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Revive Social Review

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“We signed up through the Personal Package and downloaded the Revive Old Post Plugin following an article we read on Quicksprout. Our aim was to manage our Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn profiles all from one central interface; and be able to have more control and power with our Social Media Marketing strategy. The ability to share posts more than once is a notable feature, it has ensured that our content reaches our global audience. We have been able to cut our time on social media back by 60% – whilst simultaneously increasing our traffic from Social Media by over 12%. Our Google Analytics has provided the proof that this traffic has been driven through the use of features included in the Revive Old Post Plugin. If you’re looking to ramp up and grow on social media but also want to cut down your time on these platforms, then the Social Revive plugins are for you – Unrivaled Revive Social Review.


Are you an online blogger, freelancer, social media influencer, website owner or entrepreneur who uses WordPress and Social Media?

Do you use WordPress and Social Media synergistically; using Social Media Marketing to spread the word of your business, your latest blog posts?

Do you think sharing content on Social Media is time consuming and could be done easier?

Then you’re in good company, because so do Unrivaled Review. This is why we’ve written this Revive Social Review. We’d like to share this fantastic new software which will help you to automate. It will allow you to cut way back on time consuming tasks; such as sharing your own or others content on all the Social Media platforms. You’ll be able to save hours each and every day (just like the 82,368 users who have already signed up!)


Introducing Revive Social: Superior WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketers


Overview of Revive Social

Revive Social a provider of WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketing.

At present, they provide two Premium Plugins: Revive Network and Revive Old Post; both specifically designed to transform your results on Social Media.

These plugins have been designed specifically for sites that run on WordPress, taking away the need for advanced or sophisticated coding. So if you’re looking for a fast, effective and simple solution; these plugins are for you.

Revive Social Review

Revive Social Review

Revive Social were founded to help bloggers, business and website owners grow their professional network and improve your business’s social media presence.

They provide simplistic yet advanced plugins, that were built with the following features:


✔ Custom Scheduling

Set a custom schedule and pick the days and hours when you want to share your blog posts. If you need more, you can even set different schedules for different social media channels.


✔ Track Clicks

Both Revive Social plugins work with the most popular URL shortening services. This allows you to see how popular your posts are, and also track each individual click they attract.


✔ Customize Social Shares

Want to share just the titles of your posts? Or include a hashtag, or mention a @username, or some completely custom additional text? Revive Social plugins allows you to do that.


✔ Multiple Account Sharing

Operating at scale? Revive Social plugins allow you to share your content to multiple accounts on each of the supported social networks. No limitations.


Revive Network Plugin

Revive Network derives its value from its authenticity – it posts just like a real human would. This will help you connect with your audience across the social networks and help you grow and scale.

See below the Video Demo:


Designed for Twitter and Facebook

The Revive Network plugin automatically integrates with both Twitter and Facebook – it even includes the company pages .

In a soon to follow future release Linkedin will be added.

Thats a major benefit of using the Revive Network Plugin; it is continuously in development, and expanding in power.


Schedule Only Once

Once you install the plugin, you will need to complete a one-off setup.

At this point you are able to choose different time intervals for your posts on each social network.

This way, you’ll control the number of daily posts for Twitter and Facebook separately and also you can tap into when it is most effective to post.


Customized Templates

As a business, blogger or website owner you will have your own branding. The Revive Network Plugin takes this into consideration and enables you to write text templates using your own unique flavor.

You can also create separate templates to ensure that you remain entertaining and uniquely specific to each social media channel.


Power of UTM Links

Cleverly, the design of the Revive Network plugin ensures that your links will be credited as the source of traffic. What does this mean for you and your business/website; people will notice your impact and influence via their own metrics and analytics dashboards (e.g. Yoast/ Google Analytics).


News Feed Management

The plugin also enables you to add RSS feeds and build up specific content.

When setting up the plugin, you simply add the RSS feeds that you will share from. The plugin then automatically checks your RSS feeds at regular intervals and posts links using the custom templates you created. Its replicating the work that you would do, manually.


Revive Old Post Plugin

The second Plugin available at Revive Social is the Revive Old Post Plugin. This is the plugin we use and have gained great benefit from.

The concept behind this plugin is to help you: Grow your Social Media presence and keep your content alive. It does this by ensuring your content gets in front of your audience.


Share to all Major Social Media Networks

With the Revive Old Post plugin you can share to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, and Tumblr. In essence, all of the most popular and used social networks are integrated into the functionality.

Revive Old Post allows you to share your content to several of your social media accounts all at once and from the same interface. Its brilliantly effective and easy.


Full Control

Whether you want to share just the titles of your posts, include a hashtag, mention a @username, or some completely custom additional text, our plugin allows you to do that.


Track Clicks

Revive Old Post integrates with the majority of URL shortening services; and most importantly it connects with Google Analytics Campaign Tracking.

This way, you can see exactly how much engagement your posts receive and you can see exactly the levels of traffic your posts help you to receive.


Share Posts & Pages

This feature is particularly handy for custom websites that utilize other forms of content outside of the standard ones.
Revive Old Post can, if required, collect pictures from your posts automatically and then include them on your social media shares to increase your branding and your appeal.


Utilize Hashtags

Here the plugin really comes into its own – it automatically includes optimized and trending hashtags automatically from your categories, tags and custom fields.


Share Posts Multiple Times

Some posts deliver fantastically at certain times, and some viral-worthy content sometimes slips under the radar. Revive old makes sure your posts receive the engagement they deserve  by letting you post several times.  You can select the amount of time you want to repeat the post. Its simple.


Revive Social Review; How It Works

All you need to do is to purchase a yearly plan for either plugin. Then you gain access to your own admin area where you can download your plugin. The plugin will be yours forever, but your yearly plan ensures you receive full one-to-one support throughout the year. This enables you to liaise with the team at Revive Social and ensure the plugin is set-up most effectively and you receive the results promised.

From here, you install the plugin in WordPress and then go through the simple set up process.

From there on in  you’ll be marketing your business on Social Media far more effectively and efficiently.

So, for example, the Revive Old Post Plugin which we are currently using through the personal plan:

(1) Authorize the plugin to work with your social media profiles in a couple of clicks.

(2) Set the schedule and customize the shares with hashtags, @mentions, or custom text.


Revive Social Review


Revive Social Review: The Key Benefits & How It Will Help You


Complete Social Media Management

The Social Revive Plugins were designed to ensure that you can manage and grow on all of the main Social Media Networks; all from one central interface. This makes the process incredibly simple and ensures that you implement complete social media marketing. Its literally impossible to forget or ignore certain networks

Save Time, Money and Effort

Social Media outsourcing services can be expensive. These plugins help prevent the need to hire these services and the need for you to manage them all individually.


Constant Development & Updates

Each plugin is tested with each new version of WordPress thoroughly to make sure there are no issues. Also, if you discover any issues, you can reach out to the support team and they’ll fix them as quickly as they can.


No Technology Experience Required

No technology experience is required to get feedback for your business. All you need to do is enter your customer’s details the rest is taken care of.


30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarentee

The team are so confident that the service will deliver for you, that if you are not satisfied after 30 days, you can get a full refund.


Flexible Pricing Structures

Revive Social have made their solution affordable by offering three different pricing structures: Personal, Business and Marketer. These operate on a yearly tariff.

The difference between each package is mainly the support; with the personal plan more suited for 1 website and 1 social account.

The Business and Marketer is aimed at those running several separate websites and social accounts, and is particularly useful for those who require management of multiple channels.


Unrivaled Revive Social Review

Revive Social was developed to link and integrate WordPress with Social Media.

These effective plugins ensure that you are able to market your business, your website or your brand on social media, whilst cutting your time down on these platforms in the process. This will ensure you receive more traffic to your site from less effort.

Whether you’re a website or store owner or even just a blogger using WordPress, Revive Social will provide you with the tools you need to grow on Social Media.

Unrivaled Social Revive Review: The process was simple (sign up, download plugin, install in WordPress, setup in WordPress), and the power of the plugin is notable. Whilst each plugin provides a whole host of advantages and benefits, we were most impressed by the results we have received using the Revive Old plugin. The ability to schedule and forget means that our social media accounts are literally working on autopilot, and we are certain that our content is reaching our audience. Our statistics are moving in a favorable direction, as proven by our analytics tools.  If you’re looking to increase your marketing reach with less effort, then the plugins available over at Social Revive should be considered. 


Revive Social Review; How & Where To Get the Plugins

Click HERE to visit the site and learn more.

So if you want to join the 82,000+ users who are using the Social Revive plugins to automate and grow their social media accounts, and drive traffic to their site, then we suggest you download a plugin now!

Revive Social Review