Best Converting Shopify Themes for 2018 (Boost Your Sales)

If you run a Shopify store or have a dropshipping business; or even if you are looking to start one, then read on.

This list will make it incredibly easy to find your ideal and most optimal store design. It will help you boost your sales and become more profitable, and it will help you to get your new theme set up quickly, easily and effectively.

The themes in this list have all been identified through countless hours of research, trial and thorough testing so that you can get a Shopify theme that makes you more sales.

Whether you own a general store, or operate in a targeted niche, whether you have hundreds of products or just one single product, there is a theme for everyone in the list provided below.

The themes we include will help you make your store visitors connect with you and want to buy from you, they are all incredibly minimalist, sleek, and professional looking. But here’s why the themes below are so effective…

A store that is well designed is a store that converts and makes more sales!

The themes included below in our best converting shopify themes were designed for a premium user experience and responsiveness in mind.

They all come pre-packed with several styles, colors and fonts, alongside a plethora of supporting tools, extensions and plugins.

But whats more, and where they really stand out from the free themes and other themes available on the market, is that they come with a wide range of technical functionality that will make you store stand out, rank well in the search engines, load much much faster and make your customer commit to buying from you.

Using an optimized theme can make a significant difference.

In this post, you will discover:

  • What features and functionality that you need in to have included in your Shopify theme,
  • Things to avoid/ look out for,
  • Our hand-picked recommendations for easy to use, high conversion Shopify themes.

The Importance of Your Shopify Theme

With an Online eCommerce or Dropshipping store, the design of your site is critical.

It will be the difference between success – making thousands of dollars month on month, or failing miserably, and seeing those dreaded abondonend cart messages.

We know you just want to get your new store up and running quickly, but in order for you to succeed with the eCommerce or Dropshipping business model, it is imperative to use the right theme from the very get go. And if not, that you switch over to a premium theme at the earliest opportunity.

That’s why we’ve undertaken the research to find only the most premium themes. We’ve tested hundreds of free themes, and several premium themes (including many on the list below) on our very own stores. We’ve also discussed themes with several online Entrepreneurs (in online forums).

We have been determined to find the best theme possible.

What Makes an Ideal Shopify Theme?

Having a theme that fits your business brand and style is crucial, but what is more so, is that your online store has the technical functionalities and abilities to thrive. It needs to be user-friendly, it needs to load quickly, it needs to get your visitors eyes on the right elements of the page and so on and so forth.  When you are looking for a Shopify eCommerce theme for your store, you should look for one that includes:

  • A clean minimalist design, easy to use and navigate
  • Is easily customizable,
  • Works across browsers and devices
  • Has a responsive design (both Desktop/Mobile)
  • Is SEO-friendly
  • Excellent Expert Customer support,
  • Developed through Quality coding,
  • Has great reviews and is recommended elsewhere

All of these features above have been considered and all come as standard as part of our collection below. So without further ado, lets get started with the Top Shopify Themes:

Best Shopify Themes

Warning: the following themes will make your website unique and help explode your sales.

eCom Turbo – (Editors Choice)

Best Converting Shopify Theme

The eCom turbo theme was designed by Franklin Hatchett; an online dropshipping pro who has built several multi-million revenue generating Shopify stores. This Shopify theme was developed specifically to increase conversions, and was the result of identifying and experiencing all the regular pain points and difficulties that come with the majority of free Shopify themes. He made it his mission to overcome regular abandoned cart messages, failed purchases and high traffic without sales.

As such, he undertook extensive heat mapping to identify where and how his visitors clicked, how long they remained on certain pages and what they did on his store. But he went a step further and delved into the reseafch into purchasing psychology to further understand when and how an online transaction takes place.

The result = eCom Turbo. It aims to make purchasing products from your store far easier for all of your visitors and to ensure that they decide to go ahead and purchase before they leave. A prime example, is that there are several warnings that are flagged if a visitor has products in their cart and tries to leave your store.

eCom Turbo was built for simplicity, but was developed to include the most useful apps that have been proven to  boost conversions (as per the science as mentioned above). The conversion boosting apps that are included in this theme are worth over $900 in licence fees alone; and this is how much they will cost you if you decided to sign up to them via the official Shopify App store. And yes, this is monthly reccuring fees!

The apps that you’ll gain instant access to include: Cash boosting upsells (where similar products, or products that work well with the item being purchased are suggested), scarcity timers, custom delivery badges and footers, clean call to actions, urgency sales tickers, trust badges and profit boosting cart buttons.

These, used by Franklin and many of his successful students, make all the difference.

They give your visitors a reason to connect with your brand, a reason to decide that they need your products. They dramatically increase impulse purchases which is exactly what you are looking to achieve.

Better yet, the eCom turbo theme comes with complete homepage customization, layouts, colors, titles and prices. This means you can completely, quickly and easily change the entire look and feel of your store. Whether its the home page or individual product pages, you can edit them!

It was also designed for insanely fast loading and page speed times upon install. There is no need to touch any complicated code, or have any understanding of HTML or other coding languages. You can quite literally download the theme, install and set up the apps – in around 10 minutes! Then it will run efficiently and effectively forever more.

The reason why we rate this theme so highly is because you also gain access to top quality support (24/7) and exclusive training videos showing you exactly how to set up and make the most out of the theme. There is even free eCom training and theme support training and installation videos included.

It makes our list at number one, and is the Unrivaled Reviews most recommended choice. This is the theme we suggest if you are really adamant and serious about making an income online!

See the Power of eCom Turbo


Top Clothing Niche Themes 


Best Shopify Theme For Clothing

FAP is a Shopify theme that was designed primarily for eCommerce stores in the fashion, beauty, furniture, jewelry, health nor wellness industries. Its an incredibly modern, crisp and minimalist design and one of the most sought after themes for fashion stores.  This responsive template comes with incredible features. Some of these features include a multiple headers, multiple style and layouts, landing pages, sale promotion and sales product pages etc.

Learn More About FAP Here



Shopify Theme Suitable for Clothing

Similarly to FAP above, the BigCart theme is also well equipped for fashion, health and fitness. BigCart provides 6 homepage layout variations, sliders, unlimited color options, Google Web Fonts integration and much more. Its a fully responsive design. High performance, extensive documentation and speedy support are assured add-ons.

Learn More About BigCart Here



Claue is another top theme for a store in the clothing niche, its feature-packed with a modern design, minimal feel, bundled with powerful plugins for creating versatile online stores. This Shopify theme integrates synergistically with social media, and would be great if you have a large social media following for your brand. For example, this theme works incredibly well with Instagram and will help you with building traffic and clickable links.

Learn More About Claue Here



Fastor Shopify Theme

Fastor is perfect for those wanting to put the product right in front of the visitor. Its a very product-focused design. The theme comes with three designs that have been specifically crafted to appeal to the more affluent shopper. Fastor is therefore ideal for someone looking to sell high-end products, or products that command high selling fees.

Learn More About FAShop Here


Top Fashion Niche Themes 

The Look

Best Shopify Theme for Fashion

The Look is a Clean, Professional Responsive Shopify Theme for Online Fashion Stores.

This theme includes nine pre made layouts and all the necessary features to create an alluring online store. The theme comes fully equipped with numerous features such as Smart Cross-sell Product Popup, Customizable product collection and detail page layouts, Wishlist modules and SEO optimisation. Mix and match the different variants to provide a trendy store.

Learn More About The Look Here



April Shopify Theme

APRIL is great for its simplicity and colorful, flat design.  By keeping the site arty, you’ll be sure to keep your visitors on your site. Over 20 different unqiue designs and layouts come pre-packed with this theme, and you also benefit from free and useful features to make your website design easier. the UI is made for humans and there is extensive documentation and support available.

Whats more, a host of free premium extensions and plugins are included to make your website creation easier (multi-currency, add to cart popup messages, Google Map integration, Social Sharing functionality) and the powerful admin panel lets you view your analytics more effectively. If you want to get a theme from Themeforest, then this our suggestion.

Learn More About BEStore Here



Furniture Theme

If your Shopify Store is in the Home or Furniture Space, then ArtFurniture is just the theme you are looking for. This responsive theme enables you to easily edit the design of your store to suit your brand, by manipulating the Sections in Shopify structure. This image-oriented design comes with over 4 Home versions, sliders, headers and footers. There are also many Color Options, and a range of other helpful conversion features: Multiple Currencies, Newsletter Popup, Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Discount Banners, Breadcrumb Banners, Product and Collection Sorting, and much more.

Learn More About Art Furniture Here



Best Furniture Theme

The Drexel theme is another fantastic and minimalistic design. It has been built for speed, receiving some of the highest scores on Pingdom out of the themes we tested.  The drag and drop editor makes it easy to customize every aspect of your store. If you rely on page speed, and want a crisp and clean feel, then this theme could be for you.

Its fully responsive and works well for stores that have a lot of products that you want to feature.

Learn More About Drexel Here


Top Electronics Niche Themes 


Electronics Theme

As the name suggests, this theme was created for stores that sell Technology, Digital or Gaming Products. This theme has a range of high-spec functionality, the most notable being : Full Width Layout and Boxed Layout, Drag and Drop sections, HTML5 & CSS3 & Sass CSS.

One of the major perks of this theme is the ability to add unlimited product filtering. This can be really useful in the tech and gadget niche as you need to get specific with the variations of products that you may stock.

Learn More About NexGeek Here



MegaShop Theme

The MegaShop theme was designed for General Stores in mind, or stores that have high inventory or a range of products for sale. This theme prides itself in quick and easy set up, whereby some users have reported this being as quickly as 1 minute! There are a number of unique functionalities not included in all of the other themes on this list: Video Slideshow, Mobile Slideshow, Google Rich Snippets and Customer reviews are some of which to note.

Learn More About NexGeek Here


Top Food/ Health & Nutrition Niche Themes 


Organie Theme

Organie is the shop for any Organic, Health Food, Supplement, Fitness or Wellness Store. It would be perfect for all business types like store, farm, cake or flower shops. Its a beautiful Shopify theme which includes Demo content that you can use to get your store ready in just few clicks. With 8+ Homepages, the theme is sure to capture your customers the moment they land on your site!

Its incredibly intuitive and light, and really helps to build your brand image around quality.

Learn More About Organie Here



SarahMarket Theme

SarahMarket is the responsive Shopify theme for Supermarket, Large Stores, Grocery Stores and more. It a responsive, mobile compliance theme that is W3C, HTML5, CSS3 valid and compatible. The theme pack includes 3 different creative designs that are instantly ready to use that will save you from having to build from scratch.

Learn More About SarahMarket Here


Top Pets & Animals Niche Themes 


Shopify Theme for Pet Store

This list has comprised primarily of themes for Fashion, Beauty, Technology or General Stores. We thought it would be a good idea to look for a theme specific for Animals and Pets. The PetMart theme is perfect if you are looking to start or update your own online store for pet merchandise, pet food, pet toys, etc. With 3 layout options, Product Carousels and Product Hover and Quick Views, this theme packs a lot of power.

Learn More About PetMart Here


Best Shopify Theme for 2018

I’ve reviewed a number of Shopify themes in this article, and looked through a lot of specification and functionality and read a lot of customer reviews.

Whilst we believe that every theme in this list would be a fantastic choice, our Unrivaled Review recommend goes to Ecom Turbo.

The reason for this verdict is that it is the most effective and high-converting that we have come across in our experience.

Moreover, it can be installed on any site regardless of your industry or niche.

Many of the other themes on the list are niche specific, meaning that they are fantastic solutions if you sell certain products in certain industries. Organie is great for example in the ‘organic market’.

However, Ecom Turbo caters for all niches and industries and can be fully adapted as your store progresses and grows.

Moreover, the other themes on our list have been created by Experienced Web Designers, but not necessarily Shopify store owners.

Ecom Turbo has been the result of hours of analytics, heat mapping and site activity research by Franklin Hatchett.

Its the result of thousands of hours of ‘wasted’ Facebook Advertising costs, and thousands of abandoned visitors and carts.

As such, the Ecom Turbo theme includes a number of high converting apps which have been proven to dramatically increase sales and to dramatically improve visitor -> customer conversions.

eCom Turbo is simply the best shopify theme for 2018.

Click Here to TurboCharge Your Shopify Store Today!


Final Words

Building your Shopify store can seem overwhelming; there’s a lot to consider and a lot that make or break your success. Hopefully, after looking through our list, you will now know that you can get set up quickly and effectively. You know that from the outset, your store will be optimized to make sales.

All themes in this collection are perfect for anyone looking to create a professional, clean, responsive store in 2018. But the themes go beyond just visual appeal, they were designed with performance in mind.

Even a beginner, with no coding experience, can successfully build, manage and grow their eCommerce store on Shopify with any of these themes. They all take care of the technical aspects without you needing to learn or to worry. And if you did run into a problem – they all have a technical and customer support team ready and waiting assist.

So what are you waiting for. Choose a theme above and optimize your store for conversions today!

Shopify Theme NameGeneral/Niche Specific?Best for NicheConversion Boosting Apps?Can Install on Multiple StoresRating
eCom Turbo (Editors Choice)General & NicheAllYesYes5/5
FAPNiche SpecificClothingNoYes - At Additional Cost4.8/5
BigCartNiche SpecificClothingNoYes - At Additional Cost4.9/5
ClaueNiche SpecificClothingNoYes - At Additional Cost4.8/5
FAShopNoFashionNoYes - At Additional Cost4.7/5
The LookNiche SpecificFashionNoYes - At Additional Cost4.2/5
BEStoreNiche SpecificFashionNoYes - At Additional Cost4.8/5
ArtFurnitureNiche SpecificFurniture/ HomewareNoYes - At Additional Cost4.8/5
DrexelNiche SpecificFurniture/ HomewareNoYes - At Additional Cost4.6/5
NexGeekNiche SpecificElectronics/ GadgetsNoYes - At Additional Cost4.8/5
MegaShopNiche SpecificElectronics/ GadgetsNoYes - At Additional Cost4.7/5
OrganieNiche SpecificFood/Health/ GroceryNoYes - At Additional Cost4.9/5
SarahMarketNiche SpecificFood/Health/ GroceryNoYes - At Additional Cost4.4/5
PetMartNiche SpecificPetNoYes - At Additional Cost4.7/5
Visit eCom Turbo



Why would I want to use a Paid Theme? Can I not just use a Free Theme?

Whilst Free Themes can look great, and whilst you can use a free theme (particularly when setting up your Shopify Store) they tend to lack the ability to fully customize, or key functionality and applications that come pre-built into paid themes. Some paid themes, like eCom Turbo, include ‘conversion boosting’ apps, because, as the name suggests they statistically speaking, cause a boost in conversions through scientific-based psychological phenomena like Scarcity Timers, limited-time offers/promotions etc.

These applications can be purchased and bought on the Shopify platform, but will cost you monthly rec-curing licencing fees.

Does my Theme need to be Mobile Responsive?

Absolutely. With an increase in mobile phone usage, on-the-go internet web browsing, and search engine preferences for users on mobile devices, having a mobile-responsive store them is imperative if not essential. A mobile responsive theme in essence, loads your store correctly when it is loaded on a mobile device/tablet – meaning the sizing and resolutions fit the screen of your mobile users device. This is crucial for ensuring user friendliness, the ability to browse and purchase on your store, and for keeping your bounce rate low.

Not all free themes are mobile-responsive, and many are poorly coded/designed t work across desktop and mobile devices. Most simply load the desktop version when being viewed on a mobile device, causing an increase in the resources required and page speed load times.

The themes on this list are all fully-mobile responsive and will load optimally for your store visitors – regardless of their mobile devices’ operating system whether they are on iOS or Android.

Do I Require Knowledge of Coding to use the Paid Themes from this List? 

No. The main benefit of all the themes in this list is that they have been coded in such a way that they do not need altering/updating or changing.

A lot of free themes are not regularly updated and this can cause problems with applications, store add-ons and the Shopify platform when they too change or are updated, causing them to break or work inefficiently on your store.

The themes in this list all come with lifetime regular updates, and provide technical support and assistance if you did run into any problems. Moreover, you will be able to contact them to help you update your theme/customize it beyond its default coding. This is not possible or likely without significant cost with a standard free theme.

What do I Need to do to set up a Theme from this List?  

Download and Upload. That’s pretty much it. Once you have paid for a theme from the list, you will be taken to a URL where you can download your theme. The theme will be downloaded to your local hard drive which you can then upload to your Shopify Store Front. Once you have uploaded your theme and activated it – from there you will just need to set up a few minor settings/applications that come included and you are there. You can do all this in under 10 minutes.

Can I Install a Theme from this List on One or Multiple Stores I own? 

All of the themes on this list can be purchased for use on one store/multiple stores depending on your preference.

It will be a lot cheaper and cost effective if you have one store to purchase one licence, however, depending on how many Shopify stores your own it may be worthwhile investing in the unlimited versions of the licences.

For example, with the eCom Turbo theme, you can purchase an unlimited licence for only $50 more. This would make more sense if you were looking to set up multiple stores today, or in the future.

Can I Install a Theme from this List on WordPress or any other CMS (Content Management Systems)?

Unfortunately not. These themes are intended for use on the Shopify platform and are therefore not suitable for WordPress or other CMS (Content Management Systems).

Am I provided with Any Extras/Bonuses when Purchasing a Theme from this List? 

eCom Turbo comes with a range of Extras and Bonuses when you purchase this theme. These include access to a Private Facebook Group (of fellow Shopify Store owners), Full Theme Training (how to set up, customize and get the most from) and Bonus eCom Training (how to succeed with eCommerce).

The other themes on the list are not providing Extras/Bonuses at this moment in time.

5 thoughts on “Best Converting Shopify Themes for 2018 (Boost Your Sales)

  1. Thanks for the detailed review of the best Shopify themes Jeremy.
    This is really helpful and just what I needed for my new store.

  2. This is a great list, and youve clearly done your research into the best Shopify themes for every type of store. I own a Clothing and Fashion store so to be able to come here and find suitable themes for that is really helpful. Appreciate the hard work and effort that has gone into this Jeremy. Ive subscribed and will be sure to come back regularly as you seem to really know your stuff. Thanks, Rami

  3. Just purchased the eCom Turbo theme following your recommendation and I absolutey love it, thanks. I got it set up in under 5 mins!
    Can I ask you how to access the Private Facebook Group?

    1. Unrivaled Review

      Hello Julie, glad to hear you are enjoying your new theme!
      The Private Facebook Group will be accessible via your Members Portal. You can click the URL to go directly to the forum, where Franklin will approve you.
      Thanks, Jeremy

  4. Great list. Plenty of themes to consider here; just a shame the free themes are so useless for conversions. I know what I need to do now. Thanks

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