best shopify themes for dropshipping

If you are currently Dropshipping and using the Shopify platform to host your store, then this article will help you to find the Best Theme for you and your business.

This list is the result of thorough research, test and study; it is not just a random selection of themes that have been found advertised across the internet. These are the themes that are being used by some of the best and most successful dropshippers, who have either developed the themes themselves, or purchases these themes to boost their sales, and increase their conversions.  

This is the list I wish I had before I started dropshipping.

It does not matter whether you sell a range of products (via a general store) or you operate within a particular industry or niche.

It also does not matter whether you sell a lot of products or just one – the themes below are all optimal for all scenarios – because they have been coded in such a way that they respond both visually and in terms of functionality.

The themes in which are featured, are designed to improve your stores user experience, whilst being optimized for performance (page speed load times, responsiveness across devices etc).

They are premium in the sense that they are fully customizable, come with lifetime updates and integrate some of the best and most sought-after applications that are proven time and time again to deliver for store owners.

Why Invest In a Shopify Theme?

The true benefit of Shopify is in its simplicity. its very easy to sign up, set up an online store, set up payment processing and fulfill your orders. This has been a godsend for us dropshippers, because it means we can run a store far more easily, and far more effectively than we could if we were using another platform or eCommerce provider.

Unfortunately, your greatest strength is your greatest weakness and Shopify is no exception. As such, Shopify, and its many free themes that are available, are not flawless as they come. Instead, by using a well-developed and designed theme, you can get much more from your store in terms of results – leading to higher sales and thus higher profits.

Now before I show you the themes, I’d first like to cover some of the characteristics of a great Shopify theme; what you will want to look for and why. Then I will delve into my recommendations in a lot more detail.

You will not need to research and check through hundreds of sites to discover your best options, I’ve been there and done this for you.

What makes my list trustworthy? I’ve purchased, trialed and tested every theme on this list, and I’ve managed to generate over 6 figures dropshipping via a number of my own stores (some of which I have since flipped).

Best Shopify Themes For Dropshipping
Annual Income From One of My Stores

Does that $233,000 Interest You?

Lets now take a look at the Themes!

What Does an Effective Shopify Theme Need?

Now, before you just reach for the theme that visually looks the best, and thinking that this will serve your business and your sites visitors, there’as actually quite a few other things you will want to consider.

Don’t get me wrong, you want your store to look professional and sleek, but how your store actually works – in terms of its performance and the functionality, is critical.

A successful dropshipping store is the result of a lot of hard work to identify the many elements that result in more sales.

The good news is that the image and overall branding of your store is under your complete control when you opt for and install a well-designed theme. You’ll be able to quickly and easily manipulate every single last aspect of your store.

The Theme Choosing Checklist 

  • Does the theme have extra features and conversion boosting apps pre-installed that will help you to convert your visitors to customers?
  • Is the theme clean and minimalist in its design – is it easy to use and navigate?
  • Is the theme easily customizable, and can you manipulate the homepage, product pages, color schemes etc?
  • Does the theme works optimally and responsively across different browsers and devices?
  • Is the theme SEO-friendly – meaning your store will rank higher in the Search Engines and obtain you free, organic traffic?
  • Does the Themes developers provide ongoing Excellent Expert Customer support?
  • Was the theme developed with Quality coding?
  • Does the theme have great reviews and is used by successful Dropshippers in the field?
  • Is the theme cost-effective, meaning you can pay back the cost of the theme in a few sales following its purchase?

The thing is with Dropshipping and eCommerce in general, is that you want a theme that ticks off every single one of the above.

Most importantly, and hence why its the first bullet point, is that you want a theme that was created specifically with more sales in mind.

Now nobody will deny the importance of a terrific looking theme, but having functionality like: scarcity prompts, product up sells, coupon pop-ups, optimized shopping carts and best design elements that are known to increase trust and impulse buys from your stores visitors can make all the difference.

That’s why, prior to purchasing any of the themes below, I considered the above,

They all come as standard as part of the themes included below.

So lets get started…

The Very Best Shopify Themes For Dropshipping

eCom Turbo – (Editors Choice)

Recommended Shopify Theme

eCom Turbo was developed by online Entrepreneur and dropshipper Franklin Hatchett.

He has built, and runs, many multi-million revenue generating Shopify stores, and also has become renowned online for helping thousands of students do exactly the same. He actually runs a mastermind called eCom Elites which teaches his many successful dropshipping strategies and techniques that he has learnt during his many years earning through the dropship model online.

One of its standout features is that it was designed for all industries and niches in mind; whether you have a general store or a store or you are in a specific niche (e.g. clothing, food, gaming, electronics etc) – this theme will work very well for you.

The major perk of eCom Turbo, and why I and many other swear by it, is that it coded with an abundance of conversion boosting apps. Now dont get me wrong, a lot of these apps (Scarcity Timers, Countdown Timers, Coupon Pop-ups etc) can be purchased via the Shopify Store; however, these apps come with a monthly charge of around $10 each! To get all of these conversion boosting apps, you will be paying well over $150 each and every month in licence fees alone!

Here’s just some of the Conversion Boosting Apps:

  1. Discounts Popup and Email Address Collector (Collect Leads)
  2. Scarcity Timer- Creates urgency to purchase
  3. Cash Boosting Upsells – Recommends similar products so visitors purchase more
  4. Custom Clean Footer – Provides Trust badges in the footer which boost sales
  5. Clean Call to Actions – Brings attention to purchase and buy it now buttons
  6. Urgency Sales Tickers – Notifying of recent purchases from other customers
  7. Instagram Optimization – So it works far more effectively with Instagram (and Instagram promotions)
  8. Profit Boosting Cart Buttons – Change, Increase, Change your cart buttons

By integrating these sophisticated apps straight into the code, Franklin has been able to deliver a near-perfect solution to the common pain points many dropshippers face – abandoned store visitors and abandoned carts!

eCom Turbo is a premium upgrade to the majority of free themes available on the Shopify Marketplace, and is fully customizable from homepage through to product page. It loads terrifically on both Desktop and Mobile Devices and more importantly yet, it loads fast. And I Mean fast, my stores page loading time has reduced by over 80% since I have installed this theme.

Why? Because it has been cleverly designed to remove clunky code – resulting in a faster store better suited for user experience.

Where I really feel that eCom Turbo blows away other premium themes out there, is that it makes the purchasing journey of your customers a lot easier and is far more painless. For example, warnings are flagged if a visitor tries to leave and they have products in their cart. Sounds simple, but this kind of functionality alone can dramatically transform your conversion rates.

The plethora of marketing apps that come pre-built into the theme will help your visitors to connect with your brand, and which will result in them being far more willing and eager to purchase. They’ll feel like they want to use your coupon codes and offers, which will be strategically presented to them at various times throughout their visit.

Where this theme evidently stands out, is that you can download and install the theme in as little as a few minutes. I actually timed it to be 7 minutes and 56 seconds! Thats right, in under 10 minutes I was able to get the theme completely up and running on my store.

eCom Turbo Shopify Theme
Best Shopify Theme For Dropshipping

From there all the conversion boosting apps began to fire, and in I was experiencing the benefits from there onward.

And if you ever run into any issues, and yes I mean any issues whatsoever with the theme, you can reach out to Franklin’s support team and get top quality support right away.

He has even pulled together some training videos that show you how to install the theme and set it up optimally to get the most out of what it has to offer.  There is even some free dropshipping and eCommerce training thrown in there too!

Due to the reasons outlined above, eCom Turbo is my favorite Shopify theme and makes the list at number one. This is the theme I suggest and swear by!

See the Power of eCom Turbo



Jasper Shopify Theme

Jasper is one of the most premium themes available and has been designed specifically for more successful online stores.

This theme comes equipped with over 13 sectioned homepage designed templates that you can simply, easily and quickly deploy onto your store. There are a number of flexible layout options, including Left Aside, Right Aside, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Fullwidth Content and Fullwdith Banner so you can show as much or as little of your product or section as you like.

The ability to set up a Fullwidth Layout or Boxed layout is particularly useful and a feature that I personally really like. Beyond this, you can set relatively easily 10 different sections on a page which really help with the navigation and look to your store

  • Sliders
  • Carousels
  • Grids
  • Products (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 products per row)
  • Newsletters
  • Social Links
  • Tabs
  • Google Maps

And when it comes to the product page designs, there are over 7 to choose from.

As such, its incredibly customizable so that you can get the look, design and feel for your store that works for your industry or your niche.

Finally, where it provides real value is that it comes equipped with a number of extra features: Header styles, Footer styles, Style management (fonts, colors), Import/Export functionality, mega-menus, autocomplete searches, multi-currencies, custom pop-ups and more.

Learn More About Jasper Here



Fastor Shopify Theme

This is a multipurpose theme, meaning it was designed for several different uses and applications. Accordingly, it comes coded with 82 pre-made demos that you can use to design your store.

How this works is you essentially select a demo (which is a effectively a style) and then you customize it further to make it work for you and your store. There’s a lot of different skins, styles and ways to change the demos which make this one of the most customizable themes available. Its therefore brilliant for A/b testing and for identifying what works on your store and what doesn’t.  You can also chop and change it pretty regularly if you get bored, or think that something is not quite right with the loom and feel of your store.

it comes with full Oberlo compatibility – meaning you can easily and quickly import your products from AliExpress and other online marketplaces if you are obtaining your products via this process.

Moreover, there’s a lot of automation marketing automation apps that you are getting with this theme: cart reminders, countdown timers, age verification, Facebook chat, sliders, fixed menus and a a number of other useful features.

I particularly like the ability to add product comparison tables to your store, which can help convert customers who are unable to decide between your own (or your competitors products)

The major disadvantage to this theme is that due to the large installation package and sheer quantity of files held within this theme, its not as fast as it should be for optimum performance, nor will it increase the speed of your Shopify store (and may in fact slow it down somewhat).

Ultimately, you will never need to use all of the features that are held within this theme and with an inability to delete what is not required (unless you have extensive experience at managing files, locating code etc) then you are essentially taking up a lot of resources on your store unnecessarily.

Its a fully inclusive theme and comes with a lot of great functionality. So if you are looking for a theme that is absolutely jam packed, this is the theme for you. But if sleekness and page speed are your priority (and which they probably should be), then this theme is probably not for you.

Learn More About Fastor Here



April Shopify Theme

If your store is related to Fashion, Jewelry, Furniture or Food, then APRIL should be a theme that you consider. It has 20 unique designs which can be fully customized further, and they are look professional, minimalist and elegant. This theme looks brilliant, and has a similar feel to some of the largest online retailers websites, so it will help feel familiar for your customers.

It has a responsive design on the front end and a drag and drop section editor on the backend, making this great for both your customers and yourself alike.

There’s over 5 different layout options that you can implement for your shop layout, product page layout and footer layouts, which really help you to take control of the look and feel of your store.

Moreover, aside from just the look of the theme, it comes with some of the most effective features for your store including: multi-currency, add to cart popup messages, Google Map integration, Social Sharing functionality and much more.

Learn More About April Here



Aspen Shopify Theme

Aspen is one of the only themes that features in this list that helps to turn your store into more of a fully-functioning website. Not only can you feature your products, but you can also focus more strategically to tell your brands story and help your customers connect.

It does this by providing dynamic parallax scrolling effects – a scrolling style that help you to tell your story and convey your brands message with more clarity. This theme is therefore terrific if you are looking to seal sales and convert visitors through content-rich techniques.

What i really like about this theme is that you set your site and your store apart from the competition with full-width images (with zooming capabilities), slideshows and video. Beyond this you can also include testimonials, a logo list, featured promotions and an image gallery.

The hero video at the top is also a standout feature, where you can show a video of your brand story – capturing your visitors interest right from the very outset.

Learn More About Aspen Here



London Shopify Theme

If you are also looking to tell your brands story as a way of connecting with your visitors, but you also want a clean, minimalist theme, then London may be what you are looking for.

Its fully responsive, meaning it looks great across devices and suits a wide range of different product niches (but would look most effective for fashion or clothing from personal experience and fellow customer reviews).

It comes equipped with a number of helpful and useful functionality that will help your store perform better. This includes the ability to add: promotional banners, multi-level menus, customer testimonials, product filtering, product zoom, related products, Instagram feeds and more.

Like Aspen above, with London you can implement a hero video at the top of your homepage to really generate interest and attention.

if you’re in the market for a theme that will help to provide a vision for your brand, and to really establish a brand identity (maybe you are selling customized or POD – print on demand products, then this would be a great theme to invest in.

Learn More About London Here


Portland Turbo Theme 

Portland Shopify Theme

Last but definitely not least is the Portland Turbo theme. This is the most premium theme on the list, and is the most costly, so I would only recommend this theme if you have a larger budget and are willing to invest slightly more in your theme.

If you decide to invest, and pay a little bit more, you will not be disappointed. This is the theme that you need if you want to completely revolutionize your sites performance.

Portland Turbo is a intuitive, unique theme that has been designed with a focus on performance.

Just like the other themes on this list, Portland can be widely customized.

Where it really stands out is its unrivaled page speed loading times (as confirmed via Google Page Speed Insight Tools) across both Desktop and Mobile store variants. Its actually been coded to load instantly to ensure your visitors experience an ultra-fast navigation .

So whether your visitors are coming to your site on their PC or mobile device they are guaranteed to have a great user experience.

The Portland Turbo theme includes functionality like product row sliders, mega menus, logo list, testimonials, FAQ + customizable page templates, interactive mini cart and infinite scrolling.

The major benefit of the Portland Turbo theme is that is was designed for both large traffic spikes, and stores with many products, as well smaller stores and sites that are just starting.

It comes with a 14 day risk free trial so you can test it for yourself and to see if its for you and your store.

Below are the features as included in this theme:

Portland Shopify Theme Features

Learn More About Portland Turbo Here


The Verdict

I’ve reviewed a number of Shopify themes in this article, looked through a lot of specification, tested a lot of functionality and read a lot of customer reviews to reach my conclusions.

By now you would have read through, and may even have checked out some of the themes above.

But right now, you are probably wondering before you make a decision, what theme is actually the best?

It must first be stated that it does depend on your budget, what you want from your store theme, and your personal preferences. These should all be considered.

In my experience, the best themes on the list are eCom Turbo and the Portland Turbo Theme.

I would actually suggest that you purchase eCom Turbo first, because, not only is it cheaper and provides pretty much every feature that you will ever need, but it will actually help you generate more sales the moment following installation through the conversion boosting apps.

Whilst the Portland Turbo theme is excellent, and has a significant amount of features, it is more suitable for high profiting stores and dropshippers and those who receive a large amount of traffic where performance is critical during these huge traffic spikes and periods.

eCom Turbo is therefore most suitable for the majority and for beginners,

Portland Turbo is therefore most beneficial and suitable for larger, more successful dropshipping stores.

eCom Turbo is one of the most well-rounded themes that I have used; and the conversion boosting apps are on the main reasons why you should invest in this theme. Its great for all niches, and is very competitively priced for you to give it a go.

Including myself, there are thousands of users who have purchased eCom Turbo and have used it with great success to make 6/7 figures:

eCom turbo Results

And if you want to leverage their success, you can begin communicating with them in the Private Facebook Mastermind Group that you will gain access to upon purchasing the theme.

Once you start to reach a regular, recurring 4 or 5 figure income, then you can invest in the likes of the Portland Turbo Theme because you will have the capital raised from the eCom turbo theme to do so.

If you want one of the most effective, lightweight but expansive Shopify themes for your dropshipping store that not only looks great, but let’s you fully customize every last aspect and makes you more money then check it out!

Click Here to TurboCharge Your Shopify Store Today!

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