Expert Secrets Russell Brunson PDF [Is This Book Free?]

Expert Secrets Russell Brunson PDF [Is This Book Free?]

Are you interested in getting your hands on the Expert Secrets Russell Brunson PDF? Wondering if you can get access to this book for free? Then you’ll be glad you dropped by. I’ll be providing you with some positive news regarding these questions and be giving you an insight into what you can expect by taking a look at the content.

If you’re familiar with Russel Brunson already, then you may know that Expert Secrets follows on naturally from DotCom Secrets. That groundbreaking book provides a number of insights into successful Sales Funnels and how you can best leverage them for increases leads, sales and conversions.

So my first piece of advice is that if you are yet to read it already, DotCom Secrets is an ideal place to start. (If you click here you can get it for free – you just need to pay for the shipping).

However, if you’ve read that first book then you’re likely ready for the next one; Expert Secrets.

Here, Russel provides an in-depth overview of the benefits of building a loyal audience, how to do so, and how to get them to actively and consistently purchase your products and services.

Ultimately, Expert Secrets provides a plethora of actionable marketing content that will be beneficial for any online entrepreneur. You’ll see exactly why if you keep reading on.

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What Is Russel Brunsons Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets Russell Brunson PDF

Expert Secrets is a hugely popular book in e-Business, Professional Development and Web Marketing Literature. Originally released in 2017, its an in-depth playbook of over 250 pages of actionable content that can help you to improve your general marketing strategy and plan.

It provides you with a systematic blueprint and game-plan to help you identify your specialist area, your businesses meaning/ message/mission and then how to relay that to your audience. You’ll learn how to ultimately build and cultivate a loyal audience willing and thirsty to regularly buy products and services from you.

The book is the result of years of experience, knowledge and testing of Russel Brunson, the founder and CEO of ClickFunnels. In this book you’ll get access to how he has personally sold just shy of $400 million by building a passionate audience of entrepreneurs who pay to hear his message.

The concept behind the book is all about helping you to build this audience, regardless of what product or service that you sell online. If you are a blogger, eCommerce store owner, Affiliate Marketer etc, the content here has been designed to be replicable.

You’ll be learning:

  • How to find your voice/message,
  • How to gain confidence to become a leader,
  • How to build an audience and positively impact their lives,
  • How to get paid for your advice and create a career as an expert within any field

Russel states that is all about providing and delivering the right message to help individuals at specific times. This could be helping them overcome their deepest issues and concerns (financial, family, health etc).

Expert Secrets is about teaching you how to go about the process; identifying needs, creating your message and getting it out in front of people who need it and are willing to pay for it.

The book is in many ways a library of case studies; you can learn from dozens of real life examples where you can see exactly how Russel has built his own following which has culminated in over $350 million proft for his SaaS company Clickfunnels.

Expert Secrets Content

The book comprises of 5 separate and distinct sections that will take you through the process.

Part 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

The first section provides you with the importance and steps you need to take to build a mass audience and cultivate a loyalty around your brand and products/services.

Three phenomena can be observed in any mass movement:

  1. They all have a charismatic leader, a strong character that believes in the grand vision
  2. They all have a commitment and desire for a long-term cause that expands just the leader,
  3. They provide new opportunities for their audience making it easy for them to purchase and align with your business
Expert Secrets Russell Brunson Mass Movement

This section is all about providing value for your audience. You need to understand how to acquire an audience, get them to believe in your business and brand and get them passionate about buying products and services that your business creates and makes available for sale.

Any legitimate movement requires a strong leader, and information here explains how you who need to be that individual to direct and steer your business.

If you are not certain about your movement will look like, and actually is, you’ll find information here about how you can go about getting this in place. You learn how to identify your market so that you can understand who your true target audience is.

Russel helps explain this by breaking down three concepts:

  1. The Three Significant Markets
  2. Identifying Sub Markets and Where your Business Fits
  3. Identifying Your Niche

Once you understand your position in the market, and in your respective niche, then you can begin building your movement and ensuring that it aligns with your business objectives and goals.

This section is particularly good for those of you who do not understand your current market. You’ll learn some strategies to identify what market you fall in and how to know what market yo’d thrive in being a leader in.

Regarding building your Character, Russel explains the different elements, identities and storylines that you can pursue. This helps you to accurately pinpoint the type of character you are and ultimately want to be for your movement.

Expert Secrets Russell Brunson PDF Attractive Character

Once you know where you fit with the above model, it makes building your movement far easier and more effective.

This will be the baseline that you use to build the rest of your business around; your Sales Funnels, Email Marketing Communication etc.

Here’s some of the rules Russel provides to build your attractive character persona:

  • Live the life your audience desires to have and live themselves. To appear legitimate and genuine, you need to show that you have the goal that you are trying to sell.
  • Refrain from being boring. Be different where possible and within reason. Set yourself apart from the crowd.
  • Use persuasion – encourage your customers goals, acknowledge their failures, reduce their fears, help them overcome obstacles
  • Care about your audience,
  • Find your voice, be consistent and believe in your message.
  • Create value for other first and foremost.

Part 2: Creating Belief

In part two, you learn how to build interest and get your target audience to believe in the products and services that you provide.

This sections is sub-divided into 6 sections that cover the belief topic:

  1. Big Domino: This is a strategy that you can use to convince your audience that they need to purchase from you. Its about demonstrating the most important aspect of your product/service.
  2. The Epiphany Bridge: Using stories and acting on customer emotions is an ideal and profitable strategy to get people to purchase from you, as Russel has found whilst building his online empire. Here you understand how to get customers to buy into your brand.
  3. The Hero’s 2 Journeys: ​This part is all about how and why you should build your personal story and brand so that your customers can relate to you on a personal level. Again, this premise works on storytelling and emotions.
  4. The Epiphany Bridge Script: Here you get access to a script which combines the elements of the Epiphany Bridge and Hero’s Journey together. This script showcases exactly how you can and should document and promote your character and story.
  5. False Belief Patterns: This is all about reducing your customers faulty and limiting beliefs and instead, installing them with positive beliefs that will serve them going forward.
  6. The 3 Secrets: These secrets relate to the main beliefs that you may hold which need to be overcome in order for you to make consistent sales and scale your business.
Expert Secrets Russell Brunson PDF Hero's 2 Journeys

On the whole, this section is teaching you how to establish your business culture and how this intertwines with your customers and their expectations. This is all about building your business mission, mission statement, branding but also helping people to relate, understand you and ultimately buy into what you are offering.

Part 3: The Stack: Selling With Authenticity

The third section is all about demonstrating the importance of delivering your brand, products, services and messages with Authenticity.

In other words, you need to sell something that will genuinely help people and you are confident in your overall approach and message to do so.

This section builds on the previous two, and the idea is that you use the aforementioned strategies and some new ones presented here to make easier and more consistent sales.

Russel presents a strategy he created which he has called the Stack Slide. This is basically offering a product/service with multiple ‘stacks’ or tiers, and you may have even seen these across the web when looking at products and services, particularly Webinars and Training Courses.

Expert Secrets Russell Brunson PDF Stack Slide

Essentially, the stack slide enables you to promote your products and services in a way in which your customers believe they are getting exceptional value from the transaction.

This section provides you with the steps you need to take to build your own ‘stack’ and make your offer as attractive as possible to new customers.

Russel actively suggests that you build and create webinars, and use these as a way to market your product/service. The benefits of this are twofold: one, you can record them and get them to play when and where you like and two, you can run them frequently, as many times as you wanted.

Webinars are very flexible, easy to record and you can use them to scale without the need to expend more time or create new material time and time again.

If you follow Russel, you’ll notice that he has personally used and refined his webinars over many years. Its a marketing strategy that has been a significant contributor to the success of his Sales Funnel Platform ClickFunnels.

What I like about this section is that you can learn from Russel’s own webinars, and you get real-life examples of some of the webinars Russel has created and used with great success.

The Perfect Webinar Script is the culmination of Russel’s testing and refinement. This is provided in the Expert Secrets book and you can use it to build out your own webinar and ensure it is as successful as possible.

The script can be used regardless of your business, what you do, sell and what your products and services are. Its providing a concept that you can utilize, you just need to explain the benefits and value that it is offering to your customer.

The Perfect Webinar Hack also provides you with a cheat sheet that helps you to set up your webinar if you are finding difficulty in doing so.

This section is great for those of you who have never used webinars, or have created them but have found limited success with them. You’re getting an over-the-shoulder look at how to build the perfect webinar, when to run it, how to scale it and how to set up an accompanying product/service stack.

Part 4: Funnels

Next, you learn how to build a Sales Funnel to support your Webinar/Product stack and increase your sales. This is about getting your customer into a deliberate purchasing sequence (that you create) and through deliberate and timely communications getting them confident and willing to buy from you.

Here, you learn from Russel’s personal experiences and knowledge when it comes to building successful funnels. He even shares his approach that has led one of his funnels to earn over $75,000 per week!

As you are getting the exact Sales Funnel here, all you need to do is replicate it for your own business and get it set up.

One of which included is Russel’s ‘Email Epiphany Funnel‘. This is a 5 day email sequence that you can quickly set up that will automatically email your potential customers over the course of 5 days. Its been refined and tested, so its optimized from the very get go.

By the end of the 5 days, they’ll be significantly more interested in your offering and be considerably more likely to purchase from you (compared to what they were before).

Applying the recommendations included in this section (and the ones prior), you’ll have a brand new and effective marketing system in place.

Part 5: Filling your Funnel

With all the infrastructure in place, its time to acquire your audience to send your stack, webinar and add to your Sales Funnel.

This section provides you with the steps to take to fill your funnel, even if you are starting from 0.

Extra strategies are covered including: how to effectively build relationships (3 best methods) and how to market your products (3 best methods).

Before you know it you’ll have ample leads and customers in your funnel being marketed to and streamlined to buy!

Final Verdict

Buying the book over at Amazon is going to cost you over $14 (that’s the cheapest you’re going to get it there).

Conversely, if you click here you can get Expert Secrets for free by buying it directly on the official website (all you need to do is you will need to pay for is the shipping which is $7.95).

While getting it through my link is not exactly free, its about a 50% saving and at $7.95, its one of the best bargains you’ll find for learning actionable marketing strategies used by one of the best marketers on the planet.

In summary, if you are going to implement marketing strategies, why not implement those that have been rigorously tested, refined and used over several years. Expert Secrets is a playbook; its providing you with structure and fundamentals that can be adapted regardless of what your online business is or product/service you sell. You can get these strategies implemented straight away, and you’ll notice a compounding effect over time because they were designed with scaling in mind.

By now you will have learned that the Expert Secrets PDF is not available for free download; you will need to invest a few dollars. But only having to pay for shipping cuts the price in half and is well worth doing.

By getting it here, you’ll get a hard copy shipped out to you and it will arrive in just a couple of days.

At only $7.95, you’re going to learn a tonne of practical information to build your brand, following and a long term successful online business.

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