Brandbuildr Review [Danny Buck Service Worth The Cost?]

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Brandbuildr Review [Danny Buck Service Worth The Cost_]

Brandbuildr is a marketing and business service created by Danny Buck that aims to help you build your eCommerce brand regardless of whether you are new or an existing entity.

They provide you with a custom tailored plan, tools and strategies that you will use to to build and promote your brand. The sales page states clearly that this is not a course, but a PDF – so its you’ll be receiving advice on what you should do for your specific business rather than learning the underlying principles and what to do. Key distinction.

If you are rushed for time or just want a quick overview, then click here to jump to my verdict on BrandBuildr.

I came across Brandbuildr via an Instagram Ad where Danny states that he has been able to build and scale four 7 figure brands. CIRCULR (a watch brand) is perhaps the most successful – but I have to question why somebody who is making this kind of money needs to launch a service business charging $247/$327 per client. Something does not quite add up here.

Another thing to consider that the brands referenced over at Brandbuildr do have large Instagram followings. However, this does not necessarily equate to sales and income. In a time where followers and likes can be bought, its hard to see how successful a business is from their social media profiles alone.

The problem is, he never shows any real revenue or sales numbers for any one of his brands and his stores. Sure, this is private information but how do we know they are profitable brands other than having large Instagram Accounts?

Who is Danny Buck

Brandbuildr was created and is run by Danny Buck, real name Daniel Clutterbuck. He is a young entrepreneur from Liverpool, in the United Kingdom. He has a degree in Business and Marketing.

He claims to have been part of a management buyout at his first company (just one year after joining them following university) and buying their 6 figure client base which I struggle to believe considering the large amount of debt following any university education.

He has since sold that venture and started his own company: Buck Group, which focuses on building product brands using the eCommerce business model. This company is run by “remote workers”, or in other words Virtual Assistants who are paid an hourly rate to fulfil tasks as specified by Danny.

Brandbuildr Review

Brandbuildr has two plans currently available: STARTR – which is aimed at new brands and BUILDR – for existing brands. Therefore, each plan is tailored towards a different audience, specifically what stage they are at in the process.

The STARTR plan was designed for complete beginners, but you are expected to have a Niche/Product in mind already. Therefore, for even the basic plan to be effective you should know how to conduct thorough Niche and Product research (something that Danny takes for a given). This plan is designed to help get a new brand started and prepare for a pre-launch plan. It includes information on how to find suppliers, get producs designed, build your online store, and explains some free and paid methods to market your store.

The BUILDR plan was designed for existing brands and aims to help you overcome any challenges and issues you currently are facing. Whether this is starting new marketing strategies or getting your brand reviewed. Topics covered include Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Email Marketing.

However, if you believe you do not fall in either category, or that you have completed some of the required steps (like already built your store), you can order a customized plan which includes content from the parts of the START or BUILDR package that you need. You will need to include this information during sign up via a questionnaire.

How It Works

Signing up to either the STARTR or BUILDR Plan is relatively straightforward and can be done in three steps:

  1. Choose Your Plan and Place Your Order
  2. Submit Your Questionnaire – includes information to help your plan be tailored to your own brands goals/needs.
  3. Brandbuildr create your plan and return it in 7-14 days. From there you have to action the advice.

So as you can see, there’s going to be a delay in between your order and when you can start getting to work on your brand. I guess this has to be expected but its a shame you cannot get started straight away.

The second thing to note is that you are going to need to conduct all the following the plans recommendations.

BrandBuildr Plan Content

Whether you sign up to the START or BUILDR plan, you are going to get a PDF with recommendations to build your brand. Here is the content that will be included and that you are actually going to get:

  • A review of your brand/idea,
  • Analysis of your Gross Profit, Average order value & Repeat purchase rate,
  • How to source suppliers, designers & photographers for your brand,
  • How to up-sell visitors to make a higher average order value,
  • Recommended Software/App list,
  • How to design your Store,
  • How to build a Facebook Advertising Funnel and Scale,
  • How to grow your Instagram & use Influencers,
  • Where not to spend money,
  • Email Marketing Strategies,
  • Setting up Remote Working, Automation and Outsourcing,
  • How to manage customer service.

You can already tell that you’re not really getting much content for the £247/$314 asking price. There’s also nothing truly revolutionary here, and a lot of this kind of content can be found for free on YouTube and other online sources (like blogs).

As a complete beginner, or someone who has built an eCommerce Store already, one of the biggest challenges faced is finding that winning product. Knowing how to find products that consumers want, are in demand, that are not being supplied by the market etc. The fact that this entire step is excluded from the course is a major limitation.

I also find it difficult to see how this is truly brand building. The majority of the content is either on store setup or on paid marketing. Don’t get me wrong these are fundamental elements to any eCom business but they are not exactly building a perception of who you are, what you do and what you sell.

Moreover, a PDF document is hard to follow and is not the most enjoyable way to consume content. I actually prefer watching videos and think this is a far better strategy to learn and implement what you learn. It’s also broken up into topic specific modules so is easy to pick up where you left off.

The one pro is that you are learning from somebody who clearly knows how to build a following on Instagram, but learning how to build a profitable eCommerce store and make consistent sales is another beast entirely.

Beyond this, there is no mention of who is actually going to put in the work for your plan. As his company is run by “Remote Workers”, it is likely that your plan is going to be built and designed by them and not Danny himself. This has huge implications, mainly that your not going to be benefiting from or leveraging the knowledge and expertise of Danny and what he has been able to acquire through his eCommerce businesses.

Remote Workers generally work off checklists and without proper quality checks, there is absolutely no guarantee your are going to get the custom order you had initially hoped for.

Refund Policy

There is absolutely no mention of a Refund for any of the plans which is a major red flag.

Considering there is a real lack of specificity on what you are actually getting (and how in-depth this PDF actually is), I find it quite alarming that you cannot find information about a refund. Chances are, as it is not mentioned it does not exist and will not be possible once you place your order.

Verdict and Final Words.

The concept behind Brandbuildr is a good one; if you are looking to build a long term profitable eCommerce store then it is imperative you do this from the very outset. Building a brand is a great way to build trust and loyalty from your store visitors, to appear professional, and to actually make people want to buy from you. Not just now, but with future orders too.

However, I question how much content there really is on branding per se. It appears to be a very short PDF on business setup and paid marketing methods as opposed to either in-depth training or creating a recognizable and premium image.

Perhaps my major concern, is that each Branbuildr Plan is going to be entirely specific to one store or one business. It is not teaching you the method, but instead the result. Would it not be better to actually learn how to conduct these activities so that you can replicate them time and time again? You could then rinse and repeat the process on any future store you build, and you could even build stores to flip over at marketplaces like Flippa.

Instead, I would thoroughly recommend a comprehensive eCommerce training course that covers all of what a Brandbuildr plan covers and more. You will learn how to conduct extensive Niche/Product Research (which is the core of your business and what Brandbuildr doesn’t even cover), how to build your store step by step, optimize it for conversions, free marketing strategies, paid marketing strategies (run profitable Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, use Instagram Influencers), setup Sales Funnels, run Email Marketing campaigns, leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Chatbots…. I could go on.

This is what eCom Elites ($197-$297) will do for you and more. You also get access to a Mastermind group of thousands of fellow students who you can discuss strategies with and learn from – others in the same position as you and who have started to see success.

I’m not going to continue to discuss the many benefits of the eCom Elites course here, that’s what my review is for. Having been a student and learnt so much not only for eCommerce but for online business in general, I feel that it be only fair that I point you in this direction.

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