Savage Affiliates Review [The Franklin Hatchett Case Study]

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Having been a student of the Savage Affiliates course by Franklin Hatchett; and having been able to see great success with my Affiliate Marketing businesses through the knowledge I obtained on this course, I feel the time is right to write a Savage Affiliates Review.

If you’ve heard of Affiliate Marketing, are looking to start, or if you have tried with limited success then this course will be of interest.  I’ve been able to increase my earnings by $3000 per month (proof below) due to implementation of the knowledge I’ve learned on this course.

If you’ve haven’t heard of Franklin Hatchett by now then I don’t know where you’ve been hiding! He has made a considerable impact online making 7 figures through Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing. He has gained a considerable following in the process.  He even outlines his entire profitable strategy in his course Ecom Elites, that works using his own high-converting and SEO-optimized Shopify theme, Ecom Turbo.  Many are using this theme to earn thousands of $ everyday (proof to follow in this review!).

We recently became aware that Franklin launched his new online course Savage Affiliates. It focuses on one of his major income streams Affiliate Marketing. It literally outlines his entire strategy, step-by-step, of what he is doing on his own affiliate websites. It teaches you can replicate his impressive results and make more than enough money to quit your day job. It does this through free and paid traffic techniques – such as YouTube and Blogging.

I’ve been personally following Franklin for some time now, both his paid courses and watching his free material on YouTube. This content is literally changing the lives of thousands of his subscribers. I’m one of them and I’ve been able to make considerable more income online through some of the simple techniques and tricks he posts.

The price he charges for his products are incredibly fair and respectable. When you compare the cost of his courses with others, you soon realize how extortionate some other course prices are.

The thing is, you don’t need to pay $2,999 for an affiliate marketing course. Instead, it makes sense to purchase from a well-respected and experienced professional at a far more affordable and reasonable price of $197. 

This is exactly why I signed up.

You’ll only be paying a one off fee.

You are getting over ten times the content for over 10x cheaper than other courses that I have come across in my research!

And not only this, because he has years of experience and provides financial proof of his own methods, you can trust in his process.

The best thing about this course is that you are given step-by-step instructions so that you can follow along and replicate the business in a different niche.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you help product creators sell their products by marketing them on their behalf – you get a commission for each sale or lead that you provide to the seller.

The benefit of affiliate marketing is that you do not need to create a product. Furthermore, you do not need to deal with the difficulties that go with selling that product – customer service is one to name a few.

Once you discover hot trending niches and send buyers with the seller, you will earn a commission.

As such, Affiliate Marketing is an incredibly profitable industry – and a perfect way to build an online income.  It comes as no surprise that thousands of people have tried to to build an affiliate marketing website and business.

While affiliate marketing has been around since the dawn of the internet, and hundreds of courses have been developed to try and teach you how to be so profitable out of it, only a few courses teach you an exact blueprint and A-Z guide of how you can actually do this yourself.

One course that does this, and does this very well, is Savage Affiliates.

For those of you who are yet to try Affiliate Marketing, it is a very profitable method for entrepreneurs to make an income online. What’s more, once you create your content and build a few backlinks here and there, that’s essentially it. You can rely on free traffic that will come in through the search engines that will ensure that you make money month after month for years to come. You can literally post and forget about it.

If you look at some of my product reviews on Unrivaled Review, you can see a similar model in place. I’m still receiving commissions from products I trialed and tested in 2017. And most of the time you won’t even need to purchase or trial them. I do this to give a fair and honest review, but this isn’t always necessary.

Affiliate Marketing is a great simple way to earn online, regardless of where you are, what you do and how much knowledge you have. You can get started in minutes, and the costs are minimal – all you need is a domain and hosting. Sometimes you don’t even need that – you could even use a free YouTube licence! Such strategies are taught in the course. Without further ado let’s take a look at what’s included.

Savage Affiliates Review

Savage Affiliates Course Video

Savage Affiliates has just been published online and is brand new for 2019. It is only currently available to a limited few, or to those who have purchased some of his older courses (hence why I’ve heard about it). There’s not many Savage Affiliate Reviews out there for you to read so I’ll try and provide you with as much information as I can.

Thankfully, I’ve purchased Savage Affiliates and gone through all of the 100+ videos that are included in the training. That’s right, there are more than 100 videos that make up the course. Each one teaches you the ins and outs of successful Affiliate Marketing. It’s a complete course that runs through all you need to know, and more – such as the hidden tricks that make all the difference. That’s why the course is priced at where it is, and also why it is such a bargain!

Just like all of Franklin’s free videos on YouTube, you can view them in the quality that you prefer. You can even watch in 1080P if you wanted and your internet speed is good enough. Instead, if you have a slower connection, you can always watch in the standard 360P. All of the videos have been uploaded to Vimeo. Therefore the videos load quickly and you don’t have to watch all the video. You can skip ahead or click on different times to access the content quicker. This is great if you are rewatching or want to collect certain info quicker.

As there is so much content in Savage Affiliates, Franklin has divided it up into the following sections:

  • Module 1: Affiliate Introduction
  • Module 2: Niches & Products
  • Module 3: Building Your Assets
  • Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 6: SEO Traffic
  • Module 7: Paid Traffic Training
  • Module 8: Free Traffic Training
  • Module 9: Email Marketing Training.

Savage Affiliates Review

1. Affiliate Introduction

The first module in Savage Affiliates provides the high level overview of the course; whats included and what you can expect to learn. Franklin provides an insight into each of the modules that make up the course.

Within the introductory module, there is also two essential videos I recommend you watch.

  • The first is about adding disclaimers to your site so that your audience trust you as an authority.
  • SEO Basics. This one is worth the course price on its own because if you cant get on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords, you’ll never make the money that is possible. Besides this would be all free traffic and anything you earn through this method is all profit!

2. Niches & Products

The Niches & Products module has been split into 12 videos of roughly 15 minutes (3 hours of content in this module alone). The videos look primarily at the different niches you can enter, and how to find affiliate offers through affiliate platforms such as Jvzoo and Clickbank. Ultimately your success, and profits, are dependent on how good the products are that you promote – so this video ensures you know how to pick the right ones.

I’ve personally used all of these platforms before although I’d stay away from Jvzoo because of the competition. You are literally competing with hundreds of others trying to do the same thing.

Another potential revenue stream for Affiliate Marketing, Franklin then goes on to explain how you can promote web hosting for serious profits. This is very lucrative, where each referral can earn you more than $100 for one purchase. And whats more, you will earn money on each and every renewal. Imagine gaining a referral for a sale where the customer goes onto host a site for 20 years. That’s serious recurring commission right there.

Finally Franklin introduces you to the Shareasale platform and how to use this most effectively.

3. Building Your Assets

This module teaches you on how to create a website, quickly, easily and effectively. The entire process is included, from domain name selection to setting up a WordPress install to finding and installing the best plugins currently available.

If you’ve got experience online and creating websites, or would prefer to make these yourself or learn elsewhere, then these videos are not essential to the rest of the course. As long as you set up your site correctly!

If you own a dropshipping store through the platform Shopify (or have used Franklin’s eCom course) then these videos will provide you with some great tips and instruction; such as Facebook pixels and other handy advice.

The next video will explain the need to create a subscriber list, and how to do so most effectively with the best email platforms available. These are also the most cost effective platforms available. Subscriber lists are one of the most effective ways to promote products, and Franklin outlines the strategy in which to do so.  As part of this you’ll also be taught how to create the forms and landing pages that best convert using these email platforms.

The final few asset videos look at Social Media, and some of the untapped traffic sources like Facebook social chat bots.

4. Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

The Clickbank module (27 videos) is quite unique in the fact that it un-teaches you a lot of the misinformation out there. There are a lot of affiliate marketing gurus who tell you to use Clickbank, and how easy it is to set up on the platform. This is because literally anyone can create an account in under 5 minutes and you don’t need any approvals. They struggle to teach you how to actually profit from Clickbank products and generate traffic to your offers. That’s where this module proves its worth. It teaches you how to send high volumes of traffic that converts, helping you to earn every 14 days as opposed to the standard 30 days.

The first couple of videos provide the essentials, setting up your account, tax forms and so on. The videos that follow show you how to find the best and most likely to convert products/services through an often ignored filter using ‘gravity.’

Beyond the basics, other videos teach you how to build an entire review website on one Clickbank product alone. You’ll learn how to find profitable and low competition keywords and how to set up your site (themes, widgets, article structure) to ensure you rank highly in the search engines. If you have some spare cash, you can even purchase your articles on marketplaces like Fiverr for as little as $5. This is all taught in this module.

One of the best 2 videos in the module look at funnels; Franklin even uses his affiliate sites as case studies to show you exactly how he does it and how you can too.

5. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This module looks at the ability to earn money through the Amazon Affiliate Program. Franklin then goes on to show how profitable this can be – citing a a $30 million Amazon affiliate site. Whilst this would be difficult to replicate, it’s possible:

The Savage Affiliate Course teaches you one of the most important lessons in Affiliate Marketing; how to conduct proper research. Without proper research you could end up wasting your time, money and resources. This is even more important with affiliate marketplaces like Amazon.

As such, Franklin explains the methods to review page one of Google and how to rank higher. He does this by explaining how to look at their current backlinks, social media shares and content relevance. Once you gather this kind of data, it is incredibly easy to rank higher than them – because you have a tangible target to aim for. You know what you need to build and where to build it.

The videos in the module explain how to set up an Amazon affiliate. This includes how to write your articles all the way through to how your site is put together.

You will also learn the different options open to you: whether you want an Affiliate Amazon site to be niche specific or general. In my own experiences, niche websites provide more trust with your audience, however you are relatively limited in what your articles can promote!

Like some of the other modules, you can see case studies of Amazon Affiliate sites and how entrepreneurs are making a killing with these kind of sites

My girlfriend is using this method from Savage Affiliates and has created a niche website on ‘Almond Nails’. She has written some Amazon Affiliate articles such as: the ‘Best Gel Nail Kits’. We’re earning commission on each and every sale of any kit that a visitor then goes on to buy!

6. SEO Traffic

The SEO Traffic module is one of the most important for any online business; whether you get into Affiliate Marketing. Here, Franklin teaches you how to rank higher in Google and in other search engines like Bing.

Franklin exposes his entire SEO strategy he uses on his site – both

  • On-Page SEO – how to effectively structure your website, ensure the website speed is high, and the internal links that connects your site all together.
  • Off-Page SEO – how to connect your site to the internet, obtain backlinks from other sites such as Web 2.0s (Tumblrs, Blogpsots) and Forum Posts.

You can also watch videos on how to track your search engine ranking – through tools such as Google Webmasters and Google Analytics.

You’ll also learn how to set up your Social Media profiles and how to engage on these platforms without wasting your time on them unnecessarily. As social media is part of the algorithm with ranking, this video is very helpful.

This module in it-self is an in-depth SEO course. Franklin could actually sell this as a standalone course and charge over $400 dollars for it.  The fact that you are getting this free as part of the Savage Affiliate Course is incredible.

7. Paid Traffic Training

With Affiliate Marketing, one of the best ways to profit is through free organic traffic – through Google and other search engines. However, paid traffic is an option and can be immensely profitable if set up right. Remember, if you do not target the right keywords, go after the right audience, or set up your content in the right way, you are literally burning your cash away. That’s where this module is great.

In the Paid Traffic Training module you can access 23 videos that include training on Facebook, Solo Ads (like Udimi) and CPC networks such as Google Adwords

Facebook Ads are pretty popular right now and have been insanely profitable for many including Franklin. As such, several of the videos teach you how to run laser targeted and effective Facebook ads.

As mentioned earlier in this Savage Affiliates Review, you can learn to set up your tracking pixel and how to set up a converting funnel that doesn’t get blocked or banned from Facebook.

Moreover, Franklin provides you with brilliant Facebook ad case studies to show you what you can expect.

The next mini-section in this module, turns to solo ads. The concept here is that you’ll be purchasing traffic off other Affiliate Marketers who have already built up there list. The videos include how to find the best sellers and prevent purchasing fake or bot clicks. You’ll even learn the marketplaces to use and avoid; showing you the ones that will filter out bot traffic and only send you quality traffic.

Regarding CPC Adwords, the videos run you through setting up a campaign from start to finish. If set up wrong, your ads can scale out of control and become immensely costly. Franklin teaches you how to avoid this and how to target the best keywords for minimal cost and maximum profit.

8. Free Traffic Training

In the Free Traffic Training module of Savage Affiliates, you learn how to make maximal profit because your costs are essentially zero. This module relates to the earlier SEO module, but elaborates further into other free traffic sources like Forums and YouTube.

It is through taking advantage of free traffic channels that ensure that you can make the passive income that Franklin suggests you can.

I’ve been into Affiliate Marketing only for a small time, and making commissions like the below is a regular occurrence due to the methods I’ve learnt from experts like Franklin:

Earnings from Savage Affiliates

In the videos in the section, you can expect to learn how to increase the size of your subscriber list by obtaining traffic from Free sites such as Forums and YouTube. You’ll be taught how to set up your own YouTube channel and start creating videos of your own. These videos will link back to your affiliate sites and send you high converting traffic. You’ll learn what keywords to go to maximize your results that are platform specific.

9. Email Marketing Training

In the last module and last part of our Savage Affiliates Review, you will learn the ins and outs of email marketing. This is essentially sending your email list your affiliate links that enable you to make a commission on each sale.

This method is dependent on your list – so this will come much further down the line than straight off the bat. This is why it’s the final module in the course. As your access to the course is for a lifetime. You can revert back to this module in a year from now if you sign up today.

The videos show you how to set up an entire email marketing campaign. From setting up the forms, through to automation and regular newsletters to keep your subscriber list keen and loyal. You’ll even learn the methods to increase email open rates.

The Key Benefits of Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates Review Features and Benefits

Access to Private Facebook Group

Savage Affiliates Review

The moment you purchase your access to Savage Affiliates, you will instantly gain access to the private Savage Affiliates Facebook group. This is where Franklin personally posts updates and shares his latest methods. You’ll see further case studies and the results from other members on the course.

You can discuss and gain feedback from other members if you get stuck. This is a the first place you should go to as other students that have enrolled on the course can help you.

Included in the price of the course is access to the private Facebook group. This offer is limited and there are only so many spaces available for free. Once this closes, you will have to pay a recurring monthly fee of $37 to be a part of this affiliate networking community

30 Money Back Guarantee

To ensure that you are fully satisfied with the course, there is a full 30 day risk free money back guarantee.

If you do not get the results as promised, you can send an email to Franklin to get your money back. The only thing we would say is that affiliate marketing takes time, especially if your site is new and doesn’t have much authority or many backlinks. Once you start ranking in Google, the true value of the course will be repaid.

How to Get a Place on Savage Affiliates

Please note: the Savage Affiliates course is increasing in price very soon. If you purchase through My Link you will get your place for Only $197 (price due to increase soon).

Click HERE  to visit Savage Affiliates and get your place now – before the price goes up or the spaces run out!