How To Make $10,000 A Month By Dropshipping [The Best Way]

How To Make 10000 A Month By Dropshipping

You don’t just want to start dropshipping. You want to succeed with dropshipping. And $10,000 per month will do it.

But how do you get there? What do you really need to do to make that kind of income with this business model?

Well today, I’ll be walking you through it.

Besides, I know a bit or two about the process.

I’ve been doing it for some time so I should know.

Anyway, enough about me.

Let’s get into it.

Steps To Make $10,000 A Month Dropshipping

If you are looking to make $10,000 per month dropshipping, then you are going to need to follow a set of processes.

Sure you could navigate the landscape yourself and find out through personal trial and error, but that doesn’t really make much sense.

Why not take a set of processes that successful dropshippers and dropshipping businesses do today.

Save the time, save unnecessary budget testing, and so on and so forth.

So, first and foremost, I am going to put it out there. Why not get on a course like eCom Elites?

That’s what I did and I never looked back.

My review explains all if you were interested.

Nevertheless, you are not likely here for a pitch.

Instead, you want to know what must be done.

Well, these are the general process steps you will need to follow to succeed with this business model.

  1. Find A Niche, or suite of products to sell.
  2. Identify desirable, unique and interesting products people will actually want to buy.
  3. Identify suppliers for said products, using a marketplace such as AliExpress.
  4. Build your store, with a platform such as Shopify.
  5. Market your products, via social media or other online channels. E.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.
  6. Optimize your customer experience to maximize your sales and conversions.

From here you could always rinse and repeat.

You could start a new store.

You could turn to sourcing new products and building out your existing one.

Or, you can take your marketing campaigns in new directions; targeting new social media platforms for instance.

Either way, the model of dropshipping is relatively simple.

Identify a niche, find suppliers, build out your store and then get that store out in front of the eyes of your potential customers.

That’s the basics.

At least.

Of course, we can go into much greater detail on each and every one of those steps.

But that really is out of the scope of this article.

Besides, that would be a behmouth post and you would probably get bored and give up.

There are affordable courses, like eCom Elites, to learn all of this anyway.

Or if you do have the time, you can always search YouTube to pull this all together by yourself.

Brace yourself though.

While you will save money, you’ll be spending a lot of time finding out all you need.

Nevertheless, assuming you have all the process steps in place, what does it actually take to make $10,000 per month with this model?

Let’s find out!

What It Takes To Make $10,000 A Month Dropshipping

To make $10,000 per month dropshipping, you are going to first need to do your math. Besides, we can actually work out how much you need to sell by working backward.

For starters, we need to define the difference between $10,000 in revenue vs $10,000 in profit.

They are not the same.

It’s much easier to get there with revenue because it does not account for costs.

To make $10,000 in profit, you would, therefore, need to make a little more.

But for the purpose of this article, as costs are difficult to calculate hypothetically, we are going to go with $10,000 per month revenue.

And if we were to operate at a 50% profit margin, which is not unknown with this business model, then we can safely assume we would be taking home $5,000 per month in profit.

And if you did want $10,000 profit, that would mean you need to make $20,000 per month revenue… you get the idea.

Nonetheless, let us take a closer look at what this looks like on a sales basis.

Single Product

If you are selling one single product at $10 a piece, what would it take?

1000 units per month

Or, 1000 sales, if you like.

10,000/10 – that’s the calculation to get there.

Multiple Products

Selling multiple products is more likely, but it can be it more difficult to identify how much you need to sell.

Let’s assume you have an average order value (AOV) of $20.

You may be selling more with up-sells for instance. These are essentially extras added to the cart at checkout. They usually enhance or go hand in hand with the main product.


500 units per month.

10,000/20 – that’s the calculation to get there.

High Ticket Products

High ticket products are essentially those that cost more than your average phone case.

These are big items, such as furniture, or products that cost upward of $100.

Some can cost $1000 and more.

Of course, these sales are harder to achieve.

You really have to optimize your sales process – it may require email marketing, and it may require repeat interactions with customers before they buy.

Your marketing expenses will likely be much higher.

The good news is, you only need to sell a few of these products per month to obtain your goal.

  • At A $100 per month price point – 100 sales per month
  • At A $250 per month price point – 40 sales per month
  • At A $500 per month price point – 20 sales per month
  • At A $1000 per month price point – 10 sales per month.

You see how high-ticket items can help you get there, much faster.

It’s not all smiles and rainbows though.

High ticket items are tricky.

You need to consider the logistics, increased transport costs, potential returns, and other cash-flow issues.

Imagine getting a return on your first and only $1000 order? You need to be able to cover that.

Regardless of whether you go the single, multiple, or high-ticket product route, the key is in scaling when you find a winner.

Dropshipping is a lot to do with finding a winning product.

Once you have found it, then it’s all about maximizing your sales for it.

Ways To Make $10,000 A Month Dropshipping Sooner

If you are looking to expedite the process of making your target income, then you generally have a few ways of doing so.

Invest More

Money can save you a lot of time here.

Especially when it comes to marketing your products.

Although, you could also invest in your store design, in apps that help boost conversions, or other neat automations.

This does not mean you should be reckless with your investments, though.

In fact, you should only invest in certain aspects of the business and those that should yield you a positive ROI.

Take ads as an example.

These can really accelerate your sales when done right.

You could either increase your ad budget, or you could pursue other ad opportunities.

Maybe you are currently spending $10 per day on Facebook ads.

Could you stretch that to $25?

Could you test new audiences? Or what about a retargeting campaign?

Or, could you also set up a Google Ads campaign to run alongside it?

Find out what works, and then be quick to close out any costly and ineffective methods.

Get On A Course

I’ve said this before and I will say it again.

Getting on a reputable, all-inclusive dropshipping course can get you to $10,000 a month much faster.


Because you not only learn what you must do, you learn what you should and shouldn’t do too.

It just saves so much time; you can literally replicate the process steps in real-time and have everything set up and optimized before you start to invest more heavily in your business.

In fact, buying a course often means saving money.

Sounds contradictory right.

But imagine how quickly ad spend can get out of hand.

Well, ensuring you market the right products, have everything set up from a technical perspective correctly, etc is essential.

Imagine spending $250 on an ad campaign only to find out your store could not accept payments.

These are the kinds of things I am referencing here.

Courses provide you with a blueprint.

And take no other than the affordable, in-depth eCom Elites to provide you with everything you need. You can check it out here.

Buy An Existing Profitable Dropshipping Business

Who said you need to start all this from scratch?

Why not buy a dropshipping business that is already making $10,000 a month?!

Of course, it’s going to cost you and you need some money to invest upfront.

But that way the concept has been proved. You know it works.

You’ll be acquiring all the processes, list of suppliers, marketing campaigns.

You simply need to pick up from where the seller left off.

And if you go through a reputable broker like Store Coach, they will have put in a lot of the due diligence and research into the business for you.

Still, researching into the business before you proceed is advised!

And just be sensible here.

Never borrow what you cannot afford to pay back.

Consider the risks involved here. It is a business, after all.


Building a profitable $10,000 per month dropshipping store is an art.

While you may think it just means building a quick store on a Shopify trial, adding any old product from AliExpress and marketing on Facebook – it does actually require a little bit more though than that.

Should you can do that.

Maybe you’ll earn $250-$500 per month doing so.

But that’s not what you are after here.

You want a serious monthly income.

And I don’t blame you.

But if you want to make that kind of money you need to put in the work or the investment.

For me, getting on a course is the easiest and best way to bridge the gap.

You’ll learn everything you need to know.

And what’s more interesting, is you’ll likely save a lot more on the unnecessary cost by doing so – getting to your income goals faster in the process.

So do check out eCom Elites.

That’s the way to go, for sure.

Besides, I wouldn’t be recommending it if I did not believe in it.

And as a current member and former student, I am confident it will be what you need.

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