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eCom Elites Review

Having been a student of the eCom elites course by Franklin Hatchett (and created/scaled a profitable Dropshipping business through the knowledge I obtained on this course) I feel the time is right to write an eCom elites review.

The eCom elites course is one of the most sought after Dropshipping courses in 2019. It has educated over 500 students to become part, and full time online entrepreneurs. Many of which have scaled their stores to earn 4 and 5 figures a month using the strategies laid out in the course (their proof of earnings will follow in this post later).  The course has been a huge success.

The new and improved eCom Elites 2.0 was recently released (November 2018). This review includes the latest version of the course that now has more than 150 Videos and a Private Mastermind Group of over 2,500 Students.

Firstly, who is Franklin Hatchett?

eCom Elites Review

Franklin Hatchett is an online Entrepreneur, who has made over 7 Figures from Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing (proof available on his site).

He shares his knowledge and teaches people profitable online business strategies. He does this in a step-by-step simplified way, so that even a beginner can start their own online business or scale their existing business.

I actually discovered Franklin back in 2014, just when DropShipping was starting to be gain traction and was starting to be discussed as an online business opportunity. He was one of the first to delve deep into this space, and one of the first to document his experiences and results – primarily via his YouTube Channel. He is most famous for the $5 Facebook Marketing Method, which he personally created, as well as a number of helpful and unique dropshipping strategies that have since become widely popular.

Franklins YouTube channel is accompanied by his Blog where he regularly posts free videos and content on the latest methods to use for Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing and other online business strategies. These all include but are not limited to: Customer Acquisition, SEO and optimal Website Development.

Accordingly, he has even created his own Shopify Theme that was designed specifically for Dropshipping. It includes “conversion boosting applications” that help to increase your sales and ensure your visitors become customers:

See Franklin’s High-Converting Shopify Theme – Ecom Turbo.eCom Turbo Theme

Having subscribed to both his YouTube Channel and Blog, where he posts regularly, it is clear that he has a lot of experience and a deep understanding of the Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing online business models. He has been earning online since the early 2000’s, so he build from a vast wealth of experience and understands how the market has changed during that time.

What made me trust Franklin, and acting as the impetus that made me invest in his course – Franklin provides proof of his and his students success:

The Best Dropshipping Course 2018

The Best Dropshipping Course 2018

To date, he has created a couple of millionaires but regularly shares videos and screenshots from his subscribers and students who are earning 4 figures a month, and usually 6 figures a year.

What’s more, you can tell from Franklins prices that he is reasonable – his prices are incredibly competitive. He isn’t try to scam you out of thousands of dollars per course – like you see with a lot of others in the online space. Nor does he only give you half the information to succeed.

When you compare eCom Elites with others available online e.g. the Dropship Lifestyle, Franklin’s eCom Elites is over ten times cheaper!

Ecom Elites Review

eCom Elites is a A-Z dropshipping course; that will teach you the ins and out of dropshipping online. It will give you a firm understanding of whats involved, but will also provide you with a step by step guide to replicating his successful and proven system.

The course payments are processed through a platform known as Zaxxa. It is through this platform that you will make your payment. You can pay through PayPal or Stripe. Being able to pay through PayPal is a welcome addition, and enables you to claim your full refund within 30 days if you decided that the course was not for you.

Once you sign up, you will gain access to your account through the member portal:

When I signed up to the eCom elites course, I received my full login details via email within 3 minutes of making payment. I was in the Members Hub and ready to begin.

You can checkout eCom Elites here

eCom Elites Members Portal

When you first sign in you will be shown the first video; which provides you with a general overview of eCom Elites and what you will be taught.

Along the left hand side you can see a list of all the modules.

There are 9 modules in the eCom Elites course, and 3 bonus modules. When you expand the modules out, you can find lessons within the modules. All in all there are well over 150 videos.

The Social Media Marketing module, which is based on using Facebook Ad’s, has over 30 videos of detailed content on running optimized ads alone!

When you think about it, you are not only getting a course that is teaching you about Drop shipping, but you’re also getting a Social Media Marketing course included for free. You see these going online for over $1000.

One of the major perks of the course is the use of Vimeo. This gives the videos great resolution and quick playing speed. You also have the ability to rewind and play back elements of the video quickly and easily. I prefer to use the 1080P quality when I work from home, and this is fantastic. However, I did try the 360P to test and it was still crisp. This would be particularly suitable for watching on the go.

Whist it is possible to view the on mobile or tablet,  I would suggest that you use Desktop. This is because it is much easier to understand the content and implement straight away when following along this way. One minor issue is that because the videos are hosted on Vimeo, it is not possible to download videos for later viewing.

Now lets go through the Modules to see what is included:

1) Sourcing Products

2) Setting up Shopify

3 + 4) Facebook Ads

5) Instagram Traffic

6) Organic Google Traffic

7) Email Marketing

8) Business and Sales

Visit eCom Elites to Learn More

Module 1: Setting Up Your Shopify Store

The first module of version 2.0 has been expanded with a lot more detail. You start off by learning whether you want to start a general or a niche store. You will soon identify when and when you would want to do one or the other.

Within the following 19 videos of this module, you go on to learn how to completely create and develop your store; from uploading a theme, to creating product pages, all the way through to fully customizing every last element.

You learn the benefits of using a premium high converting theme, and get introduced to his Ecom Turbo theme which is helping thousands of Franklin’s students boost their sales.

Other notable lessons in this course include setting up shipping rates, taxes, how to introduce and profit from product upsells, coupons and special offers.

You also get an overview on the recommended setting up your custom domain, the best store applications, creating a store funnel setting up abandoned checkout processes.

The training also helps you with the finer details of store customization. A great example of this is the videos that teach you how to set up global payment methods. E.g. Currency conversions and accepting payments from customers worldwide.This is what makes eCom elites the best course, because a lot of other courses fail to break this complicated process into easy to follow steps. Or totally ignore it in the first place!

What I like about this module is that Franklin doesn’t waste time teaching you things you can learn easily on YouTube e.g. setting up Oberlo.

You also learn techniques that have arisen in recent months in 2018, such as using a premium high converting theme which will help you make more sales.

Module 2: Sourcing Products

Sourcing products is the next module in eCom elites 2.0 and its imperative your success.

A lot of drop shipping courses fail to show you how to source products yourself. Instead, eCom elites provides 2 hours of video on this topic alone – how to find products to sell and numerous websites to use for research hot trending items.

Franklin provides you with a complete overview of how to source products most effectively. He talks you through the various platforms where you can source products cheaply, and make a significant profit margin on.

He provides insightful training on a lot more than just how to use AliExpress. You discover how to research the viability of products and discovering what competitors and others are successfully selling online.

There are also numerous bonus videos. One discusses the opportunity and approach if you wanted to create a Print on Demand business. Another video shows a case study of one of Franklin’s Products that he has earned over 6 figures from alone through his niche store.

Franklin concludes by providing you with a list of the best Research software available and how to use these most effectively to save you time and get you underway more quickly and easily.

With version 2.0 more and more videos are being added every week. Some of the most recent include spying on other profitable stores and finding products on Wish.

Module 3 & 4: Facebook Ads

These are in my opinion, the standout modules of eCom elites. This is where you really get value and really obtain the knowledge to succeed. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you have a store, if you cannot get your products in front of hungry buyers and interested individuals, you’ll never make it in this game.

Therefore, even if you have a Shopify or Dropshipping store, but are failing or struggling to make the income that is possible, then these modules could be the difference. So consider signing up if this is you.

This is also the largest section in the course due to its significance and importance. There’s over 34 lessons  for good reason.  This is the module to go over in depth, and I’d recommend watching the videos several times to fully grasp Franklin’s methods.

The first couple of videos discuss the different types of Facebook ads, when they are most effective and understanding how Facebook advertising works.

However, the rest of the content, several hours’ worth, you can with follow along and implement on your own ads yourself at the same time. You can literally replicate your ads with the suggestions outlined by Franklin. The $5 a day method, finding your audience and how to scale are topics that are very insightful and effective.

ecom elites how to scale

The bonus videos in this module will help you understand and implement advanced targeting methods. One of which has helped Franklin earn $100k!

The FB ads module covers the basics – setting up your Ad account, but delves further into the many elements that make a successful FB marketing campaign: bidding – both automatic and manual, data mining, conversions different types of ads available, installing managing and understand your pixel, scaling successful ads and targeting – such as lookalike audiences.

This module is regularly updated as Facebook Ads, successful campaigns and concepts are being discovered all the time

Module 5: Instagram Traffic

Instagram has become an immensely popular social media platform of late, and therefore, Franklin and many other successful drop shippers are tapping into its power to drive traffic and sales to their stores.

The Instagram Traffic module teaches you the elements of a successful Instagram account – from initial setup and design, to locating and using influencers. Regarding influeners, Franklin teaches you how to find the most optimal for your niche or product, and the kinds of prices you should be paying to get your products in front of their audience.

Whilst not as long as the FB ads module, this module provides a suitable and beneficial alternative/supplement to your FB ads marketing. In my experience, it is with Instagram that you can get in front of your desirable audience a lot more quickly, without having to wait for your Facebook Pixel to optimize.

Module 6: Chatbots

This is new module that was  introduced along with the release of version 2.0. Its a great module as its very current. Chatbots are a really effective method in 2018 to drive more traffic and sales on your store.

The videos in the module explains what chatbots are and what they can do., You also discover how you can setup your  own bot to work for you on your site.  Finally you discover how to send automated messages and promotions through your chat bot, so you are interacting with your store visitors on autopilot.

Module 7: Email Marketing

Building a loyal fan base and subscriber list is a fantastic strategy for obtaining repeat orders and repeat custom. You can market to these individuals as little or as often as you like with direct emails, and you do not have to pay for the privilege once you have obtained their email address.

The Email Marketing module teaches you how to setup an Email Marketing campaign through a platform known as GetResponse. It goes on to explaining how to set up auto-responders to automatically email customers – preventing you from needing to do any work. This is helping to put your business on Autopilot! There’s even a great video which outlines how to setup a an email alert when a customer leaves your site with products in their cart (cart abandonment)

From my experience dropshipping and with this course, this strategy has enabled me to increase my conversions by 40%. Many times, customers leave your site without purchasing and this simple email reminder works wonders. In this day and age its so easy to get distracted and forget to complete your order. This rectifies this with impressive results.

In this module you will gain access to 12 videos. You’ll even learn how to use discount coupons and how to understand your email marketing data and feedback from your campaigns. This will help you to become more successful and make more sales.

Module 8: Google Ads

Where this ecommerce training course really stands out is the number of options and marketing channels Franklin explains how to use and profit from. One of these is working with Google Ads.

Franklin discusses the pros and cons of using this style of advertising over or instead of Facebook Ads. If you have the budget, it is preferable to use both.

The lessons in this module cover the basics – setting up your Google Ads account and individual ads, installing a Google pixel on your store to track conversions, how to set up re-targeting campaigns, keyword research, ad layout and structure optimization.

You can even learn how to use the Google Shopping  feature to maximize your sales and how to scale your most successful ads.

This module really is a nice bonus, this is in essence a course in itself which you can use not just on your Shopify store but on any website that you currently have, or are looking to start in the future.

Module 9: Organic Google Traffic

Organic Traffic is the most desirable because it is… Free. That’s right, all organic traffic is, is when traffic comes to your site for free. The best ways to do this are outlined in the course, but are mainly based around being found in the search engines (SEO)

A lot of dropshipping ‘gurus’, only really teach you how to use paid ads. As organic traffic requires more work and takes longer it is often neglected. However, this is a big mistake as free traffic means your profit margins increase dramatically, and without being found in Google you are leaving a lot of sales on the table.

Franklin therefore places a suitable level of emphasis on organic traffic.  Whilst he is more detailed with the paid traffic methods modules, e.g. FB Ads above you’ll still receive a lot of invaluable insights into optimizing your website for search engines which will benefit any of your websites currently (or in the future) online.

Within this module, you will learn how to buy Private Blog Network links for your store. This will quickly increase your stores presence in the search engines.  This way you won’t have to wait as long as traditional link building strategies.

Module 9: Top Secret Videos

The Top Secrets module is a bonus module which includes Franklins personal strategies that he uses on his own dropshipping stores. He includes a number of insightful videos on how to spy on Facebook and YouTube so that you can identify what is working and what isn’t.

Beyond this, you discover hidden tricks like: using warranties, using coupons, exploding on social media and much more.

Bonuses – Weekly Additions – Live Q&As and Updates

This is a great feature of the eCom elites course. Franklin has established two folders within your account, where he posts weekly additions to the modules and valuable information that he has learnt that week. This is a great way that the course stays current and useful if any of the platforms were to make an update or change.

At time of writing, there are also 9 videos available to heighten your knowledge on emailing successfully for increased profits (add on to the email marketing section of the course). A further noteworthy video is one that discusses making the most of the newly updated Facebook insights tool.

If all of this wasn’t enough, then the Q&A sessions top it all off. They are around one hour long and talk through the common questions and pain points that his students have or often face.

Private Facebook Mastermind Group

To ensure that you succeed with this course, Franklin has thrown in free membership to a private Facebook mastermind group.  This has over 1500 members who are in a similar position to you who you can ask questions, learn from and see what is working and what is not.

Final Words

I can only recommend a course with this much content and would also suggest that you get the eCom Turbo theme that compliments it. Getting both, your combined spend would be $197 (eCom elites) and $97-$147 for the theme (depending on what licence you want for eCom Turbo).

When you compare the cost and the content, to other drop ship training courses, which retail at well over $1000+, eCom Elites at $297-$347 is truly great value.

This training provides you with the knowledge you need to get set up and started fast. It also provides you with various strategies that you can implement regardless of your ad budget (e.g. you learn to leverage free traffic from Google). There’s a lot to learn in this course, and it is even suitable for shopify store owners who are making sales but want to scale and take their store to the next level.

I often recommended this course to my readers, and am yet to hear of anyone who has submitted a refund request for either the course or the theme.

How to Sign Up

Thanks for reading this eCom Elites Review. I’m glad that you have been able to gain a further understanding as to what is included. Hopefully by know, you will have made a decision as to whether this course is for you. In my experience, this is the best course that you can find for the price. With all the added extras, and with proven results, it just cannot be rivaled.

eCom Elites is currently available at $197, but spaces are limited and the course is likely to increase in price. The course price can change at any time without notice.
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