Booster Theme Review [Does This Shopify Theme Increase Sales?]

Booster Theme Review [Does This Shopify Theme Increase Sales?]

The Booster Theme is one of a number of premium themes that you can buy for your store. What functionality does it provide and is it worth the investment – does it increase sales? That is what this review aims to cover here today.

Originally called Shopify Booster, it was recently renamed but the themes are exactly the same and there has not been any notable functionality changes or upgrades. One thing to note however, is that the price and cost of the theme regularly changes. There doesn’t appear to be any implications on the theme you are receiving, instead it looks to be purely a promotional strategy by the developers.

This theme has become one of the most downloaded and installed themes on many Shopify Stores  because it includes a number of conversion-boosting apps that help to promote sales through consumer psychology.

In this article, I am going to explore the theme, what functionality you get and then provide my feedback based on my personal experience.

Booster Theme Review

Booster Theme Review

The Booster Theme was designed to showcase Products. It is ideal for creating a one or two product store, where you really need to market them to your visitors and prevent any distractions.

It helps you establish an optimized sales funnel. This is where you can effectively take your visitors through a buying process and ensure that they become your customers. You get access to your own customized Sales Page as part of this funnel.

Where the theme really provides value is through the range of Conversion-Boosting Apps and Marketing Tools. These are included into the themes code. You gain access to some great functionality upon install that will improve the performance of your store. An additional benefit of this, is that it prevents you from needing to pay the monthly recurring app fees for these same very applications that are provided on the Shopify app store.

Setting Up The Booster Theme

Once you sign up, you will create an account which you can sign into to download your theme. All of the themes files are included in one small sized zip file.

From there, all you need to do is download the theme to your computer, head over to your Shopify Dashboard, and upload the theme there.

Once uploaded, you can setup the theme in about 15 minutes. All of the features, functionality and apps are imported as part of the install, so you just need to activate them and perhaps change some of their settings if you wanted to customize them further.

This is great because you do not require any coding knowledge or experience to get the Theme working for you on your store. Its all handled through the Shopify Dashboard.

If you do run into any problems, there is a Support Desk that you can raise a ticket through. They will then get back to you, typically within a few hours.

The Key Functionality

Purchasing a premium theme like this enables you to gain access to a range of functionality that just is not available on free themes. Here is the key functionality that will enable on a Product Page:

  1. Countdown Timer (Showing a Limited Time Promotion)
  2. Scarcity Stock Countdown Notification (Showing Limited Stock Available)
  3. Currency Converter (So visitors will see their local currency depending on where they are based)
  4. Scarcity Stock Countdown Bar
  5. Number of Current Visitors looking at the Product Counter
  6. Estimated Delivery Time
  7. Secure Payment Security Badges
  8. Ability to Show/Hide Product Details (and Read More Button)
  9. Product Zoom Functionality
  10. Buy It Now Button – Taking a Customer directly to the Cart/Checkout page.
  11. The Buy It Now Button Shakes to Draw Attention to it
  12. Increased Menu Navigation Functionalities
  13. Visual Promotion Header Bar (Free Shipping, etc.)
  14. Advanced Search Functionalities

It is in these features that set the theme apart from all of the free themes, and the majority of premium themes available elsewhere.

It is through this functionality that you gain Social Proof, Scarcity and Authority. These are three distinctive customer purchasing behaviors that are known and scientifically researched to make customers buy.

I will now take a look at some of these features in closer detail:

Optimized for Mobile

The Booster Theme is designed for Mobile Optimization, this is one of the major benefits of having it installed. This means that it works as well on a Mobile Phone as it would on a Desktop computer. Your user experience is therefore equally as good regardless of how your visitor loads your store. With over 70% of online traffic coming from Mobile Devices, this is something you just need to consider.

For example, the Booster Theme places your Product Image and Add To Cart Buttons above the Fold. This is in a really easily accessible and visible position. This is just what you need, especially if you drive traffic from Facebook and Instagram because most of this traffic will be using their Smartphone to do so.

The Conversion Boosting Apps have also been Mobile Optimized to ensure they work most effectively when accessed via mobile. The RRP price, sale price, countdown timer and delivery notification similarly appear above the fold without the need to scroll required. This is a fantastic approach because it ensures your visitors know how to purchase, and take action long before they can even get distracted or change their mind.

Direct To Cart or Checkout

This is perhaps one of the most effective changes that you can introduce to your store to increase your conversion rates. I always ensure this feature is enabled on my stores.

The reason why this is so effective is because research concluded that the quicker and easier it is to make a purchase, the more likely that purchase is to happening. This is exactly what you want to achieve on your store.

Notification Popups

Notification Popups are a brilliant way to increase urgency on your store and make your visitors take action. This feature creates a pop-up stating that other visitors are buying from you, and what they are buying.  This feature is actually false in the sense that these are made up purchases. (But your real customers do not need to know this!)

The Notification Popups functionality is great because it is tailored towards what product your visitor is looking at and only relevant ‘sales’ are displayed. You can also customize when and how the popup appears.

This is one of the features that you can enable/disable depending on your preference, but its a great way to increase your conversions. Your customers want to be able to trust you, and this is a way of gaining that trust.

Countdown Timer

As part of the research into customer behavior, the Countdown Timer works on creating Scarcity. This is another highly customizable features that you can adjust, or turn off altogether.

This is brilliant if you want to create a Sales Campaign, or if you wanted to just leave it running on your store to make your customers believe that they are getting an extra special deal!

Visitor Counter

This Visitor Counter is another one of the applications that is essentially displaying false data. With this Counter, your store will display the amount of ‘visitors’ that are currently on your store and ‘browsing your products’. Its another innovative way of creating Scarcity and Demand.

Its also very customizable and you can set the amount of ‘visitors’ on your store. If you did not want to create this illusion, you can easily turn it off. This is useful because you may be wanted to create a ‘Rare Product’ effect where you dont want your visitors to believe everyone is buying it.

Cross Sell Pop Ups

Cross-Sell Pop Ups are working for some of the biggest brands online. They are leveraging this tactic to improve their sales and increase value of each and every order. Its always easier to make money from customers interested in buying from you than from getting a new customer entirely. Its also more profit as you do not need to market to them – they are buying from you already!

With this application, when a visitor heads to the checkout for their product, you can set up popups offering another product for them to buy. You can do this for other relevant products, which will increase the likelihood of them being bought. Batteries are a great example of where this works very well.

With the Booster Theme you have the ability to add up to 6 cross sell products.

Currency Converter

The Current Converter enables you to reach traffic and customers from anywhere in the world. It enables you to expand your customer base dramatically.

A common and unfortunate thing about using Shopify is that you are unable to process orders in different currencies. You need a preferred currency across your store.

If your store is displayed in Dollars ($ USD) for example, if a customer is from England, they will still see your prices in $. Its not usually possible to automatically change the price depending on where you customer is visiting from.

This application enables you to do just that. So no matter what country they come from, they will see their currency displayed against the product.

Free Plus Shipping 

The Free Plus Shipping application enables you to offer a product for free (and the customer then only has to pay for the shipping to receive the product). This is a innovative way to increase sales as you make your customer believe that they are getting a really good deal.

With this app, you can set the price to whatever you like, so you can set the shipping cost to a similar if not higher price than the actual item would be.

Its a really profitable strategy and works very well for products at $10 and under.

Email Discount Pop Up

One of the best ways to get repeat custom from your Store Visitors is to collect their email addresses and then market to them.

With the Booster Theme, you can set up an Email Pop Up form that collects email address in exchange for a discount code (at the rate in which decide to set up).

So, you could offer a 5% discount if your customer provides their email address.

This is a brilliant strategy. Once you have email addresses you can contact them whenever you like. Its provides you with a guarantee. You know there is interest in your brand and your products.

You can offer promotions, notify them of new products and so forth. Its one of the most common Online Marketing techniques to obtain repeat or new business.

This application is also fully customizable and you can change when the popup displays e.g. when a visitor tries to leave your store or after an amount of time (10 seconds)

Is the Booster Theme Effective?

The Booster Theme is a really intuitive theme that utilizes the solid research into consumer behavior and psychology. The applications are great, and they provide useful functionality that will boost your conversions. I personally boosted my sales by 15%.

I would recommend purchasing the Booster Theme, particularly if you are relying on a free theme at present.

It has all of the functionality and features that you need from a theme, and its actually considerably cheaper than other themes I have found online.

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