KWFinder Free Trial [How Do You Get Access And Why You Should]

KWFinder Free Trial [How Do You Get Access And Why You Should]

Are you looking for a KWFinder Free Trial? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’d like to point you in the right direction to get access to an all-inclusive 10 day free trial and explain exactly why this a tool you need access to.

Click here to get your 10 Day KWFinder Free Trial (no credit card required)

I’ve been building websites and ranking them in Google for over 15 years. In the beginning, competition was low and it was easy to find low competition keywords and rank for them in a short amount of time. Not today.

Long gone are those times, and it has become increasingly more difficult to find profitable keywords that not only you can rank for, but are worth ranking for.

As such, signing up to a keyword research tool is more of a necessity these days. KWFinder is my tool of choice. Here’s why:

Features (Benefits) of KWFinder

KWFinder is an intuitive, easy to use and powerful keyword research tool.

With no download required (you simply log in and access via your web browser), it loads incredibly fast and gives you instant insights and ‘difficulty’ ratings on any keyword that you research.

When it comes to finding keywords, it makes the process easy and simple, yet most importantly, effective.

With KWfinder, the main perk is that it will drum up a list of ‘long-tail keywords’, with low competition and give you the exact difficulty score and monthly search volume for that specific keyword too.

Finding these low competition keywords are crucial to ranking in Google. It means you will not be challenging with high authority sites and sitting on page 15. Instead, you’ll be right at the to for valuable keywords where you will acquire traffic. This is where the money ultimately is.

So, whether you own affiliate marketing websites, eCommerce stores, run lead generation sites, or you are looking to rank sites on the behalf of clients; KWFinder is for you.

See below an example from inside my account. Here I am searching for the keyword “KWFinder”:

You can see that while it is “possible” to rank; the’res quite a lot of competition. In this example, mainly the tool itself!

Click here to try and test KWFinder for free yourself

What is great about KWfinder is that you get instant metrics to help you conduct your research fast. You’ll know straight way whether or not it is worth pursuing a keyword.

Every keyword will be given a ‘Keyword Difficulty Score’ between 0-100. The lower the score, the more chance you’ll have to rank.

Here is a breakdown of the difficulty classifications:

  • 0–9: Go for it
  • 10–19: Super easy
  • 20–29: Easy
  • 30–39: Not hard
  • 40–54: Possible
  • 55–74: Hard
  • 75–89: Super hard
  • 90–100: Don’t do it.

Of course, you’ll always want to write content around the 0-19 if you are a new website. 20-29 is also good to go for too (but works better if your site is already established).

The KWFinder algorithm takes into account hundreds of ranking factors and metrics for each keyword including: Website Domain Authority, Website Page Authority, Moz Rank, Moz Trust and the Total Number of Website Backlinks.

So, each difficulty has been carefully calculated giving you firmer trust in the results.

What’s more, you also get given a list of other, closely related keyword suggestions (and their own each difficulty scores). So, you can even acquire keyword topics and suggestions you may not have even thought of.

With each keyword, you can also see the monthly search volume that is based off historical data. This goes back 12 months to ensure it is accurate and consistent.

Plus, you’ll also be able to see the CPC (if you decided to latter run advertising on that keyword, or you wanted to monetize your content via ads), the PPC (competition in advertising) and also the Google Serp Results (top 10 ranking websites for that keyword).

All the data you need is presented in one, simple and easy to use interface. Its all done for you, not manual checking of websites.

How To Sign Up For A KWFinder Free Trial

So by now, you know that getting on a Free Trial is a no-brainer in terms of its functionality and effectiveness.

The good news is that signing up for a Free Trial is easy. You also do not need a credit card and all the tools offered by the company who owns KWFinder (Mangools) can be used too: SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner and SiteProfiler.

To start your Free Trial, click here to visit the official KWFinder site.

From there click the following button:

KWFinder Free Trial Signup

This will take you to a simple sign-up page where all you need to do is enter your name and email address:

KWFinder Free Trial Signup

Enter your details, tick the robot Captcha, and click submit. Then, just confirm the email you get from KWFinder to authorize your account.

Thats it, you’re 10 free trial will be active.

Test your keywords, check your scores and create a list of keywords that you can use even if you decided not to sign up to a paid plan beyond the 10 days.


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