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Whether you run your own website, are looking to start a print on demand (POD) business from scratch, or even have a social media following then you’ll be particularly pleased that you landed on this Spreadshop Review.

I am pleased to announce that I’ve discovered a business opportunity like no other; whereby you can get started quickly, easily and cheaply with absolutely no risk.

And since risk is the biggest hurdle in getting started as an entrepreneur, this is the perfect business opportunity to start making an income online, or increase your income further on the side.

This is all because Spreadshop have identified the complexities of creating an online print business, and taken them away!

Overview of Spreadshop

Spreadshop is an online platform that lets you create and sell print on demand merchandise – all for free.

The concept is pretty simple, you create a store on their platform and submit your designs. From there all you need to do is market your products. Spreadshop literally takes care of the rest; thats right, there’s no web design, hosting charges, fulfillment, payment processing fees etc.

Spreadshop Review 

Spreadshop Review

SpreadShop is an online shop system allowing users to create and sell merchandise FOR FREE.

With SpreadShop, you can offer merchandise, unusual designs and your own brand or team logos on over 200 products – directly to your current or future audience.

Just upload your design idea, create products and start earning.

Spreadshop provide print-on-demand supply and fulfillment, so there are no costs or risks involved for you (as a Shop Owner).

They take care of every order, print the products and deliver them directly to your customers.

You (the Shop Owner) earns money on every sale (20%); from the very first to everyone that follows.

How Much Does It All Cost

Here’s the best part of this platform; there are absolutely no costs.

Thats right, its free to sign up, host your store, cover the fulfillment, work with suppliers etc.

The way that this is all possible, as you’re probably wondering wheres the  catch, is that you earn 20% from each sale.

So if a shirt sells for $15, you would take home $3 from that sale.

But remember, thats all profit and theres absolutely minimal work involved for that $3

In other words its a 20% profit margin.

As Investopedia states, a 10-15% profit margin is ideal for a small business.

and there is room to scale; if you hit certain sales milestones you can earn up to 40% additional profit!

How Spreadshop Works

SpreadShop is a free online shop platform powered by Spreadshirt. In a nutshell, you’ll receive your own URL and a professional, customizable shop system. You’ll also be provided with all the tools required to start your own online merch business.


Step One – Sign Up: 

Visit  www.spreadhsop.com and click the signup button. Here you will name your shop, enter your email and choose your password

Step Two: – Upload Your Designs

Once signed up you will be automatically signed in. Firstly, you will need to upload your designs and choose from the different customizable products on offer. T-Shirts are the most commonly used.

Step Three: – Customize Your Store

The intuitive Spreadshop platform enables you to customize your store easily. You can rearrange products and create product categories to ensure your visitors have no problem navigating and are more likely to buy!

Step Four: Promote

This is where you will need to put the work in and where you will earn your money.

  • If you currently have a website, audience, a mailing list, a large social media page, a pre-established brand – then this will be easy. All you need to do it put your link and products in front of them.
  • If you have not yet started your business, or are new to the online business world without a list/brand, then it will be more difficult but definitely possible. Unrivaled Review suggest creating merchandise on popular or trending niches. (For example pets, fitness, memes etc). From there you can promote these on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the other Social Media platforms. If you’re going to start a site then this would be the perfect way to monetize it!

Step Five: Sit Back

At this point you dont need to do anything – but review your sales figures and profits.

There’s no need to worry about payments, production, fulfillment or shipping because Spreadshop do all that for you. Thats all covered at no cost to you.

See the Power of Spreadshop

The Features and Benefits

Your Professional Store

Spreadshop has been carefully designed to help you set up a professional looking store, easily and intuitively. You can modify your store in many ways to suit your customers preferences of your brands image. This is incredibly easy to do. If you have any issues, you can also contact the support team who will personally assist you, or provide you with the resources you need to resolve any issues (they can provide you with video tutorials and FAQS!)

Additionally, if you wanted to integrate your Spreadshop into your own website – this is possible to do! So regardless if you are using WordPress or other CMS system, you can easily integrate your shop there!

Wide Selection of Products

This is not just a t-shirt printing business; Spreadshop offers over 200 customizable products including accessories. This will not only help establish your brand but can you earn more with upsells. Moreover, you can scale the prices accordingly, to ensure that your prices reflect your customers preferences and you get the best price available. The products are also hand selected and quality picked – what more could you ask for?!

Make Considerable Income

Having researched print on demand opportunities out there,  you’d be hard to find one that offers such fantastic commission structures (and completely wiping out any potential costs and thus risk). Not only will you profit from the designs you upload, but you’re  guaranteed 20% commission on each and every sale from your store. If you hit certain volumes you’ll be rewarded  with bonus commissions (40% per sale) so the more you are able to sell the more commission you make per sale! There’s also no minimums so you start earning from the get go. This will give you the time to grow and scale and not spread yourself too thin. Additionally you control the prices of your designs, so you can increase the profit per sale if you see fit. You will even be able to see, through the statistics app, your sales and be able to receive notifications of orders!

Minimal Work – No Costs

As Spreadshop take care of the entire supply side of the business, your inventory is technically “free”. They will buy and store all the stock that you would need if you ran a print business yourself. You can therefore start many merch shops without overhead costs and high risk! You can only profit, and not lose.  Moreover, Spreadshop will cover the production with high quality print that they will also quality check and package for you!

Social Media Connection

It is even possible to sync your store with  your Social Media accounts; this way it is easier to connect with your customers and help make the buying experience easier and more trustworthy. You’ll even be provided with case study examples, marketing suggestions and knowledge from all the successful stores currently on the platform. You’ll gain instant access to a forum where many others in your position will converse and share their knowledge. You can learn a lot about marketing, both for your store, and for online business, in these forums alone!

Provide a Premium Customer Experience

Your store will be hosted on the Spreadshop platform,  a notable and global e-commerce company that has over 15 years of experience in the print merchandise space. As such, you can be sure that you’re store is trustworthy – one example is that your checkout includes a free SSL certificate (padlock secure checkout) and every transaction is protected to the same level that banks use. Additionally, Spreadshop accepts both PayPal payments and credit card payments immediately once your store has been set up and all payments are taken care of by their team.

My Review

“If you’ve been researching online for a business opportunity with little/no risk, want to get started quickly, can work from anywhere in the world and create your own brand, then Spreadshop is the business opportunity you have been looking for. This print on demand business opportunity has a wide range of applications and uses, and would be suitable for many aspiring or current entrepreneurs; regardless of industry, niche or experience level. I’ve been particularly impressed with the wide range of additional benefits, such as the Social Media integration, the secure SSL checkouts, along with the analytics and selling stats. If you’re looking for your next risk-free opportunity, this is it”.

Spreadshop is the home to thousands of online print on demand merchandise brands, across musicians, gamers, athletes and more for very good reason!

It is rare that you come across and find a business opportunity where there is no risk involved. In fact, up until now it is has been impossible.

Spreadshop have found a unique way to offer you a risk-free opportunity to sell your own merchandise and tap into their global infrastructure and network.

How To Start Your Store Right Now

Click here to start your online store today and to build your store in minutes.

If you’ve been pondering on getting started online for a while and are not sure where to start, this is the perfect introduction!

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