Social Intents Review

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Social Intents Review

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“We’ve used and recommended Social Intents to a number of Shopify Store and Website Owners. The results in which we, and others, have received has been impressive. One of our Shopify Stores sold an extra $11,500 in two weeks; all through simple contact with store visitors and conversion popups on pre-sales pages. Social Intents provides you with all the tools you need to build confidence, trust and loyalty with your visitors. It overcomes the challenges of cart abandonment and delayed action through complimentary apps and tools. Being able to directly converse with your visitors and potential customers gives you that extra credibility to get your customers over the line and make a purchase. We recommended Social Intents to any store/WordPress owner looking to receive better results from their visitors” Unrivaled Social Intents Review

If you own and run a website or online business and you want to convert your website visitors into sales, subscribers and followers then you’ll be glad you found this Social Intents Review.

Social Intents has exploded as one of the latest and greatest marketing tools; here we provide you with all the insights you need to determine if Social Intents is suitable for you.

Overview of Social Intents

Social Intents is a premium suite of on-site apps that lets you grow sales, improve customer service, build subscribers, and reduce bounce rates.

These apps have been carefully designed and crafted to work on any website. No coding needed! Simply copy and paste a small code snippet into your web page or use one of the simple plugins.


Introducing Social Intents: The Premium Tools for More Sales, Subscribers & Followers


Social Intents Review

Social Intents Review

Social Intents was created to overcome the difficulties of hard to convert traffic. It lets you communicate with you visitors on whole new level and to ensure you connect when it matters most.

Here are a list of the apps and the features that you get when you sign up:


✔ Live Chat Support for Shopify/ WordPress/ Wix etc…

Social Intents Review

The Live Chat App lets you chat with customers and give them the real-time support and confidence that they need.

You can directly converse with your visitors and answer questions through a simple yet beautiful chat box.  Providing confidence, this will dramatically increase your sales.

And its incredibly easy to set up; all you need to do is insert a small snippet of code into you theme or install a simple plugin. You can do this on all of these CMS Platforms:

Social Intents Review

Thats right, the Live Chat App even integrates with Shopify. So if you own a store and are looking to converse with your potential customers and seal the deal; you simply need to sign up to Social Intents.

The Live Chat App is also fully customizable. You can change the colors, agent photos, text, and default responses to match the app to your website design. It will integrate perfectly.

Social Intents Review

If you decide to enable the proactive chat features; your visitors will be invited to chat on the pages that matter most such as pre-sales pages!

Finally; the Social Intents Live Chat App works on all mobile devices.

Social Intents Review

You, or any Agents you set up to use the app on your behalf, can chat straight from your mobile browsers. Social Intents have even partnered with with Slack and to make sure you receive push notification on incoming messages – even when your not in your browser!


✔ Powerful Conversion Pop Ups

Beyond just chatting to your customers, Social Intents enables you to enable Powerful Conversion Popups and full-screen overlays on your site or store. This is known to increase conversions and reduce bounce rate and visitor abandonment.

Likewise, the Conversion Popup functionality is simple to set up and can be displayed when a visitor is about to leave your site or after a specified amount of time.

Perhaps most importantly, the Conversion Popup templates are one-click – ensuring that you collect leads, present calls to action, request social sharing, ask questions and display coupons.

Build Subscribers & an Email List: and generate leads. You can even integrate with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor.

Display Call to Action: when a visitor clicks to close your site. You can even link to a signup page.

Collect Valuable Feedback: from your visitors through simple surveys. You can then view feedback, add notes, and open close responses to make sure you take action on feedback.

Boost Social Sharing: on your site by explicitly asking for  social media shares when visitors are leaving.

Offer Exit Coupons: These incentives appear when your visitors leave your site. You can target specific pages or add certain rules to ensure more of your visitors convert.

Integrate with other Services: Social Intent integrates perfectly with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor. When one of your visitors subscribes, the Social Intent platform will automatically add them to your email list provider.

There are also integrations with Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and many others, so you can use Social Offers and just about any type of website.

Social Intents Review


✔  List Builder

To round of the platform, you can set up the Email List Builder app. This is proving to be a fantastic  way to increase sign ups through a simple popup.

With the simple insertion of a one line code, your list builder will be up and running when a visitor enters/exits your site.

You can Customize the email list builder with your own images and text and brand design. You can even go as far as adding your voice!

Even more effectively, you can set up rules to display the popup:

  • When your visitors are about to leave using exit intents.
  • For repeat visitors,
  • For new visitors,
  • For those who haven’t converted.


✔  Collect Ever-Important Feedback

Gather Ideas and Feedback directly from the customers and visitors to your site. It’s private, instant, and unbiased (no public forums).


✔  Analytical Dashboards

You can control all the tools and apps from a range of intuitive analytical dashboards

All of your conversion data, chat history, feedback, and actions are centralized in yours member section of the Social Intents Site.

Social Intents Review

Social Intents Review: The Key Benefits & How It Will Help You


More Leads, Sales, Conversions and Higher Satisfaction

The apps, especially the Live Chat App, ensure that you can obtain more Leads, Sales, Conversions and a Higher Satisfaction from your visitors.


Engage on a Deeper Level

Reduce bounce rates and increase conversions with Conversion Popup. Offer rewards with Social Offers.


Improve your Business & Site

Gather private, instant, and unbiased feedback from your customers with Feedback


14 Day Free Trial

With a 14 day risk Free Trial, you can explore and use all of the Social Intents Apps to see if it is for you.

At the very least you can try all of the fantastic functionality for free!


No Technology Experience Required

No technology experience is required to get feedback for your business. All you need to do is enter your customer’s details the rest is taken care of.



Unrivaled Social Intents Review

Social Intent has been designed to address all of the pain-points that Store and Website owners face.

These premium tools and apps address the main concern many online face; getting their visitors and their customers to take action. Often traffic isn’t the problem; its getting the visitor to trust your site and your brand.

Whether you’re a Shopify or Store owner or even a blogger, Social Intents will provide you with the tools you need to scale.

Unrivaled Social Intents Review: We have been incredibly impressed with the Social Intents Platform and range of apps. We recommend signing up and getting on a plan to any individual or business looking to obtain more leads, conversions, sales and subscribers. At the bare minimum you can sign up for a FREE Trial to see if this platform is for you. 


How & Where To Gain Access

Click HERE to get a FREE Trial to Social Intents

So if you want to join the 35,000+ companies who are using the Social Intent apps to grow sales, improve customer service, build subscribers, and reduce bounce rates, then we suggest you sign up right now.


Social Intents Review