Best Affiliate Marketing Course For 2023 [Definitive Training]

Best Affiliate Marketing Course For 2019 [Definitive Training]

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable online business ventures, with a lot of distinct positives that you will not find with other online opportunities. There are a lot of courses that aim to teach you how to start and succeed, but what one should you sign up for?

So, what is the best Affiliate Marketing Course for 2023? The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course available in 2023 is Savage Affiliates. Its a reasonably priced, in-depth, current, frequently updated course that provides you with the complete A-Z of setting up, managing and scaling a long term profitable Affiliate Marketing Website(s).

Whether you are a complete beginner, or an intermediate or advanced Affiliate Marketer struggling to obtain affiliate commissions, there are a lot of practical, replicable strategies that will help you earn online.

There are modules in this course that are so in-depth that they are in many ways, courses in themselves (SEO, Website Design etc.).

Savage Affiliates is the standout winner and my recommendation following a lot of research and comparison. I’d like to explain why in this article today.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Perhaps the stand out benefit of Affiliate Marketing is the ability to quickly build and scale several income sources across a variety of niches.

With low barriers to entry, low start up costs, high commission rewards and thousands of reputable products and services to promote, Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to start earning an income online.

More specifically, you could actually set up an Affiliate Site for under $15 (through the cheapest domain and hosting provider).

However, like anything in life – it takes time to learn. It takes experience, testing, trial and error to start to understand how something truly works.

As such, if you start Affiliate Marketing on your own, you are likely to run into trouble.

Perhaps you get a few quick wins and some affiliate commission early on; but for the majority of new Affiliate Marketers it takes years to start earning the income that this venture can provide.

How do I know this?…

Because I’ve been there, personally.

In my case I stagnated early on, and then ended up paying a lot of money to learn the Affiliate Marketing strategies that I use on my other sites today.

If I can give any advice it would be this; if you are serious about Affiliate Marketing and want it to be a full-time income stream and serious business, spend a small amount upfront on a reputable Affiliate Marketing Course.

This way, you can prevent all those mistakes that hold you back. You can literally avoid falling victim to unnecessary investments and costs. Trust me when I say it will work out cheaper down the line, and more profitable as such.

The thing with Affiliate Marketing is that; its all about strategy. Researching, Testing, Trialing; this is where you identify what works and what doesn’t.

Sure you can head over to YouTube and get a few good tips, but if they were making serious money from these strategies why would they give them away for free? Why would they let more competition enter the market?

Since becoming a student to the course I will shortly outline below, I’ve built and now manage multiple Affiliate Niche Sites. I am profiting through a number of platforms that include but are not limited to: Amazon Affiliates, Clickbank and JVZoo. Sometimes I like to work directly with businesses because they provide better rates.

But before you go out searching for cheap Affiliate Marketing Courses, or sign up to a $$$$ course sold by a fly-by-night YouTube Guru, here’s a word of warning. You should always look out for, and stay well clear from any courses:

  • Promising instant, easy results,
  • That you will become a millionaire all from one site,
  • You’ll be earning from here on in on autopilot,
  • You’ll never need to work again, and will be on a semi-permanent vacation.

Now don’t get me wrong, Affiliate Marketing can be immensely profitable. But it does take a bit of time and it will require some work on your behalf.

The truth is, if you become a student of a well-thought out, practical, realistic and replicable Affiliate Marketing Training Course, with step-by-step and in-depth detail of winning strategies, then you will be far more likely to succeed.

What Makes a Great Affiliate Marketing Course?

I started researching, reviewing and comparing courses around three years ago when I was looking to build my first Affiliate Niche Site.

There have been a lot of Affiliate Marketing courses since then; some have been good, some no longer exist.

The best courses are ones that stay current. Ones that continue to upload new content that is based around the latest strategies. With developments in technology, new platforms, new marketing channels etc, its important to remain current.

I soon identified, that when you are looking for a course to sign up to, here are some of the things that you will want to ensure it has:


  • In-Depth A-Z Course; covering the entire Affiliate Marketing Model and Process (from niche and product/service research all the way through to website design, traffic generation and email marketing).
  • Shows advanced techniques to gain traffic to your site – both free (SEO Search Engine Optimization) and Paid (Social Media Marketing)
  • You can follow and replicate in real-time for your own Niche that you have been able to identify on the course.
  • Formulated through years of personal experience, trial, research and experimentation.
  • Intuitive Learning Experience – Course Split into clear Modules and Lessons
  • High quality HD video content
  • Affordable and Reasonable One-Time Cost.
  • Be a Lifetime Member to the Course and Course Content
  • Access to Support for any questions and queries.
  • Private Mastermind and Membership group of fellow students – where you can ask questions and discuss the course content.
  • Hundreds of Positive Reviews and Recommendations

This checklist were my must haves. All were considered when looking for the training program.

At the end of the day, when you are paying for an online course it should be providing all of these things above at the very minimum.

So, without further ado, lets now take a look at the course:

Best Affiliate Marketing Course For 2023: Savage Affiliates

If you are looking for a comprehensive A-Z Affiliate Marketing course then Savage Affiliates is for you.

The course was designed and produced by Franklin Hatchett; an Entrepreneur who makes a full-time income online through Affiliate Marketing, Drop shipping, Domain Flipping and other services.

Franklin has been active online since the early 2000’s, and has built many successful niche sites and businesses throughout this time.

He documents his experiences, strategies and feedback regularly on his YouTube Channel; providing insights into the methods that he adopts and has great success with. He also provides a lot of free content on his personal blog (onlinedimes).

He has packaged up his content into actionable, step-by-step training programs; and has acquired a large following of students due to the success that these courses have had on the community.

For Affiliate Marketing, he has named his course Savage Affiliates.

Regarding his own success with Affiliate Marketing, if you have heard of ClickFunnels, then you would be impressed to learn that he is one of the most successful affiliates that has ever promoted the platform.

Due to his affiliate promotion, Franklin won the Free Car Contest having risen to the top of the Affiliate Leaderboard. He achieved this by signing up 100+ paying members (at $97-$297 a time).

ClickFunnels is notoriously one of the highest paying affiliate programs – paying out a handsome 40% rec-curing commission on each and every sale. This means that Franklin is earning at least $4000 – $12,000 each and every month from just ClickFunnels alone!

Beyond this, Franklin runs a lot of micro-niche Affiliate Websites that contribute to his earnings. He regularly discusses these over on YouTube.

If you haven’t heard of Franklin and what he has been able to achieve through Affiliate Marketing, then you can quickly learn more over on his site.

Breakdown of Savage Affiliates

If you want to read a full a comprehensive review of the course, and what is included, then I would suggest you read my Savage Affiliates Review

Here is an overview of what is included:

  • Module 1: Affiliate Introduction
  • Module 2: Niches & Products
  • Module 3: Building Your Assets
  • Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 6: SEO Traffic
  • Module 7: Paid Traffic Training
  • Module 8: Free Traffic Training
  • Module 9: Email Marketing Training.

Each module is based on a topic, and then is subdivided and taught through specific lessons relating to that topic.

Each lesson is taught via a HD video, and there are over 100 videos in total in Savage Affiliates.

Some modules have more lessons and thus videos than others, but as you can see on average each module has around 10-12 lessons (videos).

Franklin designed this course to be both beginner friendly and useful to more intermediate to advanced Affiliate Marketers.

This is because he covers everything from what this business model entails and how to get started, all the way through to when its time to scale, and what to do when you get stuck and are looking for new ways to promote your offers.

As such, this is in many ways an A-Z affiliate marketing course.

I’ll now quickly explore each module in a little bit more detail so you can understand what you will learn if you decide to sign up to the course:

In the first module, you primarily learn how Affiliate Marketing Works, an overview of what SEO is and a basic tutorial to understand it at a high level and how you can work with both Free and Paid Traffic methods to promote your content. This is in many ways an introductory module where you start to understand what you will be learning in the remainder of the course

The second module is one of the most important – it teaches you how to successfully research and find a winning Niche and then the best products to promote in that niche. Here you discover the most profitable niches, best Affiliate Marketing Programs to sign up to, identifying and overcoming the competition etc. This module is very important because by finding a low-competition niche, you’ll find its much easier and quicker to profit with Affiliate Marketing. Get this wrong, and you’ll struggle to get off the ground.

In the third module you learn how to create your website from scratch and build your assets. You can follow along to build an optimized WordPress website, connect the domain and your hosting, and set up the all important plugins for better conversion rates. You also learn how to leverage other important platforms and functionality like FB Chat Bots for automation purposes.

The fourth module centers around the Affiliate Marketing Network ClickFunnels. This is a meaty module with over 27 videos. It runs you through the basics like setting up your account, to finding the best products to promote. You then learn how to write and set up optimal review-style articles on your newly built site from Module 3. You discover how to find untapped and highly lucrative keywords for these products so that your articles successfully rank in the search engines. You also learn how to streamline your site for affiliate products – like article structure, widgets, funnels and more!

In the fifth module, you learn about the Amazon Affiliate (Associates) Program. Franklin begins by using an example of an Amazon Affiliate site that is valued at over $30 million, and how you can replicate the same process in your own niche (writing Amazon product reviews and recommendations). Franklin explains how to research for niches and keywords, how to check the competition and how to rank in the search engines for the most profitable keywords. This includes how to analyze the top 10 search results in Google and how to outrank them. The module goes in depth on how to effectively build an Amazon Affiliate Niche or Hybrid site (including optimized layout, article structure etc). Therefore you can focus heavily on one niche or branch out to an Authority site that covers multiple topics.

In modules six, seven and eight, you learn how to drive traffic and visitors to your Affiliate websites.

Module six is centered around free organic traffic i.e. SEO. There are over 29 videos on how to rank as high as possible in the search engines; covering both your on-page SEO (site structure, internal links etc) and then external SEO (gaining backlinks, building your Domain Authority etc). This is an excellent module and a course in itself. Some SEO courses charge upwards of $500, and SEO agencies charge typically $1000 a month. This module will teach you long-term strategies that you can apply to any website, affiliate or not.

Module seven looks specifically at paid traffic; like Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram) and Google Adwords. You learn how to completely set up, manage and scale a campaign so there is no guessing on your behalf. This is great for effectively targeting your audience and ensuring that you get more traffic, email subscribers and ultimately commissions from your

In module eight, you look at acquiring traffic with some excellent free methods. Some of these include posting on Forums, and answering questions on platforms like Quora. This is a brilliant strategy that will enable you to find people looking to buy. People with problems that need their issues resolved with the products or services that you are promoting.

Module nine turns to Email Marketing; you learn how to build an email list and then how to communicate and market to them most effectively. Franklin explains how to nurture this list and obtain higher CTRs (Click through rates) to any offer that you put out i-front of them.

Bonuses – these are a great addition to the course. This section is frequently updated by Franklin, and he introduces new videos monthly sometimes weekly with his latest discoveries. This keeps the course forever current and you learn new strategies and methods as they arise. One of the major bonuses of the course is that you gain access to an exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group. Franklin has created a buzzing and active community that share their feedback, thoughts and results and is full of successful Affiliate Marketers and other students. This is a great way to learn from other students in the field. You also can liaise with Franklin directly through the group as he is a common and active member himself.

Final Verdict

Savage Affiliates is one of those courses that quite frankly (excuse the pun) delivers on all fronts.

Its incredibly well-priced and you gain access to one of the most current, well-attended and regularly updated courses online.

If you are new Affiliate Marketing and are not quite sure what to do, or how it truly works, then this is the ideal course for you. It doesn’t just teach you about Affiliate Marketing, it teaches you lifetime skills in Web-Design and SEO that you can utilize on other projects going forward.

Beyond this, the course will have a lot of benefits to intermediate to advanced Affiliate Marketers. It will teach you new strategies, give you new insights and help you understand where and how you are going wrong if you are yet to start profiting through your current Affiliate Site.

Franklin draws from his years of experience, results, and testing, which enables him to bring to you an A-Z course of what to do and what to avoid.

The course enables you to invest as little or as much as you like in your Affiliate Marketing business; so whether you have some money to invest or want to start with your costs as minimal as possible you can.

There’s also a lot of variety in terms of application, so if you like the idea of a micro niche site with review styles articles, or you want to run ads to offers or build a High Authority site, you can.

If you’re like me, and like learning from the very best, then Franklin Hatchett is your man.

As a profitable affiliate marketer himself, and knowing that he has built a full time income online and shares actionable content that works, and proof of earnings, he is the ideal mentor and trainer.

At a very affordable one-time price of $197, which is literally a tenth of the price of other courses I have seen advertised online, I suggest you sign up.

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