires made perfect sense.

Focusing my affiliate marketing content on helping people save time, save money, make money, and improve health will allow me to create truly engaging material.

Thanks to Sam, I now have a content framework personalized to affiliate marketing success.

Section 11 – Promoting Affiliate Links on YouTube

Project Affiliate Module 11

I plan to leverage YouTube for affiliate content and promotions, so Sam’s in-depth module on optimizing a YouTube channel provided immense value.

His step-by-step video creation and optimization tutorials empowered me with the knowledge to move forward with my own channel.

Sam showed how to establish authority in my niche, build an audience, and seamlessly promote affiliate products through helpful videos.

The tips for on-camera presence, shooting high-quality video, and creating eye-catching thumbnails will help me produce professional content.

Section 12 – Promoting Affiliate Links through a Blog Website

Project Affiliate Module 12

Sam provided the ideal introduction to leveraging a blog for affiliate marketing, explaining how to monetize a blog and the advantages blogs offer.

His step-by-step walkthrough of building a blog from scratch was fantastic.

As someone who has been through this process for this site, I appreciated the hand-holding guidance on choosing a platform, registering a domain, hosting, site structure, page creation, and more.

Sam also delivered an incredible tutorial on search engine optimization for blog content that I was able to learn from.

His tips for on-page SEO, keyword research, backlinks, and ranking factors are all critical for getting content seen by a target audience.

This section is invaluable for affiliate marketing via a blog.

Section 13 – Promoting Affiliate Links with Email Marketing

Project Affiliate Module 13

I had heard of email marketing but did not fully grasp its potential for affiliate promotions.

Sam’s introduction to email marketing clarified exactly how to leverage email for affiliate marketing. Learning the basics of building an email list and automation was super helpful.

Sam recommended specific email marketing platforms like ConvertKit and explained the key features I should look for.

His examples of effective promotional email sequences gave me awesome ideas for my own affiliate promotions via email.

This module armed me with a critical affiliate marketing channel I had overlooked previously.

Section 14 – Tracking Affiliate Link Performance

Project Affiliate Module 14

Understanding how to accurately track traffic and conversions for my affiliate links is crucial for optimization.

Sam equipped me with the knowledge needed to implement link tracking and make data-driven decisions about the most profitable affiliate offers.

His recommendations for affiliate link cloaking, UTM campaign tags, and analytics will enable me to monitor my links.

I also appreciated Sam explaining how to interpret affiliate network reporting to identify top-converting partnerships.

Thanks to this module, I can track my affiliate marketing results like an expert!

Section 15 – Final Words of Advice

Project Affiliate Module 15

Sam’s parting words of wisdom addressed several struggles I’ve faced in trying to get affiliate marketing off the ground.

His advice contained actionable tips for overcoming obstacles like maintaining motivation, tracking data effectively, avoiding burnout, and more.

I gained new insight along with specific techniques I can implement right away to improve my affiliate marketing results.

Sam’s advice came from his own years of experience, so I know his final recommendations will help me find success.

Overall, I found the course remarkably thorough and perfectly tailored for a beginner affiliate marketer.

Sam’s transparent teaching style, comprehensive training, and real-world examples made this an incredibly valuable affiliate marketing education.

Final Verdict: Should You Sign Up To Project Affiliate?

If you want to build a profitable affiliate marketing business from scratch, then Project Affiliate is one of the best courses available right now.

You’ll be learning directly from Sam, an experienced affiliate marketer actively earning a full-time income online.

He knows the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and has overcome all of the challenges a beginner is likely to face.

My Personal Experiences

I started applying what I learned in Project Affiliate right away. Sam stresses taking action quickly, and I can see why – in just a short time I’ve already seen results.

For example, I set up an affiliate site and corresponding YouTube channel in the “make money” niche and have optimized them for search traffic based on the training.

I’m now ranking on the first page of Google, and in the top YouTube search positions for several high-volume keywords!

I would share the url/YouTube channel but I don’t want to invite competition!

I also took Sam’s advice on reaching out to companies in my niche for special affiliate offers.

I managed to negotiate an exclusive 75% commission rate with one vendor.

Project Affiliate is already paying for itself through the extra income from these optimizations.

But the real value is in how the course prevents you from making expensive mistakes. Sam’s step-by-step blueprint saves you huge trial and error.

Why To Join Project Affiliate

Project Affiliate simplifies the path to affiliate marketing success. The video modules take you through every step chronologically so by the end, you have an optimized affiliate site with traffic and conversions.

Sam also structures the training so you can apply it regardless of your niche or location. His teaching style clearly explains concepts in an inspiring way that makes learning easy and enjoyable.

I appreciate that Sam constantly updates the course with the latest affiliate marketing best practices. And the course platform is perfectly organized and easy to navigate as well.

Given the immense value, Project Affiliate is very competitively priced, especially compared to the earning potential. Sam even offers a 14 day money-back guarantee.

If you want to succeed with affiliate marketing and start generating commissions, this course is for you. I can’t recommend it enough!