7 Figure Skills Review

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7 Figure Skills Review

In my 7 Figure Skills Review, I discuss my experience with 7 Figure Skills by AJ Jomah, all that you get access to in this dropshipping course, and what you can expect to receive when you sign up.  I also look at how much you are expected to pay, and if there are any better alternatives to his course.

If you wanted a short version of this post its this. In my exerience, 7FS is overpriced compared to other courses available. The content is relatively thin and you are left wondering how to actually implement some of the strategies by the end of the course. Instead, in my experience, the best dropshipping course available right now is eCom Elites. Its a complete A-Z of the Dropshipping model and was designed to walk you through the entire process (from store creation through to business automation). It provides double the content and support that 7 Figure Skills does and is 10x cheaper.

But first, what is dropshipping and why would you want to start?

Dropshipping is fast becoming one of the most popular business ventures that Soloprenuers (solo entrepreneurs) and business owners are using to make a profitable passive income. Many are making considerable profits.

For those of you who don’t know what this powerful passive income strategy entails, here is how Wikipedia defines: ‘Dropshipping’:

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. – Wikipedia

In a nutshell, you will never own any stock, and you act as the intermediary (middle man) from your buyers (customers) and the seller (online marketplace/wholesaler like AliExpress). You simply take orders on your ecommerce store, and arrange for the products to be shipped to them directly. You only buy the product once you are paid by your customer! This is an incredibly attractive proposition for two crucial reasons:

1) There is little risk involved; no stock to try and shift if the market nosedives or takes a turn

2) Set up and on-going costs are low as you can use your customers money to purchase from the drop-shipper.

But as any current drop-shipper knows, this is far more difficult than it seems. There are literally hundreds of reasons why drop shipping can go from being immensely profitable to immensely costly. Just a few of these reasons are outlined below:

  • Cash Flow Issues
  • Communication Break-downs
  • Out of Stock Items
  • Delays with Order Processing
  • Wrong Items sent to Customers
  • Wrong Quantities Shipped
  • Billing Queries/Issues
  • Damaged Items
  • Shipping Tracking
  • And many, many more.

All who turn to drop shipping to make a passive income will experience these issues at some point in their venture. For some, they’ll survive, for others they’re crippled and forced out of business.

And as anyone who is currently in drop-shipping, or other forms of eCommerce knows, working with Ali Express, Amazon or other forms of FBA fulfilment is incredibly challenging! Making it fully-automated and profitable is even more so.

What often arises is that these entrepreneurs go in without a viable strategy, a plan, or are too in-experienced or stubborn to see where they are going wrong. Time and time again.

That’s where a mentor comes in; one who has been in the field, one who has experienced these problems and overcome them. One who has and continues to thrive in a competitive industry and knows the ins and outs of being successful.

So, to help you really master online commerce and dropshipping success, in all of its entirety, I will delve deeper into this course and provide you with a clear overview as to whether it’s the course for you – and if not, what you can get instead.

7 Figure Skills Review

What is 7 Figure Skills?

7 Figure Skills is a Drop Shipping Online Training Course & Coaching Program created by AJ Jomah.

The Course is for Solopreneurs, Digital Nomads, and anyone looking for a better approach to a profitable passive income business and lifestyle.

Here are the 7 Phases that are included:

Phase 1: Foundations: Learn the business mindset, how to organize yourself, and how to schedule

Phase 2: Foundations: Learn to find a profitable winnable niche; the exact steps and metrics to ensure you succeed

Phase 3: Market Research: Learn to conduct the Market Research to ensure you succeed in your niche; before you commit and potentially waste time, money or resources. Learn the ins and outs including finding suppliers

Phase 4: Store Setup: Learn all about branding, and how to create a and customize your store that converts visitors to customers.

Phase 5: Getting Suppliers: Learn the telephone and email scripts that will get you the best Suppliers, with the best prices to make profitable sales.

Phase 6: Paid Traffic: Learn the most optimal way to acquire customers; at the most cost-effective price – this is no Facebook or Instagram Advertising. You will learn how to track, re target and much more.

Phase 7: Scaling & Automating: Learn how to put your business on autopilot; orders, shipping, traffic and even outsourcing!

Who is 7FS For?

This dropshipping course is aimed at two audiences:

(1) Entrepreneurs in other businesses who are struggling with Ali Express, Amazon or other forms of eCommerce via Drop Shipping or FBA fulfilment, who want to enjoy a better lifestyle through a semi-automated business model.

(2) Individuals looking for a semi-automated passive income business to launch to create financial freedom.

Is 7 Figure Skills a Scam?

No, the course isn’t a scam. However, having invested heavily into the course and followed the course material and lessons, I do question whether this course is worth the $1000+ AJ charges. Whilst the course will teach you how to set up a dropshipping store, I feel that the content that you receive is well overpriced and there are far cheaper solutions that you can buy that will give you as good, or better results.

Besides the content of the course itself, I have been on other courses that are a fraction of the price (10x cheaper) that I have received better results from with our own eCommerce store.

Not only this, but there is relatively limited information out there from AJ online and his validity, whereas other drop shipping course instructors provide clear proof of their own and client success. They also provide a tonne of free content to prove they are legit and understand he business model (just like Franklin Hatchett).

The 7 Figure Skills Alternative You Need

If you are looking for a complete dropshipping course at a respectable price, taught by an expert who has made millions online for himself and his thousands of online students, look no further than eCom Elites.

You can read our full eCom Elites Review here.

But before you do, the reason I recommend the eCom elites course having been a student of both 7FS and eCom Elites, is the sheer quantity and quality of the eCom Elites course. Signing up to eCom Elites (at only $197) will teach you everything you will ever know about dropshipping – from store set up, traffic generation, SEO (ranking in the search engines) and more. And it does this through well-developed and intuitive webinar sessions, focusing on the key elements where many go wrong. But beyond this you are automatically entered into a mastermind (eCom Elites Exclusive Hideout) to discuss your progress/questions and pain points from other students who are in exactly the same position as you. You can learn and develop your business acumen forever following sign up as this mastermind access is available to you for a lifetime. It is quite frankly, the most in-depth solution on the market.

eCom Elites was created for inexperienced online entrepreneurs. It has been crafted after thousands of hours of reach, trial and error. As such, you will not find these strategies anywhere else.

Here’s the results from one of Franklin’s students:

7 Figure Skills Review

The beauty of eCom Elites is that it a fully developed online and  thus a web based training system. This means it will work with a PC/Mac/Tablet or even mobile device! You don’t even have to install anything. All you need is an internet connection and you can access the training course from anywhere and at any time. One other positive thing about online courses is that the rendering of the videos will always work with the same speed. It doesn’t matter what state your computer or mobile device you have is in!

Visit eCom Elites To Learn More


eCom Elites What I Love – Great Features & Benefits

Shows A Complete Dropshipping System: Unlike 7 Figure Skills and other online video courses which just want to make a profit, eCom elites teaches an entire proven dropshipping success system that has worked for thousands of students. Its great for beginners all the way through to more experienced dropshippers who are struggling to scale etc.

Completely Easy to Follow: Franklin Hatchett is a terrific instructor and has hours and hours of free content available online – particularly on YouTube.  He is easy to follow and the way he explains concepts are insightful and thought-provoking. We have been following Franklin online for years and have made a considerable income online using his strategies and methods.

Current and Everlasting: Tired of buying a course, only to find out that the information is obsolete because the course or webinar was run over a year ago? Well, NOT eCom elites! Franklin has taken this consideration on board and continuously updates his course to remain current, and thus everlasting,

INSTANT Access; once payment has been received (only $197) you will be sent the instructions to your member’s portal.

No experience necessary: The system is suitable for all experiences, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced dropshipper with years under your belt.

Our Experience of 7 Figure Skills

7 Figure Skills is an online dropshipping course led by AJ Jomah. Whilst you will learn the 7 phases of establishing a profitable Dropshipping company on this course, you can get other dropshipping courses online (which are better in quality and quantity) for a fraction of the price. Not only this, I found AJ to be non-responsive to emails and difficult to get hold of – as experienced by many others who have signed up to the course. I found the complete opposite experience with Franklin Hatchett and his eCom elite’s course – whereby the access to mastermind has provided us with so much extra to consider and implement. Franklins years of experience and industry knowledge set his course apart from the thousands of online gurus which promised results without return – one of which being AJ Jomah

Best Dropshipping Course

I strongly recommend eCom Elites to anyone looking to make an income online. Even if you are currently active online, particularly those who have tried and not yet reached the heights so many gurus too commonly promise. eCom Elites is one of the best and in-depth on Dropshipping systems which is soon becoming the essential way to make money online; as technology and marketing platforms like Facebook taking off. If you haven’t yet got the results you initially had hoped for, access to eCom Elites can revolutionise your results and ensure that you get the most out of what an online business can offer.

How to Access eCom Elites

I’ve reviewed a ton of courses over the last year and the best course for 2018 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $197. You’ll get access to 100 videos of powerful content on everything from the basics through to product selection and Facebook ads. Read my review or checkout eCom elites today.

Visit eCom Elites Now

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