Can You Blog On Shopify? [Is It Possible To Publish Content?]

Can You Blog On Shopify? [Is It Possible To Publish Content?]

Shopify is probably the best eCommerce platform out there. It is intuitive, cost-effective and you can get a store set up and running in no time at all. But is it possible to blog? Can you write content that ranks in the Search Engines to drive you traffic?

So, can you blog on Shopify? You can blog through your Shopify Store. Every store comes with a built-in blogging platform that enables you to write articles and publish content. You can also utilize advanced publishing functionality, which includes but is not limited to Search Engine Optimization.

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What Is a Blog?

I’ll keep this short because chances are, if you are here you know what a blog and blogging is already.

A blog is simply a web page that provides regular content. Blogging typically takes on a more informal nature and tone; which enables your audience to connect on a far deeper level.

There are a lot of reasons why individuals, and business start blogging. Here are the main ones:

  • Providing Insights, Experiences or Opinions
  • Teaching or Educating Others
  • Building a Customer Email List
  • Developing a Brand and Customer Awareness
  • Obtaining Customers
  • All of the above.

As a business, it can incredibly lucrative – especially when you get your content out to a lot of the right audience.

Why You Would Want To Blog On Shopify

As a business and store owner; your principal aim is customer acquisition. You want to acquire as many customers as possible, but you also want to do it in the most profitable way possible.

With an effective content marketing strategy, blogging can enable you to get free customers. That’s right – it doesn’t cost your customers to search in Google and land on your store.

The result is that all sales you make command much higher profit margins than through any paid advertising.

Blogging can also help you to get your brand and business name out, let people become aware of your products and services. In fact, its an ideal way to build and cultivate a loyal following.

Conversion rates are typically much higher too.

Customers that search through the Search Engines are much more inclined to purchase; they are looking for something in particular. You are not advertising to individuals not looking to buy, but people genuinely interested in your product/service offering.

When you consider paid advertising, where ads are thrown up at potentially interested customers you can soon see why this approach can be costly and why customer acquisition tends to be quite low for the money actually invested.

Not only that but customers feel personally connected to your message and your brand. They have a reason to want to purchase from you having read your content.

Through blogging you can indirectly advertise which is a lot less intrusive than traditional advertising methods and techniques. You can also put your customers through a journey and build their interest in your products over time and in a variety of ways.

As a new business, one of the biggest challenges you will face is finding customers and having enough cash flow.

Blogging, therefore, enables customer acquisition, and retention, through regular helpful and useful content.

You can also use blogging to keep your customers informed and to let them know about any new products that you launch.

How To Blog On Shopify

Blogging on Shopify could not be simpler.

This is because when you sign up to the platform your online store has a default blog called News installed and ready to use immediately.

You can keep this blog, rename it, or you can create your own with a custom name from scratch.

Either way, all you need to do is visit your Shopify Admin, click Online Store and then Blog Posts.

This is the interface you will need to visit whenever you want to write a new blog post.

The blogging functionality is very comprehensive. If you have any knowledge of experience with WordPress or other CMS systems, then you can imagine what kind of features you will need.

Here are the things that you can do:

  • Edit Search Engine Listings (Blog Title, URL, Meta Description) – This is ideal for Search Engine Optimization and ensuring your content ranks in the Search Engines
  • Change a blog’s web address
  • Add unlimited images
  • Add unlimited links
  • Link internally and directly to product pages
  • Complete blog post formatting functioanlity: e.g. indenting, lists, bold, underline etc
Shopify Blog Post Meta Description
Example Blog Post Meta Descriptions Editing Interface

Blogging Ideas To Acquire Customers

By now you know of the numerous benefits of blogging and you know that you can, easily and effectively with Shopify.

But how would you go about doing it?

The first thing to consider are the numerous ways you can promote your business and your brand.

You can write informational type posts that aim to address specific questions and queries. Your product may serve a need or help overcome an issue. This way you can drive customers directly to your product pages if your product would be a good fit for them. A great tool to look at here is answerthepublic.

Simply running a few searches in that tool will give you plenty of ideas of what people are searching in google and asking questions of in your particular niche.

Alternatively, you could write List articles; where you curate a list of the best products within your niche. You can feature your own products here, and this is a great way to provide additional information about what you are selling and why it would be a good purchase for your customer.

Other options include, but are not limited to, product reviews, comparisons and other instructional based articles.

For example, you could compare your product against a leading competitor, showing why your product is more effective. Maybe it is cheaper, maybe it is better quality.

You could also write ‘How To’ articles where your products, or the range of products you see can help that individual.

Ultimately, you are going to want to identify highly searched and low competition search queries. You need to rank for your selected keywords but if you do you can acquire a lot of traffic on your store and drive them to your products.

Final Words

If you want a highly optimized eCommerce store where you can also blog to promote your business and your brand, then Shopify is for you.

At a reasonable online monthly cost starting at $29 per month, you are going to have all the pre-requisites in place to get a store and blog online (hosting, SSL, payment processors, blogging tools etc). You’ll also get a wealth of features and functionality that will help you build, manage and promote your business.

Thankfully, content marketing is not only possible but is very easy to do. With a built in blogging platform on every store, you can easily start writing content aimed for search engine queries, questions and customers.

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