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“The Importance of Twitter for Small Businesses is Profound; with 200 million users and growing, its the platform to: connect with customers and build relationships, increase your brand awareness and market your products. It is however, an incredibly time and effort consuming platform; that’s where SocialDog comes in. It a premium suite of tools that will enable your Twitter Account to thrive and drive leads and traffic to your site. We have been using the platform ourselves to automatically manage our Twitter Account; following, unfollowing, scheduled tweets and direct messages are  just some of the powerful functionality that is working for us on autopilot. We’ve were able to acquire over 20 Twitter followers in our very first day from the FREE plan alone – followers who, as our Google Analytics Report show, are visiting our site from our Twitter Account” – Unrivaled SocialDog Review


If you’ve heard of SocialDog, or if you are looking to explode your Twitter Account with more followers and obtain more business leads, then we suggest you read this SocialDog Review. This is why…

Twitter is one of the best online Social Media platforms to drive traffic to your site, product or promotion.

Many of the best Internet Marketers develop their entire Marketing strategy around Twitter. They promote content – whether their own or others, they develop a loyal and engaged following,  and they drive premium converting traffic straight off their Twitter Account.

This sounds relatively easy in practice, and when done successfully can be incredibly lucrative, but if we were being honest with you, it’s a lot harder than it sounds and as first seems.

Firstly, in order to profit from a Social Media platform like Twitter; it will take a lot of time, hard work and patience.

That’s if, you do it all on your own.

But in this day and age, you don’t need to go in alone.

Unrivaled Review has discovered just the tool to help you grow and monetize your business through Social Media.

Its called SocialDog and it was established to help you dominate Twitter.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small or large business that wants to dramatically improve their presence and reach through Twitter, this SocialDog Review will outline all you need to know about this software and how it can multiply your efforts and final results.

It will help you to obtain new followers, more leads, traffic and sales on your site.


Introducing SocialDog: Smart and Efficient Twitter Account Management Tool


SocialDog Review

SocialDog Review


SocialDog is an online software developed to help you automate, and to get more real, authentic followers on your Twitter Account(s).

A subscription to a SocialDog Plan gives you all of the tools you will ever need to expand your business reach and to obtain more loyal followers.

In a nutshell, SocialDog helps to promote your business on Twitter.

Essentially, it lets you explode your current ability to interact on the platform, and thus increases your exposure by carrying out automated tasks on your accounts behalf.

If you’re currently on Twitter, then you’ll be fully aware of the difficulties of increasing your followers. You have to interact with other accounts, follow, comment, like, retweet and so on and so forth. But you also need to do this with relevant Accounts; ones that are in your niche, that are applicable and have acquired followers that would be interested in what you have to say or sell.

For example, if you run an eCommerce store, then you’d want to be interacting with other eCommerce stores and brands that may occupy a similar space. They would likely have followers that would also be interested in what you have to offer, that have been acquired by marketing campaigns of your competitors.

Included as part of this branding and marketing strategy, is unfollowing accounts that do not follow you back. This ensures that your Twitter account, and your resulting brand image and reputation looks professional and desirable.

Without access to an affordable software like SocialDog, this would take you, or a member of your team, a considerable amount of time. Let alone the effort involved! You’d literally need to manually go into each individual Twitter account and “follow” and “un-follow” at the respective times. And keep track of these accounts. You’d be doing this across hundreds of accounts. We haven’t even mentioned the fact that you’d need research to find all of these accounts in the first place!


SocialDog Review: Features

SocialDog offers a comprehensive suite of Twitter Tools that make sure you build your account, expose your business and expand your marketing reach.


FREE Account and 14 Day Trial

You can sign up to receive the basic features completely free. You would only need to scale your membership if you wanted more access and more tools that are on offer!


100% compliant with Twitter’s official rules

SocialDog was designed to comply with the strict Twitter rules and regulations. This ensures you won’t get penalized for your activity and can grow and scale without a watchful eye on your account.

Multiple Twitter Accounts

With one Membership you can set up at least two Twitter Accounts; and you even have the ability to add more! This way you can set up several for your main businesses, others for another side-income stream, another for your personal accounts and so on and so forth. There’s a lot of possibility.


Intuitive Dashboard of Analytics

In one click you can connect your Twitter account and have your very own Twitter real-time Dashboard providing you with insightful analytics.

SocialDog Review


Active Twitter Account

Keep track of any increase or decrease of your Followers and communicate with them to make and maintain your Twitter account active. Prevent Followers from unfollowing and increase your Follower-to-Following Ratio.


Most Optimized Keywords

You can set keywords in SocialDog like your service name, brand name, or URL to reach potential target segments. You can thereby efficiently approach users who may have an interest in your Twitter account.


Daily Social Media Management

Make efficient use of time with Auto Direct Messages and Scheduled Tweets!

SocialDog Review


Tools Included For Growth, Engagement and Automation:

Follow-back / Unfollow – Within the SocialDog interface you will receive notifications on Following and Unfollowing, this will help you to manage uour Twitter account and maintain a high Follower-to-Following Ratio.

Follow Keyword – You can input your most desirable and relevant keywords into SocialDog to increase your Followers. The tool will follow the keywords that you enter.

Welcome message– You can set up functionality where automatic Direct Messages are sent to new followers.

Tweet Analysis –Tweets are automatically and systematically analysed through the number of Likes and Retweets. You can see this in your real-time dashboard but you can also extract this data to a CSV file.

Daily Report – Shows you your follower increase/decrease in a timely, easy to view report.

Scheduled Tweets – You can set up scheduled tweets as far as 3 months in advance!  You can schedule by day, by time and even include images!

Copy Followers – The functionality enables you to copy the followers of your competitors and rival accounts. This ensures you are connecting with the right accounts and will help increase your own following.

Follow History – You can even show the complete list of accounts you’ve followed in the past. Additionally, you can see the accounts that have unfollowed you.

Manage Multiple Accounts – The interface enables you to manage several of your Twitter accounts in one place.

Team Management – The admin feature lets you set up different levels of access for other people to work on your account.

Filter – Freely extract users based on the number of Followers, current location and other criteria.

Browser Push Notifications – Get informed on account trends such as increase or decrease in Followers by push notifications. *Available only on Desktop and Android.



SocialDog Review – The Key Benefits


Affordable Price

You can sign up to SocialDog for FREE to get started.

If you’re happy with the service, you can upgrade your account to obtain more tools that are exclusive to the paid membership package.


Easy to Use – Clean Interface

You can set up all of the tools and features in less than an hour following sign up. That’s right, you could completely automate your entire Twitter Marketing Campaign from today onwards.


Impressive Results

Unrivaled Review signed up for the free plan, and received 20 new followers on our very first day. Our Google Analytics proved that 5 of these visited our site.

This required minimal effort, and absolutely minimal work. If we upgraded our plan to the Basic subscription, we would expect to see over 30,000 followers! All of whom are targeted, related and interested in our account and niche.


SocialDog Review: Who Should Sign Up

Hopefully our SocialDog Review has outlined that this Twitter Software is most suited to small or larger businesses who are looking expand their marketing efforts via Twitter.

Regardless if you currently have a Twitter, then getting on at least a FREE plan is highly worth your initial time and effort. From there, it’s all on automation.

For serious entrepreneurs and businesses, Unrivaled Review would recommend that you get on the Basic plan; and then scale up if you need!


SocialDog Review – How & Where To Sign Up

For as little as $7 per month, you can grow your brand and your presence on Twitter with minimal effort!

It’s worth considering; how much do you value your time? SocialDog ensures that you no longer need to graft on Twitter but still receive the same if not more impressive results.

Another way to view this software– is that with one sale per month – which you will likely get from your automated SocialDog twitter activity, the subscription is paid for.

Click here to try SocialDog for FREE.

You’ll see just how simple it is to grow your twitter accounts with premium followers.

You can then drive those followers to your site for more sales and more conversions!