Best Shopify Theme For Mobile [How I Maximized Mobile Sales]

Best Shopify Theme For Mobile

If you run a store on the Shopify platform, having a Mobile-Responsive theme is critical to your success. If your visitors cannot access, see and purchase your products on your mobile device, it is impossible to make sales from these visitors. The Best Shopify Theme For Mobile makes the user experience of your mobile visitors a priority, but it also ensures that they make a purchase. Here’s why….

The most successful Shopify stores professional, secure and trustworthy.  They are designed with coding that is intuitive. This ensures that site performance and user friendliness is the priority.

In my experience, the highest converting theme that is optimized for mobile is eCom Turbo. This is one of the most all-inclusive themes currently available and found having spent weeks pouring over its specs, comparing it to other themes, and stringently testing. I have personally witnessed a 32% increase in conversions using this theme.

In this post, I hope to provide all of the information that I have accumulated in the last few months.

What Is A Mobile Responsive Theme?

A mobile responsive theme is just like it sounds – it is responsive when loaded on a mobile. What this means is that when a visitor views your store on their mobile device they are able to view and use the store as intended. This should be exactly in the way that they would be able to use your site on a desktop.

What a mobile responsive theme is able to do, through intricate coding, is essentially identify that the user is on a mobile device, and then to show them the mobile version of your store.

But it goes a step further, a mobile responsive theme is automatically readjusting the dimensions of images and other elements on your store so that the visitor can view and use the site just like normal.

So in essence, you essentially have two themes working for you on your store. One that loads for visitors on Desktop, and the other that loads when a visitor comes from Mobile.

A mobile responsive theme is quicker and smarter on mobile devices.

It loads with the same functionality/plugins and extensions that operate on the desktop version of the store. in other words, your store visitor will see and experience your store the same way on mobile and on desktop.

The Importance of a Mobile Responsive Shopify Theme

With an eCommerce store, it is vital that you consider what devices your clients’ customers will be using — not only to view the store, but to order, check out and pay.

If you store is not loading effectively for your visitors, then you are minimizing if not sabotaging your chances of turning them into customers.

It follows that optimizing your Shopify Store for mobile is critical, if not essential. This might sound quite dramatic and extreme but consider the following stats:

  • Shopify report that mobile traffic accounts for 50% of the visits to stores hosted on their platform.
  • Over 80% of Facebook Users are accessing their device through their mobile device
  • Searches on Mobile account for 25% of all searches
  • Google and other significant search engines are prioritizing mobile friendly sites in their search results – its now a crucial part of SEO. You will rank higher (and get more organic free traffic) if your site is optimized for mobile.

These points are not even considering the actual user experience whilst on the site.

User friendliness is critical to sales – you need your visitors to be able to see, search, navigate and purchase as easily as physically possible. They need to know exactly where to click or they will simply bounce to another site.

You need them to be able to quickly add your products to their cart, and then to complete the transaction there and then. You need them to be able to see all the various applications that you have on your site that persuade them into purchase. This is how you profit with Shopify.

But shockingly, 60% of carts are abandoned. This sounds quite surprising, but it actually isn’t. The majority of stores use free themes that are not mobile optimized. They also do not come with the conversion apps that make you more sales.

I do understand and I have been there; I know that when creating your store you just want to get started and keep costs low. But in order for you to succeed and make sales on your store, it is imperative to have a mobile-friendly store and install a mobile responsive theme.

That’s why I’ve undertaken the research to find the best mobile optimized Shopify theme. I’ve tested hundreds of free themes, and several premium themes on our own store to reach our conclusion.

I have been determined to find the best theme possible; one that could increase our page speed load times, look and feel for our visitors, and ultimately push more conversions.

What Makes a Great Mobile Shopify Theme?

It might sound like I am stating the obvious here, but you need your theme to fit your business brand and style. It needs to resonate with your visitors and they need to literally buy into your brands message (through your products).

You also want your online store to have the best functionalities and applications that ensure you make sales.  It needs to be user-friendly, it needs to load quickly, it needs to get your visitors eyes on the right elements of the page and so on and so forth.

When I researched the market extensively for a theme that would be suitable for my Shopify store, I ensured that the theme I would purchase would meet the following criteria:

  • Clean and has a minimalist design
  • Easy to use, navigate and purchase from
  • Easily Customizable – including color schemes.
  • Works as well in different browsers
  • Works as well in both Desktop/Mobile
  • Looks the same across devices.
  • Is SEO-friendly
  • Comes with Excellent Customer Support & Assistance.
  • Built on concise, quality coding.
  • Is recommended elsewhere and has great reviews

Best Shopify Theme for Mobile

Best Shopify Theme For Mobile

This is the Shopify Theme that I bought for our store and that I recommend.

It’s a fully customizable mobile responsive Shopify theme that loads beautifully and quickly on all mobile devices.  In my opinion, it’s far superior to everything else on the market. But its not just because it loads so quickly or that it looks so excellent on mobiles as well as desktops that I recommend it. I recommend it because it comes jam-packed with conversion boosting apps that drive more sales.

Here’s why:

Franklin Hatchett developed the eCom Turbo theme. He is an online Shopify Store owner who has built several multi-million revenue generating Shopify stores – both for himself and for his many followers and clients.

eCom Turbo is the result of critiquing hundreds of Shopify Stores and marketing campaigns. It has reviewed stores using advanced heat-mapping techniques to truly understand and master where customers click, when and why.

This is why the theme is so successful for its adopters (including myself!). Franklin literally has identified all the different elements of a Shopify Store and optimized those for sales. He has built in a number of apps (which you can purchase individually in the Shopify Market Place at a price of $900 recurring) and included those in the coding so you get these working for you month after month free of charge.

This theme has one goal in mind, which is exactly what you want to be going after. It aims to make purchasing from your store easier, and to make sure that they purchase before they leave. A pop-up message that warns visitors on your site if they try to leave with products in their cart (and offers them a discount) is an example of just one app that comes with this theme.

If you can’t tell, I’m really excited by this theme, and here is why I believe it stands out from other free/paid themes and why it has been so successful for me:

eCom Turbo includes some of the highest rated and useful apps that have been proven to boost conversions. This is backed by scientific psychological research on Social Proof, Scarcity and Authority

These apps are based on the the six principles of persuasion identified by Dr Rebert Cialdini in his bestselling book ‘Influence the Psychology of Persuasion’ that social proof, scarcity and authority are essential principles in sales.

The apps of note are:

  • Fully Customizable Cash Boosting Upsells
  • Built In Scarcity Timers
  • Cash Boosting Upsells
  • Custom Clean Footer
  • Super Clean Call to Actions
  • Urgency Sales Tickers
  • Instagram Integration Functioanlity
  • Trust Badges
  • Profit Boosting Cart Buttons
  • Fully Customizable Homepage/Product Pages

These for us have made all the difference.

Witnessed through our analytics and dashboards, these apps have bee able to increase our conversion rate by a whopping 32%. And these have mostly come from mobile! (results below).

Another reason why I rate this this mobile responsive theme so highly, is because of its ease of use and full customization possibilities. I loved the ability to fully customize the homepage and product page layout including every single color imaginable. This might sound relatively basic, but without coding knowledge this will be impossible to achieve on most themes (and the option is not available to you in the back-end!)

I love the insanely fast page-speed loading times that I have been able to achieve and observe by using page speed metric tools like Pingdom Website Performance and Availability Monitoring Tools.

eCom Turbo can set up in minutes after download. There’s no intricate coding, all you need to do is to install the theme in your Shopify Admin portal and then activate the apps.  I love this feature, and the ability to manage it all from one interface. As all of the apps come included in the theme, you can keep track of them all easily from one interface without having to go to and from all the individual apps.

A final reason why I recommend this theme to you is because you also gain access to top quality support and exclusive videos showing you exactly how to set up and make the most out of the theme. There is even some free eCom training and support included!

See the Power of eCom Turbo

Our Results 

Finally, before I leave you and conclude on this article, I’d like to share with you my results.

These are our results from the first month after installing eCom Turbo. It shows the last months dashboard:

Results of using eCom Turbo

Please note:

  • Before installing eCom Turbo I was making around $2500 a month – I have seen a 32% increase in profit.
  • My Page speed load times have improved by 2 seconds (which is massive in respect to user experience and SEO)
  • I was paying $400 in additional app fees which I have since been able to cancel, because eCom turbo provides these free of charge. 


eCom Turbo Conclusion and Review

Whilst there are many themes available on the market, I can only recommend Ecom Turbo.

The primary reason for this firm stance is that not only is this a fully responsive mobile theme, but crucially, it is optimized for conversions. Its the most effective and high-converting theme that I have ever installed.

Regardless of your industry or niche, this theme can be easily and effectively customized to match your brand image and style, unlike many of the other themes available that have been developed only for particular industries or niches.

Ecom Turbo is the result of hours of testing, heat mapping and site activity research to identify the common pitfalls that prevent Shopify stores from making sales. Having spent thousands of dollars on ‘wasted’ Facebook Advertising and thousands of abandoned visitors and carts later, the Ecom Turbo theme helps to leverage your site visitors far more effectively than if left to their own devices.

As such, the premium and extensive range of apps that are included in eCom Turbo, which have been proven to dramatically increase sales and to dramatically improve visitor -> customer conversions, are in my opinion, a must for any Shopify store owner.

eCom Turbo is simply my favorite Shopify Theme for Mobile and Desktop. It is the highest converting theme I have ever used.

I would suggest you take a look at the theme, if you truly want to succeed,  by clicking on the link below.

Click Here to TurboCharge Your Shopify Store Today!