DotCom Secrets PDF Download [Is Russel Brunsons eBook Free?]

Dotcom Secrets PDF Download [Is Russel Brunsons eBook Free?]

Are you looking for a DotCom Secrets PDF Download? Wondering whether the Russel Brunson eBook is Free? Then this article today will help answer these questions. We’ll also be taking a look at the content and whether or not it is worth getting your hands on a copy.

Dotcom Secrets is a hugely popular book in the Marketing and Sales literature. It is in many ways, it serves as a replicable blueprint that you can use to grow your business online. Regardless of what products or services you sell.

It was written and created by Russel Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels (an SaaS Business with an annual revenue of $360 Million). Here he documents his personal strategies and discoveries from his own organisation along with thousands of other companies. Having built and scaled business online for over a decade, the book documents a process that any individual/company can use to increase traffic, conversions and sales online.

So in many ways its ideal for eCommerce store owners (including dropshippers), Affiliate Marketers, Lead Generation Businesses and any other type of online business that you can think of.

The best part is that you can get the book for free (all you need to do is pay for shipping).

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What Is DotCom Secrets?

DotCom Secrets Book Russel Brunson
DotCom Secrets Book by Russel Brunson

The DotCom Secrets Book (not actually a PDF) is over 250 pages long. It provides a playbook (or blueprint) of all the processes, funnels and scripts that you can use to build and expand your business online.

Its the result of years of split testing, adapting and refining following its implementation of thousands of online businesses. It was developed to overcome a problem; low traffic and conversions. Its all about providing you with a solution to this and how its actually a lot easier to overcome and remedy than you initially might think. All you need to do is adopt the methods and strategies that Russel outlines in the book.

This book is therefore going to help you generate significantly more leads, and then actually get those leads to convert. Its applicable for any industry/niche and online business so its going to be helpful to pretty much anyone who is operating online (whether an individual or a larger business).

Whether you have a relatively new business, are yet to start or are struggling to make sales online, then there are going to be many practical takeaways and systems in the book that you can use right from the very moment you access it.

With over 220,000 copies sold, it is available via Amazon and on the DotCom Secrets official site. But I have a way to get you the book for a lot cheaper…

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Who Is Russel Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a successful entrepreneur who has built and scaled numerous online businesses. Perhaps his most significant, is the creation of ClickFunnels (a $350 million per year generating SaaS business). ClickFunnels is a Sales Funnels software that enables anyone to build Sales Funnels quickly, easily and effectively. Its become the solution for online entrepreneurs looking for more leads and conversions.

Beyond just ClickFunnels, Russell continues to build and scale companies online. One of which is a supplement company, a coaching company, and he is renowned for being one of the highest earning Affiliate Marketers online.

Who Is DotCom Secrets Beneficial For?

The book has a wealth of information and practical benefits to anyone who is operating a business online. Regardless of your current knowledge, experience and size of operations, there are many takeaways that you can be learnt with this book.

As its a playbook, you’re learning strategies and methods rather than theory and suggestion. It’s also tried and tested, by an online entrepreneur who is recognized, reputable and is actually applying this content daily with this own businesses.

If you are looking to learn from an expert online marketer and entrepreneur (at a fraction of the price than what personal mentorship would cost), then this is an e ideal alternative.

DotCom Secrets Content

The DotCom Secrets book consists of 5 separate sections that outline the processes and strategies you should take to grow and scale an online business.

You’ll also be provided with an insightful overview of the history and progression of the online business space. This helps you to understand how it all works, how it fits together and some of the key things you must do and also should avoid.

Here are the sections in chronological order:

Part One: Ladders and Funnels

In the first section, you are introduced to the concept of Ladders and how you can use this model to maximize your earnings from each lead. The idea is that you should offer several products and services to your leads at specific times during the customer journey. In doing so, you will increase your sales and chances of success.

By measuring the results of this activity, you will be able to calculate your ‘Value per Lead’ which you can use to calculate your growth and plan your scaling. The premise is that by understanding the value of each customer, and by implementing ways to expand your ‘value per lead’, you can increase your advertising budget with confidence and be sure to get a positive ROI (return on investment) on each and every dollar you spend.

Once this is established, you can then turn to building a ‘Funnel’ which is the process a visitor goes through to become a customer. With the Funnel built and optimized, all you need to do is send traffic to it and the process will take care of and handle the rest!

Part Two: Your Communication Funnel

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to boost your conversions, and it can also help to automate a lot of the sales generation for your online business. For example, ClickFunnels provides an autoresponder (which automatically send email communications to your audience) and email sequencing functionality (sends the communications at set times and due to specific situations) which makes the whole process more successful.

Here in part two, you learn all about why and how to implement an Email Marketing strategy. You’ discover why regularly communicating with a site visitor can drastically increase their chances of becoming a customer and this will ultimately result in more sales for your business.

Russel further goes onto explain how you need to build a rhetoric and story, and how by communicating in specific ways with your audience you’ll be able to market more effectively and increase your conversions.

Part Three: ‘Funnelology’

The third section teaches you how to build and set up a successful Sales Funnel.

This is about learning from and leveraging successful Sales Funnels that some of the largest companies are using to profit large. Here, you learn how to simply replicate their success and tailor specific Sales Funnels to your own needs and situation. By doing this you’ll find success and results a lot faster.

This is all instead of designing and starting a Sales Funnel from scratch, which Russel outlines will require expensive testing, time to trial, potential errors and the need to adapt before it ever becomes profitable.

This section will teach you a number of important takeaways including: enticing customers and the fundamentals of a successful Sales Funnel and Sales Funnel Campaign.

Part Four: Funnels and Scripts

This is another integral section because here you learn about some of the most successful Sales Funnels that have been used by businesses to earn millions in profit.

You get access to these funnels alongside the methodology behind them; why they worked and how you can leverage them for your own business.

As part of this section, you can also access some of the templates/scripts to use for your own Funnel, which have of course, already been tested and optimized.

Part Five: ClickFunnels

The final part brings together the previous four sections and introduces you to ClickFunnels as a platform to roll-out the entire process. This is a premium software that is being used by some of the most successful online entrepreneurs.

You can actually run your entire lead and sale-generating processes via this platform and even accept payments. Its an all in one marketing solution and this section provides you with all you need to know to set it up correctly and get it working for you.

Final Words and Verdict

Buying the book over at Amazon is going to cost you $13.99 (that’s the cheapest you’re going to get it there).

Conversely, if you click here you can get it for free by buying it directly on the official website (all you need to do is pay for the shipping which is $7.95).

While this is technically not free, it provides essential knowledge for anyone trying to generate more sales. The fee will back back for itself in no time at all.

Ultimately, it just makes sense to learn and apply the time-tested strategies and solutions that Russel has learned, crafted and developed over the years. As he is selling a playbook; it can be adapted to any online business in any industry in any niche. Whether you sell products or services, are an Affiliate Marketer or eCommerce Store Owner, there’s dozens of practical and applicable tips and strategies that you can introduce immediately to improve your success online.

As you will have realized by now, the DotCom Secrets PDF is not available for free download; its a book that you’ll need to pay for. But you’ll only need to pay for shipping which is a great way to get it cheaper.

By getting it here, you’ll get a hard copy shipped out to you and it will arrive in just a couple of days.

At just $7.95, its a cost effective way to acquire fundamental business knowledge that you can apply for years to come.

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